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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press monday september 28, 1970 rebellious penal changes censured Wasagaming Man. Staff the trend make changes ii Canada s correctional system through rebellion is not going t be successful because it i h kindly instructive delegates t the sixth annual Manitoba Young progressive conserva Tive seminar were told Here sat urday. But Canada appears to have the resources for the develop ment of an effective correctional system Oslen Belle a psychologist attached to the Ca Nadian Penitentiary service said. Belle made it Clear How Ever that the views he expressed were not necessarily those of the Penitentiary ser vice. He said Canada s social institutions Are essentially non Vio Lent. Canada is among the few places in the world with a healthy social climate because canadians have not adopted anti social values to the extent that some societies he said. But he warned that this could change. Anxiety could be culturally transmitted we could in part the fears hostilities and inadequacies of our neigh he outlined some of the important characteristics of an effective correctional system. Ii is one he said that is based on validated ideas about nature causes and treat ment of Deliri Quence. Is one on evaluation research for new directions rather than Blind Zeal. Is one in which emphasis is placed on teaching Freedom a Good correctional system As any other source of Educa Tion teaches people How to live and How to or. Belle said. He said that if there has been an increase in violence in to Day s society it May be be cause frustrated individuals Are reacting to the violence of our system. He noted that in social institutions it has been inevitable that action urged Wasagaming Man. Staff the rationing of Justice in the democratic society has created an explosive and disruptive Force in society and particularly with the youth of lie nation Eldon Wolliams regressive conservative Mem Ber of parliament from Cal Gary said Here saturday. Or. Wolliams who is the opposition Justice critic in the Louse of commons was addressing a session of the sixth annual Manitoba Young progressive conservative seminar t Riding Mountain National Park. Theme of the three Day Semi a was youth Justice and the a. You should not be Content with things As they Are or b y keep Ting the status quo As has and underprivileged of Canada enjoy less than their fair share of Justice while the affluent and privileged enjoy a Greate amount than the expected Norm. While lawyers Are the Socia engineers of society he said Legal services can no longer b discharged according to the de Gree of affluence rather than t the degree of priority of importance to the individual and society. Or. Wolliams a lawyer said the Rich and the powerful can afford the Best specialists for advice and representation while the others Are forced to make decisions without Legal assistance and at the very Best second class Legal advice paid by Legal Aid. In paying particular attention Een the Case of your fathers to the problems of the Indian and or. Wool or. Wolliams said Canadian and responsibility dependence. Rather than i is one with relations built on love not hate. Is one that growth not decay. Emphasizes it s a steal Mobile Golf cart Gas operated s285 or Best offer. Phone Days 942-3783 evenings 284-7946 hams told the Young everywhere Sno Uio 0 1" Tive delegates. The Federal government if we Are to avoid the to change the con Titi social clashes that have by assigning the Jurisek fronted and still Are Over indians and thei s the society of the United to the provinces in spit you must take immediate the treaties. Dial action while there is offered two reasons we Federal government was Ai everywhere among to take this step. People in particular there is Federal government i s demand for a greater degree to assign its financial re 1 Equality of Opportunity in to the provinces 1 ploy ment social status and one or More of the prov port Unity to participate in want to control the qualify t eminent he life of the individual Indian the Dollar sign should said keep you from the the moment the emphasis parliament or the be on the Security of the and indeed from a defence of his rights said or. Than concerns As to wha the Dollar sign should the next generation to be the criteria the generation after that is our political to use As the Means of he said the indians Metis he is false Teeth that loosen need not Embarrass Don t keep worrying whether your false Teeth will come Loose at the wrong time. For More Security More Comfort lust Sprinkle famous fas Teeth on your dental plates. Fas Teeth denture adhesive pow Der holds false Teeth firmer longer. Makes eating easier. Won t sour under dentures. No Gummy gooey pasty taste or feel. Dentures that fit Are essential to health. See your dentist regularly. Get fas Teeth today All drug be better writer for capital gains needed continued free handwriting Booklet offer available with every Sheaffer 98c Cartridge pen and 98c ballpoint. Sheaffer with this in mind the commit tee in its report prepared for presentation to the House of commons next week proposes several major changes in the White paper provisions for the taxation of capital gains. Of interest to the average Ca Nadian is the committee s conclusion that the idea of taxing capital gain realized on the Sale of the family Home be rejected. The draft report finds a Gen eral and Strong opposition to the suggestion of taxing gains on the Sale of residences. This is not confined to Canada it said. It pointed out that in Britain the profit on Sale of an Only or main residence is not subject to capital gains tax. The com Mittee after examining various alternatives suggests that a gain or loss on the Sale of a principle residence along with he land surrounding it up to one acre not be taken into account for tax purposes. The committee also proposes hat personal property be tax exempt except where the item Ost More than the White paper had suggested a 5500 exemption level. The committee report recommended that Only one half the capital gains in the Sale of shares of both closely and widely held corporations be taxed j and one half the losses be de i duct blk. The White paper Sug where you alone select the Cost that v. I tested that gains be fully taxed and losses fully deductible for closely held corporations. For widely held corporations it pro posed one half the Gams would i be taxable and one half the losses deductible. I the committee recommended that the five year revaluation of the value of the assets at a Given Day to be known As valuation Day or the com Mittee suggested that the value of an asset on a Day should be the higher of Cost or Market where a gain is involved and the lower of the two figures ethere a loss had taken place. This would be to the Benefit of the taxpayer. The committee suggested that profits from investments other than shares should be fully taxed and losses fully deductible. However it does not accept the suggestion that if the Origi Nal Cost exceeded the value on a Day such Cost could be Reco Vered without being treated As income. All assets should be treated alike the committee said. Small businesses should be assisted under the country s tax setup the committee concluded. At present companies pay corporate income tax at a rate of 21 per cent on the first of income and 50 per cent on the rest. The White paper would wipe out the lower rate. This came in for a lot of criticism before the committee. However the committee is inclined to go along with the idea of abolishing the lower rate. It found that the weakness in the Low rate was that it was Avail Able to Small businesses whether or not the tax saved is used in the business. It recognized the importance of helping Small business find capital but pointed out there was no Check j j on whether the tax saved under the lower rate was used for this purpose. The committee recommended that Relief be provided for companies with a taxable in widely held corporation shares come up to after that be dropped. It proposed As an the amount of available alternative to the five year rec White could be phased out until it disappeared when the company paper that there be a deemed earned a taxable income of realization of capital Gams however the commit-1 death in respect of shares of tee in ils draft report had Noj widely held corporations. Suggestion As to what form the to avoid double taxation might u recom., is capital gains tax and estate minded that widely held Cor tax. Exemptions be increased. Iterations their subsidies and i suggested that no estate of a foreign controlled companies be1 value less than Bear tax from any benefits and that rate brackets be Exon resource industries the handed and the maximum rate committee suggested that sex not Cut in until a value of about Pendi Tures on a new mine is reached. Should be deductible from the the committee is also of profits of either new or the posed to the plan for applying old not Only the new deemed realization to a tax pay mine fast priv. Or leaving the country. Under Ege should extended to All the White paper it would have expenditures involved in treated him As though he had bring my the mine into product sold All his assets at fair mar Tjon Ket value on the Day he left. For professionals White the committee suggested that wants to Chian be arrangements should be a Cash to Accra form reached Between the countries of acc Intig As a basis for paying their taxes. Lawyers and doctors would have to count their accounts receivable inventories and Stork in Progress As income at tax the suggested a cons pro that the accrual basis be used for accounts be or work in to consider citizenship As the basis for taxation As an and jct to the residence Rale. The White paper a Cwm Calm late capital gains and on dec to rec 7tjov. . The is a Fata the i a fat the correctional system employed violence and punish ment which have included executions mental and physical torture Long punitive sentences dismemberment penal serv. Tude silence and the loss o civil liberties. As time passes the violence of correctional systems has be come More sophisticated but i Lias not he said. All these acts were done in the name of corrections he said in spite of the abundance of scientific evidence which showed punishment does Noi Correct delinquent behaviour. But delinquents Aren t the Only victims of this system. We have kept the welfare family dependent on welfare the delinquent dependent on prison and the mentally ill de pendent on now we Are beginning to institutionalize students at All he said. Or. Belle said it was no Accident that scientific ideas did not form the basis of corrections and in fact there Are forces at work keeping correctional systems punitive and Vio Lent. He said the systems could rationalize their violence As and were Able to main Tain their rationalizations be cause they did not nor were Jiey required to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs. To improve the correctional system social values will have o change to change the social we will have to change As individuals and i am not sure we Are prepared to Toler ate the pain of or. Belle said. Weir wants support continued Leonard Domino of Winnipeg president of the conservative youth said later in an interview that Young people in the party were not satisfied with or. Weir s Call for endorse ment and wanted a Chance to either get a new Leader or re affirm support for the present Leader. In his address to the seminar or. Weir said that for a Leader to be successful he needs the Confidence of his followers Andi that the followers themselves need the Leader s Confidence. I am not unaware that there Are those in the party who think hey would be better leaders than said or. Weir. He said he has Given the question of leadership considerable consideration and hat As a result of the position hat the party finds itself in has decided to take the first Initia Ive. I think the people of the party should be forced to re new the he said. I will ask the general meet no to endorse my leadership the delegates to the meet no must accept the responsibility that is or. Weir also denied rumours that he is going to voluntarily resign As the conservative Chie in Manitoba or that he is considering running federally in the Lisgar Riding. The Lisgar seat became vacant when conservative George Muir died several weeks ago. Commenting on the Lisgar by election expected to be called soon by prime minister Trudeau or. Weir said there were Many Strong conserva Tives there who would make excellent candidates and the rid ing does t need a Parachute or. Weir said that the conservative nominating Conven Tion in the Riding will be the hardest contest and the Man who wins the nomination will be the Man who will win the Bye Lection and sit in the House of commons. Or. Weir said later in an interview that his decision to have the party endorse his Posi Tion As Leader Means that the party will have to decide whether or not they want him to stay on As Leader and whether a leadership convention should be called. But or. Domino said sunday he and the Young conservatives had a different idea of the leadership he said that the younger members in the party Hac shown a Good Deal More Politi Cal maturity than their senior counterparts who have tried to pretend that no crisis exists he said that this was the first time that any Public statement had been made by party members concerning the Weir leadership and it is about time it was brought or. Domino said he Hopes some Frank discussions can now transpire in the Best interests of the conservative he said the intent of the Reso ution calling for the immediate leadership convention was that ii party s executive Council meet before the november Gen eral meeting and make a Deci Sion on the question. We Hope the convention can be called for nov. 21 and 22, the time of the general or. Domino said. Unusual Case Harlingen Tex. A the Case of the diminishing Gar Den Hose has been reported to police. 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