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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 2

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWin pig Mil puss saturday sir Rihr 1970 democracy is hollow in Southeast Asia by Dennis Bloodworth 1 the dignified gentleman in the Blue mohair suit the restrained club tie and the Well polished Black shoes threaded his Way towards me through the mob in the air conditioned Sarawak bar we Shook hands. He or dered lager and As he raised his Glass to drink the Tattoo Marks on his Finger joints told me he was that uncommon Type of collector the successful head Hunter for each Blue knuckle in North Borneo is equivalent to a notch on a gun in Nebraska. A Paramount chief of sea yaks or bans a native people of Sarawak whose otherwise unexceptionable manners have been marred by the Pursuit of this regret table Hobby he had been presented earlier that eve Ning to the Duke of Edin Burgh who was on a world tour in Kuching. On the Morrow i was to watch one of his colleagues lightly Clad in a str what a Khaki jacket and with an intricate i by tattooed Bare backside j deliver a Loyal address be fore Colony s distinguished visitor in the legislative Council. It was 1959, and the spread Eagle Terri tories of North Borneo acquired by Britain in grosser Days with the irritating ease of a millionaire making yet More Money were still Colo Nial dependencies. Despite the March of time it hardly seemed Likely that these amiable but illiterate men with their beatle cuts and illuminated Bottoms would one Day sit in the Federal parliament of an Independent Malaysia. But within five years one of them would in fact be a minister. The Queen s husband is of widespread interest especially among the Murutes. The chiefs of this diminish ing up River people alarmed by their falling birthrate discuss a roman tic proposal based on their traditions of open and polygamous hospitality whose adoption would serve the double purpose of doing Honor to the Royal visitor and of multiplying their number considerably. The suggestion is put to the women of this tribe and meets with a More than favourable response. But alas their Paramount chief is dissuaded by some officious British bureaucrat from broaching to the Duke himself. The Murutes continue to decline. Many of the natives brought to the coast to be shown to the Duke were a water tap a bicycle an electric Light bulb and the sea for the first time. But the moment wis t o come disconcertingly quickly when these Terri tories would be faced with the strange business of electing 40 representatives to the lower House in Kuala Bumpur. Like most of Southeast Asia they were hardly ready for the experience. The knowledge of tribes men in Borneo and Central Vietnam alike is often limited by the distance they can paddle or walk in one Day. There Are laotian villages in which even the headman cannot quite remember the name of the prime minister and where the Ordinary voter May not know the name of his own country or where it is or that other countries exist at All. In Thailand the peasants recognise their King but May look Blank of you men Tion any strongman who has been be Devilling thai politics for the last Quarter of a Century. In Vietnam in 1967 there were isolated villagers who were still unaware that president Ngo Dinh diem had been butchered four years before and who knew nothing of their latest in Small smart Aleck Singapore my wife Ping once asked two women construction workers in their red head dresses and faded Blue denims what they thought of Premier Lee Kuan Yew. They gazed at us thoughtfully for a moment faces of Cigar Box Wood tilted slightly upward. Then one lifted a hand like an old meat Board and asked carefully do you mean the Short fat one or the tall thin in earlier Singapore elections wily canvassers were known to have told the illiterate that All they had to do was to put a Cross against the second name on the list when they entered the poll ing Booth. This would be their own the ruse worked except when the voter unintentionally double crossed them by holding the ballot paper upside Down. When voting is not compulsory up to 70 per cent of the electorate May not bother to go to the polls and democracy becomes the business of Sharp professional Power seekers and pressure groups if it is allowed to survive at All. We can t afford a vietnamese Whiz kid told me glaring gloomily at the gun flashes across the Sai gon River Over his dry mar Tini. It is not just the Viet Cong. The peasants Are too ignorant too easily what he meant was that they were amateurs who should be kept out of the club. The 1967 elections in South Vietnam hailed As a Triumph of the people s will were in reality a modest mechanical Success. Many Only voted because they were told to and then for the Man their Village Heads or religious mentors indicated. There have been other causes for the demise of democracy in Southeast Asia. High on the list must stand Man s Genius for disagree ing with Man and the popu Lar conviction among politicians that two parties Are better than one because then there will be twice As Many jobs for the boys. The modest vietnamese hive never had More than 50 Par ties at a time and the thais 25, but in the 1955 general elections in Indonesia 169 publisher critical Canada turning Back on nato in matters of defence and foreign policy. Canada s reputation in the Western world is Al most extinct says r. S. Malone. Publisher and editor in chief of the Winnipeg free press. Or. Malone told the Canadian infantry association Friday in Minto armoury Here that can selves Why Russia is building Lup this great military strength i so i he said that if nato the score of Western defences col i lapses or is lacking in strength i world peace May Well be sacrificed and another generation i could be committed to the trag j Edy of an even greater War than ithe second world War or in itself from the world and walk out of its nato Alliance at a critical time and Britain is being forced to Send another brigade to fill the Gap Canada has left in the nato defence lines in Europe. Much of our own self respect has vanished. We no longer command the same Confidence and respect of our two closest friends England and the United criticized the unification of the Canadian forces j saying j surely the time has come to acknowledge this mistake and quietly Bury the idea of unification together with our humiliation of the Green Arfons. Certainly an armoured officer can dress like a garage me chanic in the Field but it is still essential thai he belong to a Dis he said it was 37 years ago once of Churchill. Roosevelt and Mackenzie King came to a close arid the decision to go ahead Vith operation overlord. In Vasion of Normandy was made. Liberate Northwest Europe. It is the defence of this area the North Atlantic comma tiry on Irlich Canada in now Jami Jig her or. Said i is a Dene he said that in considering and organization in the Canad an forces we should remember i that to a Large extent a society gets pretty Well what it for. No More and no less in its defence forces. It is time the Canadian pay in Tom some hard facts for a change so they Vid demand something better than on present defence or. I a. V a Sissas it. Den str. By it of Rorm political groups formed up to fight for 257 seats which were eventually shared among 27 of them. Nor have Asia s Parlia m e it a r y always preserved the dignified Mien popularly associated with both Western democracy and the Wisdom of the East. In 1966 an elected Legisla Tor in South Korea lowered the tone of debate by fling ing a badly secured parcel of human Bordure at the government benches while in Malaysia a state Assembly Man brandished a naked Kirs a Snake bladed Dag Ger and challenged a col league a Duel on the floor of the House. At the turn of 1970 a woman Deputy in Sai gun tried to shoot a tire some colleague in mid ses Sion. If the americans Are sometimes b 1 a m e d for moulding their client states into monstrous mutants of modern democracy it must be admitted that they have often had poor Clay on which to work. I have seen the Montecito Rio in Rome and the assembled National in Paris turned into close packed battlefields As age ing deputies launched them selves at each other kick ing punching tearing viciously at each others throats and ripping up Woodwork for weapons when a whole company of police charged in to quell the riot. Nor Are corruption graft sex scandals drug dreams and ballot fixing entirely unknown among the voting systems of the West. But while Europe acquired democracy Asia had democracy thrust upon it and Many of Asia s masters look upon a parliament much As a their forebears looked upon it Well turned out elephant it should be thoroughly domesticated and docile and there must be no doubt As to who rides whom. It May then be an ornament to the state and a Symbol of National integrity and pres t i g e conveying unquestioned authority. But if it goes wild it should at once be curbed and if necessary liquidated. Democracy is still some what unfairly in the Dock As a delinquent suspected of breaking the peace in the first its egalitarian ethics under gloomy scrutiny. Its most implacable enemy has not been the sub stance of communism but its Shadow. In the last couple of decades military Lead ers have seized Power from ineffectual or corrupt politicians in Pakistan Thailand Burma Indonesia and South Korea. The communists Are dedicated to the overthrow of government by fair Means or foul. A Young asian state that tries to fight them with constitutional Liberty there fore is like an inexpert adolescent who tackles an armed thug according to Queensberry rules Many asian politicians say and he should be rescued from his own scruples. Which is worse they ask to betray democracy by allowing free Dom to those who will de stroy Freedom or to betray it by restricting their rights As citizens the communists do not have to discredit their enemy the anti communists do it for them. In South Korea a National Security act outlaws any action or speech which might Lead to results advantageous to the new thai Constitution which restored democracy to the kingdom in 1969 is Well perforated with loopholes. It guarantees the rights of the citizen except where they affect National and it guarantees Freedom of speech except where the government rules that it May be harmful to the National in an Indonesia still queasy with communist unrest president Suharto having armed himself with special prerogatives repeatedly postponed Long promised elections. In Malaysia hundreds of political suspects Are held under lock and key without trial. In Singapore More than 50 leftists still languish in detention. It is not always easy to say whether All these manoeuvres Are designed to save democracy the state or just the ruling party in each Case but the psychological effect is much the same. To the Western Democrat however the reaction of Many asians of the older generation might seem As startling As his own inverted image in a concave Mir ror. For these do not cry out at the bruised visage of democracy they see it rather As a i pier Machi Maik of deceit which in recant years has often Boen clamped Over the homely familiar visage of Oriental autocracy. It is not so much the dictatorship that one vietnamese told me of diem before his death but the hypocritical imitation of democracy we have to con ceal it with in order to please the United for when the free West first peddled a for every Man As the Panacea for past ills the colonized East had been suffering not from despotism at Home so much As domination from abroad. It was not dying for democracy but living for the Day when it would pfc its own Boss. Copyright 1970 Dennis Bloodworth. Reprinted from an Eye for the dragon Southeast Asia observed 1954-70, published by seeker and Warburg Lon Don. City of Winnipeg notice the Sudbury and area disaster Relief fund on August 20th, 1970, winds of Hurricane Force devastated the Sud pry area. A number of people lost their lives some were left homeless and others suffered severe Home damage and financial loss. Many citizens of Winnipeg will recall the generosity of the people across Canada and elsewhere in contributing to the fund established to help victims of the flood in Winnipeg in 1950. Citizens of Winnipeg Are therefore urged to. Contribute generously to the Sudbury and area disaster Relief fund or. G. H. Hatton Secretary treasurer . Box 1000, Sudbury Ontario. Authorized by the Council of a. E. Sanger Deputy City clerk. Refit cred with direct this at 617 Cedar credit priv n. Kildonan mid at in 18 Days. Owner lived in commission charges. This Home sold privately a one time registration fee of 95 eliminated ail commission costs direct realty listing services offers you the same effective services that were provided for the satisfied seller of the above Home. The Cost is a one time registration fee. There is no Cost to the buyer at and time. So Call. Direct 109 Henderson Hwy. Mpg. 15, Man. 338-8352 or 334-1228 these Are the people Call the col e. T. Much cow . C. W. Latte Hlll Canadian s. M. Tar twi son mkt. Ellis Bank of Montreal Richardson 4 sew Ltd. Ariate for the untied Way team on its drive to reach the 1970 -1971 goal of j. A. To Coulter Manitoba federation of labour h. A. Herman Crewson Manitoba Hospital association inc. W. F. Will Griffiths Canada Safeway limited we. E. Ireland Pitblado Hodikin i co. C. To Mimir most me cafe Grain co. Ltd. Datcu aim Monarch lift a Swance co. H. J. Howard icon in Larry t. Mcd Manj Manitoba society. Bank of Montreal a. 1 is Leach Federal Grain limited Ian m. Lillie Jay television station d. D. Mowl Cal p. S. 4 partners Brian i. Mccalum Rupert s land trading co. Mrs. F. H. Jirar Mcday i c. Tour be Norm Rupert s land trading co. Sokanee resident United Way arts want k. A. Andy win Campaign chairman vice f resident Minaki Lodge l v i of Standard Lite Assur Artie co. I a ill i m greater Winnipeg Gas co. Aumm.1 4 co. in the Community interest it the breath wmnipe6 Gas company great West life Assurance co. Investors Syndicate a Moteo f. T Temh Tut he c too theatres labour of is " tit

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