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Xenia Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1932, Page 1

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Xenia Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - July 15, 1932, Xenia, Ohio A newspaper for the whole family the eve Gazette full leased wire Telegraph news service final edition weather fair Friday fair and continue warns saturday. Ten pages Xenia Ohio Friday july 15, 1932 vol. I. No. 168 Price three cent platform framers reject repeal neat continues Many die Aerial View Coney Island s big fire j i &Quot---1 blk. Jfe age. Llu Promise Relief week end nation still sweltering five Highway workers j overcome by heat Bath twp. The nation sheltered today a Midsummer heat wave. The entire country East the Rocky mountains reported abnormally High temperatures. Marks too degrees and higher were recorded numerous midwestern towns. Frequent deaths by drowning and prostration were report a to the to. S weather Bureau announced Cool winds would sweep Down from Canada Over the week j end and bring Relief. Today the great lakes area which was Given some respite yesterday was again suffering. St. Louis. Sioux City la. Omaha Dodge City. Kansas and concordia., Kan were among the Points where a the Mercury reached too degrees j Shreveport la., with 102 was tidally the hottest Point the country. Similar Marks were expected today. Chicago a Reading 98 de j Grees was expected unless a Cool my Breeze from Lake Michigan sprang up. Resort districts were crowded by a sudden influx City residents driven to seek Comfort at Cool Lake Mountain and Seaside retreats. Other hundreds thousands were attracted to City beaches and swimming pools some sections damage to crops because the burning san was feared to wed sugar heir president will not let debt agreement Force action Here democrats have no program declares Secretary Hurley Hoover does not favor a combined action debtors says Roosevelt so new deals is from old Bryan deck Columbus o., july Quot new Deal Quot governor Franklin d. Roosevelt talked about his acceptance speech is merely Deal from Quot the same old deck Quot William Jennings Bryan Secretary War Patrick j Washington. Juh 15.�? president Hoover has assured the american people that they will not be a pressed into any line action War debt adjustments by the Susanne Side agreements. The president after to a Quiry by Borah sent the latter went up five heat prostrations among a gang Highway worker Bath twp. Were reported thursday afternoon a a continuation the blistering heat wave resulted the establishment the second year s heat record within the last two Day the Mercury ascended to a new height 95 degrees Weatherman Ernest l. Hamer reported there by bettering by two degrees the Peak 93 degree registered wednesday which had been officially recorded As the hottest Day the year Xenia and Vicinity. It was reported that five men residents Bath twp., employed a Relief gang the two mile Xenia fair Field Road paving extern j v. Adolph b Spreckels heir to the Spreckels sugar millions has applied for a marriage License san Francisco to wed mrs. Lois Deruyter the former lots Clarke new York above. Both Are 21. Mrs. Deruyter obtained a divorce Reno five weeks ago from John Louis Deruyter. Bonus army keeps Vigil at capital picket continues this remarkable air View the. ,. Fire which threatened to destroy a letter snowing dearly Coney Island famous playground that the United states was millions graphically portrays pleased at Europe coming to a crowded Beach the biasing _ _ a Boardwalk and the smoke and u. Understanding the 0f corf get buildings new try a european question re Para which were destroyed Dani Uge state conventioneers pm i�n8. It it making Clear this May exceed 12,500,000. Hundreds Secretary Hurley opened the re government would not look Quot a h a is a ?.n,t kindly a a United front is rot. He re re Morz a j Quot col by twi a ution our debt and Money War. Leal i. The. Do. No Large Bathhouse that program save a vague reference Quot to or8�?T a new Deal this agreement was interpreted m a he emphasized the issues the to the United press by a compost Campaign As Economy govern it diplomatic authority a far ment and said speaker John v More important that a Promise to gamer democratic race presiden present a Quot United front Quot to Amerl tial candidate and the democrats Ca War debts. It is viewed Here Congress have attempted to add rather As a British Promise not to ?4.350, non to the present Bud Combine with Germany a aur get. Prise attack the venial Les the democratic platform is a treaty basis the French fostered Complete approval president status quo Europe. Hoover s outstanding policies Ever Ainee revelation the the last three years Hurley de gentleman s agreement a the dared Lausanne conferees certain sen Roosevelt new Deal la from tors have been bombarding the and William Jennings Bryan a Quot old deck ministration they feared not Only a the same old deck that contains a Quot United front Quot Europe hut that All the Radical phrases All the the state department had prom language discontent All the fun iced cancellation revision tile attempts to capitalize disorder debts publication the Anglo the 1933 budget. Identical with and arouse class prejudice for to French agreement intensified this budget allowed for this year i tical Hurley said concern and Ra. for appropriation Quot beware governor . My despite senatorial concern the w4.o00 the general fund for ado Hearst and speaker state department did not believe Erat my expenses the Xenia City Miner mutilated by dynamite bomb car Plank National platform favored by Ohio committee Issue expected to reach convention doomed to defeat Columbus o., july 15�? the resolutions committee the Republican state Conven Tion drafting the party so state platform Early this morning approved a Plank endorsing the National prohibition Plank adopted by the Chicago convention and rejected outright repeal Plank sponsored by the Hamilton county delegation. A a result the fight Over the wet and dry lean will a carried to the floor the convention when to convenes for the final session at la clock this morning leaders the Cincinnati forces served notice they will submit a minority report when the platform la submitted to the convention for adoption. The resolutions committee completed its work drafting the party platform at 2 30 a. a session which lasted five and one a half hours. For the first time j More than a decade newspaper men were admitted when the plat form planks were being considered. The prohibition Plank As adopted by the committee Waas Fol lows1 i Quot the Republican party accepts Xenia City budget Calls for $64,000 for general fund revived threats since mines this area were rinsed under the Gener i bituminous strike order Ohio. He was Given Only a fighting a Chance for life. A a the Foreman had left his car provides for same tax front his House during the night. He started to work when the explosion ripped his car to pieces. Dynamite had been attached it was believed tolls electrical Wir Cadiz o., july 15. Dynamite Long. The victim was taken to mar prohibition As a pm a roared out when Raymond e sin tins ferry Hospital. Pm. A a k7�rnm to entitled to Clair 3k, mine employment fore the town was aroused by thai treated tutors Man stepped the Brake his incident which came a Long pan adopted by Iena Iona c a automobile Here today critically series uprising Moat Hamjy ply no mutilating Sinclair wrecking his Between pickets and working Man car and shaking buildings the Era. State troop have been Vicinity. Duty for months and half a dozen _. sin Lair. Personnel Man Al the men have been slain operators a i. I. The. And a mine Union Vale had re have opened Many the dosed shafts. The problem. We interpret such Plank a a mandate to the representatives the party the con rate lowest Twenty years Richard Reynolds May finance probe it tat a Dunn Tawni a presented the draft declared us i Al Al Onu Timu thai the Chicago Plank a a Manly to submit this Issue to the states to the end that they May determine whether the eighteenth amendment shall be retained repealed a constructive substitute adopted lieu the original the approved Plank was submitted by James e. Ken Olson Canton chairman the resolutions committee. No disorders heard marines returned to Barracks Washington july icon improvement were overcome Bonus army Quot battalion death by the heat thursday afternoon. Still Beld Capitol Hill today dark Clouds giving a Strong their feet were blistered by for hint rain which fabled to maty eight hours ceaseless March serialize. Appearing Over the City Long Back and Forth Back and Forth at 3 45 p. . Thursday abruptly before the Halls Congress. Their halted the mounting temperatures aching bodies cried for rest after place a Shower Cooling three sweltering and almost sleep breezes came and lowered tem Lea night. Their faces were gaunt and Thier eyes bloodshot but this battalion 5do destitute veterans the world War gamer May have stacked the deck Secretary Hurley said i party a unequivocally opposed to can venation War debt entry into the league nations. He blamed 15 the Wilson administration for Quot hav Day night the proposed budget will he rid Vert sed for a Public hearing at the next commission meeting july 2k. And will then be certified to la county budget commission for Fin Pena Tures somewhat before Sunset. With the Sun beaming Down out almost cloudless sky again Ida another Day torrid tem came Here Quot to Aho Congress there 7 a is ret air the making with is a de pres Ion Quot and they vowed Binder the prudent a non Friday sat they would continue to show con partisan reconfirm program r # president Hoover name Drew per Turea no Relief sight urday. Gross until every Man dropped Cuya hoga county deficit $668,510 that the Anglo French agreement government next year. Was a portended a a United front Wah proved by City commission thur debt. That subject official pointed out. Was Well taken rare the Quot gentleman a which provided that none the former allies should ratify the reins Given the Allied nation nearly Para tinn settlement cutting Oer All the Money the american tax Many payment from More than �1 consideration payers own and asking return Good too too to something Over next year s budget not even a definite Promise to pay $700,000,000. Until they reached a he praised the administration 4 arsement with the United president Hoover and outlined the state. President present program con the department purpose i to Gres As follows follow original policy treat ing separately Arith each nation War debts regardless european agreement. The real subject the Anglo Quot third to enact into Law the re preach Accord the View amounts informed diplomatic authority is not War debts but Europe dangerous political problems he summarized the situation leading to a he agreement As follows France having agreed to surren 1 Republican state Campaign manager will be selected brother is delayed yacht to Clear up estate Quot first to reduce the coat gov eminent. Quot second to keep the budget balanced year s hunger includes for the first time a special Levy $930 for a firemen pension and Relief fund created by ordinance earlier thl year. A Board trustee to administer the fund when it becomes available has not been organized the requests totalling $<14,000 committee which for the funeral fund include selection because necessary to be App Charles i Ewis Likely Choice Schorr and Johnson out the leg to gators went Home enthusiastic applause As he a the Veteran obeyed every order lauded by the various speaker authorities there a not a when senator Simeon d. Fess Trace disorder. Yet congestion Quot to a Here cr1 want Der German reparations want a1 official were worried their rom Ora the a Quot a Assurance that the Reich would not nerves were frayed by this never delegates a there were when can successfully pre. Its advantage by ending Parade ragged men be dilates Gilbert Bedman and David a Campaign to throw off its m h Neath their window they w Ere Ingalls were speaking. Tary shackle regain the polish ready to invoke virtual martial Law senator fess declared that pre i corridor it otherwise upset the if rioting should threaten. Dent Hoover is giving Quot the most status quo established a moment confusion last Brilliant leadership the history the a Versailles treaty. rec evening a congressional order America. _ a years Britain has been diploma Columbus o., july i ii a re publican state Campaign manager was expected to be selected today at a meeting the state Central has delayed the disagreement Over Foremost possibilities Fot Post Charles h Lewis Harpster candidate for a be gubernatorial nomination 1926, banker and newspaper publisher was men expenses during honed As the Likely Choice was understood la committee offered Cleveland o., july 15�?a total deficit approximately $56, 510 the Cuya hoga county ire j a a a m Jeffi user s office was expected to be brought two companies steel he spoke governor Rooseve clo to Germany. Fur. Announced within the next few Days helmeted i United states marines to a personally a splendid Man. Established British policy h by state examiner James main the Capitol within five minutes a to likeable but ridiculed h s been Wield the balance main s report Bas not been com the marines were sent Back to their plug the r by ago speech a poorer the continent to p by tinned to the health safety re ice and administrative funds embracing payment salaries to police firemen and other City employees Street lighting and Mascel igneous running the year ,. City facial explain that funds him the manage ship la nigh and for City Street improvement work be promised answer today each year arc derived exclusively a dispute arose Between two to from gasoline tax Revenue and that is Billies edit. Horr Cincinnati appropriation for Street repairs chairman the Central committee. the general and Earle l Johnson. Barnesville Date to Republican Congress Quot to submit this Issue to the states for the committee struck out the words Quot for ratification a apparently the theory that they tended to commit the party definitely to repeal pro Winston Salem. N. C., july Hibl Tion. 15. Smith Reynolds older brother. Opposition to the approved Richard j jr., May demand and Plank was led by Chester Durr Umi Anam a full investigation the Fred Schaller both a mein Young tobacco heir s death when Natl who represented the first Ana he arrives Here next week. Second districts the resolutions a cablegram from Reynolda was committee received Here yesterday saying that the Hamilton county Plank a he could not i my Sibly reach win proved earlier the Day by the sum Salem for at least a week. He Hamilton county delegation at a was aboard his freighter yacht caucus which voted for the unit the azores when he received word Nils was sponsored by Schneller. His brother a dead. Delegation Leader and chairman Quot Young Dick As his neighbors i he county Republican organization Here know him. Usually is quiet and it asked immediate modification unassuming but become fiery and the volstead Law submission by decisive when aroused they said the general Assembly a repeal therefore they believe he will de the Rand action. Richard jr., has lived Little Winston Halem recent years. There is a provision his father s the state Constitution prohibition amendment and repeal state Law thereunder the Crabbe and Miller acts w m a when Durr made his motion that will which provides that for every he committee substitute this�?~j1 Dollar he earns the estate will add for the statement policy . Dorsal by the National and ministry therefore when Reynolds went Hon forces w r barn ump Imge. To sea a few months ago he town chairman the Sut commit bought a yacht but had it equipped to prohibition. For freight Cai go a Ransport Jion he had made it Ray dividends car plated but investigators believed it Barracks at the request police will reveal 5477,000 Cash is raws superintendent Pelham Glassford. My from the Public Treasury. Glasford former general Cal to this would be added a sum vary forceful but kindly and dip-$91,510 made up worthless com talc was placed Complete Cep Tance to Cut Federal expenses 25 per cent. Quot the Federal expenses Are four billions a fess said quoth has promised to Cut out a billion close to nation then not a As suited British advantage France apparently feared a i Britain at some future time to unexpectedly support German Hecks which the treasurers office charge at the Capitol subject Only vet. While he has been governor Plata f f r treaty revision and new York the expenses the Empi re state have increased 33 per Glassford was confident there be no trouble and that it remained for the state canal there were his own men could Date Gilbert Bettman. Took As payment taxes. To the orders vice president a special grand jury probably Tunis and speaker Garner. Will be i panelled Early next week to investigate. Suit to collect for the bad j a a a. Checks have been filed by county Bandie it without calling out troops states senator and Daun my. Concerning my a prosecutor p. L. A. Lieghley. Against l g Collister county trea for United Surprise diplomatic attack p Paris at a disadvantage now. Under the Anglo up agreement London Promise Exchange views with Quot comp to the a no surer and Alex Deputy treasurer. Floren Ziegfeld is seriously ill Hollywood calif., july 15. To Florenz Ziegfeld new York theat marchers rival producer is seriously ill Auto demolished but Driver unhurt but he War prepared for anything for governor to speak before he slept his clothes last night the convention prohibition. Bernstein chief a senator s office at the Capitol. He had consulted yesterday with chief staff Douglas Macarthur the army. The leather neck a tines waited their Barracks just a few blocks from the Capitol. No leaves were granted at fort Meyer army cavalry Post just across the Potomac. Conrad Jahries music teacher adding to the authorities Anne a it Ayton Public schools mar a group Tefr my Bonus Eulou sly escaped unhurt when quartered the City hug Auto demolished by a Penn planned to Parade today to the Cap by Vanla passenger train charge a new Mexico Sanatorium his Itol. Their Leader is John Pace 0j conductor George b Kampman wife. Billie Burke stage and screen Detroit member the workers Xenia at the Smithville re Cross actress. Revealed today. Sex servicemen s league Organ eng North the Dayton Leota weakened by attack Neu lotion reputedly Allied with com moola suffered last year Ziegfeld munits. Pace cancelled a similar Lar origin to the one Quot so happily settled at Lausanne Quot the very phrase Quot similar Ori Gin a suggested to observers hot a it that the agreement concerns the Versailles treaty not War debt. Is never included a rating budget. The budget sanctioned its present form by the county budget commission will mean a continuation the Ehunt City fax rate $4 97 per property valuation the lowest rate effect Xenia Twenty years City manager m c Smith reported to the rom Mission that rapid Progress is being made the Street improvement program outlined for the summer months. Some the streets Are now being tarred and Bard a Rod. ,. All member the commission rom were present but because one extra one heat commissioner dispensed with their business is quickly As possible primary Campaign manager for David 8 Ingalls Johnson a flounced he would not accept the position and later Schorr said he was out the running to it up a cents Johnson held be was too vitally concerned with the candidacy Ingalls to Divide his time Over the entire feet Thomas e. Bateman Columbus clerk the Senate and James h. Kinnison Canton chairman the Stark county organization also were considered by party leaders but each them rejected the a Proni Dizion immediately voiced position. Quot the substitute goes beyond the Jsn Xci Quot other freight. Republican platform Plank i a believed that he also Chicago Quot he a a a a a it a would help Clear up his Young a alive Plank As drawn is consistent brother s estate when he arrive with and properly clarifies for the Smith was understood to have left Layman the National Plank that some said subject. No record vote was taken the continued Page three. Actors Mother ill Hoover warns clause Relief Washington july 15�?president Hoover today bluntly warned Senate Confer is the $2,122,000, too Relief Bill that the publicity feature reconstruction finance will parole 31 Columbus 0. July 15 thirty one inmates the Ohio penitent Urbana july 15 Sarah Shyrigh Mother Billy single Clifford a tag comedian and product a unconscious her ninety third birthday yester paralytic teary will be released during the Day. She suffered a Fin Init Moory p month Aurisy by order a he stroke sunday f la fiord died us Lill Ali Olariu a Hll top it truly la a aviator is found Federal troops victors Over rebels Brazil uprising suffered a breakdown As a result Parade a strenuous season with the Bonus marchers follies. New York revue which them made him famous As glorified the american girl Quot miss Burke said she declared her husband is no immediate danger but declined Pike at 7 a m Friday. Jahries told authorities he failed last monday when other t0 the train approaching. Sig threatened to Nal lights guarding the crossing Mexico City july 15 a Viator believed to be Clarence my Elroy Indiana missing since late june was found today Rte a san Geronimo state Oaxaca a dispatch to the newspaper univer Sal said Rio de Janeiro july 15�?fed-�?Talist, a killed and several troop Soo pm Ulo wounded Tho Rob. ?zu.ltl�, t a a gnu., i a a were unknown. The dispatch said the flier had a labels the first figh my pif>0 a Tatia a Jug x35 Miles imbalance totalling about $300,000. We her this insurance would be torn Jarl the Reynold estate 01 would fail to Libby Holman Reynolds Smiths Brid was not known. Movie workers to take salary cuts new York july Stara i. Ref tors and other employees a he corporation Loans the portion metro Goldwyn Mayer and Loew the Bill that thus far has dead Motlon picture interest earning locked the measures would do -$1,500 Ore a week will have calculable damage to the nation s their pay Cherka Cut by 35 per cent credit Structure. Under a general salary reduction a Whit House statement the order effective monday. Subject was issued after hour s reduction begin at 5 per cent conference with senators who have weekly salaries up to 60 and been conferring with represent end at 35 per cent All salaries Tives the House Effort to $1,500 a week and More with a put the Bill fun a form treason a sliding scale for weekly earnings officials and directors the r. F. Between the High and Low figure. Alt the m -o.-m. Stars Are included it was indicated by senators no the 35 per cent Cut it was said. Attended the conference that . A Hoover would not veto the president Hoover clause it which he disapproved. Bill the were working properly the Xenia Waro a Jan numbered 12474 tie Campaign which the government Northeast the City Sac Paulo conductor said. Sues county Athens o., july 15�?andrew h Chute Glouster has filed suit against the Athens county slash milk prices Columbus. O., july 15�?milk Price to col am bus Consumers will to reveal the name location be reduced one cent a quart to the Sanatorium so Ziegfeld would Active saturday by largest Dis commissioners asking $1,000 for not be disturbed by inquiries Tribu tors Here. Concurrently the damages he alleged he sustained miss Burke is now engaged producers will Cut the base rate to when struck by a Rock while production a picture at the r distributor i from $1.74 to $1.40 per route to work at a mine re opened k Studio. Too pounds. To the Blu Minoa strike area was found by a peasant. Officials go it bombing air plane and 40,t00 rebel headquarter san Geronimo organized a first Man against the insurgents it was the Federal general staff Stab Aid expedition and started to the reported today. Listed Headquarters at Barm do spot. The re port came from the Corres Plahy about one third the Dis dispatches did not clearly Ca pendent the newspaper journal Tare Between Rio de Janeiro and Stablish the identity the flier from the town Pico do a Tatiana san Paulo. The government Roy Gordon Tegucigalpa Hon the state Mina Gerates just claimed that the rebels hoped to Duras. Was a passenger with my across the Sao Paulo Border. The re establish the regime . Elroy. It was not certain we sch Federal Vanguard was said to have Washington Luis Quot Paulista Quot who the men had been found Wyeth occupied the town after engage was ousted from the presidency by to both had been rescued. Ment with rebel which one Loy the 1930 revolt. Cuts own salary Washington july 15.�? president Hoover toc a out his salary 20 per cent Aud ordered reductions 15 per cent the pay the vice president and the Cabinet members. Instead $75,000 yearly . Hoover will now receive $60,-ooo and the vice president and Cabinet members will get $12,. 750, instead $15,000. Yesterday temperatures Cit Boston a a Chicago Denver los Angeles Miami new York Seattle Tampa Low High 74 92 70 84 72 90 62 88 60 82 82 90 76 88 54 66 so 92 76 92 70 95

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