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Xenia Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Xenia, Ohio Inside thursday workers comp Bill Heads to sen at a Page 3. I bind of Ira t legislative Cloud hangs heavy Page 5. Pornography at the heart of Rise in sexual crime domes tic violence. Page4 vol. 119, no. 133daily Gazette Xenia Ohio thursday May 15, 1986 12 pages 30 cents More will die . Doctor More people will die As result of chernobyl Moscow a a . Medical specialist treating victims from the chernobyl disaster today said More soviets would Fie because they received lethal doses of radiation released by the stricken nuclear Power Plant. Or. Robert p. Gale a Bone marrow sex people severe radiation exposure because of the april 26 Accident at the Power station in the ukr Gale and a soviet colleague. Or Andrei i Vorobyev were asked repeatedly during the 80-minute news conference to assess the health hazards posed by the Accident to residents of Kiev a City of 2.4 million people to Miles South of the chernobyl Plant As Well As to people closer to the site Vorobyev said it was impossible for anyone who had been More than 18 Miles from the Accident site to be suffering from acute radiation sickness As a result. Blooming v 5 Xenia Xenia area trn. Pierce Ukraine despite around the clock efforts by doctors in a Moscow clinic. Gale said seven of the radiation cases had died and More deaths Are expected. Soviet officials including communist party Leader Mikhail s. Gorbachev have a said two other people were killed in the i Rev Doo is asked to comment Gale said a it is extremely unlikely that anybody at considerable distance from the radiation source could suffer acute radiation he did not define what he meant by considerable distance explosion and fire at the Plant s no 4 reactor that spewed a Cloud of radioactivity Over much of Europe in a wednesday televised speech. Gorbachev announced the death toll had reached nine and said the Accident had sounded the alarm about the dangers of the atom. Gale of the University of California at los Angeles said 19 patients had received Bone marrow transplants. Heavy doses of radiation destroy the marrow which can be fatal poll Pete Rose should quit playing an manage Cincinnati apr a majority of the readers who responded to a Cincinnati newspapers Call in Telephone Survey said Pete Rose should retire As a Cincinnati reds player to concentrate on his other role As the teams manager. The Cincinnati enquirer reporting the surveys results today said that of the approximately 300 readers who called in this week 169 said that Rose should retire As a player 124 said he should continue to play and the rest had no opinion. Mm1in Likely to pass Washington a the House finishing work on its fiscal 1987 budget appeared poised to join the Senate in calling for a tax increase and a Sharp Cut in president Reagan s proposed military buildup despite administration lobbying lawmakers of both parties said the $994 billion spending plan drafted by the democratic controlled House budget committee would win. And a Republican alternative somewhat closer to what Reagan requested would lose a this is going to be a democratic vote and they Are going to take the responsibility for said rep Delbert l. Latta of Ohio. Senior Republican on the budget panel who opposed the measure. A a they be got them the votes pretty Well lined up Quot the budget committee adopted the Senate a decision to add $7 3 billion in taxes to the $6 billion Reagan submitted in february but while the Republican controlled Senate proposed $301 billion for the military in the budget it passed May 2. The House panel s plan would authorize $285 billion House republicans propose no More taxes than Reagan. But they too would pare Back Reagan s $320 billion defense request to $293 billion deputies get pact contract Calls for pay of $24,686 after 5 years Stephan honoured the Xenia area chamber of Commerce presented a Community tribute to colonel l. Pete Stephan wednesday evening at Foody Cornwall american legion halt in Xenia. Stephan has retired from his Post As executive director of acc after holding that Post since 1980. During the program officials of the chamber announced the establishment of the . Stephan Volunteer of the year award Quot to be presented each year at the organization s annual banquet daring the presentation portion of the program Stephan was recognized by Wright Patterson aka base. Congressman Michael Dewine. Xenia area development Council Cedarville College the Ohio speaker of the House of representatives. Senator David Hobson. Xenia ambassadors club. Central state University Greene county commissioners. Xenia merchants association representative Robert Doyle. Xenia City schools Wilberforce University and the City of Xenia As Well As others. Gazette photo by Marcia Noel Middle age is where it s at Washington apr it May not be time for mtg to add Lawrence Welk to its stars but marketers will want to study new census figures showing the number of teenagers is declining sharply while the Middle aged and elderly make up a vastly bigger share of americans. Mtg the Channel offering non Stop Rock music has found its audience among Young people a segment of society that has dominated All sorts of marketing for years but is now dwindling in strength yet to be seen is How that giant Post world War la baby Boom generation will change its tastes in music food clothing and other products As it surges into Middle age but however these people react they Are a bulge in the Puzzle of american society that is currently boosting the 33-to 44 age group into first place in National growth that age group jumped 23.9 percent to nearly 32 million people Between 1980 and 1985 their growth of 6.1 million people accounted for half of All the nations population increase Over that period the younger Brothers and Sisters of that group followed close behind accounting for a 13.3 percent increase in americans aged 25 to 34 Between 1980 and 1985. But the second fastest growing group by percentage was the a old those 85 and Over who increased 21 percent to 2.7 million Over the five years. While the number of Young adults and Middle aged americans was growing rapidly the age groups they left behind were falling a the sharpest decline being an 8.5 percent drop among those aged 14 to 17, Down nearly 1.4 million according to the c census Bureau report released wednesday. The report reflects the movement through life of the baby Boom generation and the relatively tiny baby bust group that followed when Young people decided to postpone marriage and family for education and careers at the same time improved medical care has helped millions of older americans extend their lifespans resulting in the rapid growth in the elderly generation this combination of changes helped raise the median age of americans from 30 years in 1980 to 31.5 years As of july i. 1985. The census Bureau reported in its new study report shows United states outvoted in in Assembly american population trends major increases and decreases by age groups during the period from 1980-1985. Age group percent of change up 13.3% 14fo 17 Down 8.5% source .C�nsu Bureau Gazelle graphic by Tom Vondruska daily Gazette staff writer it took them More than two years but it now looks like 69 employees of the Greene county sheriffs department will have a contract. A conciliator with the state employee relations Board tuesday issued a report awarding the members of the american federation of state county and municipal employees a contract. The two year pact Calls for stepped Pav increases retroactive to january shift differential pay and increased life insurance coverage a Well be talking to the commissioners now on where and How Well be obtaining the additional monies needed to implement the chief Deputy Jerry Erwin said this morning a there Are a lot of changes to be made. A sheriff Russell a Bradley was not available for comment a a we re All overjoyed it s been a Long time coming nearly three Vears Quot said Deputy Ray Lewis president of the department s bargaining unit affiliated with of some local 101 a at the same time we re grieving Dick Bvrd we re going to have to keep on going this wont bring Nim Back but if Dick were Here. In a sure head be just As overjoyed As the rest of us a Lewis said Lewis took Over leadership of the bargaining unit from Deputy Richard Byrd three months ago after Byrd resigned As president on doctors orders one of the Enders of the deputies unionizing Effort. Byrd died of a self inflicted gunshot wound May 3. Just to Days before the conciliator s findings were announced. A i do not anticipate filing an Appeal of the conciliators report Quot Marsha Jordan smart. County personnel director said this morning. A i have not yet had a Chance to go Over the report with the commissioners. A a session for review of the new contract has been scheduled for tuesday Jordan smart said while the Deputy a contract is with Bradley county commission must approve any changes which would have an effect on county finances Jordan said that both parties have 90 Days to Appeal the report. She said the Only problem she knows of is ambiguity about the implementation Date. All parties agreed the contract will be retroactive to january. Jordan said she understood the implementation Date was Jan 18 while the report mentions both Jan 16 and Jan 13. I in sure w e can reach an understanding on this Issue a Jordan said she said the Union has not indicated How it wants to Settle its retroactive pay. In a Lump sum settlement or spread out Over several Pav periods approval of the Union s proposal calling for a stepped wage plan for All deputies pleased Lewis even though he noted the conciliator rejected their request for a 10-percent pay increase. A it has created parity within the department it gives us a stepped increase plan which is something we be never had before and it brings us into parity with the pay Scales of other local police Lewis said. Under the new contract a Deputy would receive $24,686 after five years on the Job another new feature the pact gives deputies is pay incentives for working evenings and nights. The conciliator accepted the county a proposal of an additional to cents an hour for second shift employees and 15 cents an hour for third shut employees. The pact also increased the deputies life insurance coverage from $10,000 to $15,000 and established rules on settling grievances and employee participation in the Union vacations and health insurance coverage were not affected by the agreement. In August 1983. A Straw poll of sheriff s employees indicated overwhelming support among employees for joining of some on april 2, 1984. Of some Filea petitions with serb asking for recognition of it As bargaining agent with too percent support of the eligible employees. Filing of the petitions started two years of obtaining recognition and negotiating a contract on Jan. 14. County commission rejected a fact finders report on negotiations which put negotiations into the conciliation process also known As binding arbitration now an agreement has been reached with sheriff s employees attention of both the county and of some will be directed to the sanitary engineering department Jordan smart said she and of some agreed to delay negotiations affecting 65 sanitary engineering employees until a contract w Ith the sheriffs department was finalized state Law requires that negotiations with the sanitary engineering employees begin by oct to space station will require 14 shuttles Washington apr most of the world voted most of the time against the United states during the 1985 session of the . General Assembly the annual report to Congress of voting trends showed today. Preliminary details of the report were released at a congressional hearing by sen Robert Kasten a wis who in 1983 authored legislation requiring the state department to make a yearly tabulation of general Assembly votes for and against positions taken by the United states. A again in 1985, Israel was our staunchest ally siding with the . 91.5 percent of the time a Kasten told a Senate appropriations subcommittee. The 159-nation in. Membership As a whole a voted against interests. Nearly 80 percent of the this voting trend a product of bloc Solidarity especially in the third world s numerically dominant a non aligned group has drawn frequent criticism in c ingress. Cape canaveral. Fla a fourteen space shuttle flights will be required for a new scaled Down manned space station that Nasa plans to construct in orbit in the 1990s with the help of its closest allies. The first Assembly flight is planned for late 1992 or 1993 and the station the size of a football Field should be completed by 19%. Said nasal a project director. John Hodge. The revised plan unveiled at a news conference wednesday initially will have five major pressurized modules instead of the seven originally planned and it is designed so a permanent Crew does not have to be aboard from the beginning which had been the earlier plan Hodge said budget constraints dictated the new design and pushed Back the Date for permanently Manning the station from 1992 until 1994. The Structure still will be built for $8 billion he said the amount president Reagan set in 1984 when he committed the United states to develop a permanent station the United states will build modules Tor living and for logistics and microgravity research the european space Agency a consortium of to nations will Supply a life sciences module Japan will provide an advanced technology module and Canada will develop a Mobile satellite servicing and repair Center the modules will be clustered inside giant Metal trusses to which Are attached solar panels Power stations antennae shuttle Docking ports and Experiment and equip ment Bays the service Center will move about the Complex on rails there also Are plans for four free flying platforms two provided by the i Iii Ted states and two by the europeans. A i i _ a ,-.1 la. Until 1994. The Structure still will be built for states and two by the europeans. Auf o so is or up in a orly ahoy ii inc in nip k i 11 q by the associated press inv a it Flor Linch adn a or it no in rasp nver a 5 w i la w u i Voll c a by the associated press although Domestic automakers report that sales of .-built cars increased during Early May sales Over a broader period Are Down from a year ago reflecting what analysts deem a lacklustre Economy. The nations automakers on wednesday released sales figures for the first to Days of May reflecting a 9.2 percent increase Over the same time last year. But sales since Jan. I were Down by 6.3 percent from the same period of 1985, the report was another indication of continuing sluggishness in the . Economy which Many economists say stems from a general slowdown of buying by debt burdened Consumers Columbus Ohio apr emergency Bills aimed at helping local governments and some amusement ride companies Cope in the Long and Short term with the soaring Cost of liability insurance have cleared the House with ease representatives have approved 96-0 a measure to permit groups of cities school districts or other local governments to create self insurance pools that would spread the risks and costs winning 88-6 backing was a Bill specifically addressing the problems local governments face in operating Parks playgrounds softball Fields and other recreational facilities this summer Tigreat lakes vacationers coming to Ohio but Region will lose More than gained Washington apr vacationers coming to Ohio and the other great lakes states is expected to be up this summer but the Region will lose More travellers than it will attract a National Survey says. The private . Travel data Center said wednesday that 52 million vacation person trips Are expected to be taken by great lakes residents in june july and August an 8 percent jump Over the 48 million trips taken last summer. A person trip is defined As travel of too Miles or More by one person. The great lakes Region includes Ohio Michigan Wisconsin Illinois and Indiana. It can can expect a net outflow of 18 million vacation trips. A the great lakes holds the dubious distinction of receiving Only two vacation trips for every three it generates a said Douglas frechtling director of the Center which studies american travel and vacation activities. Two out of every five americans Are expected to take a vacation this summer said frechtling a 3 percent increase Over 1985. The average round trip will be 950 Miles Down from 970 Miles. Forty three percent of vacationing great lakes residents plan to return to the same vacation spot they visited last year the highest percentage in the nation. Thirty one percent of vacationing great lakes residents plan to vacation in cities 20 percent in Ocean Beach areas and 16 percent in Rural areas. Of those vacationing in the great lakes states 41 percent will have Rural destinations while 23 percent will be bound for cities and 14 percent for lakes ii a intercity bus traffic ill. Number of a is eagers in a Lions a roundtrip counts As two Paola 1970 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 76 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 Sot re ant ricin but Assoc Tion news capsule inside in decline a pressured by cheap air travel High labor costs a Sharp drop in passengers and the birth of More than 1,000 Small competitors since intercity bus deregulation nearly four years ago the two bus giants greyhound Ana trailways corp., that once dominated the Industry Are struggling. Greyhound earlier announced plans to close its Dayton terminal a laser graphic Cincinnati sees building Boom Cincinnati ap1 a Cincinnati a downtown building Boom has added $1 billion in new property values to the City since 1981, according to Hamilton county auditor Joseph l. Decourcy or he said that a a 43 percent increase in the value of All real estate in the City a jump from the $2.3 billion. Decourcy posted the list wednesday for the City on county tax Rolls for 1985 if the auditor s recommendation is accepted property values would total $3.3 billion it Decourey a $150,000 study by local appraisers is accurate the downtown building Boom could mean millions in new Money for Cincinnati and Hamilton county treasuries and perhaps the Cincinnati City Dies by lethal injection Huntsville Texas a Jay Kelly Pinkerton convicted of the stabbing deaths of two women was executed by injection Early thursday hours after an Appeal carried by his Mother was rejected by Federal judges Pinkerton. 24. Was pronounced dead at 1 25 a in. Edt said assistant attorney general Monroe Clayton a it was very a be Strong for me a Pinkerton said to his father. Gene the Only family member to witness the death. Quot i want you to know that in a at peace with myself and w Ith my god i talked to everybody on the phone i got to talk to mom. Say goodbye to mom keep your spirits up for then he chanted a i Bear witness to Allah. I ask for your rules Glenn exceeded limits Washington a the Federal election commission today ruled that sen John Glenn exceeded spending limits in the 1984 Iowa caucuses and new Hampshire primary and ordered repayment of nearly $75,000 to the . Treasury by a 6-0 vote and without discussion the Feo voted to approve a recommendation by the Agency a general counsel that the Ohio democrats presidential committee area Page business comics. Entertainment family clubs markets obituaries opinion. Sports. To listings. Page 2page 5 Page la Page 12 Page 6 Page 5 Page 5 Page 4 pages 7-9 Page Llou Side repay $74,955 to the Treasury. Fec attorney Dan Blessington said Glenn would have 20 Days to make the repayment but could apply for a 90-Dav Extension. In addition the senator could Appeal the decision in court. Blessington said see details Page 3.tomorrow Antioch prof recreates Indian canoes

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