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Holders Sue For Building Thp Teamsters Pension Fund has called if quits with Landmark Tower, and wants Nevada's tailed building sold to pay off the reported $5.5 million loan. Notice of breach on the trust deed was filed late yesterday at thp County Courthouse by Samuel Cordon, president of Security Title Insurance Escrow Company, trustee The deed was written in August, 1%8, in exchange for the loan from Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Pension Fund nf he Teamsters Union. The notice alleges Frank Caracciolo. Plaza Tower, Inc., and Plaza Tower Operating Company were in default on 1o*p payments since last October Caraccioio last month Andrew his application ' si a timing lireisf from the naming control Board a pr his irre;* on an assault charge LaatL'i.*; i interior decorator l,eonard England. The hotpl-casino has been awaiting state approval so if can start operations constuctkm started on landmark Tow-er m November. !%1 Work stopped on the .11-story shaft 13 months later. The Teamster loan allowed finishing touches to be made.;
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