Anniversary Clipping from Indianapolis News, Sat, Dec 20, 1902.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, December 20, 1902

and drinks.not.ulne‘allyR.HellllCS*.a bo iailu beat in k the IBewRISE OF COLUMBUS MANThrough Tinplate and Steel Deals Will H. Donner Has Made Fortune.(Special to The Indianapolis News ] COLUMBUS, Intl.. December 20.—Will H. Dtnner. son of Fred Donner. of Co-lumbun, Is vice-president and fpneral manager of the Union and Sharon plants of the Union Steel Company, near Pltts-bi rg. which were bought a few days ago by tho aieel trust, the sale Involving a bond Issue of $45.0Ui.l»P.9 of*.—»c.-•ek,they arholond?e-!e-mler1-n-mc-:air*yrei©df.dy•tFrom an ordinary bcglhnlng. Mr. Don-ncr. who Is n young man. has had a remarkable rise tn llnancial affairs In the last few years. He was born In Columbus and lived here until u few vears ago. His first experience in Industrial affairs was In the tinplate Industry, when he. together with J. I. Irwin, of ‘his city. D. P. Erwin, of Indianapolis, and Phil Mu»-ler. of Marlon, built the tlnplate-works at Anderson, In Donner also had an Interest In a plant In Pennsylvania Tile two plants went Into the ,ru*V Mr. Donnor nnd several others then built o large steel plant at Donora. and through Donner a efforts It consolidated with the Sharon steel mills. 1 r 1.the concern being eapitnlUod at J3-.0UD,00t. Since he left Columbus. Donner has acquired a large fortune, and It has been Increased by the recent sale to the steel trust.B. .... » -TRADE IN WHITE SLAVES.