Anniversary Clipping from Pittsburgh Gazette, Sat, Dec 12, 1868.

Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Gazette , December 12, 1868

SATURDAY, DECEMBER1868.' * . imy ofio itsof theworid-audi-togeth-;ractionrerydaytwenty-rwegian• to thefirst Class Jewelry—Where It is Manufactured and Sold.hun-*ears, oducedhis ap-;o them jades ofy were )leJBull !6. His matures, move-iln as in ■ed gen-jrilUan-sic, theIn, who,nks addTart ini,spa and add yet forth in purest s inatru-and his*siisitely, *aviata, r. The ) for sofcWOUlde parlor soft pas-julationsifect on n by no litlon of lere anditiori of ewark-a bari-It was ‘ beauty a. Had a noble n of the,:•iolum”3uperlorgh audi-;he sig*usiastic ade thethe age[staking llt; which l his bow be most 3e being ere car-ist sweet idy diedf enthu-For many years the high reputation of Mr. C. Terheyden as a practical and finished working jeweler and gold and silversmith has been acknowledged.and abstained. He has had al most [the exclusive pat-ionage of the leading jewelry houses of the city, they accepting the orders and he manufacturing the articles. ^lany jewelersJ have gained much local reputation and credit for the excellence of their work which really should have been awarded to Mr.Terhey den, whose skill and mechanical ability had conlrbuted (towards the , superiority of the manufactures. From year to year during the past seventeen, the busi-nefcS of Mr. T. grew larger and larger until to-day it has assumed such proportions as to rank high among the leading jewelry manufactures of the State* and affords employment to a large force of skilled ana thoroughly finished artists. The public were not long in discovering that they could have any article of jewelry ^manufactured in the prettiest andriiost fashionable styles at this establishment, and unsolicited a vast patronage was directed towards Mr. Terhey den’s. This necessitated the starting of a jewelrystore In connection with the workshop, and an elegant and first class one has been put in operation at No. 130 Smithfield street. The stock on hand is large and inviting, containing nothing but the very best quality of iewelry manufactured out of the purest hf gold and silver. The workshops are supplied with all the delicate and im-viovedmodel machinery for manofflotunD purposes and thousands or dollars worth ofcoin pieces, fresh from the. mint, are monthly converted into rings, chains jmdthe multitudes of articles which adorn theperson. Precious stones are set in most excellent manner, an important feature, as those desiring to entrust valuable gems can place implicit confidence in Mr. Ter-heyden’s integrity. In the jewelry storewill be found a very elegant stock of goldand silver watches for ladies and gents, all of very best quality; engagement rings home-made out of gold coin; atone setTings, pearl seta, garnet sets, diamond setsand fivervthing in the line of fine jewelry.!' Mr. Terheyden keeps likewise, a j Assortment of silver and silver plated wares, parlor and counting room Tkfeks, Ac., Ac., Ml of which, together with the watches and jewelry, are offered at the very lowest of reasonablerates. Mr. J. J. Benitx, respected in musical circles, will be foundin the store to wait upon patrons. Altogether this h ome manufacturing jewelry house Is worthy the largest share of patronage, and readers having any repairing work to bd done, any desired Btyie of iewelry to be made to order, or desiring to purchase anything in the way or gold and silver ware, fine watches, clocks, Ac.,should call at 130 Smithfield street. We commend Mr.Terheyden as a pains-taking, .worthy and fair dealing gentleman, in every way [ worthy the confidence and patronage of thecommunity.cITousekested inBose A Clt;No. 21 Filimmenseand that secured, ety and s the more patterns all the go just as th also open mattings,. are desir* the 1st ofpurchaseamine.Ail WoolTheesufactorylt;Sf Co., aprise w) a bazar* proved t ity of tb ed by ai into gei lent qu feature i and tha1 facture in the e at leastmarket!EveryFurs-Theeeriest164 Felt;largesl propri sor toquaintthereft his cuiand aness elt; eludeseery, care, t commBinWateiGreat Reduction in Dry Goods—Special c iparnnte Sale—One Mass #f Bargains—Meg gas fil Virgi) large* liers and gthe ci