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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - April 22, 1923, Anniston, Alabama The weather ave Hama the uni Ershow et1 i Nir ii to tin a monday Lorn n. E. A. Nows amp feature service United press leased wire service the Star stands for Community up building and Good Cito is it v of 41. No. 186. T in lied Dally Quot of sunday morning ii v Roi Ollil Liefl in . To Anniston Alabama. Sunday. April 22. 1925. 22 pages -176 columns. A c3 de Veteran Joe i to Sigi ant bomber husband of 2iyve my police claim amazing matrimonial activities of Pennsylvania Are revealed eighteen wives of Davis Are located Vii m s ii \ it it i hunk i ill in Miu la of \ la i it is in in s Viv Iii pc ii i his i v colonel Fleming Back at training Post for season plunges River 4 into dead la. S. Demands w ilk Quot barrba., \�r11 a jul i no Tel brr Quot a Muir old sat 11 ii 1111 i i up in i ill in till i a Mth i in my jail to it Mlay mini refused to nay it a word when Eon of to Iii i Hgt til. Poller Norli two 111-tins from Ohio purporting to in Ihli a the identity of till loth urn until wive. I lie i Ltha re Vav. A Iii a 3, into War Veteran who in lie i hell Hon h inting Complete one tag Ilion of 111- in a t Al nut a i i Ira a it till ii the hire declare i met amazing. A a it is in or Fin Triy est a cued that he a triad eighteen v Nen they Cia in and they Ara f Lent from Elut they have Bottine Hohertz d. Fleming xxx to aerie As Camp commander and later an Al def on Eutlee i officer at the training Post at tamp Mcclellan during at years training san on Haar i Rived at the ramp to again in i come exec Tilte officer under general i Darin in Wonana col Norl firming Haling Home from ids permanent station at fort Oglethorpe ahead of his regiment. Tile sixth cavalry. The Texo Squadron of the is it ii Cai airy drag noted for training duty at fat up Mcclellan during the present Ara on. Tire Baclic Dulce to arrive at the local Hgt it in fore the end if the present month. Clara Phillips a Hammer Slayer Quot found in Honduras belief u. S. Government is acting in Case j in Oman Wuu of brought it it ii to it Merica when Idi \ hts is la buy i Stab Llusia it of i it us s Xvi Horn Iii x let of Ali it scat i listed in staff correspondent to Inge Law Tai., Arll 21.�? the Jungle wild of Honduras hate Given tip a xxx Ontaiy fugitive Bol loved to in t Iara bal clip Tho a Hammer Slayer. Ca Blea Are burning xxx till queries a to tin mysterious woman s identity official Washington Lins been drawn into the play although i Denolf. Cation is not Complete inasmuch a Claras f Tiger and photographs hair int to o lied the la tin american Republic her Are confidant the woman who savagely heat Ais Ria Meadows to death w the a Hammer is the person now under surveillance in a Bote in the drowsy tropical City of Tegucigalpa. Honduras. Irish potatoes in Lead in value of state truck crops disaster occurs As army i plane is starting from Mccook Field Price Bally Aud uth a \ i out a mile. A a ave eke Strtt sgt a a Lup i Farmers face Quot Boom year in coming season Montgomery ma., april 21. Special a the xxx. . State and Federal agricultural statistician in his weekly mining re of farm condition in in Llama issued saturday gut the following interest lug figures on the value of certain truck crop produced in the state during 1922 cabbage slut Huo watermelons Gith to us Imp beaus sihi.700 $20,000 i of -1� potatoes $1,305, Ink of w in in. S. it. In he Here Lalue of these crops Wasfy Uli hage191 water melons $30 imms $240 can u i Loupe it Irish potato i $19 Straw berries $ 3u la overloading was cause of crash Imi it Xii Kab ii i to so in till it k xxx Hon he lot \ 1> his Load too i ilex \ xxi by wit Dot Obi la i a Ion. Of a april 21 a unit Eil Bres a oar men Iseri killed and one Peil rap fatally injured today when a Liucc Martin i plunged into the Miami Rix r near Mccook tiling Field a it started a return Fli glut to Langley fit id Virginia army officers believe overloading caused the tragedy. Ilie nun him was by it to Carr. Four men they Ai id. Tho it Calt i. I pain j a. U , sin i we ii. Hugh so the and my .1 Howland a Civ,. The injured n an is i Xiv. Is t a Field Mill Bun. The crash oct urged us Pilot of the , a Ai res i he Riv a t eni in i will not require Protection treaty before extending recognition final settlement of problem sought Bui is Point is i la to it. I i Moab an matter of i of was before taking it loss c oni pm at trib Lenine is worse temperature goes higher is weaker by l. By Wiford United Bros staff Washington april 21.�? United Broos a the i listed mate govern Merit has drop my its Cortner demand that Mexico sign a treaty guaranteeing Protection to american rights and interest As a condition of recognition it was Learned tonight on Rigli authority. Moscow april uus i noted dress a a slightly increased temperature bus caused general weakness in the ondi Uon of Premier i Venine Tho late to official bulletin state it reads a i or the past two Duy tem Ike Satoro -1 la 1111 y increased Ujj causing certain general weak a Ness. Nevertheless there i no i i in pro pc hut especially in his ii Quot Pencil and i Arni and leg. Temperature 37 centigrade pulse Joi respiration 22. Special Board of expert says american Farmer on Crest of Prosperity Boom is believed Good for 6 months m xxx m i i i i Rem x i Xii 11�?T m l dial n its of xxii x in try pm Polk vol on i arms Bly a i me fart out it breach widening Between farm Bureau officials and Extension service director at inn of Clara presence ally clinched t y Tell to be rotary k Hugh in r z if Calif i to to if sex Epa t o a id i a. Had to a to a who i hey Quot Choc la Quot it i a i Ert i to m a t a no cd they or tot s pit f i work Tai on Lence. # i her. A the la w i i 1 pm Tole Weer a no Len Quot or a a this it a it of i to ill 1# m in i of m that Zie it by nag. Mint g i april i Char # d it i Ala i m by i tis agr a Atlee at a thai i this i fret Muad Hen hop. Sacra e9 xxx. It the Federis there a pm of s1 t author sex Rad to. Or it a Ltd Cha it on it irs w to her. La a secret r seven wounded in clash Between 2,000 unemployed and German police Apt ii a is. He to ii f a Wen j the e e x. N in e or i Prepa i Pajo in xxx in Dura As id. His i ii a w i pre it it a kill g of a 21 a unit it r h a apr re n through the f in inert. N it Linen gloved Foort allot i German pm a tie Tva y was n a he a Marato sgt it ii. Be of the most form a obstacle hitherto Quot Landing the Way of american re com i of the of bpm gon gov Niue it of x. Ii. While the american get a ment for Triy the i it Oise i that such a treaty must be a Rcpt if it to rec Ogeth nor St Obregon declared Mexico ii never sign a treaty until afr it or action Hart been it Tond to to son cd Howland were dad. w xxx is Burr it to i it Rush it to n Hosp to with t i Jean stat 11 ugliest Ion a treaty form t i Arneth in rights a o Chatine in th1 Amer a who Secretary of s is no longer insisting Guara note first Condl i t Awn d and Sticks xxx a to have i Barnier a i a it i e x led it to a in to d a to All i on a i for to Bon be i rags a a con Para t Ivera so occur Evan investigation t cause of the acc a in Tain a Pilot he Bilof pc t t ii i Erma t it Rland g t x Rha a i he a Gill. Quot was be Alo. Fuse to g ant the Iii had off ,1 Iii a Jyz s 1921. I t h f of a i g thro by lout that # t n Ita Quot let i it. R \ pm a i guards a to xxx it. It i at of i i k or inner r to St my i or it it 2 a it r i a to Utoy flood in Xiv i s i Girt us in the r in Tai of # Elf e or it a to to i xxx ill make Ermine Tho a skillful plan that of Ai bit or t to a vies in a1 Obei x a r id War sort to re Rahl Init Jon to Neralic hoi la Dievert to cleared flt it fact Whit la n known have been a a resumption of re count ii should now it Nae finally it. The ans i or it Lons Between t he two Rumert a pier i i to files Cotton a a mexican Law Uncial ing arts i Konsti tub Story poll. \ Mercati a to a to it Presh 111 in re of marauder xxx Alk i no ii ties Ria in f be it h i Derr i rued a it i a i re a to o the i to Ding n t xxx i of a s g in i a fed1 los Rill Lim is i xxx Jess a x it a sri it a i i of s the i Hon be j Arthur Brisbane world s highest paid editorial writer says it p a t xxx a d it t of a ? it tigress orally Sud xxvii of a the been in mex-1 property to ill f to is that the Kou extend a it of i a it of f. Fur til re a a neg if la t e a of National guard units will come to Mcclellan August 6 to 20 Montgomery aln., april 21.�? special a Alabama National i guard organization will go into i annual Encampment and training at Camp Mcclellan August 5 to 20, the Date being announced by major Joseph m. Dickerson f Deral Supply and disbursement officer for the Alabama National guard. Major Dickerson has forwarded to til the s militia Bureau through la Ltd corps area Headquarters St Atlanta estimates on the Cost of the Kari us National guard encampments to a held the x summer. The 125 Aerial Goser vation sex Jade on and divisional photo Section of Birn Gingham will take their regular annual course of training at Maxwell lie id Montgomery Trout August i it to 3&Quot, Ala Ham National guard Art la dry and ammunition Bain unil a i ill train at f Ort Bragg. Near i Ell ill pc from jul is to by i ii Lidi a Losh Washington april 21.�? in Ted in a Nier eau Farmers an faring a Boron Pur Quot Haring largely in tile pro amt pro per it Lune a Quot Perijil Ixia re of leading cob omit railed hero by the department of sir leu lore to ill Quot a ii Quot a the agricultural Outlook Pumie Fiealt declared today. Stating that xxx bile no on knows How Long the Boom will last but that everyone agrees hat it is Good for from six to nine months at Bast a report by the Board As sorted a Elf this opinion is Corr to the it i will be distinctly in Rae live next autumn than it via last autumn As the demand for farm products depends upon tha purchases of american families not therr selves on farms the key of Farmer Prosperity this year will be based almost exclusively on Domestic conditions the economists agree foreign Market Pio spetts being less favor Ihie t a year than last. Increased attention of european nations to Home production of food product through further depreciated Exchange has caused the slump in flt of in prospects. The Only prospects for in important development in pure has in c Power increases is the ability Kin a turf to a. Terr to expand her my the Board Sta Onti Nufo a in significant vital Intel kure that Lent Aid a anal us i to id porn i m i today a Tine in Thill i i re itch a per. \ Japan Quot. Advise i tin i Mig. I by a led. Wonderful Brick Laxer. R the i a go i a a a a. I xxx the % aft x hich xxx dentil it my and of cd if cd i xxx re re Harrington bras Corpus. Is ached. Led xxv to i Ken following cd to but out a m u n. Del to t Are a b Pursi bad f my Extension a a Civ the cd Augell a that Trio re Eek of if a a by t Ito the unities c ii a v e com i 1 a. They Lux e con Toi there card discharge of Able. Nally. A tic and ? t Glare n the f9nn a Erti us. In xxx he Fie i-1. The t re Ling a do affective by Mica eduction it die so a on a v tile ext an is on scr tto me of he Ord r g a v. It Aijo Ting and vet by per h i never be a de Erin i $1 Zitur it s. Anis lie in k la truck its then phone pole Driver hives up ref Nethani Ted pres it in played ii jux Hie and i it i dead to atm. April 11, a n a. Whitfield. Tho Yard of the a Hille rat Road Light As the result f injuries today when was run Over by an no Iron Obi it irk alleged to have been driven v John Mant Tignal. Huckster who i r a jus 0111 a a i d e occident took place in a suburb be according to witnesses who formed the police the truck did top after hitting Whitfield until soc a a distance away from the scene when the truck in turning of Corr a r. Quot Ruck i Al phone pole r get a no Cati i is a i j or a from this Secoll Accident uninjured and or rendered to police inter he j. Held in Jill tonight. To a International problems keep Harding Busy president turns from Domestic to world affair As new Risis loom Kojl Martin i Uttel Bra Quot staff t on will it by Washington april 21�?international affairs have crowded do in eat in concerns almost completely into the background in off isl Washington and despite president ii re in b s recent Assurance that j fore a relations were never in j better shape practically the entire a Energy of i administration was j entered tonight up on internal tit i quest ohs. Presence Here of lord Kobs. Cli by bsh advocate of the league it a nations and apostle to America from that organisation imminent of mexi an ret Ogu Tion negotiations with Britain to to in no ability of american involvement it a a dispute Over the Chest a it ones tons in tut key to Forta to prevent Japan freezing out an american wireless company in China and the activities of Republican who want to in event or. Herding pressing i s Pinto Al fur american membership in the world cur to these a e the th.ng9 xxx a of i use or a to in Ted a t por d ii a worn and tha g them. N m t Wing her ape 3fix the county i when she saw go the bars of am after her c sentence to n order Claras co of Kola a left Quot t h i c free lilt i xxx a s Clara Gay xxx a # in Der ? Ito or g. A it Ula r ail Dot i. Cera i her want eviction and a prison ment for rail was entirely Daniels takes m ado Boom to Washington i. A. The City the j obtain cooperate rum running a. Wash ton april 21 a United press a Josephus Daniels there i tat f it the Navy in Tho do on i it Abinet brought s m Adco Tor j resident Boom to Washington to j Flay. Daniels called on former presides Wilson and presumably discussed the Mcadoo movement xxx tit him a eth democratic party Wirtl com Back into Power in 1124, said Daniels. A Mcadoo will be the a Ltd pres Dent the former j Ivy head Indica r it j that the Mcadoo Cain a is it i3 been quietly under Way for some 1 Tim a my that xxxix til Dom. Ratio National convention Metos it in the summer of 192 4 Mcadoo j will get the nomination in Illy try j virtue of his a la of ignited strength. A most ensure of internal lion fuds to Ici matter s. In addition the imm Gratic question xvii h 1ih� a distinct int a National tone the Fatur 1 the men Bant Murine which a1 involves foreign relations and to policy involved in tile Navy s Jota to tile Range of \ Erica battleships Hue nil crop a i it of a i president Harding Iez Edda a fur consideration. By or Iti i ii Crisli we copyright 1923 by the Star co he he i mils journal in it debates ordinarily a Quot Anc ii xxx -1sitor, us go Quot Quot total a Otic Ca i or cum sick of a or troubles in tin Ruhr a because Yeti Crinan Quot a by ctr ii rages re a a Tancic a Aud Quot onic Mari Cill Quot in a hiding a few that ought to turn bettor would ii pc us refer such ideas and a Xmas Liona to a la Jig us of nations or jux xxx tired court. Ind cml Csc of Lurt it a an opinion and european court do Mon xxx lint till Quot country a in scially of cil Quot hated not is by tile whole of Europe or Mink if la i to Dat Iii Able japanese statesman rep re so i tip Japan us Minuter to Kcal Gilim i Hixcy at Geneva pre paring a plan a that would enable the United state to Jon the league of nations a \ Harvard professor is working xxx us air Educ Ltd it seem Quot. I Bluit Xxiii inter Quot Quot to Hiram to Iii Quot a ii and tile re St of the Pacific coast. It Xxiii not help get Lotc Quot for the a world Coart. V cd hit ago judge is a led and wont lers what Solomon would tune Lone. A and tvo ladle Iii air. One lady or Hightii a Sinai child. So far All is natural a just the Little old Triangle the judge Quot ays to himself. Ile eau handle that easily enough. Hut not at All. It s a new Triangle. Both ladle Are Happy and both want hic Quot ent Home to them. They Are Ati find. Lie i satisfied. One Ixonia ii is married to him one i not. They Don t rare. But the judge Dees care. And sends the to jail while ire the judge think it Over for thirty Days. Nobody 1$ complaining everybody is satisfied in that new Triangle lint something must be done. Once a Scarlet letter won i luxe been sex to Oil Hie tires of lady no. 2. Tile would Ila pc a teen put in the Stock lint we Bate outgrown that. What would you do f Demar thirty fix a won the Twenty five a Nile Marathon Rax at lib Quot it ii i third ions i stance Victory there is no sense in the running. The greeks would Haxe telephoned of be next had they bad Telephone lint Tho laces interest us Tor a thirty five years old. Beating younger men in Quot of hard a test show Quot what Lex lug will do lit that mime race appeared to Middle aged Gra haired Ilia named Kennedy Bra Klajer by Trade Lek Tor xxx a rued him not to run because of his heart a ran and hushed eighth Xxiii heart in Good shape. A i jul Quot to need d a Tutlo exercise a said in. Y of halt xxx from your desk to the cow Abir Ami from i elevator to. Our Dick xxx lint would Jon go for that a Constitution. One of Thorn St to Quot f ii brandies of John Hopkins no institution that Honor Mainland and the whole ii Tiou is Lite link built j nil maintained for ten years by or. Phipps the donor. Now two million Ila to been raised to in Dix the work of tin Din in Aud hint i it to it it la i Xxiii endure indefinitely. V i i a i yrs ago. Or. Phipps was Selling gun and Illier Tio Ful things in a Little Ohio general store in Tim Che Tiina he walked eight mile and Hack to make a Little Vetri Money helping a Hluck Quot mini 0 keep ids books. Or. Bwhipp Quot Hie Blacksmith Aud Carnegie met and went into i lie Iron business to Geilier Aud Johns Hopkins psychiatric clinic i Xart of tin result. Providence a work Ray seriously anti sues a full. \ Wise no his name Lia Fiens to be Solomon xxx Anta a in xxx Itiat a would Quot pm Pel the display of an Anserlean Flag at least four feet Long three fret wide at nil pubic meeting. I he Glt 1 sized Flag lie thinks a would counteract in i Lea Ham. Frederick the father seeing a look of fear on some Hoy in the Street chased them xxx till in Cane shouting a huh make you luxe my a a Ile failed a Rombly. You can to make pro ple lox a Flag by forcing it on Vliem. Maintain order find let everybody talk. Llinat s the i Quot plan and it tired to he the american plan. Woodrow Wilson Wal make repeal or modification of Hie youth and aet Tiv rallying cry of tin dam in rats in 1921.�?� Thiu xxx liar a w Arlington do Imi Teli is. Itiat might be. If or Wilson were the Candida a ii possibility that in is said a consider seriously. Hut if Iii Don in Law Mcadoo were Waiuli Date or by. J. Bryn ii anything is a a Quot Ihle there would in no prohibition attack. If i xxx Ere to rim xxx till i Smith of new y Ork foe flee president which i tin xxx a pie Rcd plan of n x to it powerful organization \ a do had would be attacked roughly. G i it fro is Dis in Lan tee Quot a 0 Luti to Rex Milt it 8ig> Ognit to by a tither Nati Nal guard in courting infantry cavalry. Of corps engineers Wagon con motor transport com a r a or # to be Pean i a n adjust Dill in �2 a f of Titi t a to a in Orth r noted id in every xxx a y of element of Tho 4,-Umjc j. Ii it it a tit x a i the the pro it \ heat to Contin in created euro an that Atner i Iouli a t he changed con la is. A state its will near a of a Ign i bul by a to e Compaq Quot tax and at a ump it a during to 20. Depar Mecle the be us to in a cd i Ane n que Fotion mins trip a ,1 to Alaska in d Tsirli g if tins pro Blo Preh Ricart c estrange the n f to sett i in of to pan w Here Mexico irreconcilable reply Iii Blei i Cecil by ror i the or Artic Board # of Fiul Short Harvest Tim f the larger i but that to a Hie nor w. I find arts tha \ r t me r tog undress Iii chil1 ement Between Tod states a re my Zitur and to stunt agitation i it. La a so tilt m x a f r mation of the mexican chamber pruned the pro Poi for regulation \ n y i i Idaho senator issues statement saying Europe must realize i. S. Can to join a tot quoth e a e i to an Prospe led i a n i a be Dover. It i y and Eland doubt other con Imber be. I Icet # 5 yen r Tho i ii leg h pie n re t it a 1> liner get i to Lex. An e a i Mexico City f the Law a i g f a men to i at it it e lord a it apr. 21 acc Otic i a pert gee a a cited Rte Anil to a j. Quot of. Of a sur stored p Rica to people o join he Ted. A Sot a la sued of re the g it a a k Tor it a Idaho. Report in pm or t the vie we to a the Nath t a cd a he n hex in it i has in Iii de ,1 _. I v to id the lie fed it Ca a a a the t a a ill Long p it the fed e xxx o that will York. Co he United s Iten in a Assoc latin to i to 9 t to ll1 league averts \ War by tax Een worx nations lit i org Niru Lrae now is. It i r0 a a a to proceed t the in teds tax arty of torah declared ii i or a a a i to it f it Toh any a to conf Muti i the j a re throwing of a i into each oth mean Eny thing to in. N it in use w to Are solemn a a tilt i 0 a Ai he in licit a earn e i new Val Board a a of not produce company a universities ii i a Mon treat Russia african a in a la re in # a to to t err Rany and i t n a a a 9 c a n a another my Don by j pledged by o otherwise a i to i n Ruch politic ponies the Ameri of be led to a iia a Tabert by ried Tihoi t or i or committee Ioli amicable adjustment of greek j bulgarian quarrel is made j by league of nations Thini sex by Henry Wood j a Oln e in that War. In it Lier i noted Bro Muff Curry pendent wort of a quite apparent that Gene april 21,�?rh# Weag to Europe wants to not a league of nations has succeeded in Avert for b but a league for War a re another War menace j to. Re Cecil no Public reply an amicable settlement of the to . He spent a Busy Day i-1joys bulgarian and greek Dis Jet to of if in discussing american put Over the treatment of Bui Entrance into the league. He Call Garlan inhabitant in Western de on president Harding at the Thra a was accomplished by the w hit House where for thirty league Council Here today in the minutes the two discus cd the fare of powerful difficulties. Harding proposal for world Courti j a us a m Ani a a Rah n a a ill tfx bulgar it Nguc if negro who says he helped at burial declares there Vias no funeral service intervention under article i Ltd the covenant. Her pro test stated that War was threatening. Four Xvi g explanations by deck and bulgarian represents-11v Quot Greece agreed to permit the bulgarians expelled from Thrace to return. The greeks added Hov exer. That the return could not in accomplished until die situation which necessitated their repulsion had ceased v Hope Quot a eve pressed that this could be accomp.,shed soon. Harding the belief he voiced yesterday that from the standpoint of those not wishing to become involved in the league of nations membership in the Coart w-,.# perfectly Safe As the two Organiza a. Distinct. Ucil also spent Secretary of he met Samuel the Anteri in it Derat Quot. And men Bere he a i corps tort get he was sue dinner a to p Bassy. Hem ;