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Yuma Sun (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Yuma, Arizona A handling of Tim chernobyl crises similar75 a system unfair to some truly in need of aid/8 a Rivers stirs interest in embryonic network/10 pads win powered by Garvey Bochy blasts Page 18 a Che Yuma of ail Sun and Arizona Sentinel thursday May 15, 1986 Yuma Arizona 35 cents Sun printing co 1986 aids rate in recruits stays same associated press Washington i he rate at which military recruits Are testing positive for exposure to a virus associated with aids remained almost constant during the first three months of the year a new defense department report shows. The Pentagon has now identified 458 recruits who tested positive for exposure to the virus. Moreover the same prevalence rate of roughly 1.5 cases per 1,000 recruits is showing up in the first results from testing men and women who Are already on Active duty Pentagon sources said wednesday. The new report obtained late wednesday by the associated press shows that since last october the defense department has refused to admit 431 men and 27 women into Active service because they tested positive for exposure to the virus. The report also shows that the Middle Atlantic Region continues to Lead the nation in positive test rates for recruits and that the older the recruit the greater the chances of a positive test. The new report covers from Jan i to March 31. It is the second quarterly report to be prepared since the defense department began testing All military recruits last october the first quarterly report covering from last october to december found that 210-recruits had tested positive out of 138,000 people screened a rate of 1.5 cases per 1,000. The new report shows another 170,076 recruits were screened Between Jan. I and March 31, of whom 248 tested positive. That is a rate of 1.46 cases per 1,000. The combined total of 458 positives of 308,076 tested is 1.49 cases per 1,000. That is higher than the rate being reported by civilian blood agencies but Pentagon officials stress it is impossible to meaningfully compare the two because of such differences As average age. The new statistics were obtained before an appearance on Capitol Hill today by or. William Mayer tile assistant defense Secretary for health affairs. One source who asked not to be identified said Mayer would release the statistics to a Senate subcommittee if asked fins source also disclosed that while no formal written report has yet been prepared the Pentagon is starting to receive preliminary results from the testing of Active duty personnel. While fewer than 200,000 Active duty personnel have been tested so far a less than to percent of the 2.1 million Active Force a this source said health officials were finding the same rate of roughly 1,5 cases per 1,000 screened that would mean More than 200 men and women on Active duty have tested positive. When added to the recruit totals that would bring to More than 700 the number of men or women found by the defense department to have been exposed to the aids virus. Under Pentagon guidelines recruits who test positive Are automatically denied entry to the services. Those already on Active duty Are allowed to remain in the service if medically Able but face continued medical screening and limits on their duty assignments. Snitvk4 in split sessions seen without Bond approval first in a series by Tony Carroll the Yuma daily Sun Dawn patrol the sub Bob Werley a sky West attendant moves Between two of the airline s planes sitting on the Armac Early one recent morning at Yuma International Airport. The airline is looking Forway to the arrival late in the summer of to new 30-passenger planes that will serve Yuma and others on the airline routes. New planes will replace these 19-passenger planes and have inflight service among other amenities. Without voter approval of a High school Bond Issue it May not he Long before the existing schools begin running double sessions. Voters will decide tuesday whether to authorize the _ Yuma Union High school District to sell $15. I million in general obligation Bonds to finance a third area High school. 5 Uma and Kofa High schools would continue As they Are now for probably three years before they have serious overcrowding problems said Yuma Union High school Board president or Robert Cannel after that there could be some difficulties. C Annell and Kofa High school principal Dan Farer cited the possibility of running double sessions. There Are schools that run morning and afternoon sessions essentially getting two school sessions out of each school Daw far a said Yuma High principal Jerry Clayton referred to double sessions As a last resort. Quot its hard to find anybody with anything Good to say about double sessions. Clayton said. But additional classroom space would have to be found if the Community did not build another High school he added. If voters approve Bond Issue the new facility could be open for the 1988-89 school year. A second referendum before the voters will ask for $3,545 million in bonding authority to build an auditorium for Kofa High and a musical arts addition to Yuma highs Snider Hall. The Public opposition to the new High school is rooted in the proposed location. The school Board plans to build the facility on property it owns on Avenue a about a half mile South of 16th Street. The site was selected because it is the fastest growing area of the District. About 500 students More than a third of those who would attend the school would live within walking distance. Some people however have expressed fears that the site would be unsuitable because of the soil composition and High groundwater see Bond rage 2 Here s what legislature did did t do this year threats were major motivator much work left for future years associated press Phoenix Arizona lawmakers accomplished a lot this year but much of it might not have happened without the threat of court sanctions and voter initiatives. The legislature voted major changes intended to improve air and water Quality and boost care for chronic mental patients. The prodding on those and other issues came from a variety of sources a i he water Quality plan was worked out after months of negotiations under the threat of a possible voter initiative to impose much More stringent rules. A lawmakers did not seriously consider beefing up the Auto emission testing program in Maricopa and Pima counties until the Federal government agreed in an out of court settlement to consider withholding up to $5u0 million in Federal Highway funds. A the 55 mph Speed limit was extended for three years under the argument that dropping the limit could lost Arizona up to $850 million in Federal Highway Money a a Pilot program to improve care for chronic mental patients was passed to comply with a 1985 Maricopa county Superior court ruling that said neither the state nor county is providing adequate care a republicans agreed to repeal a two year old tax on Auto sales Between private individuals effective get. 31, after rep Debbie Mccune. A Phoenix began pushing a ballot initiative. A however lawmakers wound up deciding to let a coalition of doctors and business owners push their own ballot see threats Page 2 associated press Phoenix Arizona lawmakers tried to stuff a Host of Messy issues Back into the closet before ending their 1986 session hoping no one would notice As they run for re election. But some of the issues a limits on artificial lakes and ownership of Stream bed property a could crop up again in a special session later this year. Tithers a liability limits and Campaign spending for example a Are Likely to Tumble out of the closet and onto election ballots this fall in the shape of propositions and Many of Tho remaining is it us a such things As subsidies for birth control and a Holiday to Honor slain civil rights Leader Rev. Martin Luther King a Are almost certain to be Back on the Agenda next january when a new legislature takes office. This years lawmakers did agree to a major ground water Quality plan a Pilot program to improve care for chronic mental patients and an improved Auto emission program in Maricopa and Pima counties. But even where they acted they often left part of the task for next year or spurred opponents to try to undo the work they agreed to expand the states indigent health program to cover tens of thousands of pregnant women and children Ages 5 or under but held off on a proposal to phase in coverage for older children Over the next two years. And while lawmakers grudgingly agreed to extend the states 55 mph Speed limit for three years rather than risk the loss of up see future Page 2 . Doctor More soviet victims will die associated press Gale Moscow an american doctor treating victims of the chernobyl disaster said today More soviets will die because they received lethal doses of radiation released by the nuclear Power Plant. Or. Robert p. Gale a Bone marrow expert told a packed news conference that soviet and foreign specialists have identified 35 people who suffered severe radiation exposure after the april 26 Accident at the ukrainian Plant. Despite around the clock efforts by doctors in a Moscow clinic. Gale said seven of those people exposed to radiation cases have died. He said More deaths Are expected. Soviet officials including communist party Leader Mikhail s. Gorbachev have said two other people were killed in the explosion and fire at the plants no 4 reactor the subsequent radiation released a Cloud of radiation that contaminated the area around the nuclear Plant and gradually spread around the world in a televised speech wednesday night Gorbachev announced the death toll from the Accident had reached nine and said the disaster had shown the Quot sinister Force nuclear Energy could pose he also extended a unilateral soviet moratorium on nuclear weapons tests until aug 6, the anniversary of the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima Japan by the United state it Gorbachev called on the United states to join the test ban and asked president Reagan to meet him for talk on the Issue in Washington White House spokesman Larry speak is reiterated the american position that a Reagan Gorbachev meeting a possible this year if or Gorbachev desires a but said it should Deal with a broader Range of issues. Of the Accident it self. Gorbachev assured the soviet people Quot the worst is Over he also accused the West of trying to score political Points Over the disaster in a Quot highly immoral Campaign a saying the soviets were faced with Quot a veritable Mountain of lies a dishonest and malicious lies a speaking today of the attempts to it ave those who absorbed Large doses of radiation. Gale said predictably our efforts have not been successful in All cases. But 28 of these 35 individuals Are alive a Gale of the University of California at los Angeles said 19 patients have received Bone marrow transplants heavy doses of radiation destroy Bone marrow hich can be fatal not All patients who were severely exposed to radiation have received Bone marrow transplants. Gale said in some cases he said transplants were considered unnecessary in others the patient suffered too much radiation damage to vital organs such As kidneys to make a transplant worthwhile. Mexicans distrust of state Federal police increasing Scripps Howard news service Juarez Mexico Eduardo Alonso returned Home tint Day and found that his gun was missing. So he called the state judicial police. When several officers arrived Alonso noted that the thief or thieves had stolen his pistol but Hadnot touched his ammunition. W till that the officers used my bullets to Load their guns and left a said Alonso who runs an Exchange House on Avenida Juarez Quot i never heard from them again a Alonso tells his anecdote jokingly to underscore the distrust Juarez residents have for the state and Federal judicial police that Dis Trust has intensified in recent Days he said because of the perception that the police were linked to Gilbert Ontiveros drug trafficking operation there was never enough Confidence a Alonso said Quot now there Isnit the arrest of Ontiveros last month after the reputed drug Kingpin was accused of kidnapping and beating an Elpaso. Texas photographer shed Light on the illicit wealth and Power held by narcotics traffickers the Juarez Public largely believes the state and Federal police assist these drug lords or at the very least ignore their illegal among state an focus Federal police is a Well known truth said Sergio America Lastra a top Juarez City administrator. City officials admit that the municipal police May take a bribe Here and there. But Mexico a state and Federal forces they say have been exposed for their role in drug trafficking. Last years hearings after the death of drug enforcement administration agent Enrique Camarena Salazar revealed that members of the Jalisco state police and Federal police Force were on the payroll of Rafael Caro Quintero a Well known narcotics trafficker who is now behind bars in Mexico City. And several former mexican lawmen were arrested in connection with Ontiveros including Carlos Manuel Zamacona debian sex commissioner of the now dissolved directorate of Federal Security in Juarez asked if they have Confidence in their Law enforcement agencies Many Juarez residents simply laugh. Quot if i want Security i lock the door and Don t come out a a said Refugio Cordova an elderly woman who lives on the West Side of Juarez. Most Juarez residents Gay drug traffickers Are discreet in their activities. But even if a person believes his neighbor is involved with illegal activities he is often reluctant to make a report to the police for fear of reprisal they say people no longer know just who they Are talking with a said Guill Ermna Valdes Villalva assistant director of Colegio de la Frontera a government funded research group much of the doubt and fear my he unfounded but City officials like America Lastra reinforce the notion of distrust. In order for Mexico to beat the drug problem it needs an honest police Force at the state and Federal level a he said Quot that will take nothing less than a total revamping of the system a Index Good evening business ag.6 crossword.11 entertainment.1q financial.6 obituaries.16 people.8,9 perspective.4,5 Public notices.24 science health.7 sports.18-25 tv.10 Yuma region.15,16 ujeothcr/97� details on Page 2

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