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Chesterfield Family Extends SearchBradleys’ Hunt For Missing 23-Year-Old Daughter Includes Airwaves, Internet RICHMOND,.Va. (API — Entering the Chesterfield County home of Ron and Iva Bindley, the first thing that catchw the eye is the photographs that cover the walls Ever)’ fe* '“el in the living roam is a snapshot of Amy Bradley, 23. or her brother Brad, 21. or the two together. Above the fireplace is n huge shot of Amy, smiling broadly with her head on her arm. Below is a picture cf Ron Bradley and his only daughter hugging But the next room' — where Amy’s (occur, softball, swimming, basketball and volleyball trophies fill half a display ease — was in a bit of disarray Monday. The Bradleys were busy setting up a communications center complete with extra phone lines and Internet hookups. Its necessary, the Bradleys explained, because their search for Amy — who disappeared Irom a balcony outside ber family's cabin on a Caribbean crutso ship March 24 — is just getting started. 'We’ve gotten bock and gotten together and regrouped, Mrs. Bradley said. ’’Wa’re thinking of and doing everything we can powthly do to get the word out about our daughter. Tnnt includes contact with police. FBI and cruise ship officials throughout the Caribbeon. Internet sites in English and Spanish, and communication with ham radio operators throughout the rcgicei. Thu family is even preparing a mass e-mailing to thousands of personal e-mail accounts In the Caribbean and South America. Keeping busy, the Bradleys say, is much better than what they were doing in hotel rooms in Curacao and St. Maarten in the days after Amy vanished. •We were just sitting. Sitting Waiting. Bradley snid. _ It was March 21 when Amy. Brad and their parents left for a weeklong cruise cn Rhap«dy ci tho Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise liner. The first three days went smoothly. On Monday night. Amy and her brother danced through tlte night at an onboard party. They had a formal picture taken Two dark-haired twentysomethings dressed to tho nines. That picture of Brad and Amy, token less than 12 hours before her disappearance, ia now going up on the Web sites abxit her disappearance. Late that night. Brad and Amy came beck to the cabin and shared e cigarette on the balcony. Brad said he was turning in, and Amy told' him she would stay outside a bit longer. Just after 5 am., Rem Bradley said, he woke, looked outside and saw hin daughter sleeping on the balcony. He decided nx to wake her. An hour Ut«r, ho woke up, looked out again, and she was gone. 1 knew right away something was up* R«l said. “It was unlike Amy. It’s very unlike her to just leave and nol let us know where she’s going* At dawn, as tho cruise ship was docking at Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island near Ven-eaucla, Bradley searched the ship’s common areas. When he turned up no stgn of Amy, ho notified ship authorities.;
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