Anniversary Clipping from Pittsburgh Gazette, Mon, Jan 24, 1870.

Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Gazette , January 24, 1870

low1ml.ex*K 2ami')atscry7*for^eb:ces.;,oon»ahl17d«*• inoon. ’Nkw PrrisKGBari Ail' CITM.inhati Packet “AKL.umtON.”—The {'Arlington” Capt. DauMopre’Btiow Ei|tebiurih.and Cincinnati packet, Is without exaggeration, Ihe'.fineet ateamer ihal has been bo lit here since the Groat Republic, nearly ttirts years ago. Bbo wasitTpeadyj'.■(lt;our,.soldi.25;beattfojs!® tO2S@yol-ixod184c.':Bar*\Wtnw*«r* -andarid127 « tile rib;saleaandLard 10c; litiea 5 0^0 KegsiRb* * buj s 800built unde* the supervision ifcalnly of Mr. Audrew Ackley, who by the way has attained, arid deservedly, ’too, quite a reputation 4n this reSporit, ekpreealy fori tho Pittsburgh and Cincinnati’ packet trade, and is in alt respects a complete success as to gene rally-canoed ed. She la in-every way adapted for a packet boat, .WihgefijJpIled With- all the latest Improvements and conveniences, lias every thing requisite to the safety and comfort pf, pasaes^eri, large ritate rooma,,iUoety carpetod, neat, Clean add comfortable beds, everything that combines both file-gaucoand comfort. The catln isTyery tnrioii admired by all who. have Been It, aqd while .we have seen others that have been more elaborately ornamented with“gingerbread’1 work, we do ndt remember ever having srien One that preaentoda better t appearance, whore fhar* wassuch perfect harmony, and everything was so tastefully arranged. The carpets, chandeliers, .furniture,. etc, eta havo been soleothd with great okra and taste.0 A Bi dour,.)Reyno!tibls’ b Delliiii % bbt .Kell AAlliI-ear.-' Ora if,,] lcar It w]:o, slSi »k osts, CEwing’'«WMtnge,ItngiKiforstive, r No,nx att was0 Jot1 No. weri So* 2 \xtngst 74coally$7Qc*'atslona •otter at and; firm k and aides Iderri rlarid l4Uc; eased iO forwringm 25. flour , oats hos^vhoat, bar-and these with the eut-glaaa ehy-lights,tb«cushion-seated Chairs, cause the. main Katoonto presents realty elegant ap-lt; pearanca Tho crilce la large and very,conveniently and nhatiy arranged, and the aarue is true of tho vmsh heo^e and barbershop, The “texta,”!* also very, neatly, comfortably and handsomely iturplshod. affording ample accommodations for tho officera and cabin crew, and consequently oil the.rooms in the maincabin will be kept exclusively for pas aengett* .IVo must', not omit to state mat Uth ladles’ cabin la furnished and fitted tip in a manner that cannot bnt faJi to please the moist■ fastidious, either in regard to comfort or elegance, and la withal fttr-nWb«d'-with-a very-flmu -plssa Tho state room* aw crimtd^Kli^tLs,, the bertbi large, tile bedding clean, fruah and com-fprtabio; indeedi there la everything-tiere^that could'be deelred; There lanl*o attached a nursery, wash bouse,StsrDR. * care oftnrt orUmiacvJ DR. : Til KmW°Ain caBTrip jI'he Sr 9MrorbJoofl Tfettle Tb*»l ttl« Ttftfwsc i tot to At pepkiAUse mB• The IUrn b£ mAictlJtATls 1cfeme no ion.i firm• lie-, good; IlOgs: bblsJdera,:£o for 27,25. ihoul* clear eked. d de-, and hams @51o-t pereta, etc., ao.that a family can feel juat as comfortable bof titasal lntfltJ.Thebtilfof this fine steamerwus built by Latta, Auabame A Co., at EU*»betb ; Is 233 feet lh lebgtb, 88 foot bcaiii, and feet depth of hold, and ja; proauunc-ea by competent judges an excellent jobTThe engines were built by that old and veteran tHiiWCr, James !Reesi arid It is hardly necessary to sute that .they areid all respects; (JrerytHing tlurt oofelld tHi8JSi ifkUlltd lorteHiit«»-^ivppoi»tc*niKlM Hlum loYBTDATwhen i •that tJ tbeFAaasffett-ctoa - Altomrtexpected or desired* The cylicdera are Irihnche* in diameter with live feet stroke.ThQ: wheela -30 - foet m diameter and length.of buckets^ 11 feet*, The,boilers, UVo In nlimber, 38 inches.In disihoter, 2i feet long, with two flaee in e*cb, wero built,, by Carroll . Sayder. The cabin, •a we - have already noted, is a perfect model of beauty, and ■ Is thcT hBndi*wk of M. T. Cnwady, wLb, by the way, !ahard to beat. iLo .ls a splendid mechanic, knowa how work ought to be done, knu cari tell a good job when he sees it. The: painting, and this also is done inexcellent asyle, was exocuted by W. B.Boggs A Co. Black smithing by Eatter-aou Bishop; Copper, tin and sheet iron work by Kriatrct Keller j blocks, tackle eta, by Thomas Davge; qoeenaware, cordage, eta, eta, by Evans, Gilmore A Dallas; staves by Garrison A €o.;uphol-«cry by floitacuau A Wisderhold; furniture by Dauler A 8on; K^dtdirig, mirrors, eta etc., by J. J. .Gillcsnte A Oo,; McGauum Brea; chandeliers by Mlsky, Merril lt;St Thackara, of ThHa-delpbis; and cook ’ house outfit by John Bushford, -;Now. we do not claim that tha ’’Arlington”-la tho finest steamer on .the western- waters, but we do claim that she combines ml) that U neoeeeary for a packet boat, safety, elegance, comfort, oonvenhrtiee*, speed, and that sho la con-side rail iy ahead -uf anything that comesao tbt* port. 8b* lain every way adapted to business; will carry well on a low stage of water, while In point of speed she will be hard to beat,. Another point, and It la an important one, eajwctally for apacket boat, she handles well.'Now, in regard to thoofficera of the*r*put «emrl h«xl»d which ■in t;BUSOItone t •irvcathe io AUltAbere oT BOltl IWtfi enca i eerrtctfoAWrWJM or^er, of theeta tcueeU IPalmlt; fallptl' At-b^h-hen mom hreJtt It AAC w»rrv enlp-cotUv Uov torplf!box omedicInCdrmk«ThrfAftWlmdy:It de-fl,0S.Oatsicttve:•pak f 28. t» 16c, ildere15540, | are old and experienced ateamboBtmon. Whia-1 Capti Moore la wdll' known, not only here, having “meantboatedIV lt;in the• jnere, joaving “meant00atea'',.bb atsforl P*^»4.4raddbetweietiPIitslHirgh#'Wheel* ^OUjd i ’D8« Parkersburg and Clncionati nearlyAged.all hta life, but also at every steamboat tTndI landing between here and Cincinnati, mar-1 Til° drat c4*ufk,rCapt.;A, 8. Ihepard, la jdlan t n0 stranger. SI* name ia ftmllllar to iola at I roaoy w fe ptsrhapa never taw him in extra. 1 connection with the Diurnal, Winchester,I fjeoi Seotl, and other, packet boats.’■ • •active l Following la a complete list of tha of.® I fleers of thlk fitai ihearner :• '■ i1 .Captain—Danlol “af Co 1 ilrththtjadCAkhla a ■AtotrUedtel.Dr.on it. iruAtiwedk Ad (I ft Btxthrn c|C * ACMaa4-,. . .Captain—Danlol Moore.3@15o 1 CWef clerk—A. B,'8hepard.5 com* I Riots—W. J. Abrahams, W. K. Dever. ^Ehglrieers—Jchn Kennody, IhL Goo. choice Thompson. 2nd.Mato—W, Boridck, chlof» David Gllky, firm; | assistant, ’ ........i high-1 . Bteward—Jak P- Dlven--.Oats 1 . Carpenter—Dennla Cramer.KJo for | The Arllngoa will leave for Clncln-rwaeditjat! to-morrow‘on’her first trip,.'and:: I ovaiy.Tneaday regohuriy thereafter* Re-rininiu I tutiilg, the will leave Cincinnati every Bacon: I Friday.,; .-S’r- lt;;-/-*'■ Taiders I ” —The lady Gay, reported annk in the 51754c. I Mlaalsalppl, near .Grand Tower, at Cln-ale* ofl olntiatl, waa built In 1891-6, by John A.I Wiliiameon, J. G. Isham, M Beltzhoover m uu-1 and othora, at xcofV of 1120.000, and.wa* rlalons 1 one of-the finest steamer* to theSL Louia Whisky I and New Orleans trade. Her lengthDtaxiS5vlcntUtcared And I mAXUCOCUh aaceUotcmnblcine;bfACChoAn nsjol And c jximiBtAtrphlei■U*trcAtPltudny idrenwas 284 feet, peaaj, h°id,Jtyifirmer I feet, with a capacity of 1,700 ton*. Sheta 7911 became the, property-of the A. M. 8. S.nd ia nCompany i and is now owned ‘ by. John r .and. pthera oXBL Xoaifc -fihe waa bound from St. Louie to New Or-i: 1 leans.xTl.ft - W--------9 .contiTBtc WAA the 1 ilflJHaIiapbtputtmwonUmUnrw: