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gvngrin LICENSING NEARER—The oft-photogr*phpd Landmark Tower, 31 vtoriev tell, might be opening within the ne«t month. Nobody’v sure, but investigation of gaming applicants is drawing to a close. Thp project was begun in 1961. (SUNfo*o by Jim Barrows)Landmark Tower: On Again—Off Again Rs JIM B \IIROW S S| \ City I rfiiitt •vadas tallest budding. landmark er, could open for business in mid Then again, it might lie later Rut such is I ho history of the now earning 31-story shaft on which con ruction began in November, l%l It remained 80 per ceni completed for ,e years, an eyesore to Convention •nter visitors and a black eve to the is Vegas economy. \ massive (*? S ill ion» loan from ihe Teamsters Pen •n fund pushed it to completion, a dge administered in Niignst. !%• I is opening mgbi problems revolve ound background investigations of li nsees and kev casino employes. These ke time, and the latesi list of employes isn't submitted until a month ago Phe Nevada G anting Control Roatd ist act on these applicants within 90 vs. tnginal licensing bids were submitted December, hut there were so many w people in the February lists, the ‘arances will take at most until May. lea*.!, until the March ?n meeting of * Gaming control Roard in ' arson tv. Phen cnmos consideration by the ard s parent Nevada Gaming Commis n. scheduled to meet in l.as Vegas trch ». Kinal state licensing approval, then, nld he given March 2$ rhere remains the task of Clark Conn* licensing, a chore left to the county’s pinr and Gaming Control Roard We re not quite finished our investiga ns.” state gaming investigators told • SI N yesterday. Neither are we.’” said countv license icials lt;oih agencies conceded the investi tions could he finished very shortly 'he muntv agem \ is awaiting state [roval of the Landmark license, and I probably consider the county liquor I gaming licensees April 10 (Ihe next ;ular meeting), possibly sooner. onsiniction stopped on Landmark iver H months after it Oegan There s a hassle of soils vvdh the architecl had been planned as a H-stnry build-but the Mint Motel decided to he ler. and its owners wanted the tallesl Iding around he ‘ space race is generally eon led to he the cause of Landmark’s Iding setbacks Sppliance Rtiyers •dit Corp. (ARCC) of Chicago, a irlpool subsidiary, loaned developer ink Caracciolo upwards of J1 million ruiild it (Frank also goes by the name Frank Carroll.) he building. inspired hv Ihe Space“die at Ihe Spanlr World’s Lair. grew upward at the corner of Paradise Road and Convention ' enter Drive \RCC cut off further loans in December. 1%?. Work stopped It was not to resume until the fall of IWfi, when the Teamsters Fund loan was made. \ duster of shops and taverns at thp base of the shaft was demolished, a service si at inn, removed Tourists and locals alike inked about the building’s slant. A regular leaning Power of Pisa, they called it. hut thp building was plumb. Ii was nearby utility poles, .set ai the wrong angles, that gave the slant' appearance Its costs now is a matier of ‘■onjec lure, hut k presumed to he well over the till million alreadv announced hv in IIs builders finally made it ihe state's tallest building, too. Without its new tip lop sign, it measures W-j feet high The Mini is 290 feel tall, counting its sign. Two group* are seeking licensing in Landmark Tower. Landmark Hotel and Casino, the landlord group. Ihe Plaza Tower Operating Corp., the casino op erating group Key licensees in Ihe casino applica Hon are Carroll, with a .Sfi per cent in terest. Louis P Scherer, its secretary treasurer. 12 per ceni; and veteran Las Vegas casino executive Richard F. Parker, one per rent. Scherer. 89. is a longtime contrador. both in California and Nevada He lives in Redlands, Calif Carroll. 4ft. has been in contracting work in Nevada since 1918 Parker, who would he executive vice president of the casino group, has worked in l.as Vegas rasinlt;*s once 1949 \ged 11 now. he was most recently cashier at the Deserl Inn. I he landlord group. Plaza Tower Inc., would get a monthly rental and a per rentage of the casino profits Carroll owns per cent of this operation; Sheldon Sandler, a Kansas City attorney, five pet cent Sandler 18. has been practicing law for 18 years Others in the landlord group include Carroll's wife. Susie, co-owner of Car roll Construction Company for the last 21 years; Scherer. George T Rathe. .VS. owner of the Kopper Kettle Restaurant chain in Kansas City; Rernard L. Dal tin. 32, a Harvard I aw School graduate and Kansas City lawyer; and Hugh V Wallace, .SO. a co-owner of Rathe's res taurant chain. Wesley James. 82, a retired Riverdale. S D . auto dealer, would have .VII per cent of the keno concession. Plaza Tower Operating Corp, the other half;
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