The Fellows With Names

Clipped from US, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Las Vegas Daily Optic, April 21, 1881

All AHA#-«f mf«mUoo this between an Optic man and a very Intelligent gambler,refrreooe wi made to the top and bottom men who have reeeatly been so vigorously turosd over” by Th* Optic, and Ih* matter as presented by him so «• (Mr different from the common view of it, that hi* klsae, in substance* can-uot fell to Interest the general W/Mm •■Top and bottom/’ eakl be, “is Joat aa square a game ae draw poker or any other game of ehanoe deemed Wgltf-mate. a eucker Is oonrlneed that he can rob the gamUer. He haa, he thinks, a sure thing, and such la hie confidence that he can rob the gambler, that he la often willing to bet all he haa oo the result. He know* that be has no right to the gambler's money, but urged on by cqpfcttty he be-mttmr, WHS purpose oT mbbery.hlm-self a gambler, and of ooure* kmm. Each man bets on what be deems a sure thing, and as one must lose ami oue win, why Is It non reprehensible | to employ three dloe for those purposes, than five cards? The principle Is the same ; each Is gambling aud nothing more.Of course the obvious answer to all Ibis Is tliat both are wrong and both prohibited by law.not a bad man,. always slothes, and was a member of the “HJao JackE$the•rtlap Jack Bill.9* Fly Hpeck and ''Boll rihank Jack, all *Ins Vegas about the time the gut here, and were soon run In quay on a 'harge of train ami robbery. “Cock-Eyed Frank'* Is considered a bad man, although be downed bis man el-out two years ago at an eastern town called !dge City, but was adjudged by the courts of that country tobe justifiable. Corn Hide Johnny halls frsui Texas and bis special fort is three-caul monte. The homesteaders around Newton, Kausas, will remember him In the years of IH71-2. mm Jim' was shot at Lead vUl# about two years ago, SpJUNowItfinuUb,ritwrSrKprluvnlo Mlere, leader of a band of twenty-five desperadoes In Itlo Arriba rouutry, was educated lu Hanta Fe and was uot coosklereti a had man until after the lynching of his tether, a cattle thief, at Bernalillo last December. However, he la now the terror of that cuouCry and will have to r« rounded up and brought to Justice. Young Mlera has wealthy ami respectable relations In lei Vegas.Charley Rosenthal was a hadly disappointed young man last night. The house had been prepared, the guesu invited. the music procured, and every arrangement made for a pleasant time dancing, when the storm *n»e and dashed to the ground their well founded anticipations of a night of hilarity. As soon as the weather permits the will be given.As the north bound passenger, No. m, naarod Bpringer yesterday, a poor unfortunate who had oome to this Territory to regain his lost vitality,breathed his last. He was unknown to all on board nor could his name be ascertained, but he evidently bed shandon-ed hope of living longer ai*d was going home to die of that dread drestroyerthree months, where, it has beent headed flwwnaa teat fix the worms of that consecrated soilAlkali Charley/* while at Caon City, Colorado, was regarded aa an honest youth. He certainly was trying to make an honest living at his business, (decking boots, but when be earn* to Las Vega* he manifested a desire to be a shooter. He cut a bole in the teg of bis boot at the wee hours of night went out on the street and fired his pistol several times, literally perforating the front of Toe Jam Saloon uud reported that sorue one had shot at him, showing up Ihe wound in bis boot. Judge Hteele did not think he could get to the joint as a killer and wisely ordered “Alkali to leave town instantly. He has never been heard of since. “Dutch?.” who killed KellUier after he was dead, skipped out of the country In company with “Hoodoo Brown.” Dutch Henry” was a thief and murderer,and If our memory serves us right, wan captured at either Otero or KIMoro about three year* ago and taken to Arkansas where be was wanted abate ay Frank is saki to be at Laiuy Junction making war on IK-aeeabie cJticens.we Iwlleve.bas beenHiiidlsfretstoveiIionLaiClHurricane Bill.” w regarded as a kilter; we don't knownotwhether he la at present alive or Texas Frank” Is hardly worth ingof. He would, perhaps, oue time to have acquired a reputation as a iiod man, but Mysterious Dave had no use for him ami he left Vegas over a year ago for parts unknown. It *is ladleved by many of the fraternity, that if he did not kill himself be had ought to. Monte Bob” died at Ala-inoaa about one year ago. “Billy the Kid i* sentenced to beIto be huugetMreilla.“Buggy Jim” Is In Denver steering for those who are more expert than himself with Bte boos*. “RattlesnakeB1IP joined Gideon's hand at Caftonci-to about ayearago. rttiuk Foot Jack” _and “Apacbe BUI” have been Inst I sight of. We shall at some ftoture 1 riod speak of a few more of the memorable gang. Cactus.TaN. Tslsgnpktag.theThe number of new faces oi^ ......streets of Laa Vegas is noticeable and, It Is a gratifying fact to know that the majority of them calculate on making this their permanent place of residenoe. We sre quite sure that they could not | maks investments in a more flourishing town In Sew Mexico, nor one of; brighter prospects for ihe future.Freddie Mendenhall, the messageE, deserves great praise and credit the dispatch and celerity with icb he deliver* telegrams, and es- j during this rainy, disagree- j weather, when most boys of his | would be sticking cloaeiy to their 1 aprons or sitting in the nfaiai-j corner by the Are.It Is said that the following system of table telegraphing has beeu adopted at a popular J as Vegas hotel;1. Drawing napkin or handkerchief through the band—I desire to con verse (by signal) with you.2. I'nMdlng and holding it bv cor-uer—Is It agreeable?8. Playing with fork and holding fore linger of left hand to left ear-I have something to tel) you privately.4. Holding up knife and fork ineach hand—When can 1 sea you?A Laying knife and fork togetheron the left of the plate—after the meat (This signal will .Hufltoe for a query orTH* mLOWI WITH IAIUA hnsf Bsvtsw sf a *sw Isle* Wsstsra8. Clenched right hand on the table -To-night.7. The napkin or baadkerehkf#cUI i with three fingers—Yea.8. Held with two flngera showing— | No. ' j9. Holding napkin to the chin with forefinger over the mouth—Cease sig-nHnr10. Btaudin gthe knife and fork thus (A) Can i meet you?11. Lajing the knife and fork thus I am angry orLFor th# OpilrIt may be somewhat Interesting to vour readers to know that many of the characters whose special desire seemed to have been to lead a reckless life, always keeping hu- m *Daiaw of tnai great dvt fixer. the railroad, have paused to that world from whence no traveler returns, white many of them are yet alive plying*beir terrible vocations In different parts of the oountry. Those of whom we shall -peak will be well remembered in the mountain countries of the weat. First we will speak of Wild Bill,” whose career Is too well known to dwell upon. It Is said that he bad a notch out on bis pistol handle for each man he had killed, num-tiring twenty-eix. He Anally met a violent death at the ambler's table in Dead wood at he hands of Jack McCall, who was bung at Yankton. Wild Mill's real name wasHlekock, and was a native of Indiana, having been iu ths western oountry, at the time of Ills death, over twenty-five years. We next apeak of Baflkto Bill/’ of whom we know little of except that he was a lieBBWfM* awe. but within the last tew years, since his adopted 8tote. *♦-break*, became civiUred, he has rim-utsrod down and has represented bis district to IhMWslature. His real uaote la William F. Ocdy. “Cherokee BUI” Is known aaa killer and an outlaw,, aMlfeai We home mrot of the Uim la the Indian Territory. HrasfeyDafcate. K*r, but hi conlt;X)~I12. BaUnciug' the fork on the edge of cup—Are you engaged tonight?13. Folding uapkin triangularly (lay-, lug It lt;WWn— Have you been out since last meal?14. Drawing knife through prongs of fork -I shall remain at home.15. Btriklng fork with knlfc— I shall | go out to-night.16. Balancing fork on kntfc—Meet j me, or {if by gentleman h-Can I meet j you?17. Plaoing knlfc over glass WP1 you be alone ?1H. Balancing spoon ou edgeofeup—I have an engagement.19. Htlrring the spoon In cup slowly -Will you be late?20. Kidding the spoon over cup snd gaxlng meditatively on It—Wears suspected, or, we are discovered.21. HianpiM the car, as if brushing away a fly—Ido not understand8. H. Wells moved Into his brown stone front on Centre street last M.m-(BC. M*yo will start about the last of the month b*r Oregon where he Intends to engage in the flah business. |Th\ • drar-—^J»*olttc£T is originallyfromregamc? as a kUler, b§s co; d quite fly In his operaHorn as tUl-tappcr, cracksman and wroUer,rtdence man But little Is known to the writer of tbs real character of Prairie Dog Dave/’ except we are informed that he was a long time a rounder up the Hsave. Mysterious Dave” la too well known to this community to dwell nplt;* aitengto. ^ItoTkWWFSM tean: men he has kilted. “Fl* Jack,” wasThe new drag store of Dr. Hparks Is already two stories high. It will be a line place of business when 1a Thriving buuness; If u«w to increase he expeels to hire a Mn. small boy to help him. [XTB, Bruhn, proprietor of ths Ft Cmon J * .teteb starting for the east a ,yi to buy % few bydeles to: ^ malh. and uaasengert be«wMKqMI,to a few day. carry maUs .Watrous and FtC. W. WUdeusteio isthittktog i going to the tenuima. of she D. * H. GJrailroad to show the trials of the rosu! the route he has Udd out fiw the road. It wtU mm* by way lt;* Th»to9i?Uto.Tht! sfffose te-fe* IJ*T U. tart rfjfejr. m to »«k! 3