Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, January 20, 1933

BirthsGirlsHarvey and Hazel Winters. 1113 Deloss. Nolan and Opal Petty. 2974 School. Robert and Anna Cook. 1422 Everett. George and Frances Figg. 105 Bloom-icton.Jesse and Mamie Mason, 1731 Martin-ale.Wendell and Grace Nave. 2013 Miller. Ray and Dorothy Hutchison. 1202 West iighteenth.Earl and Flora Emmert, 744 North.uett.RoysFrank and Mary 'Shuler. 1452 Southlelmont.Clinton and Reta Clark. 828 West ’liirty-flrst.Carl and Janet Padgett, 3110 Ralston. Ulus and Ruth Reynolds. 929 Edgemont. Elmer and Oudra Welch. 4500 gangster. Willard and Helen Givan. 32 Grace. Henry and Elizabeth Wilber. 2844 Me-hersonGeorge and Rosa Hyatt. 2212 Woodlawn.T winsIlomer and Marjorie McCoy, 1541 Eastlavmond hnvo