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Xenia Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1932, Page 5

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Xenia Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - July 15, 1932, Xenia, Ohio The evening Gazette Xenia Ohio Friday july 15. 1932 Page five no Hap Central grabs american league Lead defeats cadets to reach Pinnacle in circuit thursday Xenia township school Board rejects Xenia tuition rate plan Golf tourney 175-600 la medium and Choice it $3.60 to $4.60 Slaughter pigs 100-130 lbs. Good and Choice $4.25 to for country club now. Woo do we Ali 600 Laugher Leer. And yearlings flow weak to 25c lower Corn per cwt._.85c Dayton produce Oats by. 18c wholesale Selling prices fresh eggs Down 15d produce dressed turkeys lb.28a by a vote of 3 to 2 the Xenia the township Board was com twp. Board of education decided called to borrow $6,500 from the to a thursday night against acceptance state retirement fund a Gnu la Ter Caula an<1 a papers steer winnpr<5 Knipl to on of n recent offer of the vent cd to pay up out8? boils an dual Quot a country nub sundae the 900 jb8 and Choice j7.50# Vav Inners a Ruei to up of a recent offer of the Xenia City pay balance due the City Board clubs tournament committee an it 5#. jobs Good and Choice potent so Star pitch school Board of a new contract in tuition Money for Tho 1931-32 ounces. $7.6009.60 Noo-1300 lbs., Good a in tilt providing a rate of $9 45 a month school year teams will be chosen by design a and Choice $7.7509.60 1300-1600 111 aut for tuition payments for each of 140 this borrowed sum will be de Ted captains for the eighteen Hole. Lbs Good and Choice $7 7509 50�?T the to Atn a town Alp eligible ducted from the amount received Mara club event and entries should 600-1800 lbs. Common and medium the Amer an softball league to attend High school next fall. By the township schools from the be made with Collin primer i Tita heifers a pro tro la Bojil Quot fair no to a a a a a a of w the National. Ii. H. Murry and Harvey Fuller Aurum Tai Matt Oral. , at the club Otic. The Hood and Choice ��.s0�s.js conv have Boon atch Lair ass a a no Quot Toa?d7 of is an the us us a a Quot a our Quot it Quot it a Quot Quot a 9 Quot ton and medium 6.6b cow. Xenia produce fruits and vegetables quotations furnished daily by Abe Hyman a main St Green Beans Homegrown by. 50c Green teas bu.$2.25 new potatoes too la. 8a< $175 cantaloupes crate .,.,$2.75 273.00 Lemons per crate $6.00 onions Home grown bu.8oc cabbage Homegrown bu.50c retail selfing prices eggs per dozen 17� dressed hens 25o dressed turkeys la. 30c country butter lb23e Creamery butter20o 1932 Fries la. 30� prices paid at Plant leghorn hens lb.8� Young ducks la. So Chicago butter the big five a i l a. Nauru a pm i it Vuu f a a no menu ubi Iba settlement would Bass to know that not two but Ltd Trai High went on the War Drew Frank w it f and Cranston probably amount to 117.0 pro three species of these Bass May be path and ascended to the uppermost lot were the three Board members Viding tax delinquency is not great found in Greene county streams position by thrashing the S. And voting against it. One Board member indicated that such is the Case however a g q Home cadets. 15 to 6 thurs Cut it Hoard s proposition was a contract for tuition of the High cording to e. D. Stroup county i a reduction of 65 cents per month school children May not be entered game protector who reveals that a for each Pupil As compared with into until such a time next month new species known As spotted Bass a delegation composed of boys the old rate which has been in As the probate school funds Avail is becoming numerous. Sand girls from the state institution Force under existing contract for Able from taxation can be Ascer failure to recognize the third selected an Inopportune time Toff our retained. Fri 1u�?z species is not to be blamed upon. The t Norv the three Board members who the township Board still has baby Ruth made a Home run a a a a common and the fishermen when it is consid a a cast dissenting votes indicated available for consideration a Eoun-1 double and a single in three tries my him to Rolft ered that even fish authorities have the once Over. This group of their belief that acceptance of the Ter proposition of the yellow accounting for two runs. Sheet it receipt 8 000�?T Moat missed it coupled an entire Section of the proposed tuition rate might mean Springs Village school Board of i Gnu Gehrig went witless in four set a steady throw it is possible the fish authorities bleachers but had Little to cheer a curtailed school term for about Ferong a Low tuition rate of $50 for times up. A unevenly lower in in were so deeply engrossed in the pupils to be enrolled in fifteen a nine month school year or about Al Simmons singled in four times naming of More difficult types of her 0pcui a nothing. .v--------.---.rec. A k., of clock sunday morning and will Good and Choice $3 25 215.75 com in Progress throughout the Mon and medium $2 7504 Low remainder of the Day. Cutters and cutters $1.760 3 bulls yearlings excluded Good and Choice beef $3.600 a Cutter to medium $2.5003 50 Vee Jera milk fed Good and Choice $6.5006.50 medium $50$.60 cull and common $405. Stocker and feeder cattle steers 500 10.60 lbs. Good and. I m4 ,. Stances desirable natives $5 600 m a a a j a one room and three two room town $5 55 a month but transportation of at Bat accounting for two runs. A re it Hoire fish or it May be they made the about the Cadet team s performance gip Grade schools next term. Pupils would have to be considered. Hark Wilson went witless in Ken a absent around s3 la Dahos Ixl St amp be of faking the Black Bass that invoked vociferous applause group too much for granted. At Evn the return to the Mound of and rate it was completely Over the Youthful Bobble Jones the Ca looked for Many years. It team s Star Pitcher who had much discussion is said to have been on a vacation for the last two Arisen among fishermen and others weeks did not help matters any. Interested in regard to the use of rating Bobble s absence his team the name Kentucky Black Bass for 0f,t two straight games i Pon i the new form that now exists Over return the cadets extended their a wide area. Losing Streak to three straight the name Arnee from the state it could not be said that a cold Idle hour defeats Belmont in close hitting contest a walk to Hargrave and a double two walks an error and a single. In which the new tone was first de reception marked Bobbie return-1 Weaver with one out in the five hits were obtained by the scribed but Nowr the name appears far from it Central High saw to last half of the eighth round pro visitors off the delivery of har a suited. Recently the name Quot spot that a warm Welcome attended his deed the run that enabled the grave id e hour hurler who stoic four times up. Rill Terry singled in four tries. N. Y. Stock Market j closing quotations $6 00. Slaughter sheep and lambs lambs 90 lbs Down Good and Choice $6 5006.60 medium $4 60 5.60 ail weights common $3 of 4.50 ewes 90 180 lbs., medium to Choice $1 0002 26 Alt weights cull and common $.6001.7& Pittsburgh livestock Pittsburgh july 16 live Chicago. July 15. A butter receipts 13,113 tubs Creamery extra 18 he standards 18>4c. Extra firsts 1701 so firsts 15016c seconds 13014c. Cleveland produce Cleveland july 15.-butter extras 22 Vic standards 22\4o mkt. Firm eggs firsts 16c current receipt 14c mkt., firm live poultry heavy fowls 14015c med. Fowls 15016c heavy broilers 17021c leghorn fowls 12014c leghorn broilers 18016c ducks 10012c Young geese 708c cock. 8010c Market steady potatoes Idaho russet medium to Large $1.4001.45 per too la. Sack. Old roosters la. Coloured Fries 1b. Leghorn Fries la. Hens 5 lbs. Up hens 5 lbs. Down rabbits alive la. 6a -.14a a a. 10<3 Ion Ion a a a. A. A 5<j rabbits dressed lb12% wholesale butter by Miami Valley co opera tiv milk producers ass n butter Pound. -.204 Xenia produce live poultry and eggs eggs dozen eggs dozen �?1�1 leghorn hens. 9< old roosters la. ,4� leghorn springers a Oil it heavy springers .13<m unit Nipa no Nuy or new York a Ock Market quota hogs receipt i 1000 Market Tad Black Basso or a a booties Small Home coming though Jones prob i hour club soft boiled to de out eight batters. Exactly half of Lions received from w. E. Hutton mostly steady 160-220 lbs. $5,800 Mouth Black Basso has been pro ably flt his opponent overdid the halon the Belmont aces 4 to 3, in the total number of Idle hour hits and co. Mutual Home bldg., Day lbs >5 oo06.>6 pigs owned and a met with consider thing a bit. A exciting eight lining contest on was credited to second baseman ton at 2 p. In. Daily Able favor Central greeted Bobble with a i the Mulberry St. Diamond thurs Weaver who contributed a single tit Nam or miscellaneous Shower of fifteen Day night. Double and Home run. Box score i . A a a a cart run ten. A a a it for Tive of the fish and arouses no antagonism among the various states. Honed arc i the distinct Row not match the huge rallies Spon with Anderson on of evenly arranged spot below the sorted by Emra dark lateral band 2 the distinct a Nova la j it r to i i Al i i >14 i a Roll i a 1 la a t a i i i of a Lead that was never sur rend in the third stanza with the Ald of Naihe la. 2 spot at the base of the Caudal fined was obtained by Centra in and 3 the pronounced dark spot the fourth inning when Pitcher on the tip of the Gill Flap. All tend Luttrell clouded a Home run with to give this fish it decided spotted two runners on the paths this appearance proved an inspiration for a six run the. Spot b.f�. A ump to to the up urn Quot Quot Ute fifth lbs in. End in erne App Hatlon of rules the Cental grouped five int other Bleck Bee. Including Eire hit. With in error to score five end beg limit now Hee e definite n Orp piece in the hatchery pm ram of pm Bart limn. Addle e, Ohio end holds a Peel Lac position i had it he Central hitters the for among tame fishes of the Stets. R. A a ,. S an i a the fish is known to Here Large while Luttrell hot Homer number of Young which arc bet a. Quot to Lef Ter Able to sum Ive in their selected to Ltd and Chymij. A. Lac . It the apiece Catcher Schick led the Ca water than Are the of the. With , Hll a. My a 53,w Sopt aisle Stab Diko rational other species. Of which was a Homer with the Anderson its value As a game fish is con _ in. Steered treat and due to its True he Quot y in the second Vic. Club. Won. 9. 8 round. Costa Barbar the Lang Chevrolet and Coates so. Vallay. Barbers will meet in a National Tural form including its Quot streamlined Racines of build. It should be even More powerful for its size Ivy. ,.league contest Friday night than either of the other species. _ in regard to Speed reports Indi . Cate it May even surpass the Small r Mouth in this respect. Its flesh is Arm resembling that of the other two basses. Fishermen in Southern Ohio now 3 a 4 j 9 to Belmont aces a r h to a g. Brown c. 4 0 i 14 0 j. Brown of. 2 0 i 0 0 Horning of ,3 0 0 i 0 Barney or. 3 0 i i i Jim 2b3 0 0 i i puts. 3h3 0 i 0 4 grub la.2 i 0 3 0 pea a p3 i i i 0 Hull of. I 0 a 0 0 Cave of. 3 i 0 1 0 total. .29 3 5 22 6 on out when winning in acor Idle hour a r Hipo a wearer 2b4 i 3 3 0 Johnson of 3 0 0 i 0 Anderson or. 8 i 0 i 3 so errant la. 2 it 0 6 9 Corr Sny of 8 0 i 0 a Bari bin. C2 i i to i Williamson so 3 it 0 0 i Buford. Of. 3 ii i i 0 Doak of 2 0 0 i 0 Margrave p3 i 0 i 2 a Porter. I 0 0 0 0 0 american can. It am. Rolling Musit Amor. Smelting 0 Anaconda Copper it Atlantic ref. It a t amp t 1 Bethlehem steel0 0 c. Amp R a. 0 col. A and e. A cons. Of. I Continental can .883 in .090 hits the top american team won. Lost pct Central High. A a 4. Home cadets. 6 4 Illona. A company l. 3 7 i Kath a i. Mca Cuk i general motors. 0 Gillette. 3 b Grigsby Grunow 0 Hudson motors. I Kel Elnator. I a Kroger. A Packard. A Para up Hixi. 0 Penn. R. R. B Proctor a Gamble 0 radio corp. A a a sear Roebuck. A sorrel inc. \ Socony vacuum Standard n. J. Either of the other two species. If All report concerning the spotted Bass prowess As a fighter Are valid a recent bulletin of the state conservation commission suggests that or. James a. Hen shall a famous statement about Black Bass being Quot Inch for Inch. Pound for Pound the games Ash that swims a might he modified into the following Quot Inch for Inch Pound for Pound the games Bass that defending Champ in tourney finals Moraine Park country club. Dayton of. July 15 a Mary a Browne stood ready to defend her Ohio women a Golf title today. Pitted against her in the thirty Aix Hole final round was mrs. Larry Nelson one of the state s Premier feminine golfers. It was two base hits Shriner r Jones mrs Nelsons first Chance at the Blair. Three base hot i it Amar 2. Title however. By it. Home run be. Luttrell by eliminating mrs. Curtis Sohl. Rebuck. Stolen bases Latimer Columbus twice a state Champion 2. Double plays Confer to lain a Semi final match yesterday a Creamer to Confer to i mar mrs Nelson gained the titular Heaton to Trumphour. Left on round with the Hope of wresting Bas Ltd a cadets 7 Central 3 away from miss Browne the title struck out by Al Luttrell 3 by she won at Westwood country Jones 2. Wild Pitcher Jones. Club Claveland last year. Miss passed balls Chuck. Umpire a Browne eliminated a fellow Cleve Ujj Joey. Tate and Towles. Lander. Edith beg in her Semi final match after a hard fought struggle which the defending Champion won on the Home Hole. / Home cadets. A r. H. To. A. E. Shriner or i i 2 0 3 i m. Jon of _ 4 i i i i 0 Trumphour la _ 4 i i a i i Schuck. C 4 2 3 5 0 2 r. Jon a 4 0 i 5 i o Blair. 3b______ _ 4 0 i a i i Rhoades 2b___ 4 i 0 i 0 i Dye. Of. 4 0 i 0 0 0 Wolff 4 0 i i 0 0 Heaton of 4 0 0 3 i o totals -40 6 la 24 8 6 Central High. A r. H. To a. E. Adair of 4 3 i i 0 0 Dalton of. 5 i i 0 0 0 a timer of _ 4 3 2 0 i i , la. 4 a it 3 13 0 i e. Luttrell p 4 2 3 o 2 0 Confer 2b_____ 4 o 0 5 4 i creamers 4 i i 3 2 3 h Luttrell 3b _ _ 4 i 2 i 2 0 Hyman of3 i 2 0 0 0 Thompson a _ 4 i 0 4 0 0 t. Huston of _ i % 0 0 0 0 Foley of. I 7 0 0 0 0 we a a wow now a total a .42 15 15 27 la 6 score by inning Home Cadet Olio i i n 2 v 6 Central High 0 i 0 3 6 0 5 0 a a 15 fort Wayna Erie. Canton totals St 4 a 24 9 a tatted for Doak in eighth. Score by innings ass Belmont �63 Ltd gift bb�?8 bad Haber. Too Idle hour i by 2bft oi�?4 United aircraft Ltd a two base hit Weaver Home v a Tine Weaver. Per Ihben stolen Warner Bro. Based scribe in. on bases Woolworth. Belmont 4 Idle hour. 4. Of truth a won la it pct. Nuts by Pease 12 by Hargrave. I. Eft a a Onufre a a a base on balls off Pease 3 off it no Hargrave 2 Umpire a Scott and thurs to Day Day s Hose close 38% 34% 4% 44 84 84 4 4 114 124 73% 74% 9% 94 10% 11% 6% 6% 6% 64 54 64 214 214 4% 6 22 22 84 9 15 164 4 4 64 i 5% 8 4 34 124 124 14 14 14 14 74 84 234 234 4 4 124 13 14 14 7% 84 264 264 34 34 94 9% 23 4 23% 4 4 26 26% $4.7606.00 packing sow $3-000 3 76. Cattle race let 26 Market in my cows $3.000 4.25 i calve receipts too Market sheep receipts 800 Market steady Good to Choice 64k-76 in Xenia livestock heavies. $ 4.200 4 46 mediums. 4.460 4 60 Light lights and pigs 3.960 4 3b Hough. 2.600 2.76 Dayton llve61 Ock hogs receipts 2 cars mkt., steady. Mediums 180 230 lbs $ 4.900 Soo medium. 230 25b lbs., 4 85 4 90 4.60 4.60 Down 3 000 3.50 2 min it333 la Gina. .200 \ rat re fast a Haulta Youngstown it Erie 9. Canton 7. Fort Wayne 12. Only a Mea scheduled. Amra today. It. Wayne at Dayton two night am a it re uth Bend at Youngstown. Canton at Erie .1 a i i aia Al i Kalcic employees of shoe Plant inaugurate Horseshoe courts markets live Stock lights 160-180 lbs. Lights 126 160 lbs. Pigs 126 lbs. Down sows. Hugs. I of Down cattle receipts Light mkt steady. Veal calves ext. Top $ 6.00 mad. Vest calves. Best Butcher steers. Med Butcher steer. Rest fat Heifer. Medium Heifer a a a beet fat cows. 6 Oft Down 6 000 6 00 4 000 too 4 000 too 9 000 4 06 $000 s so 2 25 0 so 2.600 8 60 Pittsburgh Chicago Pella Delphi won. Loat pct 4 a 33 ,677 41 is .660 44 39 .630 40 40 .660 42 44 .461 it a 43 .476 amp 42 .466 39 by .433 Chicago livestock Chicago ilium co. Hogs receipts 17,000 including. 9,000 direct mostly Ifor higher biogas cows a a. 1.000 106 packing sows steady to 10c up a a. 180 to 240 la top $5 20 250 300 sheep lbs. $4 80 to $5 05 310 360 la j $4 50 to $4 5140 170 la. $4.76 sheep i 000 1.60 to $5.16 pigs $4 36 to $4 50 Par Spring lambs top. 6.00 Long sows $3 60 to $4 4ft, ugh j Pate Day a Raa Alta. Pittsburgh a Boston i Philadelphia la. Cincinnati a Chicago 4, Brooklyn i new York 4, St. Loo la 3. A ame Lader. Philadelphia at Cincinnati new York at St Lolita. Boston at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Chicago. Factory opens thursday on lighted grounds lights 140-160 lbs Good and Choice match play in a newly organized Mislo $5 10 Light 200 lbs Good and Choice $5 to Horseshoe pitching league Spon 20. A a Khz 200 260 la sorted by a group of Krippendorf and rho a of to $5 20 heavy Dittmann shoe co. Employee with weights 250 350 lbs Good and lighted court fitted up in a vacant choir $4 60 to $5 to parking sows wheat by lot on Xenia ave was initiated Grain Market quotations a calved from Xenia far Mara Exchange co., w. Main St., Dally .36� a it Kich a n Leavil e won. Loat. Pct new York. Is 2? .<76 Cleveland. 4$ is 671 Philadelphia. 49 37 .670 Detroit. 44 As .120 Washington. 46 31 .641 St. Louin 19 42 .481 Chicago. 39 62 iss Boston. 12 .226 Reitz will again Start races Here charge clerk Given bribe yes to rear a fee belts. Washington 6. St. Louie 4 12 in hinge 1. Chicago i la inning Philadelphia la. Detroit 2, Cleveland la new York 2 today by. In it Ula at we a Hington. Let Etrole at Philadelphia Claveland at new York. Chicago at Boston. A w or it a v association Minneapolis Detroit Mich. July 15-�?aer Indianapolis ton that a clerk in the office of i governor George White of Ohio Columbus l. G. Reitz Eaton o., starter of had been paid $30,000 to Pas Tol Ink harness Yaciw. Has been engaged through an opinion refuting the sex for the third consecutive year to tradition of Jimmy Ltd Aioli gang give the word during the three Ster from Toledo to Detroit was it a a Day a re a Siim Day Short ship circuit meeting made in recorder court today by that will be a feature of the ninety third annual Greene county fair Tutor. August 2-5. According to an an appearing at the arraignment of noun meant by j Robert Bryson Scavoli who was hustled Mer the Duncan Mccrea assistant prose los no jul 4 to Jolo fair Board Secretary Michigan state line and then a whether the Barrier system of for or Trout authorities on starting will prevail a. Not been of murder Mccrut a j1 a need statement decided the device was Given a. C. Trial at the 1931 fair Here and then discontinued before the meeting presumably Bich was Over Lewis chosen Columbus. July 15.�?charles h Lewis Harpster former lieutenant governor was chosen Republican stats Campaign manager by Quot i have information he said Quot that this Star Mot Cost $80,000 i also understand that the governor never saw th1 Star ement but that it was arranged by a clerk in the governors office. This clerk Baa since been dismissed a thursday evening. Four teams compose the league. They Are known As foot rest. Flex Welt flex mod and Arr of pedlar the same monikers provided for re the four teams composing the Bow in ing league sponsored by company employee last season foot rest won two straight 441 games from flex Welt in the inaugural match thursday night flex Mode and Archo medic will met in another league match Friday evening league matches will be staged thursday and Friday night Earb week in the opening match thursday night foot rest won the first game 102 to 67, and the second contest 91 to 64, cultic and Manor foot res Defeated Binsted and Malmeister we in flex welt50 to 19 on the first j a a a a we i a a a Quot if a is # m by yeahs ssi court Clark and Montgomery j 646 foot rest beat Bertram and to Ach flex welt52 to 4�, on the sos second court in the second game Bertram and join Siedt Defeated cultic and Montgomery 52, to 41, but Lark and Manor beat Tearh and Milwaukee 4, India Apoua i to Meater 60 to 12, giving foot rest a clean sweep Joe Bertram member of the losing team had the High a it it Tny Al fit the evening with eighty three. Points including Twenty ave single ringer and six double ringers. Outline of foot re to scored sixty a five Points and had fifteen single and three double ringer sixty two single ringers and eleven double were tossed during the evening. Other individual Point totals follow foot rest hark 55 Mont a Gomery. 40 e Manor. 33 flex Model Binsted. 24 Malmeister notice Barb a. Candy stores Cigar stores notion stores and other retailers a carry a full in of the item Liat a below at Cash and carry prices. Our store room to your store room. Buy a you need it 63 14 .<09 is 40 66< it 40 .636 46 44 Jot 4� 64 i 4< 47 4�s is 49 .429 to 66 .363 Minneapolis 4. Columbus 4 Louisville is Kansas City i salted peanuts bar Candy Penny Candy mints chewing gum Candy draws venny sucker cough drops blow gum bail gum cigars stogies tobacco All Kinda snuff matches malt syrup bottle Caps razor Blades soda straws ice Cream Cones playing cards handkerchiefs aspirin tablets malted milk paper bags paper Platea ice Cream pall various other items you May sad in your store. Lets me to Naif Louisville at by. Paul Columbus at ran say City Toledo St Milwaukee Indaria plies at Minneapolis. Royal giants to oppose merchants the Ruth not lobby Kingfish the Royal giants one of Day it to. Tony Foremost coloured nine has been booked by manager Jess Chambliss to furnish the oppose boots peeved Over Kilts Tion for his Xenia merchant in Albany. N. A a babe Ruth the scheduled sunday afternoon Inverness. A Kos and a eighth Republican state Central com May be a Kingfish on the base baseball contest on the washing land Scott Are incensed at the Muttee her today he emerge d As Ball Diamond but in a hotel lobby ton Park Diamond. Jay Burnett grow my tendency of londoner a Compromise candidate after a he s just a shy transient Clad in will probably Raceil the pitching and Lowland Folk to Wear the Kilt Stormy session of in hour and a a modest business suit. The Baba assignment for the merchants and they claim that the a a usurpers Hail was Reeves and fidgety. a called at of clock. J have do right to the costume. Cash amp carry store formerly located at 15 s. Whiteman St is now located in basement at 49 East main St. At l. E. John amp co. Cigar store a Secreta Gillette has just developed a secret method for automatically tempering its steel to the uniform degree of hardness required for perfect shaving edges. Prove for yourself the Many exclusive advantages of the Gillette Blue super Blade. National iced Coffee week 8 of clock Coffee 4 69c Bolcar Coffee 2 49c Sandfield flour family or pantry Quot Jet 47c Chili sauce Pink Salmon Tea Orang. Peke 25c a 10c 25c balk Macaroni or Spaghetti Del Monte croaked pineapple a a. 5c 2 25c iwsr�?Ts Rice Kri is pics Brick Galatia. Of West Quaker maid cheese spa ride Catsup Fig bars palmolive soap Ivory soap 2 put. 19c 15c aka 5c 3 Small bottles Bolk 19c 2 19c 25c a a a do fresh fruits and vegetables cantaloupes oranges cabbage tomatoes yellow onions r a i. Val. A i is in head r�4 rip. 2 or 17c a a 19c 10c 5c 10c Balb. Quality meats Chuck roast la. Wac hamberger�?3 lb.25c boiling beef�?lb6�/2c Devil ham�?lb20c pork steaks�?2 iba.27c baked Ham sliced lh.25c �1 9ic fancy Bacon pieces la. What Atlantic Pacific x

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