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Winnipeg Tribune (Newspaper) - April 22, 1963, Winnipeg, ManitobaAct was t a Swan song Byr. Walker Southam news service Ottawa a John George Diefenbaker gave the nation a lecture in a the practice of Good citizenship As his last Public act As prime minister. He recalled the accomplishments of his regime on television sunday night eschewed rancor and recrimination in his defeat and promised a a never to adopt an attitude of obstructionism in opposition. It was unusual for a prime minister to make this kind of Farewell address and the idea was suggested to him by his special assistant b. T. Richardson who apparently picked it up from watching the Washington scene where he was recently correspondent for the Toronto Telegram. The Csc then offered free political time for the speech. It was however hardly the Farewell address of a father of his country. Or. Diefenbaker did t actually say that a i shall return a but noting the size of his party in the commons and reminding his listeners of other prime ministers who had to face his new role a Macdonald Laurier King Meighen Bennett and St. Laurent a or. Diefenbaker t. Red not to sound like a Man who was saying Good Bye. Taking his stand on the Side of tradition and above the recent political controversies or. Diefenbaker congratulated Lester Pearson on his Success. Many people he added had written urging him not to resign As prime minister but to stay on meet parliament and see what the majority might say. But said the prime minister a a it was not constitutionally proper or possible to do he then reviewed the record noting the country a Prosperity and urging Canada to fulfil its National destiny by reorganizing fully the a a cultural nature of Canada. His Bill of rights he maintained would be seen As an a historic accomplishment a Milestone on the Road to Freedom and Justice. He discovered that Canadas stature through the world had been increased by its stand on disarmament its foreign Aid its advocacy of Freedom for european satellites and its efforts to strengthen the Bonds of the Commonwealth. Montreal police working under the direction of bomb expert . Leo Plouffe carefully sift the rubble left behind by a bomb which killed an elderly night watchman saturday night. The bomb was planted behind a Canadian army recruiting Centre in downtown Montreal. Americans freed Miami. Fla. Apr a red Cross plane left today for Cuba to shuttle Home a score or More americans promised Freedom from Fidel Castro a jails. The plane carried 11,500 pounds of baby food part of the remaining indemnity for cuban prisoners liberated at Christmas. Vancouver priest slain police charge sex stamp Winnipeg gets pan am games bulletin Sao Paulo Brazil apr the fifth pan american games in 1967 Wil be held in Winnipeg. The pan american sports organization selected the Canadian City a spirited bid today Over Caracas Venezuela and Santiago Chile. Index Vancouver up Douglas Harold Brown. 29, a former professional football player with Calgary stampedes was charged saturday with capital murder in the slaving of a franciscan priest. He was charged less than 12 hours after father Cuthbert Seward 51, died of Bullet wounds in the doorway of his monastery beside St. Francis roman Catholic Church. Det. Sgt. William Porteous identified Brown As a former member of the Western conference team he played for four years with the stampedes until i960. He was listed on police charge sheets As an unemployed Pressman resident in Vancouver. Priests within the monastery heard a shot seconds after Fath Sao Paulo Brazil Cap Nail Down its bid but he said Winnipeg a bid for the 1967 pan-1 a i would like to see Canada get american games was expected to receive support from the another american member of or Cuthbert had left the room United states today when the the committee Richard e. Friday night to answer a Man s f tl0pu Comno a Tref meets Cross of Detroit president of i y Ragm a a to consider the candidates. American motors indicated he ring at the door. They found Winnipeg faces Strong Chal also would support Winnipeg As him lying in a Pool of blood. He Lenges from Caracas Vene j the next site. Cross is the . Died moments after Rev. John Zuela and Santiago Chile. Spokesman on the pan Ameri Calvin had performed Absolu 7,16 decision was put off can sports organization exec a i from last Friday but Mark Tive committee. Its 15 delegates a Quot 1 i Danzker spokesman for the will make the final decision. Winnipeg delegation said a we Roby and Cross Are plumping Are still very hopeful of getting j for Detroit As the site of the the j 1968 summer olympics but they . Wants will Bave to outbid Mexico City _. _ j j Buenos Aires and Lyon France the americans want Canada j when the International olympic Jim Coleman p. 2 people in the Newi a. 3 wild wings. P. 30 comics. P. 12 classified. P. 20-27 crossword Bridge Horoscope. P. 22 deaths. P. 4 entertainment. P. 9 finance. P. 27, 29 sports. P. 16-19 television. P. 8 forecast sunny Low tonight 25 High tomorrow 50 Tribune news Roundup Montreal a bomb scares and Flag burning erupted in Montreal sunday following the death of an elderly night watchman in an explosion at a downtown army recruiting office. William Victor of Neill was killed shortly after tha terrorist Quebec liberation front Fly proclaimed that its a violent struggle against Anglo Saxon colonialism was continuing. Of Neill 63, was to have gone on pension next month. He was killed when a bomb exploded in a wooden garbage Box at the rear of the army recruiting office on downtown Sherbrooke St. His wife survives. The army said or. Of Neill walked out the Back door shortly before the bomb went off at 11.40 . Saturday. He was thrown 10 feet into the Lane. Pledges to sabotage the Quebec liberation front describes itself As a Quebec separatist group of a suicide commandos pledged to destroy by sabotage a fall colonial symbols and institutions particularly the ramp and the armed Charles edouard Canton Quebec a Deputy attorney general described the janitors death As murder. A a we re treating it from that Angle a he said. The army Provost corps joined the City provincial and ramp in the search for persons responsible for this and All earlier bomb blasts. Or. Of Neill cared for the furnaces in the four Storey Brick recruiting office which faces # the Entrance to Mcgill univer re Ort ? take up arms for the sity. The Force of the explosion Independence of my country i shattered second and third would a c0ard a far As 1 store windows in surrounding know i am not one. Buildings. Re sad the Quebec liberation a group of Young people front Fly could be directed some of them students from by English canadians and anti Mcgill began heckling police separatists. Probing through the bombed rash of bomb scares and debris until someone told them incidents involving Quebec a a Man had been killed. See terrorists rage 13 w. V. Of Neill. Fly a a first victim a they sobered up pretty fast then a a policeman said. Not a Coward other Quebec secessionist groups condemned the bombing. Marcel Chaput Leader of the Quebec Republican party called a press conference to deplore or. Of Neillis death. Violence was not warranted he said unless All peaceful methods to obtain secession had had failed. Then he said separatists a would be perfectly within their rights in resorting to a if i were not ready As a last him extreme unction. Surround Block police later surrounded an apartment House six blocks from the monastery and made fire kills five children father held in Hospital Doug Brown. Unemployed Pressman an arrest. Detective inspector Ian me support when the United states Gregor said officers who sur bids for the 1968 summer olym rounded the apartment could Pic games next october in Nai see a Man pacing up and Down Robi Kenya a room with a Rifle in his hand. Douglas f. Roby of Detroit the Man saw the police walk chairman of the three member de out the front door and quietly site committee acknowledged handed Over a High velocity during the weekend that Cara Rifle. Cas was making a big drive to Welland ont. Up a to Storey Home in the South end her 12th child was visiting lice said today labourer John w. Of this Niagara Peninsula City neighbor and the four other Chil Magata 41, father of five Michael 10, Cathie 7, Ron Dren were absent. She was children who died in a fire Aid 6, Robert 4, and Gerald treated in Hospital for Shock and which swept through their Home 2, died As flames raced through discharged. Margie in and Joto get the games in return for j committee Quot gathers in Nairobi Here Early sunday is being the building destroying the in Seph 5, the two children Resky pc a James Worrall of Toronto held under the mental hospitals terror in 45 minutes but barely cued from the fire were in a president of the Canadian olym act damaging the outside. Satisfactory condition with i Pic committee said a Canada he was to be taken today to a patrolling policeman who nor Burns is making a big push in inter the Ontario Hospital at Kamil discovered the fire rescued two John 17, and Edward 16 were National athletics. We would ton for observation. Other children but was forced out with friends Frances 14, like to get the 1967 pan am Magata father of 11, was Back by intense heat when he was baby sitting and Joanne 10 games for Winnipeg and the taken into custody after police attempted to enter the building was visiting relatives in Ham 1968 Winter my pics for found him wandering in a dazed to reach the others Ilton. condition outside his blazing two mrs. Magata 37, expecting see five Page 13pearson becomes Canada s 14th prime minister Ottawa up a Lester Bowles Pearson smiling and Jaunty in striped pants and cutaway coat arrived at government House today and was sworn in As 14th prime minister of Canada. With him were 25 Liberal members of parliament his choices for Cabinet posts in the new government. Or. Pearson first went in alone to see governor general Vanier to take the oath of office and present Gen. Vanier with his list of Cabinet members. The list required formal agreement of the governor general. As soon As Gen. Vanier consented to the list the names of the 25 Cabinet members and their portfolios were made Public. There were few surprises in it. Top posts went to Paul Martin 59-year-old Veteran my for Essex East ont., who becomes external affairs minister Lionel Chevrier of Montreal Laurier. Justice Paul Hellyer Toronto Trinity defence Mitchell Sharp Toronto a Glinton Trade and Walter Gordon Toronto Davenport finance. Other ministers other Cabinet ministers j. W. Pickersgill Bonavista j Twillingate Secretary of state Judy la Marsh Niagara Falls health and welfare Azellus Denis Montreal St. Denis postmaster general j. R. Garland Nipissing National Revenue William Benedickson Kenora Rainy River mines Charles m. J Drury Montreal St. Antoine Westmount defence production a Accord in month Hellyer Ottawa up a defence minister Paul Hellyer said today he All%2%ie�x� a a Ltd a a a a a a a a verness Richmond labor Guy agreement on custody and con Favreau Montreal Papineau tool of nuclear warheads will be immigration Harry Hays Cal sighed in about a month. The arc Ultra get re it he said in an interview it Mcilraith Ottawa West trans port Arthur Laing Vancouver would take some Onuis after South Northern affairs Maurice that before the american no Lamontagne Montreal outre-1 c ear warheads were actually in Mont St. Jean president of thep0s�jj0n on Canadian bases. Privy Council Lucien Cardin j mul r Richelieu Vercheres associate the warheads for the Craf members of the Pearson team defence Jean Paul desc hate j air division in Europe would be lets Montreal m a i s o nne Uve a available about six months Rosemont Public works Afler the signing of the agree j Watson Mcnaught Prince t warheads for Canadian . Solicitor general to i Ger Veillet St. Boniface vet air defence the Bomarc anti Erans affairs John r. Nichol j aircraft missile and the voodoo son Vancouver centres for a Jet interceptor might be Avail j e5tjy mrine Tremblay a to Able a Little earlier. Pedia Matane minister without Luli a portfolio and senator w. Ross i. A i Don t foresee any difficulty j Macdonald government Leader j in getting this resolvent or. In the Senate. I Hellyer said outside govern there was speculation imme ment House after being sworn Diatel that or. Lamontagne in with the new Liberal ,. Economist named As president going to London of the privy Council will be or he a said he expects come head of the new Industry o accompany Phirne. Prime minister Lester Bowles Pearson Ottawa up a ministers of the new Liberal government with their portfolios and the constituencies Tjay represent in the commons prime minister a Lester b. Pearson 65, Algoma East ont. Justice a Lionel Chevrier 60, Montreal Laurier. External affairs a Paul Martin 59, Essex East ont. Government Senate Leader w. Ross Macdonald. State Secretary a j. W. Pickersgill 57, Bon Avista twill Gate fld. Defence a Paul Hellyer 39, Toronto Trinity. Finance a Walter Gordon 57, Toronto Davenport. Trade a Mitchell Sharp 51, Toronto Eglinton. Postmaster general a Azellus Denis 56, Mont real St. Denis. Transport a George Mcilraith 54, Ottawa West. Mines a William Benedickson 52, Kenora Rainy River ont. Northern affairs a Arthur Laing 58, Vancouver South. President of the privy Council Maurice Lamontagne 46, Montreal Outremont St. Jean. National Revenue a j. R. Garland 45, Nipissing ont. Associate defence minister Luden Cardin 44, Richelieu Vercheres que. Labor a Allan j. Maceachen 41, Inverness Rich mond . Public works a Jean Paul deschatelets 50, Montreal Maisonneuve Rosemont. Fisheries a h. J. Robichaud 51, Gloucester . Solicitor general a j. Watson Macnaught 58, Prince . Veterans affairs a Roger Veillet 50, St. Boniface Man. Health a Judy la Marsh 39, Niagara Falls. Defence production Charles m. Drury 50, Montreal St. Antoine Westmount. Agriculture a Harry Hays 53, Calgary South. Immigration Guy Favreau 46, Montreal Papineau. Forestry Jack Nicholson 61, Vancouver Centre. Without portfolio Rene Tremblay 40, Matapedia Matane que. Or. Pickersgill will be House Leader in the commons. The names Are listed in order of precedence in the privy Council. Thus or. Chevrier would be acting prime minister in or. Pearson s absence. The great Seal of Canada. Symbol of government authority and Given today to new state Secretary j. W. Pickersgill. metro final 73rd year no. 97 to cents monday april 22, 1963 is Wal Quot a a a Chi a a a Al. He a phone Whitehall 2-8101 with weekend and color comics re department when it is created by legislation. Could be agriculture minister Pearson and external affairs minister Martin to London and that he will visit Canadian similarly re n e Tremblay forces in Europe who was picked As a minister he said he is interested in without portfolio could be in a proposals for a nato nuclear line for the associate Agricula Force but that he sees no impure ministry promised during mediate change in this regard the election Campaign by or. It for Canadian forces. Pearson. Or. Tremblay is from or. Hellyer also said he sex a Quebec farm area mat ape pets to see . Defence Sec Dia Matane and or. Pearson rotary Robert Mcnamara be had said the associate Agricul-1 fore parliament convenes a see Pearson Page 13 16, or soon after. Bomb kills army caretaker police Hunt Fly terrorists elderly Man diet s final first victim

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