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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Anniston, Alabama Property brigand age in Indonesia and an attempt to blackmail foreign with the loot has hardly parallel in International nay David see editorial member Abc and Aba Mutton your Home newspaper since 1882 night a and up news from 6 o 11 he and local news is flashed Over station the stars final edition is presented each weekday at 4 the Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast 98 december 1957 40e a week by Carrier Ike studying missile costs at Gettysburg Calls talks Mike fiery Boss of the transport work ers has called an executive Board meeting in new York of Union officials today for Strat egy talks on his threatened sub Way and bus strike set for new years contract negotiations Between the Union and the cites transit authority Are deadlock Day accompanied three of their by red Leader upping pals within party Moscow up soviet communist party chief Nikita Khrushchev is streamlining the party leadership by bringing in his old and tried associates of former informed sources said to soviet Premier Nikolai Bui officials due for discussion of 58 by Merriman Smith the quiet seclusion of his farm president Eisenhower today neared a final figure on the heavy Cost next year of making the nations missile might equal White House press Secretary James Hagerty said a determination of the size of the 1958 de sense has not been made definitely but i think it will be defense officials were reported to have submitted recommendations in excess of 40 Bil lion officials Are due budget director Percival Brun Dage was expected Here next week along with other High administration officials to help Complete the presidents 9 state of the Union message and a later budget message to the chief executive also plan Ned to play the of the doting Grandfather to his four grandchildren on the first full Day of his new year Holiday week of work and rest and Eisen Hower motored to the farm Fri family welcomes 15th Margaret Light displays Young 15th addition to the Cornelius Schouton to some of his at Francis Hospital in Lyn Michael was born Christmas from at rear Are Joan a daughter inlaw who holds her 9 months 14 22 17 and father in front Are 8 10 6 12 21 months and the proud Agatha some children were not a crash hurts 3 in Chase on Noble a spectacular wreck involving a stolen car seriously injured three persons Early today at 0th and Noble other area Acci dents yesterday and last night Hurt three hospitalized after the 10th and Noble crash were Jesse Jet of Huntsville and fort me who had a possible con Hagerty declined to confirm 01 Cussion and a lacerated Arm William Annis deny reports that the president would include a 500 million Dollar fund in the new budget for use at his discretion to exploit new mis Sile or rocket reply is readied the press in response to also said lie doubted whether a final draft of a reply the sources said Khrushchev old friends Are being brought from key provincial positions to take up prominent posts in the two Power Ful party presidium and the secretariat of the Central with a few Premier Nikolai Bulgarin and Trade chief Anastas presidium now consists of professional party All 10 members of the secretariat of the Central committee Are either full or candidate alter Nate members of the policymaking it was the Central committee now is More Active than at any time since the Early years under Lenin and As Khrushchev told this correspondent in an exclusive interview in All branches of soviet the armed Security and the state apparatus Are now subordinated to the Central commit an autonomous state within a state such As Lavrenti Security chief executed As a trait was accused of trying to Cre ate now is an army Independent of politics As envisioned by marshal g e o r g i former defense also has been ruled the communist party rules us democrats set plans session Montgomery democrats will launch the 195f political year Here next month when the state executive commit tee meets to set up their primary for May 6 and the Runoff primary june state democratic c h Ai r m a n Roy Mayhall of Jasper said the Date for the meeting had not been announced officially but it was generally understood the commit tee will meet the state executive committee will set up qualification dates for the candidates in the May primary and establish qualification candidates will be Able to begin qualifying immediately after the meeting with the deadline at mid night March the Only controversial Issue expected to come up at the meeting is the party loyalty the oath would exclude from the democratic primary and candidate who had voted for a Republican in the last National gains peace proposals would be completed until after new he said the reply was be ing prepared by the state depart Hagerty said before it was Dis patched to the Kremlin the pres ident would Confer with Secretary of state John Foster who also will be away from washing ton Over the 2 missiles near firing san two new Atlas intercontinental ballistic missiles have arrived at Cape lest Center and arc ready according to a copyrighted Story by the san Diego the newspaper said the two 80 foot missiles the con Vair astronautics Plant Here a week just three Days after the first successful test of an Atlas 1cbm at Cape canaveral on the Union said the twin ship ment could be an indication that the big missiles have entered the development or Are near Assem Bly line it said at least one other Atlas missile was believed to be at the test Center be fore arrival of the san Diego ship two Large military shrouded with Canvas to conceal heir contents and escorted by Leavil armed air policemen and he Florida state rolled through Tallahassee Friday in route to near Cape canal ton air Force concussion and contusions and Louie of 66th chemical processing fort my head injuries and Mcdonald and Hernandez were taken to fort Mcclellan Hospital in fair Jet was admit Ted to memorial Hospital in the same police said Hernandez was driving a Pontiac stolen at 18th and Noble from army Eloy Yglecias and that Yglecias was pursuing the stolen car South on Noble when the collision occurred about the other car was entering the intersection from West 10th Street and was struck at High to ice said the Hernandez car skid ded 85 Yards after Jet and Mcdonald were in the other warrants charging Auto theft ind reckless driving were signed against Hernandez by a wreck on Highway 78 East Early last night injured William and Louise both of Terry was admitted to memorial hos in radio to talk plot against him hit by Chattanooga judge up Tennessee judge Raulston Schoolfield told a radio television audience Friday night that implications before the Senate rackets committee he accepted a bribe were part of a consummate plot to destroy the 52yearold criminal court Jurist spoke for an hour Here on both radio and then flew to Nashville and made the same speech on another radio in the speech he denied emphatically that he accepted Money to quash indictments against Mem Bers of the teamsters testimony in which the implications were made came during the committees investigation of labor violence in Chattanooga and other Tennessee directed squarely at me the probe was directed squarely at me and no one school Field and termed the entire investigation a consummate plot on the part of certain people of interests to destroy Schoolfield said the interests wanted to ruin him because of his belief in separation of the races and his opposition to the Federal governments towering proportions of Power in the affairs of the state including Frank huddled earlier his week and agreed to investigate school Fields there also have been indications the state bar May ask the judge to leave the Benzli until this investigation is hunted scandalous conduct Schoolfield charged in his speech hat two Senate investigators sent Rescue workers take 11 victims from mine at West Virginia town pita with broken Houst the Chattanooga area address Ion was treated for abrasions an decl almost All of their time and of Terry said his car was struck by another at an Donald of fort suffered head injuries in a wreck at Blue Mountain about he was admitted to the local Hospital in fair Washington elected every two find that if they dont do Steht by their constituents fall Vic Tim to that old saying what goes in one year comes out the on the inside Page 4 Secretary of labor James Mitchell has moved into a key position in the Eisen Hower says Thom As on Page 8 Morehead stale Defeated the University of in the Mississippi state Holiday basketball tournament at favored Mississippi state Ole miss and will Battle Morehead for the championship Bama goes against Ole miss in a Consolation fort toward trying to produce scan Dalous Andor unlawful conduct on my All of which was wholly unrelated to the Field of labor and at the time i went to Washington i was of the opinion that the senior senator from Tennessee Estes Kefauver was in All prob ability the trigger Man in this the judge but up to this time i have been unable to uncover his the judge said committee investigators studiously a v o i d e d checking out alleged labor violence and bribery in there was not one word of evidence introduced at that hearing proving any violence or trouble Between labor and trailer fire brings count of slaying a murder charge was Lodge Here yesterday against Robert Lee after he admitted set Ting fire to an abandoned trailer truck Rig on Christmas eve and burning to death Barney Parker of 1004 Christin Carter was turned Over to county authorities and is being held in county jail today without Bond on the murder charge which wat made in a warrant signed by Lee brother of the dead City detectives Homer Rascoe and Harold Timmons pieced to Gether the arson murder Story yesterday after several hours of in Tensive questioning of the defend paper says persons hit by attack stroke removes him from race from wire reports Birmingham former Gordon persons has suffered what his wife described As a Light stroke and will not be a candidate for a second the Birmingham news said to persons told the news that the stroke occurred on Christ Mas eve while Gordon was at it was what the doctor called a Light she but it impaired his speech slightly and he walks a Little Kocour of Montgo longtime family has been in constant attendance since the former governor suffered the the news persons said Kocour told us both that Gordon Defi namely would not be Able to make a race for governor in the up coming who served As chief executive from january to january had been regarded As a probable candidate for governor next Gordon persons suffers stroke on Page 5 a weekly round first exercise is Given child up Judy s t who was operated on for acute appendicitis Only after court action against her to Day took her first postoperative officials at Reid memorial hos Pital said Judy was still confined to bed most of the but began statement is singed Carter signed a detailed state Rascoe and Timmons in which he related How he set fire to the abandoned truck trailer be cause he believed he had been mis treated by the dead mans body was found about 8 Oclock on Christmas eve in the burning trailer which was parked near 8th Street and Gurnee Avenue on a lot behind a truck ing firms in his signed statement who has a Long police record of drunk and disorderly conduct told the detectives How he raked up some grass and put it under the trailer and struck one match to the the first match failed to Light the How and he struck a second he he left scene after the trailer got to Carter said he called Robison one time but Robison failed to Carter then left the scene and went to Tell a Claude what he had Carter said that Robison and Moncrief had been drinking canned heat during the Carter c ailed Headquarters on thursday to report the be cause it got to bearing on my mind so bad 1 could not stand his signed statement Rascoe and Timmons said he first denied the affair under ques the other Day Over in the next state i saw something that has been troubling there was a Small there was a Post it had the usual at the top of the pole the United states Flag was flying upside i should have but i and on Down the Highway i was upside Down Means Congress meets in will there be another attempt to increase the first class postage rates to four or five cents was this the or had this particular postmaster formed his own opinion As to How we arc doing in the missile race was he right in believing we Are so far behind Russia the time was around the towns population was Sev eral i suppose the Flag had been put up and it had flown that Way All morning without being that what really was Dis c Tom a regular saturday feature of the Anniston do a few simple exercises to Elvis says Hes to get a my Call delay empii1s Elvis to my request came soon the gyrating giant of Rock Uler than 1 i want look relieve the stiffness caused by the although they would not say when Judy is to be discharged Many hospitals release abdominal operation patients in a week or 10 Judy had an emergency appendectomy thursday night after sheriff Edward Cordell served a summons on her tie sum Macon county Bill confirmed Montgomery up segregationists throughout the so u t h today hailed the official count of Alabama 17th election which confirmed that voters overwhelmingly approved a cons Titu Dale officer hails smashing of still Oark up a gallon Moonshine still was raided and mashed near the Dale e n r y county line by state and Federal officers arrested in the raid was Dock Ivillia of he was jailed at Dothan Pend no arraignment before a District court on charges of illegal Possession of a Dale county sheriff Hoyt sear Cey said this was the biggest still Ever discovered and confiscated in Dale pole neared by Hillary during night new up Edmund Hillary reached the Point of no return today on his dash across the Antarctic Polar plateau to the South the four Man new Ealand expedition led by the conqueror of Everest thrust to within 240 Miles of its goal during the there can be no turning unless the tractors Are there is enough fuel to carry the party to the pole but not enough to bring it Back to its jump off depot Progress is slow the expedition was delayed 90 minutes at the Start of Friday nights trek by bad pro Gress was slow initial hours because of a dreaded whiteout and deep but conditions improved slowly and the nights run covered a total of 41 Camp was set up this morning at latitude 86 degrees 24 minutes South and Longitude 140 degrees in a radio Hillary re ported that everyone in the party was feeling the need for More he said they were averaging Only about five Strain is reported he also reported both men and machines were undergoing some Strain because of the As we Are now Over feet we have difficulty even getting our tractor out of second be he that travel now Over relatively Flat area with fairly Good blast occurs Over 2 Miles below ground up workers headed to the surface to Day with the bodies of 11 Coal miners who died of Flash and concussion in a Gas explosion 500 feet discovery of the bodies this morning ended a search operation that began at Friday when the blast occurred More than two Miles from the m a i a employees Entrance to the sprawling families of the dead men waited at another in trance for the bodies to reach the fourteen other men were trap Ped for six hours in another Sec Tion of the mine but were freed and reached the surface they had protected themselves from poisonous fumes by stretch ing Canvas Over openings in the 175 were working special assist ant to the president of Pocahontas fuel said about 172 other miners were working when the Gas but were far from the scene and went to the surface by none of them was Rescue Crews sent word to the surface that All of the victims had been killed by Flash Burns and concussion rather than by suffocation or by being the Amonate is Only a few Miles from the mine where 37 miners Weie killed in an underground explosion last both shafts Are owned by the same the Poca Hontas fuel company of dead not identified the firm executive said he would not identify the dead men until the bodies were brought Woodrow of Foreman of the 14man group res cued at about 1 said his men remained Clam during their wait and some of them even ate their the 14 joined their families at the surface and went Home to the blast was so deep in the mine that officials did not feel the Shock on the surface and did not know there was trouble until gauges showed ventilation while Rescue parties com Pany employees tried to restore ventilation behind the blast area in the event the 11 men there were still one company official said there was surprisingly Little damage in the a fact that allowed searchers to reach the bodies Well ahead of their estimated ten bodies were found at about 6 and were moved toward the the Lith victim was found planes drop food to flood victims Ceylon so and Cey Lonese air Force planes dropped food and other emerged y supplies today to tens of thous ands of starving provincial Resi dents marooned by devastating the death toll reached More Han were at East Homes have been washed police said the Fig ires probably would capital is Shook Montgomery up the Radle of the confederacy was All Hook up today after a their climbed downtown Power poles and made off with five Confederate flags placed As decorations for he Blu Egray football four youths sentenced to death in the chair to appear in court for freeze is forecast for Region tonight Bainy skies should Clear this m i a till Catullo Vul la y said today he was glad Lor a reply until after the firs Jho arms on the girl s to maintain White us abolishment of Macon county had received a Chociay army defer ment to make a picture because i think till be the Best one Ive Presley draft Board notified of the he had refused medical Milton b o we r chairman for her despite warnings Presley draft said the three members held a special meeting and decided unanimous him Friday thai his induction Datcy to give Elvis extra my Tell de s from 20 Toj by to be reasonable it h l of Clear and cold Tom h 21 pres lev earlier had Bowers said her Lemp Cradure written a letter asking for a bus Paramount studios said iness said Presley live sundays weather should be Sun Thev wore in danger of losing personal appearances scheduled about if the Bobby sox for that her appendix might burst and endanger her Pippen said the stale religious beliefs of the full Tabernacle of god sect prevented him from seeking medical Aid amendment 18 gives the Power to erase the county As a last ditch move to prevent negroes from gaining political control in the Central Ala new York ranging in age from 17 to stood before the bar of each in his turn heard the same solemn words from judge James Day for he appeared Calm but flinched noticeably the grimaced judge intoned the death William whose wid owed was the Only this court sentences you to relative of any of the re in the electric chair in sing m nervous prison the week of february 10th god have mercy on it was the first time in Queens county court history that tour in Lei klans were sentenced to death for one when sentence was Ralph seemed self possessed and maintained an outer bid studied for pay to Washington first application for Payas Youree Tele vision test broadcasts today was up for consideration by the fed eral communications the application was filed by the Philadelphia broadcast company which plans to operate on Ultra High frequency Channel the acc announced last 29 it would accept applications for or Payas Youree to to operate on a limited basis but would not act on the applications until subscription to is not to be con fused with the closed circuit Type of payt operation in Bartlesville to programs there Are car ried by wire on a closed they Are not broadcast and there fore do not come under acc con the Philadelphia firm proposed to use the ski Atron system of pay the subscriber would use punch cards to record his program the firm said it planned to charge Home subscribers an an Nual fee of plus one Dollar for each special events a commercial firm using toll to would be charged plus for each special events pro the weather by and with a High of yesterdays maximum was 56 degrees and the Low last Light rain started from the heavily overcast skies about 7 Oclock this idol didst show up in new or leans for the shooting of King next year would have to be and some pictures Post but i think hell be doing a in Happy for the studios Sake hot of singing for the boys in the that i got Presley Parker spot Cotton i Macon located in the of Alabama Black Belt Ami Home of famed Tuskegee i by a jury of 11 men and one a inv 11 courtroom grinning jauntily also was i the tour were convicted a Jhc Rourl spot Cotton was quoted on the local Market today at 34 cents a White Corn and Yel is dominated by negroes who out number Whites More than six to the official canvass of the elec Tion shows the Macon plan polled Low Corn a Oats approving votes to soy a against an or the Holdup slaying of Delicatessen proprietor William the jury failed to recommend Merey making the death sentence Thomas was the first to appear before Fri bounced forecast Clear this after Clear and t sunny and winds Turner a southerly 1015 shifting to be Strocie into northwesterly this la High 54 Low 28 res ssh sunday stir mus i Iii i in when this trial first started we requested that negroes be put on the Turner Toki the there were not enough negroes called to be chosen and your is a violation of my Tut ional i id temperature tilt fur hours Eui Jiff it 6 so to 56 ;