Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, June 1, 1969

Top Students Honoredt ji-lt!y(Continued from Page 15) Cecilia Jiminez, EOP Schol-1- ment to the United States Airarship to Cal Lutheran College,yj Force Academy. Larry Ketchum, Bank ofi- Dennis Cammack, Point Mu-!America certificate winner and r;gu Officers’ Wives Club award. Jim Vance junior college award, a Dora Chavez, scholarship 10 Dennis little, CSF Sealbear-Lyle Beauty College. er and 100 per cent member.Linda Decierdo, EOP Scholar-National Merit letter of com-ship to Long Beach State Col- mendation. Bank of America n lege. {certificate winner, Californianj Phyllis Dobbins, Martin Luth-jSavings and Loan award. Ex-s;er King Jr. Memorial Award.(change Club boy of the year,[Twentieth Century Onyx Club {State Scholarship to Stanford njaward. EOP Scholarship to University and Stanford Uni-s College. versity trustees grant award,i-1 Bruce Faiflconer, Bank of Sally Lyle, PTA junior collegee America plaque winner, and award.s'second place zone winner. Air Yolanda Martinez. Jim Vance MForce ROTC scholarship to Uni-[junior college award.1 ; versity of Texas. Charity Matthews, CSF Seals' Stella Garcia, Lyle Beauty j liearer, Ventura Rotary Club e;College. (award, McFarlane Trust ands; Gloria Grimes, Bank of Amer- John Taft Memorial fund award. :! ica certificate winner State Bruce Ming, California State -[Scholarship to the University of Employes award.I California at I^os Angeles. j John Potter. Bank of America Anna Guerra, CSF Sealbear- j certificate winner.- er, Bank of America plaque l^eroy Taylor, EOP Scholar-t.winner, Ethel M. Haydock Me- ship to UCSB. e? monal Scholarship to Stanford Kenneth Woods, Jim Vance s University. !junior college award.