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Xenia Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1932, Page 4

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Xenia Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - July 15, 1932, Xenia, Ohio The Gazette is published morning and evening except sunday at the Gazette building. South Detroit Street Xenia. Ohio by the Chew pub. Hafting company inc. Entered As accent class matter under act of1 March 9,1879, at the Post office Xenia Ohio. Telephones advertising and business office. Ill new York James Aswell a new York. A in conversation editorial department. 70 with a Young Man of High school circulation department. 800 age the other Day i inquired what. I the current craze was in his set. Members of Ohio select list daily newspapers John w. Cullen co. He he did t know of any. The follies of 1932 experiments show effect of diet j a by Logan Clendening my a a National advertising representatives Chicago office no. 8 8, Michigan ave. New York office 501 fifth ave., new York City Detroit office general motors bldg. Subscription rates i to. 3 to. 6 to. I or. By Carrier in Xenia 18c per week single copy three cents in Greene county. $ .85 $1.65 $3.00 zones i and 2 1.15 2,15 4.00 zones 3, 4 and 5 1.30 2.40 4.50 zones 6 and 71.45 2,85 5.00 zone 8 .60 1.60 290 5.59 surely there was something which was setting the youngsters afire. I could not remember a time during my own non age when some vast enthusiasm Wasny to gripping us. Usually it was something shocking to the so called grown ups. If it was t rolled stockings it was Cheek to Cheek dancing and if it was t an impudent and rather meaningless Slang phrase it was a Book which had thrilled the literati i and brought out the militia. There was perpetually a gesture a swagger a sensation in the air. Frock Coats frock Coats and a Prince albertan have disappeared from the wardrobe of the modern american Man. But the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will not permit changing fashions to impair the outward seeming of dignity in her statesmen. The Art commission on the ground that his appearance is not sufficiently statesmanlike has refused to consider for hanging in the state House a portrait of former gov. Frank Gallen depicted with Ilia hands in the pockets of a i business suit. The hands in the pockets connotes the jingling of a few Loose coins a habit once not uncommon to the american business Man in the Days j Lull it my find the generations directly behind me Une broiled in any insane but contagious fad. Even their dress. I discover is strictly co Scive Ive. My informant Muhmmed something about a the English drape As the neat development in male Haberdashery. But that is pretty Pale in a contrast to Bell Bottom trousers and Rouge Knees. The truth is that this apathy in t when there were coins in pockets to be jingled. In contrast the Regula or honk have nothing More a a pc to Jar i lion attitude of the statesman always been he modified Napoleonic to offer than contract Bridge and with ii forearm crooked behind the he and the fingers of the right even that in t la hot ?a�?~o.\ it j hand caught repose Ful Between the buttons of the coat. In Bronze Aav As a inn the Culbertson tilt. I Well a in Oil upon Canvas this posture has Long since been familiar. But nowadays a statesman might very Well be a Good business Man toe and As such entitled to the look of the practising economist with rom in his pockets. Or is the Art commission afraid that someone gazing upon the Allen portrait May be reminded of Mark Twain s observation that it looked funny to see s politician with his hands in his Owr pockets effect of sound dabblers with the effect of sound and color upon human emotions should be interested in the Experiment by a certain cafe in Paris that deliberately and literally uses its orchestra to play upon the appetite it its customers apparently thera is no need to resort to jazz since wagnerian opera never fails to Rouse the clients to buy drink after drink. When something More choose is desired the musicians play Mozart which la said to promote orders for Champagne. Strangely in ugh the Strauss Waltzes do nothing at All to stimulate taste and amt. Americans on their Home grounds whether As cafe managers or patrons know Little of that sort of thin. Restaurant orchestras merely play during luncheon and dinner hours offering popular tunes and a tour through Querns the other night failed to discover a single j miniature Golf com be doing business and it was Only a Sharp Lookout that discovered any at All. This period of Universal decorum is pretty hard on columnists wont a few readers Here and there dust off their Mah Jong set and Start things humming again in few Fields of practical science today is there More activity than in dietetics and nutrition. All Over the world laboratories and hospitals Are Busy experimenting with the effects of new diets on the human system. Examples Are found in several recent researches in Zomo therapy. Zomo therapy is the use of raw meat and meat juices. In Many conditions it is desirable to cause the blood to clot More rapidly. Attempting to act complis this by diet alone two investigators have reported that unquestionably a High protein diet increases the blood clotting function. This is admittedly transient and there is a rapid return to Normal but the effect is nevertheless quite definite. For referee Logan Clendening m. Amp would appear sensible to try to observe the effect of such diets in a routine pre operative surgical procedure. Reports on such observations will be eagerly awaited. Along the same lines the work of several German investigator on the use of an acid Ash diet in increasing the White blood cells if suggestive. Wounds in individuals on such a diet dried up faster and had a better circulation in a Shorter time. Germs universally present in wounds disappeared More rapidly. Parallel with this an opposite sort of diet made up of alkaline Ash foods resulted in wounds which were moist and smear for a Long time and in which the usual wound germs could be demonstrated to be pres i ent Long after the Normal time family Ever since that pair of love Birds were in onside a Eno am toll on me in Paris one the survivor of the couple for a week keeled Over within ten minute of my departure for the Gare by. Lazare injecting so much drama into the morning that i almost missed the boat train a i have a secret yearning for another Brace of them. A Day or two ago i went into a a. Pet store and bought myself a new. Pair. But the Tim. I acquire hat Washington. A Hilt no on ramble Parakat far More than 61,1 any of author or the mild innocent mites i bought Van a convention itself can in front of the cafe de la paix. They bind the a ext convention it Eer nce gee american journal of to to Quot a it eases of children. Vol. 4t.iot.thalr data Patranc. Had passed. A in toe infer latino Leonarf a Chii Otic fat icel amp to t121 w a Hift a pm in Hilt new audience of nutrition must in i taints., studied by the surgeon As More rapid Healing of the body Cella which a ii of apart ments of Medicine. Create scar tissue grow More rapidly when a High protein diet is Given. This was demonstrated by. Editors note six pamphlets by 1 making a Small incision in the or. Clendenin can now be obtained stomach Wall the strength of by sending to cents in Coin for the line of Healing was tested by each and a self addressed stamped inflation in which Way the pres envelope to or. Logan Clendenin i sure at which the wound broken in care of this paper or Central could be accurately measured.1 press association 1435 East twelfth i during the first four Days no in j Street Cleveland The pamphlets fluence from observed but the diet could from the fifth be Are a indigestion and constipation Quot to Quot reducing and gaining a a infant the tenth Day there was a de feeding a Quot instructions for the cited increase in the strength of a treatment of diabetes a a feminine the wound Over the Normal. Hygiene Quot and a the care of the it is often disappointing to at hair and a 3-cent stamp la tempt to translate such experimental work into practice but it required on your stamped envelope. Self addressed have Date with girl of mrs. Virginia Lee How can a Young Man find out a girl s views on any Given subject unless he has a Date or two with you never will be called upon to solve the problem for unless this Young woman has a secret passion 1 her and a talk and How can he for you and is wiling to wait until i protect himself from her charms you Are in a position to marry she so that he won t Loee his heart ii1 will be wedded Long before you Are two thirds Rule of democrats doomed at future conventions in opinion of parliamentarian he has said Date these Are puzzling questions but ready to declare yourself. Your attitude on religion is Type Erl Demi cd Wales indiscriminately. Those whee tables Are nearest the i a j Bright Green and posses hours Talney is my says con music Are inclined to complain bitterly when the noise interferes with table conversation. This while other people Are free to Alt quietly sip ring. And study the while the delicate nuance in music s Sweet charms As related to the consumption of Vintage wines. Even strident voices to the japanese proprietor of the Gressman Clarence Cannon of Missouri a that the democratic party never will choose its presidential store i expressed some trepidation Crandl Delte again under the Tunas to the probable survival of my third Rule Quot Birds i reminded him that when one love Birds and he was Adamant peace through preparedness by Charles Burton Robbins former assistant Secretary of War. As a parliamentary expert of. World standing to missourian in insisting the were in e Birds Speaks with professional interest of dim the Ether Implom murky out the rearm in .u�n.nr, with of Ariel. He didst believe id have wit Frh a iwo in enl minority a. Any trouble and so i carted map re Brj re a or every faction of charges Home worrying already Over the the Mournful Mien either would democratic forces National set by the solidly and almost in. State convention and Tomee to the thing i a. Not b variably dependable democratic National convention under definite they Are what a Young Man wants i Cal of the average College Toto know. The girl in question is however it May change As you Beautiful virtuous extremely popu-1 Stow older. Jar but he in t sure she is Broad-1 a a. Minded and that a the principal Sarah t. C t j. For he is afraid they could stamped self addressed envelope be is Ai Ala j and r t not be Happy married unless she is View in Reli your question and i will Send you group of commonwealths upon w a the National r on von Tsor Anri she belongs to an Ortho a pamphlet to help you inv or complexion troubles in the meantime. Wash your face thoroughly unquestionably a amounted in a a. Measure to a veto Power does not Lon a no authority to alter or Dox Church. Seem no entirely dog in the Man i modify them whatever they May Anonymous i cant think of Quot Jjo Day with Veen Quot soap Quot Eil it dec of. A single Way in which you can land a that of Quot if delegates Are selected in party out girls views without d that Eumma. _. \ her. It would not be Safe even tot Baa forced Compromise and j Patna re. They Are regarded a re a he word or Busl need lion Are right. Left Sor Nesses which were not to i Spon sible solely to their respective on Ber attitude on such serious democracy s advantage and finally i groups of constituents. They May questions. And. Of course there is a crash a for All that it has had its dangers a it it a been demonstrated that sit-1 Eyen be instructed but if they see no Way of vaccinating you against whether they Are together we which or a a co Bluit ies of the the violate their instructions the fitting in love with her if we ave so says Thev Are. Personally which there Arp Bill cities of the the Date. You la have to risk it. Uhl a what Abe do parted mate. Will Slaughter one another perhaps the japanese was right perhaps these Are love Birds Manhattan style. Words of Wisdom tile Way to heaven out of All places is of like length and distance. A sir Thomas More. You love nothing when you love in ingrate plautus. And godlike As . A a the question Box Tirril pro r a a. It is a Well known fact familiar to Moat student of history that unpreparedness in the United states has been one of the main contributing causes to All of our foreign wars and this in spite of the warning first issued by George Washington in those memorable words Quot my friends in time of peace prepare for War Quot and reiterated by him in nary of his messages to Congress and Public addresses. National leaders following Washington s administration refused to believe in any form of preparedness and the War of 1812 resulted. At he opening of that War the regular army had been reduced to Leas inn 7 000 Errn and the Navy to Only eight ships four of them fort court and a Fleet of gunboats which had been built for River Ani Raybor Protection which it was discovered at the outbreak of the War could not put to sea. And yet with the army and Navy in this condition a declared War on one of the might St nations in the world certainly the strongest in sea Power. It was fortunate for the United states that the resources of great Britain including both her army and Navy were being used in the great Napoleonic struggle then going on in Europe. She could ill afford to erd ships of War or trained soldiers to far off America yet so no was the conviction in the european mind that America could not a Quot a a vied into r fight Quot that Ryhn rents against our ships and impress Rrth a of our sailors had gone on for almost undisturbed. A almost identical situation presents itself so far As regards the War with Mexico. Sants Anna had a powerful and xxx Cli equipped army and Felt he could Jock with disdain on the despised yank who a rot sufficiently interested in to War of his country to provide an effectual Force for National defense the War would have been Over in six months had the United states possessed an army and Navy which her size Ard resources would Well have permitted at that time we won that War with untrained troop.-. But at a tremendous loss of life made necessary by throwing them into the Battle line without sufficient preparation a go vol Many of us remember the outbreak of the Spanish War. At that Tim the United states possessed a regular army of Only 2a ski men deemed insignificant by the government of spam. Anyone who will read the Spanish journals and periodicals of that Tim Wyll see that the Ideo was firmly fixed in the minds of the spaniards that the people of the United states who were unwilling to provide adequate Force for National defense could not or seriously considered As Success fifty opposing the Marc find Well trained army of spam. And it was this ides. Firmly fixed in the minds of the Spanish people that caused them to continue with their policy of re concentration Camps and atrocities in cubs. Regardless of protests from the United states a situation which eventually resulted in Tho Spanish War. There would have been no War had we possessed an adequate army j and Navy. The same situation confronted the nation at the outbreak of the world War. Had the United states possessed an army and Navy comme Suat with our population wealth and resources. Germany would never have resorted to unrestricted submarine warfare and the agony of the world War would have Bren spared us. It would therefore seem to a straight thinking mind that there should be no argument on the expenditure of a part of the National income on what might Well be termed a National insurance Quot if by doing so we can in the future avoid becoming involved in those melancholy and bloody which Lime and again have caused the civilization territorial governor to totter. The horror and hideousness of War Are infinitely better known Erving in 1821-1822. Of a tidier who has been in the actual conflict than could possibly be Krown to anyone who has not experienced it. And through personal j experience As Well As study and thought his belief As to the necessity j of in adequate National defense should control the policy of the nation instead of suggestions made either by dreamers or by men and women who arc actively interested in the disintegration of our National government. Assam is it Dindri away for a of i Quot und ird by or for a Kcf the a tick in cd their own Protection urn As it pined Ava for a de and v a Juren Eft gone a the auth veto Power s employment against National convention must record the very states which have so Long their votes As cast insisted pm it for what they deem-1 it a or of the encyclopedia s treatise and no sooner had i unwrapped theim by books on the subject besides Mac than the miniature in Para-1 being parliamentarian of Tho House Hies had fallen upon each other a of representatives of the Jefferson throats in a Battle which a lasted ians recent gathering in Chicago on and off Ever Aine. Now i am and of several similar assemblage afraid to leave them for fear they i in the More Distant past. A the popular notion that such a standing Rule has existed is of course erroneous a added the congressman. A since each convention makes its own a however a he admitted a it a been a hard and fast custom which it obviously was perilous for any candidate to attack for the simple reason that he was sure to meet the rejoinder that it Aas necessary for 1 him to do so to win at ally a con there is no virtue so truly great delusion he naturally did not care to have drawn if he could help it. A nevertheless it dearly has been out of line with democratic professions of respect for a1 Iii will of the majority a it is True that it has had an element of defensibility from the standpoint of states which though always safely democratic on Flection Dav a Cre conscious of the Superior voting strength in convert answers to questions on Informa-1 Hon of other a Evily represented a a situation of prolonged unpleasantness having been avoided at the Chicago convention greatly to the credit of All concerned it now appear to be practically assured Quot said the missourian Quot that tbs Century old two thirds Prece household hints a a by mrs. Mary Morton menu hint very much in love i Don t know How you can find out Hen i Thirk she Only says wha so does however Yew might find if you she sees it bothers you. Had a Date with her that she i not at ail the Type of girl you think. Yvette Why cry about the and decide that after All Shein t j boy you love my Der when be the one for you. Says he loves you that should it would be hard for a girl with you Happy. What if you Ean her Faith to marry a Man whose it not him lovers Hare been views Are so diametrically opposed separated before now and even to hers and you Are Wise to try to j tidally reunited. So cheer up and discover matter. How she feels on such try to grow into a Fine Young woman that any Man will be proud to Dent will be thrown overboard four veal Birds boiled new potatoes however if you ire going Sway love. Gain in education and the to be gone for some time and Are k ears will pass quickly and you win not now in a position to ask her soon be old enough to have boy years hence. A the desirability of jettisoning it we a commended to the 1938 conventions consideration a a Mere stuff est Ion being As much As the creamed Green peas Tomato Gelatin salad Orange Raisin cake iced Tea casserole dishes dishes Are Nice for i not now in a position even to wait for you i am afraid friends. Lion and fact can be obtained by writing to Central press Bursau 1435 East twelfth Street Cleveland o., and enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope no answers will be Given to marital medical or Legal questions nor will the estimated value of old coins be Given states which hitherto Seldom or never have gone democratic in november Quot a due weight being Given to the logic of this position pointed out the Veteran parliamentarian. He value Orange Raisin cake one cup % Mann of the other Day. A sugar one half cup butter and lard Friend and i were idly attesting mixed two eggs sour milk. To estimate the Ages of the Var 1932 gathering was Able to bequeath summer cooking. These veal Birds. A j May easily be cooked in casserole a the states which heretofore have defended it most vigorously and carried on the picnic supper. Perhaps have lost some of their in thus Sam for it. A and Quot a the congressman smiled an expansive in socratic smile Quot the next convention undoubtedly will be engaged in the age ble but uncontroversial task of re nominating the present jeffersonian ticket for the 1937-41 period. As this proceeding will be unanimous neither the two thirds nor any other fractional Issue will be involved. It will be an Ideal juncture to a to Blush a simple majority As a nominating basis tor the lines live a Way ones age y ii. % Dys glad you should to is. Weigh about ill one cup retains one half Orange Large two cups flour one Teaspoon soda one Teaspoon baking powder one fourth Teaspoon Salt nuts if desired. Cream fat and add sugar and j beaten eggs. Put raisins and Orange figure is indeed possible to hips and thighs and to us women who Cam Down the gabs it aisle on woman because of her Chic garb interested us develop the bust at the same tune. Lily. Pm proper instructions Are too Quot Shes 20�?� my companion has Long Prmt Here but they Are of Orange Peel. Mix together flour soda baking powder and Salt alternately dry ingredients and sour and the unit Rule milk to egg and sugar mixture. Add a that Quot replied the parliamentary ground raisins Orange Peel and or expert a la a matter for the states Ange juice. Bake at 350 degrees. Use to decide for themselves in Accord j Carmei icing. Contained in full in my ure Quot Booklet. Thighs Blondie your thighs new Fig probably added at first glance Quot thirty Quot i disagreed As she a through the food chopper using all1 pro acne a nearer us. A forty a was our simultaneous a Law surf Quot , t. Und a Dert loped Moue thought her 40. Too of you a had so close a View of her. For while she had a slim Youthful figure j and a Youthful face her neck was a dead give away. It had hollows and wrinkles and that Kopiness that always seems so aging. Any woman who wants to Anet with their various Laws or j state wide party methods of choosing their delegates. _ a if a delegation is picked by a the most important and trouble Young joking should alway in facts and fancies causes of food spoilage leg exercises vigorously every Day. Also Massage your thighs nightly with warmed Cocoa butter. Editor s note while it is impossible for miss glad to answer Beauty questions by mall. She will be Happy to Send you her pamphlets on grab rag was Andrew Jackson governor Ever Quot the new figure and Quot Beauty All of us of Marshall Maslin How Many presidents have had their pictures on postage Stamps which president had the most children correctly speaking contemplate should not be combined with a preposition. Say Quot he contemplated a trip to not Quot he contemplated on a trip to suits. They attacked hissed. I shouted at today anniversary on account of some geese 1 11 not make s speech done to blame me you wish me to go somewhere my clean White trousers. A a ran and slipped and fell and make a speech1 i let no thank you. Your very kind. It a drive but id rather not. Pier a done to insist you Don t know wha you re getting into. It would speech. Yogt a Don t know How bad. Ilu would be no thank you very bad t0 my Little backside in a water. Some causes of food spoilage a respect her neck frequently. And culture if you will write her care bacteria yeasts and holds Micro it he detects any hollow or wrinkles a a a Copic forms of life which exist Al any or crepier., she self addressed envelope and ten most everywhere and develop rapid should begin to treat it at once j cents m com or Pach t0 co8t by under certain condition. Careful the proper treatment is really of re atm and handling. For her washing of All fruits and vegetables quite simple. Before retiring each Aru Cluj care of the Hanft and that Are to be eaten raw is one pre neck should be and care of the feet Sud caution against these organisms. Oughty with tepid water two cells in Coin for each. A Ai and Cooling will destroy them As a us a by incl then a Gen Hwy kept Cornin and a a a a a Rul Low temperature Between �0 from a mount of mimed Coco. A a a 80 a land �0 decree. . In a a Butler or a Cream 1 or cold Cream should be me. Them o of Oji Uvegi a Hiu Vin puddle of Var it tilted Container will retard nails legs Quot a and a self addressed stamped envelope Are required. Personal ques-11.�?o�?oy Lions on Beauty will be answered their development and will Check the ripening of cherries to i was late i could t go Home. I my toes. Peaches and other fruits. A Quot a a a a massaged into the skin. A 8150 j of this should be permitted to re main on Over night. And after it is removed the following morning should be be a terrible to school and recite mail Tufe and All the 14 vegetables1 a Good a astringent v How bad it p0�?T 00 should hi1 Hilt a wit in moist filled so i stood up j pm or in a covered ventilated dish on the Day. In h13 the to my Fth 1 a a a a it pc in steam ferry crossed the Hudson from Jersey City to new York. Today a Horoscope persons born on this Day Are do How do i know i can to Well on account of some geese. What do i Means on account of some geese Well it was this Way. ,. It was before the giggling class Muddy Sailor suit. I was t Success. It s quite chore being Success when the seat of your pants is 11 wet and you re thinking of a about to or 15 minutes of polus that live the Suny Day an the Day in cold god dark. And a try the wind Tancoar in or pan in the coolest place Avail Erose should be done every mom dreary exit Rains and weary Able. My and night Hie following one Fly a a 10 the Moud movement Are especially Fine ering Wall. Standing with head erect Tern but a a a gust the dead leaves Mystic Home Loving kind parents the last Day of school Long ago and very sensitive. Answers to foregoing questions and we were going to have i was six years old and i had a Lovely new White Sailor suit. Then turn your keeping milk Sweet keeping milk Sweet in hot weath i the neck Muscles. Venomous flock of geese it Ouer presents a special problem. Fresh bad to the right and look Back should be reciting about a Nice bottled milk is Best kept in the Bot. Up your shoulder push a Little red Hen. S ties in which it is delivered. They a a Jour chm around to the Side h Eis cold and dark and i. A a far a mat wan Balun i dreary that cured me of getting up be ties in which it is should be brought indoors As soon i Sita a m a Viva Lien Willir a Iliili r a a ,. J i. Andrew Jackson a the first with wide bottomed trousers and a Ever afterwards whenever i Arie a fore people and making speeches Pomaib after delivery washed and As far As you can return to a first position and repeat on the heft Side is dreary rams and weary Ole wind is Neve of Florida 2. Fifteen 3. William Harrison had the larges family six sons and four daughter. Nero a lion your Back on a bed. With my thoughts still in Aerator. In an ice refrigerator your hfa1 Exten tied Over it Edge mouldering past cling instead goom Felt like wide Sailor s Collar and i was very Circle with your head. To note the following pamphlets May be obtained by sending to cent in Coin and a Large stamped self addressed envelope for each to Gen no one believes in his heart that the Dawn of Universal peace is Washington d. Cd Quot who a who in be at hand or even approaching and if in dallying with this thought. Reaped the ground it and made it into bread j Nan cd ult we. Round with milk and dried milk May be found Posa Ibie thei and How she and her family ate want to would you convenient la summer. Evaporated to the right. Hrh t min. A a Hnot Cork on my lace Wouita. _ no no a the Otner i a a a Wum Onwu cite Cooling wheat and How she with a Ore you would t there is no refrigerator evaporated my it first Forward As far into bread half of the act around with milk and dried milk May be found possible then to the left then Quot seeing Washington. That bread. I was going to be a Success. So t started off for school Frith my ears washed m my Nice new suit very proud. But there Are we a Ftp the. My. Of it. Vitry Drem an the Carf. Ruin we have Only ourselves As a nation to blame. I to world Wax. A geese do to Little boys in new Sailor Burr Cork i my milk can be bought in cans Small you Neil en0ugj, tie used up at once and in ,00. »p�ejv1 Wen leu me to e unopened can it a keep in out. The. I redly . Id a pc fun la Fly Dnad old in one be still sad heart and cease refining behind the Clouds is the Tun still shining thy Fate is the common Fate of thinking of Tho d a Pound con. Or aft a Mil it tot. Or do the Tun. For la m a a Opal d u end Light vivid Antick would tightly covered. 4 answers to queries a sue i thick that a soft ochre each Tom rain must fill hear hissing talking of course you understand. And Light vivid blend Well with borne Day dreary. Must be dark Anc your colouring in Henrj w Long Febrow 1807-Igaa. Page fourth evening Gazette Xenia Ohio. Friday july 15, 1932. Features a it views news and comment. Editorial

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