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Zanesville Times Recorder Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Times Recorder, The (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Zanesville, OhioRepublicans pull together for Campaign Kansas City to. A in the tensions and struggles of the Republican National convention one of president Ford s Campaign problems is etched sharply he cannot stir in conservative hearts the ardor that burned for Ronald Reagan but he must have the armies of the Republican right at work for his ticket. In the four Days of the 3ist Republican National convention Ford men had the votes but Reagan ties had the Zeal. And that Zeal is what motivates a Campaign Volunteer to do the Dull hard unpaid labor of any Campaign. The conservatives can and did speak the ritual vows of Republican Unity behind the ticket. But pledges of support won t get the envelopes stuffed the doorbells rung the precinct lists checked the leaflets distributed the gop vote out on election Day. Those Are the labors that can tip an election. The Ford Jimmy Carter race looks one sided now but both nominees say the will narrow now that the president has his Republican nomination. Among democrats the detail work frequently is handled by the forces of organized labor. Among republicans there Are no More effective nuts and bolts Campaign workers than the conservatives Ford invoked the spirit of Harry s Truman. Patron Saint of the Uphill campaigner to stake his claim of coming Victory in the nov. 2 elec Tion no mind what the polls and the pundits May say. The president a Truman fan nominated m the City of Truman aimed the first major address of his Campaign at the average american sitting at Home. It is from your ranks that 1 come and on your Side i he said in thursday night s acceptance speech. And 1 predict right now that the. American people Are going to say. Jerry you be done a Good Job. Keep right on doing to get them to say that. Ford will need the Active help of the Republican party s Best foot soldiers and Many of them Are the conservatives who worked and wept for Ronald Reagan. The risk to Ford now is not like that of Truman s 1948 Campaign when the left and the right wings of the democratic party split off and ran candidates of their own a group of Young americans for Freedom among the most ardent of conservative factions chanted third party third party for a while at the convention s closing night. There were Only about 20 of them despite tentative plans for a conservative meeting to talk about a Bolt it seems unlikely such a move could go anywhere. As rep. Robert Baumann of Maryland conservative As they come told the convention there Are those who say we need a third party. I say to you what we need is a Good second party and this is Baumann said the Republican struggle was Between two conservatives not Between the left and the right sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina one of the favourites of the right a Reagan supporter who pushed harder than his candidate for Tough conservative language in the platform spoke out for the ticket. He praised the platform As a Good one. A Strong one also hailed the selection of sen Robert j. Dole of Kansas As Ford s vice presidential nominee. Reagan said that if a third party is to be considered it should not be now just prior to an election but after nov 2, if the republicans lose. At Ford s invitation. Reagan had the last word the final speech of the convention and it was All that the president could have asked from his beaten challenger we be got to quit talking to each other and about each said Reagan. We must go Forth from Here United determined and what a great general said a few years ago is True there is no substitute for Reagan too stressed the party platform a Banner of bold unmistakable his supporters with Ford s agreement had coloured it conservative particularly on the Issue of american policy toward the soviet Union. Early wednesday morning word went out Over the Walkie talkies Ford s floor managers and whips were to Stop talking to newsmen about the foreign policy amendment we be caved said one of them. And the Reagan amendment was adopted without a Ford fight in the name of party Unity there was More to it Ford s strategists did not want to risk a vote they feared they might lose on an Issue that was one of Reagan s strongest during the primary Campaign. No matter the cover served the real interest of the president. His nomination was assured tuesday night sealed on wednesday. Votes to 1.069 for Reagan but closer than re publicans had seen in 24 years. Then the narrow verdict went to Dwight d. Eisenhower a National hero both parties had tried to recruit As a sure thing for the White House now. The split decision belongs to a president b appointment the Leader of a Mont party the far Back trailer in polls against Jimmy Carter f sunday inside a 1 Fie Bob and bern1e Miller of the never done farm near Roseville Are the first raisers of Santa Gertrudis cattle in Muski Ngum county. Their prize Bull Winfall named after Winthrop Rockefeller Iii whose ranch it came from has won grand Champion at both Perry and Ross county fairs and will be entered in the Ohio state fair for show. A full photo feature of the Breed appears As a special to the times recorder. Page 8-d. In earlier Days when the Chautauqua associations announced plans for their annual festivities everyone from Miles around came to see everything from National orators like William Jennings Bryan to mystifying magic shows. The Advent of radio and financial problems forced the crowd pleasing Chautauqua shows into retirement by the 1930s but beginning tomorrow Morgan county residents will bring the glittering affair Back to life with Hopes of using the profits to preserve their historic opera House. Page Fred Mcloughlin of Hebron is a Man Well worthy of widespread admiration. Without plans specifications or help he constructed a 100-foot magnificent Stern Wheeler with his own two hands and it rivals the Best boats on the River re Tamly fit for a King. Times writer John Ray with Mcloughlin aboard his stately boat and the visit was Well Worth the time. Page times recorder where to look builders Page 5 b classifieds. 6-9 b crossword Puzzle. 5 b deaths funerals 5 a editorial Page. 4 a entertainment 9 d financial Page .5 b for what it s Worth 5 c Jea Edixon 5 c lateness .2 a profile.10 b skywriting .10 b sportspages.1-4 b women s pages. .1-6 c sunday outside Southeastern Ohio will continue to bask in the midst of a High pressure system that has provided Bright warm sunny Days and Cool Clear nights for the past week. A Low pressure system building in the mid West could bring some Shower activity by mid week though it is Likely to be scattered. Details on Page i weekend Roundup Burton marries again new York a Richard Burton and British Model Susan Hunt were married in Arlington va., on saturday and then flew Here for a reception at the hotel where they will live while he makes a new film. The Bride sex wife of race car Driver James Hunt wore an off the shoulder Floral printed Pink silk dress. Burton twice married and divorced from actress Elizabeth Taylor telephoned miss Taylor in Vienna to Tell her that he and mrs. Hunt were to be married a spokesman said. Miss Taylor is filming the musical a Little night in Austria. Carter Ford debate set associated press writer if the league of women voters has its Way the first nationally televised debate Between president Ford and Democrat Jimmy Carter will be tuesday sept. 28, in St Louis. Fire rages in Europe by the associated press fires raged through acres of forests in Bone dry Britain and France saturday forcing thou Sands of vacationers to flee for their lives. Weathermen foresaw no Relief from Western Europe s longest drought in memory. Volcano still threatens Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe a Farmers from the area around la so Friere Volcano Are being allowed to return to their Fields during the Day despite warnings that the Volcano could erupt any time. But officials said they Are keeping a close watch and the residents must leave the Mountainside each night. Bus plunges Over Cliff Vienna Austria a eight persons were killed and 43 seriously injured when a West German tour bus plunged Down a Cliff into the Danube River on saturday after a Brush with a Small car driven by an 84-year-old pensioner police reported. An ambulance crashed and overturned after the bus Accident injuring two attendants they said. 112th year vol. 235 6 sections 60 pages Zanesville Ohio 43701 sunday August 22, 1976________ linked with korean provocations . Troops combat read 30 cents Seoul South the United states staged a demonstration of military Power in and around Korea on sat urday at the same time As Al lied forces felled a tree that was the Center of the dispute in which North koreans killed two american officers president Ford personally approved the plan to go in there and Cut the tree White House press Secretary Ron Nessen said saturday at Vail colo., where Ford is vacation ing. With Ford is National Security Agency director Brent a. Scowcroft who is keeping the president abreast of the situation. At Travis air Force base in California Flag draped caskets carrying the bodies of the two slain american officers arrived amid a Brief solemn ceremony. As the plane returning their bodies touched Down a 26-Man Honor guard saluted. The bodies were taken to the . Army mortuary in Oak land Calif. Col. Erroll Travis information officer said major Arthur bonifas 33, of Newburgh ., would be flown to West Point For burial and 1st it. Mark t. Bar rett 25, to his Hometown of co Lumbia . Bonifas was promoted posthumously from Cap Tain to major. In the operation an Armada of warplanes and troops was poised near the demilitarized zone during cutting of the 40 foot Poplar at the Neutral truce Village of Panmunjom. A . Navy task Force steamed to Ward Korea. Twenty six helicopter gun ships of the kind used in the Vietnam War backed by an unspecified number of f4 Phan Tom and fill Jet fighters and three b52 bombers from Guam circled overhead while a Quick reaction Force of 300 . And South korean soldiers protected the tree cutting Allied military sources said North korean soldiers at the scene limited their response to shooting photographs but their government accused the United states of a grave military pro vocation. A Pyongyang broadcast charged that 300 troops including americans in full combat entered the de militarized zone Doz separa Ting North and South Korea and not Only Cut Down the tree but also destroyed North korean guard posts and smashed barriers. Another 400 Allied troops took combat positions 400 Yards away backed up by five truck loads of soldiers and a helicopter All creating a terrible War the broadcast said the Allied sources declining to be identified denied that the combat Force had entered the Doz but did not say How close it approached. North Korea s Central news Agency charged that one . Helicopter intruded into North korean air space along the Donzon saturday committing espionage and a hostile a broadcast of the report monitored in Tokyo did not specify what the hostile act was but it said it was linked with the provocations that the United states is conducting without setup in the joint secur Ity area the 151-mile-Long Doz was quiet elsewhere but armies on both sides were on the Alert and Washington sources said the aircraft Carrier Midway and its 775 warplanes. Four frigates and a guided mis Sile Cruiser were in route from Japan to Korea. Pentagon officials have stressed that the military moves including earlier reinforcement of Jet fighter units in South Korea did not fore Shadow military retaliation for the killings last wednesday but were aimed at discouraging possible North korean military action. The official statement of the United nations or Allied com Mand said merely that a unc work party had felled the tree and got safely o Carter sets strategies Plains a. A Jimmy Carter plans to kick off his democratic presidential Campaign in Georgia but will focus his attention from then on in California the Industrial mid West and the Northeast press Secretary Jody Powell said sat urday. Those areas which look As if they will be the most hotly con tested have been designated Battleground Powell said in a briefing for reporters. The states he mentioned in addition to California were Ohio Illinois Michigan in Diana new Jersey new York and up into other states May be added he said. Although Texas and Florida will be hotly contested be cause of their size they Are not considered As crucial As the others he indicated. Carter said Friday that the selection of sen. Robert Dole of Kansas rather than a South Erner As president Ford s run Ning mate has removed the pressure for extra Carter Campaign Effort in the South. The democratic presidential nominee has decided to formally open his Campaign on labor Day in warm Springs ga., rather than in Detroit the traditional kick off location for democratic presidential campaigns. Powell explained that warm Springs was chosen because Carter wanted to begin his Campaign in Georgia and be cause of its ties with president Franklin d. Roosevelt a health resort warm Springs was a favorite vacation Retreat for the polio stricken president and was the place where he died in 1945. The former Georgia governor decided against Michigan be cause it is the Home state of president Ford and we Felt it would be Good manners to begin the Campaign else Powell said. The nominee has been Sperd ing much of his time in the last few Days on the phone to democratic leaders around the country asking them to Campaign actively for him. Among those who have publicly promised to do so Are former Carter primary opponents sen. Henry Jackson of Washington and goes. George Wallace of Alabama and Edmund Brown jr., of California. Carter said Friday that sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts told him he would do All he could to help him. Another Leader with whom Carter planned to talk was sen. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota Powell said. Carter begins a three Day trip sunday to the West coast and Midwest during which he has said he will outline his Basic Campaign themes. Famous musical entertainer plays Muski Ngum co. Fair fair draws to close the hour came saturday when Muski Ngum county fair participants had to Load up and go Home. This scene was familiar As families Drew the curtain on an exciting fair week that was blessed with Ideal weather and massed huge crowds Day after Day to witness dozens of events and judging that took place almost hourly at some show Circle within the Fairgrounds. Photo by Larry Rich by John Ray to staff reporter Stanley Morse soared to Success almost overnight on the Rich resonant tones of his trombone it was 1948 and Stan was a slim Stripling of 16 who could make a trombone respond to his every wish. He mastered every nuance of the instrument from the difficult runs to the characteristic go Sandos. Horace Heidt was a nationally known orchestra Leader who toured the country with a radio Talent show Stan entered and played the Dickens out of the very difficult Sabre he won the local prize went on to Cincinnati Chicago Detroit and Indianapolis where he captured the second Quarter finals making him eligible for the National finals Stan had played the Sabre dance so frequently that Heidt thought he should play a Ohio Epa regulations due _ r ill to i t to tit Allan Frh in tar in Rowch 1 13nl, Columbus Ohio a the following Urban counties have been identified for both emission standards under the Fulfur dioxide air pollution control plan announced Friday by the . Environmental Protection Agency Cuya hoga including Cleve land Lake including portions of Cleveland metropolitan Lorain Hamilton including Franklin including Stark including Mahoning and Trumbull including Youngstown metropolitan Montgomery including Summit including Lucas and Wood including Toledo metropolitan and Jefferson and Bel Mont including Steubenville metropolitan area the Rural counties where regulations were proposed and the facilities in those areas which will be particularly under those rules Are Power Baker was up Choice Nashville Tenn. A a Nashville attorney says sen. Howard Baker topped the list of president Ford s potential running mates until one of the Best timed cheap shots in his tory knocked him out of the running hours before the final selection was made. Lamar Alexander a former White House aide and onetime member of Baker s staff told the Nashville Banner that Bak lican cause of a Story about his wife published by columnist Jack Anderson last thursday. The Banner quoted Alexander on saturday As saying that Baker s wife Joy was involved in a minor traffic Accident in Washington on aug. 12 and that Anderson s column quoted the Driver of the other. Car As saying the Tennessee senator s wife had been drinking the column came just one Day after it was disclosed that mrs. Baker 47. Had been hospitalized in 1971 for treat ment of a drinking problem Alexander congressional Liaison aide in the White House during the first administration of former president Richard Nixon said Baker s staff de Nied that mrs. Baker had been drinking before the Accident he said Baker press Secre tary Ron Mcmahan produced affidavits thursday afternoon from investigating officers and statements from witnesses which showed no evidence of drinking by mrs. Baker. Alexander was also quoted As saying that Anderson Tele phoned Baker in Kansas City and said he realized that some of the information in his column about mrs. Baker May not have been accurate he asked the senator if he would like for him to get in touch with someone from the White House but Baker declined the Alexander was quoted As saying Alexander who was in Kan Sas City for the gop National convention told the Banner he understood that Baker was first on Ford s list of running mates As late As 6 a m thursday and As late As 9 a m that a the eventual nominee sen Robert Dole of Kansas was quoted As saying he expected Baker to be chosen. At about Ham Ford selected Dole. Light motor co Lima state Hospital Mistron corp Standard Oil co., Ashta Jersey Zinc co Cleveland electric Illuminat ing Ashtabula Power Plant rim corp general tire and rubber co Athens Columbus Southern Ohio electric tire and rubber. Butler Edison Cler elec tric Columbiana Columbus Southern Ohio electric. Crawford Delaware Erie Power specially co Crown Zeller Back corp Plant Kyger Creek Power Plant Patterson air Force base an Titch College Central state University Hern Ohio sugar co Power Plant Huron Quette Cement Dayton Mal Leable Iron Allied cd Mica co Licking Marion. Medina. Meigs Mercer municipal Power Plant mor River Power Plant Muski Ngum Philo Power Plant. The Rural counties without facilities listed have proposed countywide standards new selection and the two chose hungarian rhapsody the contest was in Washington d. C. And the Competition was fierce. Stan was Defeated by the talented accordionist Dick conto but he gave the hand some Young italian a terrific tussle for the first prize Stan won which he later used to help with his College education he travelled with the Heidt band for some time and then went to Ball state University graduating with a Bachelor of science degree and later doing some Post graduate work at Wayne state University. He taught music in the Detroit Public schools for six years and then became associated with a musical singing group called the composed of 31 Young musicians which travelled about the country presenting the music for modern americans revue sponsored by Chrysler corp. Stan not Only played trombone but was the group s Arranger and even Sang baritone Stan is now vice president of an entertainment company and is musical Arranger and rehearsal conductor for the popular musical group life which appeared last night As featured entertainers at the Muski Ngum county fair. The company also has a new group called Sunshine which has been touring Europe and Hawaii he travels widely and is Likely to show up m London England one Day and Rome Italy the next when he arrives in Zanesville it s news when he comes in his official musical capacity with his Well known group it s an occasion the group of four women and seven men who comprise has earned Over whelming approval from audiences in entertainment centers All Over the Voi cd the group s shows cover every musical style including contemporary tunes country old standards Rock n Roll spirituals ballads and patriotic songs the members have appeared with such notables As Tony Bennett Bob Hope Lena Home Tennessee Ernie Ford. Anita Bryant Charlie Rich Dolly Par ton Freddie fender and Many others Stan is a widower with three children he celebrated his 45th birthday saturday with his parents. And mrs George Morse of 3699 Newark Road. Ohio state fair ready to open Columbus Ohio a gaily striped concessions stands Dot the now Idle mid Way buildings and Curbstone Are getting fresh Coats of paint red White and Blue streamers crisscross overhead the folks who bring you Tho Ohio state fair Are preparing for 12 Days of what they Hope will draw More than two Mil lion visitors to the 123rd exposition at the Fairgrounds it s still a said Bill Stalter. Whose duties Are lumped under titles of super f visor of special events arts and Junior fair and director of pub Lic relations a adult ticket covers everything from a Bandage to a concert by the Osmond Broth ers children aged 12 and under Are admitted free before noon monday through Friday after that and on weekends they pay 50 cents new programs at the fair which runs from aug 26 through sept 6 include a demolition Derby and an exhibit of the Santa Gertrudis Breed of beef cattle this year s theme is show Case of the american spirit and fair officials Promise some thing for everyone claim is the Ond Urgesi in the United states Stalter said the free entertainment policy draws the larg est crowds this ear s grandstand Fea Tures the Osmond. K c the Sunshine band Tanya Tucker Telly Savalas the Pat Boone family. Fifth dimension. Johnny can Mac Davis an Derson. Red Skelton Ohio play ers. John Davidson Bob Hope and Ned Sedaka fair goers also can watch harness races marching band festivals tractor pulls and a Cupcake eating contest i Puzzle delayed the sunday times recorder did not receive this week s prize crossword Puzzle in time for publication this sunday therefore it will appear in monday s edition of the times recorder. In few spa Peri newspaper

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