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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 5

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg Fri muss. Sat Uway slate Mitt 21. To once again it s a Dav continued Bridge news opened in Trenton out. In 1972. The German pilots Dona Tion was received by lieu tenant general e. M. Reyno of the Canadian armed forces. . Reyno is Deputy commander of Norad and one of the last two Battle of Britain fighter pilots still serving with the Canadian forces. The aviation museum and memorial is expected to Cost about million. The reunion of the War pilots winds up this week end with two airshows at the St. Andrew s Field today arid sunday. Washington largest 1 traries in the . Are Library of Congress Harvard University Library and the new York pub lie Library. Restaurant 812 main St. We Are now open on sundays 5 . Till 1 . Bring your family for our ukrainian style dish on our family dinner special. By Brian Pauls special events for this week include a Blue ribbon pair championship at Anita s Bridge Centre tonight and an open pair event at the grand slam club on monday night. The grand slam club open pairs last week was captured by Glenn and Julie Moore. Next in line came Michael and Alec Tadman j. Bleet to. Walker or. And mrs. H. Friesen or and mrs. S. Shaffer and j Weidman a. Stoffman. Bob Greyson and Pat Patter son led the Way at the club championship game held at Anita s Bridge Centre week. Nearest the victors were Cecilia Fielde Doreen Dennehy mrs. E. Greenberg mrs. F. mrs. M. Cullum mrs. W. Ache son mrs. L. Udow mrs. R. Smithen and or. And mrs. J. Fainman. This virtual la Down slam was missed by All pairs in a double void and the proper con tract of six hearts is biddable via the following interchange recent duplicate game. Consider the problem from the North position North s kj942 h q 10 9 6 4 a c this was the auction at Sev eral tables s w n e 1c is p 2s Dale p the first round pass seems logical but what now leaving the double in with five cards in a major suit for which partner Las guaranteed support seems fatuous but How Many hearts can you make North i Varia Ray chose to Call four hearts terminating the auction and finding partner with South s w n e 1c is p 2s Dale p 3s p 4c p 4h p 4 s p 6 h end k i tournament results sir John Franklin club sep 16 n s or. And mrs. J. J Cohen 60 or. And mrs. H. Be rail 56. E w or. And mrs. H Diamond 59.2 Hazel Mcleod Bess Oliver 53.3. Mayfair club sept. 20 n s mrs. D. Rossen a. Smith 59.1 or. And mrs. S. Cohen 59. E w mrs. M. Levitt a. Lifchus 62.8 mrs. S. Stein mrs. K. Mac Millan 61.2 Winnipeg club sept. 22 Sec. A n s or. And mrs. J Lyons 63.1 mrs. N. Mcclure mrs. K. Behr 55.1. E w b Brick a. Fraser 57.8 c. Finch j. Donner 56.9. Sec. B n s or. And mrs. B Popeski 58 d. Levin a. Glass a critique by Peter Crossier Lombardo the old and new both Sweet h aj53 d 652 c akq754 the King of hearts was onside double ton and All 13 tricks were easily taken. In my View North ought to visualize the 56.4. E w mrs. K. Macmillan mrs. E. Tetlock 61.2 mrs. L. Ladyman mrs. R. Thompson 55.6. Grand slam club sept. 21 mrs. M. Brownstone a. Levi 61 mrs. V. Edwards mrs h. Erick son 58.6 mrs. L. Maclean mrs k. Kellaway 58.1. Car club sept. 14 n s a. Ariano a. Dimcoff 63.9 s Mcleod a. Tetreault 56.9. E w w. Hrynkow a. Slobodian 62.5 k. Henry a. Ingmundson 53.5. Anita s Bridge Centre sept. 18 n s Mary Morrison mrs. W. Kerr 59.8 mrs. M. Brown Stone a. Levi 56.2. E w mrs. R. Smithen mrs. L. Pauls 63.9 mrs. W. Acheson mrs. C. Tapley 59.5. Sept. 19 n s mrs. E. Tet Welcome to Lom bar Doland the land of Guy Lombardo and his Royal canadians. Guy Lom Bardo appeared for two sell out performances at the Centennial concert Hall Fri Day evening. The Guy Lombardo sound is so distinctive that anyone from 18 to 80 would recognize it instantly. It is a Well calculated combination of instruments with just the right emphasis in just the right places. It is in every sense perfect and Well de serves the title the Swee test music this Side of head any song or composer from Cole Porter to Rod Mckuen old songs new songs and in Between take on the Guy Lombardo tone As though that were the Way they were originally intended to be played. Suave Kenny Gardner sings without any Effort and after a rather lifeless Start dear world and for once in my life got right into the spirit of his other numbers Harper Valley Pat Frankie and Johnnie enjoy yourself it s later than you think and seems like old times. The catch Ier the lyrics the More or. Gardner enjoyed him self and the More generous was the audience with their applause. Instrumentally the Royal canadians won High approval with two medleys one featuring twin piano style Ings by Bruce Steeg and Hugh d Ippolito yester Day and born free with Soprano sax solos from Vic Tor Lombardo and Lara s theme from or. Zhivago. To Lemley the Young guitarist won Many new fans with his vocals Muddy Mississippi line your cheating heart and Jean and his excellent instrumental treat ment of the third Man theme. Cliff grass presented very enjoyable vocal and clarinet selections. Among the vocals were when my sugar walks Down the Street and the Chicken song or i Ain t Gonna take it Sittin Down. Guy Lumbardo had two special guests with him in the show Don Grilley and Lesley Stewart. These two Young songbirds gave the show just the right touch of life and contemporary feel ing to make the evening enjoyable for All age groups. They Sang love songs fun songs and Broadway hits. Their biggest number was a Medley of songs from West Side Story in which or Grilley played the Lead on Broadway and on the euro Pean tour. They Are a Beautiful couple and a talented asset to the Lombardo lineup. The Guy Lombardo show ended with Auld Lang syne and a feeling of nostalgia for Days gone by. But with Guy Lombardo and his Royal canadians at the Helm the music of that wonderful Era of big bands will never die. Minimum wage rises next week Cuba crisis threatens Locke. Marquart 58.6 Gould Drew Cannell 57.9. E Egypt accuses Hussein in memory of win. Bill younger the office of b. A. Robinson co. Ltd. Will be closed monday september 28 at . Or. And mrs. S. Morantz 55.6 or. And mrs. H. Halprin 54.4. St. John s club sept. 17 Sec. A n s mrs. E. Suver mrs. L. Copp 64.8 mrs. E. Greenberg a. Marquart l. De groot a. Sekhar 59.3 e w mrs. W. Kerr Evelyn Blank Stein 55.3 mrs. J. Cherabek mrs. R. Smithen 54.4 Sec. B n s or. And mrs. E. Ludwick 62 mrs. S. Grower mrs. J. Baizley 61.1. E w Mary Forrest to. Walden 56.9 mrs. A. Secter mrs. S. Cher Nick 55.3. Jumble Talent for acting stage theatre television n Success in drama theatre is 90% proper speech sir Lawrence Oliver old Vic theatre proper speech Means Standard English for the Only professional training available Call Olia c. Petrie . 774-8290 Olia Petrie school of speech 660 Portage Sil Hueth Belt the Tummy Tamer keeps pot Euis w their puce if you have tried weighted beefs. Inflatable belts diet pills drinks and food you still carry Trie unsightly bulge around your Middle it is about time you used the Silhouette Belt until you find 4 successful Way to get into shape Why net in the meantime shape up with the ingenious Silhouette Belt the instant you put it on your Waist looks Slimmer and trimmer. Makes your shape and physique More attractive from the moment you attach it around your Waist. Adjustable from 26" to 50" and can be used by men women. Corries with the Miracle velcro closure. The Silhouette beit is your instant secret worn under Short. Dress or swimsuit. To o Meara Street this week s Lucky Jumble Winner is Barry Kiros o Meara Street. The winners were mrs. Marilyn Smith 775 Dorchester Avenue mrs. W. B. Davidson 1517 Mani Toba Avenue mrs. C. Marty a 142 Clyde Road Charles Neville 1490 Birds Hill Road Transcona and William h. Thiessen 223 Nassau Street suite 7. The winners cheques will be mailed shortly. Answers to jumbles 4258 to 4263 Are apron faint beside demise Insom Nia Glade Capon vellum foam on the k a n g e elate saute whinny booked Awat from heels idiom Belle Fedora lounge a Blindfold eject Sahib killer belong their Knees admit vague enable Bushel to save Tine. He charged that a number of guerrilla groups were opposed to the ceasefire and were trying to sabotage it. The charge that Jordan had broken the ceasefire agreement was made by egyptian presi Dent Gamal Abdel Nasser in a Cable sent to Hussein and broadcast Over radio Amman. It was sent in the names of nine Arab countries whose leaders have been holding an Emer gency Summit in Cairo. News reports from Jordan Friday night said the fighting had ended. The round the clock curfew which had been in effect in Amman for More than a week was lifted for five hours daily radio Amman said. However the Al Fatah information office in Beirut Leba non said violent fighting broke continued continued out at Dawn outside Amman today. A spokesman reported an attack by Royal troops on guerrilla positions at Zarqa. He said the fighting was for control of a Bridge on the Road from Amman to Zarqa 15 Miles Northeast of the capital. The Royal troops retreated after having suffered heavy losses he said. But Amman radio reported earlier that the curfew in Zarqa would be lifted today implying that the area was in jordanian army hands. Nasser charged that a Horri ble massacre was going on in Jordan in violation of All Arab and human the Cable drafted at a meeting attended by palestinian guerrilla Leader Yasser Arafat said jordanian assurances that Hussein s com Manders would observe the ceasefire were completely Bro Ken and devoid of any real a the Cable said a delegation of four Arab leaders beaded by sudanese president Jaafar Aini merry reported after returning from their ceasefire Mission in Jordan that there was a determination on the part of Jordan Ian authorities to continue the Libya announced this morning that it was breaking off Diplo Matic relations with Jordan. Earlier Libya s strongman col. Muammar Sadafi pro posed an Arab police Force to supervise the truce in Jordan. Israeli sources estimated that about persons were killed during the nine Days of fighting in Jordan including some combatants on both sides and about civilians. The sources listed about wounded. The figures were obtained through various Chan Nels they said. Sixteen hijacked airline Pas sengers who were released from Captivity by jordanian forces Friday awaited word that they the official said no very rapid or dramatic development is expected in Cuba. The United states was watching closely the work that suggests a submarine base under construction. We want to see for what Type of weapons it would be suitable and similar he said. We Are not at this moment in a position to say exactly what they the activity he added. We will continue to observe them and at the right moment we will take the action that seems earlier in the Day the Pentagon announced that it has firm indications the soviets deaths fighting despite All attempts to Hart the the message appeared to place Nasser and the other Arab Leaden squarely behind the palestinians. Hussein said his troops abide by the ceasefire and will continue to abide by this decision in the face of intolerable provocations by perverted elements of the palestinian resistance movement but guerrilla chieftain Arafat whisked from Jordan Friday night to join the Arab Summit meeting in Cairo urged his men today to stand fast in the face of the jordanian army if they did not want the same Fate As Chil _ Dren and wounded whom be of 1859 Bannatyne Avenue St said were butchered by sol James Assiniboia widow of Diers at the Amman Hospital. Would be flown out of Jordan possibly today. The Hijack Vic Swiss British and West German being interrogated on their experience by jordanian officials. There was no word on the Fate of 38 other hostages All Ameri cans held by the guerrillas since they were hijacked to the jordanian desert on three planes sept. 6 and 9. In other developments Arab guerrillas launched today their first attack on an israeli settlement since the Start of the jordanian War. The israeli military command said a rocket was fired from Lebanon at Ramot Naftali in the upper Galilee but caused no casual ties. Israel accused Egypt of continuing to build anti aircraft missile Sites near the Suez canal in grave violation of the Middle East ceasefire. The israeli chief of staff it Gen. Haim bar lev said Hussein is losing his grip and Israel stands ready to combat any state of deterioration along its Border with Jordan. Britain s foreign Secretary sir Alec Douglas Home told a b1igham, 52, of Toronto. D Deschambault 75, of 464 Valade Street St Boni face. Foot mrs. Samiy Glt ski mrs. Anew who 57, of 2104 Gallagher Avenue. Johnson Jemie Elisabeth 97, Victor Johnson. Mccorquodale Augasta 78, of 188 Roseberry Street St James Assiniboia. Mcneal Gatton. Gladys am Arafat said in a statement broadcast Over Palestine radio that the group of criminals who attacked Ashraf Iya Hospi Tal after the ceasefire Friday news conference at the United nations that a new Start to mid dle East peace talks rests particularly with Egypt were establishing some Type of permanent submarine base at Cienfuegos on the cuban South coast. It is a deep water Harbor to which soviet warships have called for refuelling and recreation twice in the past year following exercises in the Atlan tic and in the Caribbean. These ships have included Fri Gates and conventional submarines that carry 180-mile mis Siles which could be fitted with nuclear warheads. Nuclear pow ered attack submarines have also called there. So far As is known however no Long Range Polaris Type mis Siles have been on vessels Stop Ping in cuban ports but nuclear subs with such weapons regularly patrol off the . East coast. Pentagon spokesman Jerry w. Friedheim said . Intelligence has discerned move ments Over the past few months of barges and other equipment into Cienfuegos that could serve As support facilities for subs. No permanent facilities for War ships now exist in or around the port. Informed sources said u-2 flights this week found construction work that could provide logistical support facilities for submarines since similar work provides such facilities for soviet submarines nuclear and otherwise in Russia ports. It will be minimum wage Day again in Manitoba thursday. That s the Day oct. 1 the provincial minimum wage rises to an hour from the present the most recent mini mum wage Day was dec. 1, 1969, when the wage Rose to from spokesmen for business have been predicting prices will increase As a result of thursday s Rise. Restaurateurs for instance say that a 20-cent cup of Coffee will be the Rule. In april labor minister a. R. Russ Paulley of Manitoba estimated to workers in the province mostly in the res t a u r a n to laundry repair shop Hospital and garment industries will be affected by the increase. The Federal minimum wage already is after thursday the Only province to have a higher minimum will be Alberta it goes to there thurs Day. Ontario s minimum is to Rise to thursday Brit ish Columbia s already is in Manitoba As of thurs Day the minimum wage for workers under the age of 18 will Rise an hour from within six months of a Job inexperienced workers will have to be paid at least the minimum. But during the first three months of employment inexperienced workers minimum pay will be instead of the present the second three months it will be instead of thereafter the regular minimum will apply. Augusta a. To meet . Golf association specifications a Golf Ball May be constructed of any material but must not exceed a velocity of feet per second when struck on the Urga s testing device. It May not weight More than 1.62 ounces nor be less than 1.68 inches in diameter. Bruce n. Rosner optometrist Eyck examined. Contact Lent. 208 recent w. 222-2030 Transcona time Money do it yourself rent a truck 942-3366 a now open v Oakview place senior it Zens personal care nursing Home featuring 24 or. Nursing care physiotherapy non sectarian religious services decor. Furnishings dietary facilities Are Dpi Grid to maintain an atmosphere As warm the residents own Home. Complete recreational facilities licensed dining room cocktail lounge 3 acres of Park like property offering landscaping and gardening facilities. J Caff. 888-3005 2395 Ness ave., St. James com to shopping Contra Man alive he s a Pue Cine go course 6mdiute dirty fogs Boston because of soot Dau Carnegie founder it s alive to new ideas new associations new challenges and there Art More than a million like him the Dale Carnegie course teaches the Art of dynamic personal communication How to project yourself into the life and work about you How to understand others and motivate them. Knowing that your communications channels Are and Clear helps you think under pressure. Being Able to make yourself understood enables you to get along better with others generate enthusiasm enjoy respect and recognition. The Confidence and self fulfilment the Dale Carnegie course can bring you May even help you Cam advancement in your Job. Thousands of men and women Art living Richer and Fuller lives As a result of the benefits of Dale car Negie courses. Perhaps you too can Benefit. And dirt fogs Over cities Gener ally last longer and Are More dense than those in open country. Class now forming phone or write for information rate by l at Ciatu 402 of armm. Fai 117-1717 professionally decorated show Homes will now be sold Possession. Numy 1st, 1971 prices have Boh reduced had used sub machine guns to mow Down the wounded to decapitate the and a bal is dizard of Canada limited a fact . Tox 775. Station Toronto 12, Ontario kit at s9.9s . Item earner if not a twice Montt Mot Oulu weft Orr 6a, of 113 Chandos Avenue St Boniface. Fat Teitson pail 20, of to Campbell Street son of Sam j i Nimery was reported to have mrs mafia told the Cairo Summit that the of Vita Man., widow of John j jordanian army shaded the j egyptian embassy while the Schmau Etta 74, of 3002 Wal miss ii was Amman Bam a team St James-As-1 and that the tree pc forced their. Way into the Ashraf Iya Hospital telew1ak mrs pc filing an mate 74, of Tui Exve of St Niver Viii Bov Pierre. Man. J 2 Accident victim Man. St Pierre ramp re Wrt Fiat tact boy was we after wvriv0i m m near his Home. Hektor Riks Rcw Sam some of fret or visit these Homes open 1-9 . Sunday these luxuriously decorated display Homes have such features As customized drapes and tracks Rich pile carpeting professionally decorated with lavish use of wallpaper. Contoured landscaping and recreation rooms. 743 Kildare Averie East pwn Gay Tun com temp none 222-9913 to 222-4555 25. The Ift my f 1. 1, t. 4 Vnti it

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