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Xenia Daily Gazette Newspaper Archives May 9 1992, Page 9

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Xenia Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - May 9, 1992, Xenia, Ohio Harness racing \ Scioto Downs entries for saturday first Foci $2,800 claiming Pac. A j s special Buxton 8-4-2 6-1 Madison Square Sizer 6-5-2 5-1 dance craze r tharps 3-2-2 8-1 Frisky Hurricane Dailey 2-9-1 12-1 Lyndie hop do Miller 1-3-1 3-1 pass the word Beatty or 5-3-7 9/2 Nino Pequeno pout 1-1-4 4-1 Alert Casey b mouser 1-5-3 10-1 Shannon Freedom Collins 6-4-7 7/2 roaring tide Shelton 1-6-2 8-1. Second Foci $2,400 condition Pace. C Mon b c Noble Iii 2-3-3 5/2 Kas Static Fout 5-2-1 6-1 Pompano body Miller 1-1-9 4-1, Samman Buxton 2-3-5 12-1 Hearty Baker Ledford 1-2-8 9/2 Lisa s easy de Taubert 2-6-8 8-1 it s a trap Powell 1-8-2 10-1 our Harbor town Haston 3-7-6 5-1 telephoto Medors 1-5-6 3-1. Third Foci $2,000 condition Pac. Frisky1 la Dailey 4-3-1 8-1 Del Bone mouser 1-7-2 6-1. Button Gwinnett Mogan 2-2-1 7/2 Good weather Ater 8-9-1 12-1 Board action Roul Zong 3-4-2 4-1 Amos or Andy Newton 2-3-5 5-1 allo allo Fout 3-6-8 3-1 wrecker r tharps 6-5-2 7-1 bold tank do Miller 4-4-1 6-1, Terreson Van Rhoden 7-7-2 10-1. Fourth Foci $3,000 condition Pace. Summer bid Hawk 1-4-2 5/2, Good trim Buxton 5-2-7 5-1 Jake Steele r tharps 2-3-5 10-1 Crown time Stony Atar 7-2-4 6-1 Classy Raider do Miller 5-6-5 3-1 Cross spark Keener 7-3-1 9/2. Pumpin Oval Stratton 1-8-7 8-1 slant Ledford 4-1-1 6-1 foreign relation Fout 4-2-5 10-1. Fifth Foci $2,000 claiming Pace. Cascade Park Stratton 3-4-7 7-1 raw Jade Taubert 2-4-1 9/2 Slick sum r tharps 1-4-1 6-1 double Down style Glispie 1-1-1 4-1 Good n fancy Sizer 8-9-2 8-1, current payment do Miller 8-3-1 15-1. I m gelt in Buxton 6-2-4 5-1, is Clint Haston 4-3-1 3-1 Crow time Mcarthur r Holton 4-5-1 10-1 set the time Long or 1-3-2 5-1. Sixth Foci $4,000 Over the Hill gang Pace Handicap. Rising Eagle Taubert 5-3-3 10-1 big seas Ledford 1-1-2 4-1 Andy s Ore Regie 7-1-1 12-1 deadly Breeze col Lins 2-7-4 6-1 Jiffy pop Fout 6-2-2 3-1, Wen her Lite Dick 1-6-7 5-1 that Adam Wiegand 4-1-1 5/2 Phonsee afer 1-4-8 9/5 Simth Foci $3,500 claiming Pace. Gypsy Hal r tharps 1-6-4 5-1, earns Kash Collins 1-1-5 9/2, trim rebel Farmers 7-5-2 8-1 killer have do Miller 7-1-3 4-1 Nathan wonder n Shelton 3-1-1 7-1 daddy did Taubert 2-4-1 12-1 try Saint Jude Ledford 4-2-4 3-1, Captain v Fout 7-2-1 5/2. R Rusty special Routzong 2-5-5 10-1 James Powers r Holton 3-3-6 6-1 eighth Foci $4,000 condition Pace. Kennedy clan paver or 6-4-6 10-1 aleatory Fout 7-4-3 5-1 aristocrat Hanover t Holton 2-4-3 3-1 Cross flight Ledford 4-1-1 8-1 lot of lightning Noble Iii 1-3-2 4-1, Hector Hyl ight Brown 3-1-4 7/2, Lehigh Alma Hurat do Miller 6-6 i 6-1 first illusion r tharps 4-1-3 15-1 Cambridge Szer 1-4-4 9/2 slightly irregular Ater 214 10-1 ninth Foci $7,500 open Pace. Neatem Hanover Regie 1-1-1 9/5 Raven col Bolyard 7-8-1 5-1 baffled Cloud Fout 5-7-3 6-1 d a notice coven or 6-5-4 3-1 mugshot special Ater 5-8-3 7/2 spicy number Cromer 1-2-1 5/2, Equi ability Gas More 6-5-1 8-1. Smth Foci $10,000 budget car 4 truck rental series invitational Pace. C Mon Messer Grismore 3-4-4 8-1 Christmas Park Turcotte 7-4-4 10-1 Good Lover r tharps 3-1-1 4-1 Tafte to t k Fout 6-3-2 12-1, Deal direct Noble Iii 1-1-5 3-1. Awl sum do Miller 3-5-2 9/2 Stop look n listen paver or 2 2-3 7/2. Alteration Peter 4-6-5 5-1 perennial Choice Riegie 2-6-2 6-1. Ebb tenth Foci $1,800 condition Pace. Entzie current Ater 9 3-6 12-1 Gray Mirage r Holton 2 7-8 5/2, direction finder Sizer 4-6 8 5-1, Mary s Diamond Stratton 3-9-2 3-1 strolling Riegie 8-2-5 12-1 j l Bossa Nova Geyer 4-7-1 15-1. Willie be Wood Kuenzy 1-8-1 8-1, happen a Long do Miller 4-3-4 10-1, Silverfish Wiegand 4-7-7 4-1. Sports Calendar sports schedule for area teams for today and monday track amp Field marauder classic schedule of digits running event 9 in women 3000 meters 9 15 am men s 5000 meters 9 35 am women s 400 dash 955 a in mens 400 dash i015 am women s too hurdles 1035 am mens lf0 hades to 55 a in women s too dash la is am men s too dash la 35 am women s 800 mall 55 am men s 800 in 12 15 pm women s 200 dash 1? 35 pm mens 200 dash 1 pm Csc Kiana too final 130 pm women s too hades 135 women s too hades me i 40pm men to Nades 150pm women s too dash 2pm mens too dash 2 20 pm women 1500 in 2 40 mens 1500 in 3 of women s 4x100 3 t5 pm mens 4x100 3 30 pm women s 400 dash 3 40 mens 400 dash 3 so women s 400 hades 4 10 pm men s 400 hades 4 30 pm women s 200 dash 4 40 pm men s 200 dash 4 50 pm women s 800 in 5 00 pm men s 800 in 5 to mens 3000 so 5 40 pm women s 4x400 5so pm men s 4x400 Field events 10 am men s discus mens High jump women s shot mens Poe vault women s Long jump 12pm mens Javeon mens triple jump 12 30 pm women s High jump i pm women s Trojie Jon i 30 pm mens Long Jon women s discus mens 2 30 pm women s javelin 3 30 pm men s Hammer basketball Wal standings nor mein division w l pct go halt 2 i 667 Hammon 2 2 500 % Saskatchewan i 3 250 a Calgary 0 4 Booth a mpg 0 4 too 2% Sou town division Erie 3 0 i too a Youngstown 3 0 i too a fat a 2 0 i too w do flan 2 i 667 i Jack sortie 2 2 500 in infer National 0 0 too i a saturday baseball High school Oakwood at Greenview do 11 . Carroll at Stebbins. 11 . Beavercreek at North Mont arc minors Nestle Beich is. Mcco laugh funeral Home Field 1, 9 30 . Greene county Yak is. H amp w electric Field 2, 9 30 a in. Johnny s Auto parts is. Shaw floor Cove eng Field 1, 12 noon. Frisch s is. Xenia Coin shop Field 1, 2 30 . Action memories is. Eldridge roofing Field 2, 2 30 . Majors Wilberforce optimists is Louderback plumbing Field 3, 10 . Neeld funeral Home is. Hartley realty Field 4, 10 am. Reddy electric is Subby a Field 4, 12 30 . Home Federal is. Greene co. Insurance Field 3, 1 30 . Softball High school Carroll at Stebbins 11 . Green View at Bellbrook do 11 am. Track a Field College marauder track and Field classic Csc Mcpherson stadium 9 . High school metric relays at Beavercreek Ankeney 9 . Tennis High school Carroll hosts mid Miami league tournament monday baseball High school Waynesville at Cedarville 5 . Green View at be Tiow Springs 5 . Massie at Southeastern 5 . Arc majors Greene co. Insurance is. Louderback Field 3. 6 p in Subby svs. Wilberforce optimists Field 4,6 . Minors Mccolaugh funeral Home is. Xenia Coin shop Field 1, 6 . Eldridge roofing is. Frisch a Field 2,6 softball High school Waynesville at Cedarville. 5 . Massie at Southeastern 5 . Xenia Parks and rec monday men s league at Westside Park Stephensons is. Hemlock 6 . Stan s is. Trophy shop 7 . Super Valu is. East end drive thru 8 . Tennis High school Green View at East Clinton 4 30 . Oakwood at Carroll. 4pm Kenton Ridge at yellow Springs 4 30 . Sports Hall of shame by Nash amp Zullo because of a bizarre Bakwin Amateur Colfer 6e0r&e Russell Indan Erx envy Droze Vanstee swot Soo Yards in tue wr0n0 i Region Pur a amp the 191?> braids tournament my Cox in it a is backswing sent tue Ball backward Over fab the Aud do on asleep Hill. It took him ten Hole out on the Par 4. Dial sports 1-900-737-7676 Scotts Sutts news a fast up Patis 75 cents Pei minute a 24 nouns a Day touch tone phones Oney not Ini nationals Art fit composite record of Lour teams red a Yugoslavia mass de Malaga spam Bay Levy Kusuno get Many and he Canadian National team wednesday game Hamilton 106 Calgary 96 Youngstown 124, Saskatchewan 93 the or Eda i game Jackson Vale t?7, or Peg 107 Friday s games Calgary at Halifax qty Ion Ai Saskatchewan saturday game Erie Ai Hamilton Florida Ai Jacksonville sunday s games Youngstown at Halifax Ceylon at Saskatchewan outdoors fish Ohio Columbus Ohio a Here in the weekly fishing report As provided by the division of wildlife of the Ohio department of natural resources Southwest Ohio Lake Laramie try of chm aaa tie boat docks ily pads and Shoreline Brush using a Olla Al Worms or Bass minnows to Lake Large Mouth Bass use larval baits la of Egils and by he upper reaches of the Lake using right a a tars fished along tie Bottom to take behead Rush run Lake Ody Bleclic meets Art allowed to use tis 58 aaa retie Carty Lake a Good Early season Lake. Large oui Bass Are Ikey Hong out in tie looted Dunbar areas a Lew fish weigh Over a pounds try isling with Small paces of right Crater a Depths of Iolo 15 Lee b take Bue Gils Central Ohio Oak Thorpe Lake ties 40-aae Lake in failed county has a Good Papua inn of Large Mouth Bass averaging 14 to 20 itches deep pop offs in die Western end of he Lake a Good places to locate Bass this is n Only Cental Ohio Lake where Redes Sunfish at Boid they can be taken on dug Worms meal Worms a red Worms Kokos ing Reservoir fair ambers of a Apps average re 8 Robes can by taken on ornows used wit a without a Bobber the Best areas to fish at Alang Brushy shark res lag Mouti Bass up b 20 inches As caught Cadi Spring Northwest Ohio Ferguson Reservoir the wave washed Shae Kne areas a Good places to it in walleyes. Wutsch average 15 to 27 news try Jung yes upped we minnows or night Vawters a slowly doling i right Crawler fitness the open water areas Asa toe Center of tie Lake hold Good numbers Ai wins bus. New London Reservoir Good rum hers of Smat Mouti and larg Mouti Bass provide Good Angling Opp Dales tor tie Novice or Veteran Angler fish near to shoe tree and can Canzate on Asas wits growing a Egeter a be rms some of Toese same areas also hold very Good ambers of walleyes average re 13 to 24 into Northeast Ohio Lake Milton Large Mouth Bassae being Token on a ninety of at Teal ires and bats from areas a tie Shaeff try isling during Marsing and Early eve ring hours tor Best results Burghs can be Token on larva baits a Wax Worms list right crawlers a Chicken livers e take Charnel Catfish Tuscarawas River try to toe Gnadenhutten Surg serial Rookie tall or is to Toke Small out Bast and Rode Bass Channel Catfish averaging 13 riches car by Token r deeper areas at to River and where a slow Backwater current is lard try to new Philadelphia Aea tor sauce its Southeast Ohio Belmont Lake fling la Golden lout Charnel Catfish and Laguna Bass i rated Etc Etera tat year Chrisma Lees have been placed to toe Lake to serve at fish attacks a protected Slot length Ken of 12 to 15undies tor lag Mouti Bass went to Al Lect math i. Last Yea s Electo Ishag Survey produced a Lew lag Mouti Bass in tot 9pard Caie Gay brawn fathead and a dipl i thru is rated As Good Dalon Reservoir the Zaw svit Ana my overs Good of App fish song the Ater dance of Charmel Ca Tosh. A tech a at 8 to 25 inches otters Good Oghi Tsung appointee Seu eyes up b 20 riches at Btu Token r toe Tai wafers Lake Erie Walleye Acton in toe Western Beer hat baked of Iran last weeks Pace ski hey due to wry Lake cond sons the first tem catches of tie Yea at Berg repaid tis week Lam toe West safer Island Aea anglers at Smiha veg Good Success on to Western bar reels Surg weigh Oread spinners ripped wit Oghli Craw ten. Atter doting a idling Bass i thru a pro org gradually Ai twee fish pre Pat to spawn a ten Ishag Al a Matoes Quot r Deepa waa and gradually wort to toe Shaf Iowa be areas using a unsent a one Quarter Aret tags Adon r tie Cental base Remans slow Tough a Tow be Tiow path at bang taken Nea tot Lif it cause of Cleveland s Gadon Park basketball sout Oarn derision Erie 3 0 10oo a Youngstown 3 0 10oo a Rada 2 0 10oo % Dir kit 2 1 667 i Jack semite 2 2 500 114 inter nationals 0 0 too it note inter nationals Art toe ampoule read of iou teams red Stor Yugoslavia mass de Malaga Span. Baya Leve Kusen Carna Ryand toe Canadian National team wed needed e Garnet Hamilton 106. Calgary 96 Youngstown 124. Saskatchewan 93 thursday s game Jaik Servile 127, a mpg 107 fridays Gamas Calgary Al hat so qty ton a Saskatchewan saturday Gamas ens Al Hamilton Florida Al Jacksonville sunday Gam Youngstown a habian Peyton a Saskatchewan Aba playoffs thursday april 23 Cleveland 120, new Jersey 113 Bolton t24, Indiana 113 Polar 115. La lakers 102 sea 117, Ogdden state 109 Friday Aprl 24 Chicago 113, Miami 94 new Yak 109, Detroit 75 Utah 115, la dippers 97 it Poenix 117, san Antonio 111 saturday Aprl 25 Boston 119, Tod Lana 112, of forfend tot. La lakers 79 Ogdden slate ti5, Seattle 101 Cleveland 118, new Jersey 96 sunday Aprl 26 Chicago 120, Miami 90 Deloit 89. New York 88 Utah 103. La doers 92 by Iona 119, san Anton 107 monday Aprl 27 Boston 102. Indiana 98. Boston wins series 3-0 tuesday april 28 new Jersey 109, Cleveland 104 new York 90, owl at 87, of be atle 129. Ogdden Sun 128 la Cipp trs 98. Utah 88 wednesday Aprl 29 Chicago 119, Kami 114. Csc ago wins series 3-0 Phoenix 101, san Antonto 92, Phoenix wins series 3-0 la lakers 121, Borland 119, of thursday april 30 Cleveland 96, new Jersey 89, Cleveland wins series 3-1 Utah Al la cappers Ppd violence Seale 119. Golden slate 116. Seattle wins series 3-1 Friday May i Delon 86, new York 82 Borland at la lakers Ppd. Violence saturday May 2 conference semifinals Cleveland 101. Boston 76 Sun toy May 3 first round new York 94, Delat 87, new Yak wins series 3-2 forfend 102, la lakers 76. Patland wins series 3-t la dippers 115, Utah 107 monday May 4 con tor vice semifinals Boston 104, Cleveland 96, series led i t first round Utah 96. La coppers 89. Utah wins Sanes 3-2 tuesday Mey 5 conference Semi Anele new Yak 94, Chicago 89 portend 113, pm coax 111 wednesday May 6 Utah 108, Swail too. Utah leads series t-0 the Xenia Ohio daily Gazette saturday May 9, 1992 thursday May 7 Chicago 86. New York 78, Sanes led 1-1 forfend 126, to menu 119, Palter leads series 20 Friday May 8 Cleveland at Boston 8 pm Seattle at Utah. To 30 pm saturday May 9 Csc ago Ai new York f pm lists hat Tai Ham ton Saskatchewan Calgary Wal standings Nonzero division w i pet 667 500 250 too too transactions baseball american i Milwaukee Brewers placed Daryl Hamiton outfielder on toe 15 Day Tisa Ltd us retroactive to May 6. Aerated Ron Peterson other Horn tot 15-Day tabled fist be Lores league Montreal expos signed Steve Lyon outfielder la to remember of to 1962 sea son designated enc Belock outfielder by assignment Pittsburgh pirates announced toe resign attn of Douglas Danoato chairman of toe Board named in cent Sara Toman of tot tit cult commit of to Board san Diego padres placed Dave Eiton Pitcher on 15 Day dotted lot Rte Mac Ive to May 4 recalled Jeremy Hernandez Putter bom Las vegas of toe Pacific coast league football nil Gren Bay packers released Marti Muphy Strong safety indianap0l6 Colts sorted Derrick Rankin suey Darkey and bran Laminae no orig backs. Eddie in Ion. Kike Bellamy a Reggie Thornton end receivers Mark Garayc Ryk detente fireman. Rank Ganeff John Dews and Chad Thors on Teie backers. Rob Luedeke and if Chat Heidi centers mat Tucker am John Ray attentive linemen Charles Arbuckle Swfit end. Error Mccorty Kiel themas. James we ans a Isaac a thous defensive backs and Edward Toner i Wiback hockey nil Nhi suspended Adon Graves new York rangers enter Taku games la a team slash in a Gam on May 5 Vancouver canucks signed Jason re Simmoni goaltender and Dan Kesa swig to a Lye a contacts cd College _ Hartford named pad Brazeau menus <4 baskets coach and signed Hen to a five year Contact 7/> Winona state naked tem she Ida ?v4 women s Bautsta coach practice makes perfect its what separates pro Amateur bowlers by Bill Utterback Scripps Howard news service Fairlawn. Ohio a the most efficient bowlers in the world gather every tuesday morning at die lanes of the weeks professional bowlers association tour event. Superstars and dreamers. No television cameras. No Money. No score sheets. A few fans May wander into the Bowling Center but there is no pressure on the bowlers to perform. This is their time. Three hours with nothing to do but explore the secret of their game to seek consistency and Power Hooks and awesome pin action. What a the secret a a practice a said Jess stay Rook a two time Winner in 1991 who has earned More than $270,000 in the past three years. A a we get three hours but i wish it was longer. I wish we had four or five or six hours. This is the most important part of the the biggest difference Between the pro bowlers and the once a week Amateur bowlers. According to Stayrook and his colleagues is practice time. The effortless approach the efficient Hook the High scores telecast on saturday Are rooted in Days and weeks and months of practice. Quot everybody wants the perfect Hook the perfect rotation the most pin action but it comes natural to very few players. It is something you have to develop something you have to Pra Cuce again and again. You have to work at it. Bowling three games a week in a league somewhere Isnit going to be what should you practice the pros who gathered for the Firestone tournament of champions last week at Riviera lanes have some suggestions. After their tuesday morning practice they spend tuesday afternoon and evening involved in pro am tournaments in every City. They bowl with amateurs every week and they have seen the weaknesses in heir games. The first tip involves equipment. Quot Start with a urethane Ball. It gives you the most pin action. The action is much better than with a plastic Ball a a said Tony Westlake who was among the top to on the Money list three times in the past four years. A if you have the right urethane Ball you la get More pin said Del Ballard jr., who ranks seventh on the 1992 Money list $52,120. The second tip involves alignment and targeting. The approach area of a Bowling Alley consists of narrow vertical boards. Find a Board and begin there each time. This starting Point is a key. Quot most amateurs Don t look where they re standing on their approach. They done to know where they re said Bob Benoit who finished eighth on the 1991 Money list $116.965. Amateur bowlers target their throws for the arrows painted at the top of the Lane. A Bowler May place each of his balls Over the third Arrow but of he begins one Frame at the 20th Board and the next at the 23rd Board his balls wont be consistent. He s approaching the third Arrow from different angles. A live been All Over the country. Bowling with amateurs week after week and that a the biggest problem i be said David Ozio. The leading Money Winner in 1991 $225,585. Quot people do not know How to at the target. If you begin your approach in a different place every time it is like playing Golf and aiming at the Woods or the both Benoit and Ozio suggest that bowlers enlist a local pro to help them find their starting Points. They also suggest bowlers learn How to adjust their Takeoff Points. If your Ball is too far left move a americans cup begins today san Diego apr Italy will try to take the America s cup from the United states when the Best-of-7 series starts saturday. Ii Moro i Venezia and america3 America cubed Are similar boats which could remain competitive through a Range of wind and sea conditions. Quot i think Well be Able to maintain where we left off on april 30, skipper Paul Cayard a san Francisco native said. That a when his italian boat clinched the challenger finals Over new zealand. Quot our weakness is relative inexperience on match racing circuits Quot said Bill Koch the Multi millionaire president and sometimes helmsman of americas. A your strength is we believe we have a Good boat Good equipment and a Good saturdays race ends a seven Day Lull since americas eliminated stars amp stripes in former us assistant Dies Pontiac. Mich. Apr Len Fontes defensive Backfield coach for the Detroit Lions and older brother of head coach Wayne Fontes died Friday of a heart attack. Fontes. 54. Collapsed at his Rochester Hills Home the Lions said in a statement. Fontes was formerly an assistant football coach at the University of Dayton. A this is a terrible tragedy and a significant loss for our organization Quot said Chuck Schmidt the Lions chief operating officer. A Glen was a respected coach and a Good Man. Our sympathies Are with the Fontes Fontes was a safety on Ohio states National championship team in 1957. He later coached High school teams in Ohio. He joined the College coaching ranks in 1968 at Eastern Michigan where he earned a masters degree in administration. And later coached defensive backs at the . Naval Academy and Miami of Florida. Fontes coached Cleveland Browns defensive backs from 1980-82 and held the same position with the new York giants from 1983-88. He joined Detroit in 1990 and helped the Lions Advance to the pfc championship game last season. A even though he was a defensive coach he spent time with All the Guys on the team Quot said offensive tackle Lomas Brown a Detroit co Captain. Quot head walk through the locker room and had a word for everyone. Like Wayne he was a players coach and he was a big reason for the team Unity that we had last Fontes is survived by his wife Mill three children two grandchildren his Mother and three Brothers. The defender finals. Since then both sides have been making changes on their boats. Americas tactician Dave Dellenbaugh thinks he has a pretty Good idea of la morons changes but said a us sailors Are always waiting to see the True evidence on the a a it a a great Day to be an Tom Whidden the tactician on the winning boat said when the . Boat clinched that series in four straight races. Quot i think of the . Loses it this time maybe you la find that there la be a whole new overwhelming groundswell of support for the americans to win it said Whidden. Tactician on Dennis Connery a stars amp stripes Crew thai lost to americas. A i jus done to think there a quite the enthusiasm there was in Quot in a a professional athlete and the America s cup is the Pinnacle of my Cayard said. Quot three years ago when i started i did no to have Bill Koch a Money nor did i have Dennis Conner s name so the reality of getting enough financial sup port to compete for the cup was basically non exist in so he put together a program that has made the italians the first european finalist in 28 years. And for the first time since 1977, Conner is not at the Helm of the . Boat. Just who is at the Helm during the eight leg. 20 3 mile race could play a major role in the outcome. Dellenbaugh handles the starts experienced buddy Mel Ges is the primary skipper and Koch sometimes takes the wheel despite having sailed competitively Only since 1984. Quot this is a professional sport of the highest said German frers an argentinian who designed la Moro i Venezia. A to have somebody come and try to fit in without enough experience or background or ability is a utile Quot there a nothing wrong with my driving said Koch. 52. He finds plenty wrong about the spending which he Calls by cup syndicates. Even if he has personally bankrolled More than two thirds of amerlca3 s $65 million Effort which is less than Italy a expenses. Quot i have complained to the Point of being obnoxious about these boats and the americans cup. What More can i do Quot said Koch who explains that once he started his Campaign he was reluctant to Stop despite the mounting costs. Much of his Money has gone into technology that has improved america3�?Ts sails and Hull and into computer analysis. A the americas boat seems to have a slight Edge Over us in said la Moro navigator Robert Hopkins who was on Connery a design team in 1987. If la Moro beats americas giving Italy its first americans cup. Ii could re ignite the events nationalistic fever. Fish for Pond stocking delivery will be wednesday May 13 at Seaman Grain Jamestown from 4 00-5 00 pm phone 675-3031 minimum order-25 fish we will furnish hauling containers to place an order Call the store above or Call 1-800-247-2615 orders do not have to be placed in Advance Farley a fish farm Cash Arkansas summer leagues now forming Captain amp Crew 4 people any combination Captain bowls free wednesday nights 7 00 pm. Only 2 spots left Community Bowling lanes 376-9496 inquire at desk 66 s. Allison ave., Xenia

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