Anniversary Clipping from Indianapolis News, Mon, Apr 23, 1900.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, April 23, 1900

WALTER KERR CELEBRATESHIS 101 ST ANNIVERSARY.▲ Native North Carolinian, but Wboee Bint Vote was Cast in Indiana in 1890.[Special to The Indianapolis News.]DILLS BORO, Ind., April 23-WalterKerr, who is tho oldest resident of Dear-born' county, and among the oldest In the 8tate# la celebrating his 101st birthdayanniversary to-day a( his home in Hogan township, six miles east of this place.' He was bom April 23. 17!»9. inGuflford county, North Carolina. He had no opportunities for an education In early life, but has picked up much practical knowledge. His wife died In 1W8 She was ninety-two years old, and their wedded life covered seventy-two years. Mr. Kerr has 127 living descendants—nine children, forty-six grandchildren and seventy-two great-grandchildren. His children range In age from fifty-six to seventy-eight. He lost a son during the civil war. who died In a hospital in Vicksburg in 1863 of disease contracted during the memorable siege of that city.In politics Mr. Kerr was a Democrat up until Buchanan s administration. He has since affiliated with the Republicans. He cast his first vote at Wilmington in 1880, and he has always voted at that place. He was deputy sheriff from 1836 to 184). when Dearborn and Ohio county were combined, and Wilmington was the county-seat.Mr. Kerr Is the only survivor of the steamer McGregor, on which vessel he was a passenger when she blew up at the Memphis wharf, on the return trip from New Orleans. February 22. 1830. He was carried on a part of the boiler deck far out Into the river, and when help arrived he was almost dead from bruises and exposure, and he also sustained a broken arm. He followed flat-boating for twenty yeafs.Mr. Kerr has resided in the house now occupied by him since 1840. which ho built hlrti«eif. For eighty-three years he has lived in Hogan township. He canread and write without the aid of glasses, but he Is almost deaf. He has been anactive member of the M. E. Church for slxty-two years. One year ago to-day, on the occasion of his one-hundredth birthday, a reception was tendered In his honor by his daughter, Mrs. A. Hill. L’pon this occasion more than one thousand persons called to pay their respects to the venerable centenarian.