Crime Clipping from Connersville News Examiner, Fri, Aug 12, 1921.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Connersville, Connersville News Examiner , August 12, 1921

m:IY£mhmif4*of\^r- ,-■ • ! “V* -, ., V-Ji,lt;•*-!-■ i .-*•. V^n •1 . 'u- . *•' *' *.»;. - v jhsfSj:e,.t.2fcverH;^5isisclt;-'7tlt;• . «*.—BefinKico:pe:- S;-: Ina ^Federal authorities., atv^yton;/ birioi Have issued^ a^ai^^|^ gn-est -of jj.' :Ii :M^DafiiefJ;fcXi-, MacDaniel “PrintinglVVG6mpany; Itt^iianapolis^ on 'a cfiarge of jcdris'pirf-jSfj )acyitoi^^ate^tfie :postaH^^'aiid-res-'^^ nulaiiona ^ ,jf§j88|ill | - §£®|pl5The charges grew, out; of -complaints p made to postoffice inspec.tors at Day-! jl i t6n‘ iby ,i)ersons ,who receive'd lottery I re.r tickets through mails.- Investigations ipoi resulted in the arrest Monday at Dayton; of G. C. (McNabb, said , to he a district.. agent working under, .direction of a agent who; cthe officers; say., rep-,.resents MacDanielcat ijCleyeland; A J ne: warrant has *heeh; issued for ttie arrest j eve of .the. state, agent./,. y ; MacDariiel has been - operating his thfe •printihg establishment here 10 years cor Authorities, say he prints nothing but pro tickets used for • £kmbiing' and fhat IA.V those tickets are sPId throughout the j wil country. - ^ '' .•; y. jpleCO 1• *'; -6rfmii