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Sep 3, 1987 Celebrity Clipping by Anonymous
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Clipped from US, Maryland, Frederick, Frederick News Post , September 3, 1987

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Small role led Hal Williams to big part on NBC's hit '227' LOS ANGEUS (AIM — Kal WBUsm* la staring In UtMli series, NBC** '■■air b«C.». ha tUoaed Him sell lo Hr tilced me doing am oil port li a Host pUy. Ii was l»: .ml Williams bad (an omKeted Ilf iiolB in another ptay. “Thr Aood Como. ■'I dMn't -ant lo do another play at Oil Umt. be recalled. -Bui lb* dlrsv. tor ofttriC M a suieD port, It was so setG I aoin't have lo go :o rehearsal cicij day. A week before ainnioi tlwj loll Ibr male lead and sited me to tatc U over temporarily. After Hat. they nnv loelul !te anyoar WlUiama played lb: roll of Lester I'.-ii.i- (oi six MOtfcl on the staff. Tim play 11 'Oi- ttbe* Marta GfcCe. «bo Bad play id Mary Jenkins. not 4 to NBC as a antes. be was afiad lo reprii* Ibr role —Ib® pUy =as much darker. loo O.rlhy tod too rool lo SO 0 leVvmKC wwhieit sctstanuat changes. he said. 1 . .. . pMUndertaa sl»«. in lb. p*., and «.i lavine an aO.ir with the vamp upstairs. A: the end ol the play I ruo o« with the samp “I sud i dklc't want to be Ukc mat on ulevHko i earned him lo be a positive cbincler and lbo» i In « emotion. Maria mated him lo I* Hat sty. too The term. CeilWlOd on tbr rrwidte*. oi an apartment balding In Washington. DC. Sas become a Kiid ha. Gibbs Is tte rrOr'l rhiraelar, r •ell-m.aning busyluly Jaclee Harry plays Sandra, tte .amp who lives aMUlrw lo tha tilcvlsita show her cbaraeter B mere Mae Was! oitaX relicl than tinea’.. W Ultima is prolut*/ Vu '.ro.o for hi. raie is the tough, tot moth put-up:a sergeant In Trwn B«s)amio. H. sas In the mooe. which starred (Mi H. - n. » -ell as in the TV ser.es. That movie «rs mi tuceoitfwl lor Coldie -.lt;) it made so much money I past kww mere was going lo he a seqceL he Slid. When wv mid. tut mini* il »»• io moth bm nobody .soled the dim to end. The series .ain't nearly as mich (on. io notion pectin «i rou has* more freedom to develop the cbjratter. TelerisKo's like an isiiobb line You he»c in er.nl il orn Williams' IKsl series was That Girt. Ettch stirrtd Mario Tlemas nd Ted Bess-11 1 played me of Ted s idler males U the dying days ol Ike show. hi said. Ho neat aho. .as ''Sanlord and Son.” in which he played Office* Smith The ibow stirred Kedd tnix aw Demood wilsin as fitber-aW-soj Juett dealers. He was also In tin later .ci.iui, San-lord. an atiem* by Fora to re»n* the show. Williams Ml Sioford and Sou lo slix m “On Ibe Kochs. a comedy set inside a prtsoa. The show JM oeU ie»iui in Ibr rating* (or ABC lo renew It. but lie network quickly cunged its mind because of pnUSbs that U made prison l«ik like ti» rautb In'1 Pen* thins tbnr letters wo t mean anything. be said Six latlers sot us At one time he was working os three irrie* it once. luggUof lupjnrijag roles on Sanltrd Harry Of‘ .nd n* waltoas • Williams rnostd her. in l«l from bis ncnetown ol Ctfamoui. Ohio, where ae bod been a postal worker aid c wtiMtioial olf««r. -I bid custody of three cauarer. he said. “I had to have - jub as omo as 1 go: here so I west to me wst oVxr The president had lust put i iton soiaremwu tain* Bui » ds* Isur tfe post olriee called ■lewd to leave Sanlord and Son' «r-d go ducttly to los Angeles Imifuatioial Airwel ind «orV in the ptol klite there orell So'rloek in :hc morning.' te IU.I.W.I p.«. Hal WIHuss railed up -uwrioK = NBC'w 221 because be let bimselt be toll'll inui duini o .moB port la ■ stage play ol the »»m» B»m». Tb» -erim. rental «d oa the residents of on apart m.nt building in Uakhiagtou. B.C.. bos become n solid bli William, is sKoun recently in Los Angeles. •It wistt until the kids wvM away to orner ico^e to iw fenny S.ixoi Ih»t I ielt Gnxeially abb in ~l‘vr bees a suaaght man lor a kng up my regularune.' Be said It dotal lothor me Wiiuams. who has bten loirrnd and bic.uie .11 I ever asml la b* was t dnorced iin limns, drsenbes bim*«:i wortmg icior I've been ier liek, so. as i cordirmrd bachelor. Most o! Uie »b»»s I've bwo in have been Throaqletut his carocr Williams has ;
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