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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - September 29, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinning i fuss tub Day Simmitt 29. 1970 17 israelis express regret continued along the Eastern Side of the Suez canal violated the cease fire. Israeli officials pointed out however that these violation were not enough to trigger a resumption of the shooting on either the israeli or egyptian Side. There was Hope that the impasse could be broken through negotiation. There was no such optimism concerning Israel s ability to negotiate with other Arab Lead ers in Jordan Lebanon and Syria. Aside from the blow to Israel s Hopes of reaching an accommodation with the egyptians israelis Here assert that Nasser s death could be even More of a loss for the soviet Union. They said the soviet Union has invested practically All its chips on col. Nasser and now must Start with somebody else. Russia must hedge its bets by backing several potential successors to col. Nasser Dif fusing its political and military Effort in Egypt. The estimate Here is that it will take several weeks if not months before Russia or anybody else really knows who will Lead Egypt. Israelis seemed agreed Mon Day night that any candidate to succeed col. Nasser would need the backing of the egyptian army. But getting that co opera Tion is expected to be a drawn out process in Cairo. In this struggle for Power israeli leaders Are braced for harsher words from the egyptian contenders than they heard from col. Nasser in recent months. At the same time israeli poll still another was throwing his lot in with the syrians after he told them that their policy to Ward Israel would bring disaster to the arabs. Showed restraint however one official thought that col. Nasser had Learned something through the War with Israel and was showing restraint in his actions if not la s words something his successors May not emulate. In contrast to the analytical View israeli government officials took of col. Nasser the average israeli May Well rejoice at his passing. One term some people Here use for col. Nasser was Haman the biblical Fig ure symbolizing an enemy of the jewish people. Arabs under Israel s control Ould Only see col. Nasser s death As another setback. Recent interviews with Arab leaders of the occupied West Bank testified to the widely held belief that col. Nasser was the Only real Leader for the arabs in the world today. Col. Nasser s agreement to the Nixon administration s peace initiative gained him stat ure in Israel and some officials Here think among the egyptian population As Well. May have Ticiano predict that those vying for col. Nasser s Mantle will make some compromises with the guerrilla movement specifically an overture and Proba Bly paper agreements with guerrilla Leader Yasser Arafat. After such bids for Arab sup port one israeli official said things could get out of hand with assassinations becoming part of the Power struggle. There was no indication Here monday night that the israeli Cabinet would go into Emer gency session because of col. Nasser s death. Sources said the inclination was to let the dust Settle. One israeli government assessment of col. Nasser was that he was Brilliant in his analyses of political problems Domestic As Well As foreign ones but somehow failed to follow them in his actions. One example of this was col. Nasser s invasion of Yemen. Another was going to War with Israel when his own analyses showed he was not ready and Ottawa up the Cana Dian Survey ship Hudson was reported apparently to have navigated the Northwest Pas Sage. On a scientific exploration cruise the vessel was reported by department of Energy mines and resources spokesman to have cleared Prince of Wales Strait and is steaming toward the department spokesman said a Telegram was received from the vessel that was Jubi Lant As the ship cleared the worst of the pack ice and appeared heading for relatively Clear sailing. Of course we re going to have to confirm the said the spokesman. And you must realize anything can Hap pen but from the tone of the Telegram cd say it seems pretty certain they be made the voyage has been sponsored by the department As a Means of assessing the com Mercial possibilities of such i passage As Well As to gather other scientific information con Egypt weeps for Nasser senior egyptian ministers left the bedside of the dead president in tears and immediately put forces along the Suez canal ceasefire line with Israel in a state of utmost Hie authoritative newspaper Al ashram said the precaution Ary move was taken to face any eventuality. Thousands of persons went through the streets of Cairo chanting there is Only one god and Nasser is his and Sang an old patriotic song. Bilardi. Bilardi Bilardi. My country to you i offer my love and my others roamed aimlessly clutching photographs of their dead Leader. Hundreds of thousands of grief stricken egyptians were at the Palace Gates this morning squatting and chanting slogans. Many still cried 12 hours after Cairo radio broadcast news of their president s death. Many women were swathed head to foot in Black. Government offices schools and shops were closed As the nation entered 40 Days of mourning. Radio programs were re placed by continual funeral chants and Koran recitations interspersed with terse Broad added to the general air of gloom. It was Sadat who announced Nasser s death almost in tears Over Cairo radio and television. Al ashram edited by guidance minister Mohamed Hassanein hey Al a close Friend of Nas ser today described the scene at Nasser s bedside As his Doc tors finally gave up attempts to revive him 15 minutes after his death. He suffered a coronary clot. The doctors burst into tears along with everyone else in the room after Medicine and Sci ence had surrendered before the will of the newspaper said. Al ashram said the president s wife hurried into the room with their two daughters Hoda and Mona and their son Abdel Hakim. She took the hand of the dead Man and kissed it and those who had been at Bis bedside withdrew to a study next door. As the ministers stood unable to control their tears vice pres Veteran actor Walter Pidgeon ont of Wood s by fett Start during the 1930 to 1940 Era hovers Over a birthday cake with 73 candles. The cake was wafting when Pidgeon showed up for work at a Hollywood television set. Casts of world reaction and con Dolence messages. In Alexandria one Man set fire to himself this morning when he heard Nasser was dead. The Man was taken to Hospital in a critical condition. Cairo radio said every rail Way station in the country was filled with peasants demanding passage to the capital. Mour ners travelled the roadways in ident Sadat called a meeting to be held in the drawing room of the Nasser Home. Everyone Felt that the Best they could offer the dead presi Dent was a guarantee of continuity for the Sake of Egypt and the Arab ration Al ashram said. The newspaper also revealed that Nasser suffered a first heart attack in september of last year and it was then agreed because of several con buses in cars on donkeys to announce that be aide shuffle expected Kerning the North. Ottawa prime min ister Trudeau it expected to re place a Large no Winber of Parlia secretaries this week it was Learned monday. 16 parliamentary secretaries. They Are maps All liberals when a Liberal govern ment is in office who assist ministers with legislation and other commons matters. Or. Trudeau announced when he took office in 1968 that there would be More frequent changes among parliamentary secretaries who make an extra on foot outside Kebbeh Palace men and women Tore their hair wept and cried Nasser is not yet dead. His spirit is with m until the government radio read a year on top of their pay As an he. Pick evangelist Pasadena Calif. A evangelist Billy Graham has been chosen As the first clergy Man to be grand marshal of the tournament of roses Parade in this los Angeles suburb. His selection to head the 1971 new year s Day event before toe Rose bowl football game was announced monday. Condolences from world leaders political enemies and friends alike most of them addressed to Anwar Sadat who As president became provisional president under the Constitution. His term will be Jor 60 Days during which Nasser s Arab socialist Union will boo fee a Suc Cessor. The first people to react after the announcement of Nasser s death left their Homes and made their Way to the presi Dent s residence. But there they Learned that his body had been taken to Kebbeh Palace to await the state funeral the pal Ace used to belong to King a Rook and lately bad been used by an office and for entertaining foreign visitors. Sosnen and children fainted in the crush As the crowds built up and ambulances stood by on the edges of the crowd. As Dawn approached huge crowds wandered the streets some sobbing others sitting on sidewalks staring blankly. We Are trying to understand what has one of them said summing of the struggle to accept the almost unbelievable idea of Egypt with out Fasser. Had an attack of influenza. He spent six weeks in bed and was advised against overwork. Soviet doctors also warned him against hard work during his to the soviet never heeded Chicken fresh Canada Utility Grade eviscerated visit last june Union but he their the newspaper added. It is almost certain All Arab Heads of state will come to Cairo to pay homage to Nasser their Host during the Summit which ended the bloody fighting in Jordan Between King Hussein and palestinian Arab commandos. Cairo radio said the burial will be a mosque near Nas ser s borne at a Chiet Al baby about five Miles from Kebbeh. Arab Heads of state and other foreign dignitaries Are expected to be pallbearers. Power struggle forecast Sale la. Meats Boneless pork loin roast Back Span ribs prime rib roast minced Steak continued shattered stores and offices Hopes dim for peace plan i Cottu Puep stress american strength i the sea where the soviet Union Egypt s main military sup Porter has a rival naval pres ence of increase of Sti Durrf the visit with Pope pad Nixon referred to this strength six times. The news of Nasser s death Cane after a buy Day for the president in which he conferred if you want to understand your life insurance listen to a Standard life Man. Yontl have two things going for you right rest our salaried professional we take the time you need to have things clarified. Not just about the policy itself but and two is even important about now it into your personal plans and second Tring vow get is prob omy the Best in pm we Granoe Nav Fost. For Pourcy afcan out in Tyso an Molly. M Many is Jim to fisc Bonus additions will be or water than the Pren Worms Ped depending on win ago of Toto policy Holder. Nair Fly two is an of amp of Peart performance we cannot guarantee its continuance in tote future. But our track record is pretty Good As your Standard Lite Man Wal explain to Yew in Fuh Deinert. Vul sch big pigs us to pfc to of men vow to one of Oor men. He won t waste a fast satan men Tesfai Wilaj Hie to both with the Pope and italian Leaden often in the both the italian _ and the Pope orfed Nipoa him the need for a peaceful of the Middle cast crisis. Despite tiros a Braae Afa Faut his Rhet ump Jacob Dat of Abena persons Nixon departed Iran has so Hedvie by Shaf hmm into the crowds in exec Styk. A Man Rity fed several the Acme Lead Mac m to so Peter s the palestinian guerrillas Are in disarray but with Nasser fone they win be less restrained when they regain their strength. Xing Hussein of Jordan despite his Victory on the Battlefield sits less secure on his throne now. No successor to col. Nasser even if inclined to continue the ceasefire with Israel will feel secure enough Fot sometime to embark on substantive peace negotiations under the . Plan according to some analysts. But the most attention i the immediate future is Bow the russians use their influence to protect their estimated bal boo contribution in military and economic Aid. . Specialists expect that Yin president Anwar Sadat with the speaker of the National Assembly will form a commit tee into deaf the two or three top military men to run the Dor inf the several beef liver Mayfair Side Bacon Steak ettes beef sausage brisket beef perk butt beast bail Amama writ we my Noi Ogna my my ft., i my Canada no. 1, waned. My Fimi for Foft Pacli Well 3 it my m., various individuals Are there after expected to make their pitch for Power the analysts said. None is the obvious Strong Man bet Many eyes an tamed in Ali Sabri one of col Nasser s Ori Chul group of Colo Nels who toppled King Farouk ii cel Sabri once a a special adviser to col Nasser has Long considered mos cow s the soviets will have to tread care Faby to avoid stepping on egyptian sensibilities. With see am in Egypt pets ads Sale Crews and Adoth in so Oasmin Jenci they an repeated celery Stalb turnips cabbage Grapefruit s bed apples crop Sivey Leaf Maii Teka Honey w wether s Jans Teiby Tea lags i.? Lens with Delaware peas install Coffee Catel Crisco shot Exiaa 79c 1.19 89c 99e 49e 79e 59c 69c 29e 1.19 49c 49c 27e i tin. My 57e 1.19 my 14 Lim. Claim. My rain Oil a. My 79c 4 .99e in 2.i9c 2tat9c any Latant the Mest . Views in the effect play to the easily Kcf firc Mccow s 15 we As the Art Neap Yov Bof whats night. For nov. Tie apartment Block Blue probed fire Aicia Aline Sai riffs Manuke soap pm j Hayek Cehe bask brei Peu Iees Wetta Kix Cereal Ora afe once 49c

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