Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, February 1, 1928

Hospital.Stanley and Mattie King. 739«/a E. Georgia.Andrew and Grace Conrad, 945 English.GirlsJack and Janette Meiksner, St. Vincent’s Hospital. *John and Anna Blackwill, St. Vincent's Hospital.Eaward and Anne Adams. St. Vincent'sH Edward and Louise Hansing. St. Vincent's Hospital.Charles and Amelia Dare, St. Vincent’sH Gordon and Katherine Dickie, 1211 N.°David and Jewell Hawkins, il7 Gelsen-d°Ray and Dorothy Hutchison, 1531 Mont-CaGeorge and Birdie McGuire, 702 Fulton. Fred and Louise Hauk. 1023 Hanna. Bedford and Ethel Ray, 225 S. Keystone.