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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - September 30, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaCivil service chief under attack by Victor Mackie Ottawa staff a demand that John Carson chairman of the Public service commission change his attitude towards introduction of bilingualism into the Federal civil service or re sign was made tuesday by e. B. Osier South no Western Canadian can possibly tolerate the High handedness or. Carson has revealed by his latest utterance. He d better either show some common sense or get out it s As simple As that As far As i m said or. Osier in an interview. Or. Carson on television Over the weekend and by letter he wrote to Justice minister John Turner earlier this year said the commission found it could not fully Honor commitments made by former prime minister l. B. Pearson. Please see Story on Page 56 or. Pearson was very explicit when he announced his pro Gram to introduce bilingualism to the Federal civil service on april or. Pearson made a firm just what commitment that the program would be implemented so As not to prejudice the careers of uni Lingual civil servants. He made that Promise to set at rest fears of English speaking civil ser vants who had invested much of their lives in Public service. Careers in the now or. Carson has made it Clear that he feels the Public service commission cannot uphold such a commitment. Brately or. Osier asked who is responsible for around Ottawa if these Are the new rules of the game since when has a non elected Manda Rin the right to thumb his nose at the entire Domo Crati the angry Winnipeg Liberal who has been a Strong supporter of the bilingualism program snapped i have been Labouring under an illusion that it was the elected representatives of the people who were supposed to Call the he added i m All for bilingualism in the civil service. I m All for the concept of bilingualism As it is expressed in the official languages act. But you can t apply this tiling without safeguarding the careers of people who through no fault of their own happen to be competent in Only one Lan Guage. Nothing but trouble can arise from such a doctrinaire approach. If someone does t smarten banker attacks govt. Montreal up w. Earle Mclaughlin chairman and president of the Royal Bank of Canada today criticized government intervention in the country s banking system. Addressing a session of the first National conference of Ca Nadian Bankers sponsored by the Institute of Canadian Bank ers or. Mclaughlin said it seems that once an intervention has been made no mat Ter How Tough unjust or unnecessary it becomes most difficult to get even a modest adjustment made in alone have it a massive intervention with the ownership of the chartered Banks took place with the re writing of the Bank act in 1967, he said. Foreign Banks now Are in effect barred from setting up in Canada whether As incorporated or unincorporated branches or even As agencies. Is the Canadian banking sys tem so weak that it cannot stand any Competition from out Side the country is it really in the Public interest to exclude this Competition is it even in the Long term interest of Canadian Banks that foreign Banks be so totally excluded from operating in this country t think or. Mclaughlin said these ownership restrictions enc our abroad upon the foreign operations of Canadian Banks. I have heard no Canadian up those responsible i la certainly have to evaluate my own he warned. He predicted this question would became a live Issue within the Liberal caucus. He said the approach adopted by or. Carson As chairman of the Public service commission is utterly unacceptable to or. Osier said it was Only a few months ago that the members of parliament faced the Bonaventure fiasco. Members of the parliamentary committee investigating t h escalating costs for renovating the aircraft Carrier were toll that no one could touch the civil servants involved without upset Ting the concepts of responsible or. Osier said now we hear that the head of the Public ser vice commission feels he can ignore commitments made by two prime ministers and a min ister of Justice regarding Bilin he said a Large number of maps particularly on the government Side were becoming fed up with such an approach by senior civil servants and members of the government. Banker ask for this kind of intervention and i have heard several speak against it. But All arguments for relaxation have gone in particular he said pleas to the government to permit for eign Banks at least to operate agencies in Canada have fallen on deaf ears. I have even left in Ottawa j a draft for legislation for this purpose but to Noj he said the imposition of do j posit insurance on the chartered Banks is another Clear Cut Case of unnecessary intervention. Certainly the safety record of Canadian Banks is unparalleled and the last thing that the Banks or the depositing pub Lic needed was government imposed insurance on the Chart ered like All insurance Deposit insurance must be paid for and it j has added to the Cost of Bank ing said or. Mclaughlin. Nationalism topic forum Montreal up prime minister Trudeau reminded teen agers monday it is As much up to them As to their elders to fight for a Canadian identity. During an informal question and answer session with about 450 English speaking High school students in his Home rid ing of mount Royal the prime minister was asked repeatedly what his government s policies were on Canadian nationalism. After the third question on the subject or. Trudeau told his audience that the jeans you Wear the music you like to Lis ten to and the hair you Wear All originated in the United states. If you want Canadian ident Ity it s As much up to you As it is to your he said. The prime minister was greeted at the Wager High school in suburban Cote St. Luc by about 400 screeching students who had him sign Auto graphs on footballs Dollar Bills casts and even on one girl s Arm. It was his first visit to the Riding since last april. One of the first questions a student was what he of a prominently Dis played painting depicting a Ca Nadian Flag with a United states Flag incorporated in ice White portion of the Flag. It would be very easy to get rid of foreign ownership of Ca Nadian or. Trudeau said. Castro did it in Cuba in three weeks. But look at the Standard of widow charged Union to finance his country aft he said Canada should concentrate on keeping ownership j of Banks financial institutions communications and other key sectors of the his i government had enacted Laws to protect those sectors. Now what we must do is re Tain such upcoming sectors As i electronics Cybernetics and space age or. Tradeau was presented by the school with a concise die Tjo aary of russian and a Book do it yourself russian Brighton Colo. A Ethel Pitts. 34. Was charged of a Ruth warier monday in Adams Harp with Yoor forthcoming trip county Coart in the shooting to the death of her Hosband. Ernest Pitts. 35. A Casadia football sleepy Pilot Leaga Estar. London air planes the Adams cd Way sheriffs always interested Frank office said Pitts 13-year Cal Borsay. So after seeing a Veteran and Tanner Star at the off at Heathrow Airport Fonow of Denver. Was shot a party he walked to tier Day As he alternated to at utanes. Officials Teffer fess Jowe sear a Stodter to fad year Fey Denver even tag dress the was. Piss Forf was Art at ratings a Ami her pc Rimini fee Jurat fac Twe was very he said. The mice my Tut

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