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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaNew Leisure Winnipeg free press saturday september 26, 1970 Young adults the Rock scene by Ritchie Yorke at the present time it s much in Vogue to consider the band As the successors to the beatles Crown. Various non Rock oriented pop critics have acclaimed the band As the finest group on the scene and time Magazine recently accorded the group a cover and five inside pages of startling super hype. I am one pop writer not persuaded by this hype. True the band have carved a Niche for themselves and the music they play is a style which they have Long since perfected. But what the band lacks and what most current groups Lack is versatility. And that was the beatles Grea test asset. Just listen to Abbey Road again sometime and you la see Why there will never be a successor to the beatles. Viewed in full dimension the beatles were times bet Ter than the band or any band for that matter. Rock critics should be extremely judicious in their use of hip hyper Bole when comparisons with the beatles Are involved. I make these Points to establish some sort of perspective on the band s third album stage fright which Capi Tol has just released. Needless to say it s far too easy to get caught up in the Hurricane of hype surrounding the band. Stage fright is another excellent album of country Rock. The band formula which was established on the two previous albums is maintained throughout the new up. There Are several occasions when you feel As though you be heard it All before but that in t necessarily bad. You can t help but feel that the band is trying deathly hard to be commercial. Several of the tracks Are pushed along at a fearless top 40 Pace and therefore Lack the relaxed easy rolling feel of earlier cuts. Stage fright also lacks a song in the classic category of up on cripple Creek the weight or the night they drove old Dixie Down. But Over All the instrumentation which is. Of course the group s Forte is tight and Well arranged. Clearly the songs were thoroughly rehearsed before the sessions at Woodstock. Side one opens with Strawberry wine a Robbie Robertson Lavon Helm uptempo blues number with a Fine vocal. Sleeping is. As its name implies a slow countr Yish number featuring steel guitar and some tasteful Tempo changes. Things got Funky on time to kill a punchy uptempo tune with interesting lyrics. The Funk continues into just another whistle Stop. Which is a Little looser than time to kill. You la be amused by Robbie s guitar Solo which leans heavily on the Eric Clapton style of picking. The first Side closes with All la glory which is slower and full of feeling. A very talented track it s going to be Nice to dig through the coming Winter nights. All of the songs on Side two were written by Robert son which is no Small testimony to his composing talents. The shape i m to is probably the Best track on stage fright. Uptempo and Bluesy with a Long and very enjoy Able instrumental Section. The w. S. Walcott Medicine show is the rag mama rag of this album. The Melody is slightly familiar but the chorus is very infectious. Garth Hudson contributes an old fashioned sax break in the Middle. A probable single. Piano accordion opens up Daniel and the sacred Harp and the instrumentation includes steel guitar fiddle and acoustic guitar. Lovon does some Nice things with the Bass drum pedal. The title track turns out to be a medium Tempo song. It s of. But tie last Cut is the Rumor which Rolls along in a pleasant manner with a memorable Robertson guitar Solo. The cover features a striking poster of the group bound around n mishmash of color which does t really make it. I Don t really think that stage of Ghr surpasses either music from big Pink or the band. Nor is it disappointing. It is simply a continuation of what has gone Down before. It Doe show one thing the band has a Long Way to go before it can be compared with the beatles. And come to think of it they be also got some work to do before they reach the level of either pro col Harum or Crosby. Stills Nash and Young both of Juch Are closer to the beatles of versatility than anyone else on the scene. Y Lyn Eade for those who believe or would like to believe that the current trend toward astrology is imported Glenn Blakesley proves the contrary. Born and raised on Manitoba Avenue where his parents still reside and mar ried to a Winnipeg girl or. Blakesley considers himself a professional astrologer with a code of ethics that should be taken for granted. The relationship be tween astrologer and client is both per Sonal and confidential. There has recently been a fantastic Rise of True astrology As opposed to the travesties found in newspapers and drug store stands that is commercialized As he said in a recent interview. Or. Blakesley born oct. 1, 1946 at . Cost noted there Are two Basic ele ments in the practice of astrology the mathematic and the artistic. The mathematical part comes in the drawing up of a Chart using standardized symbols for the various solar bodies and determining the relationships of one to the other. The artistic Side comes in interpreting these symbols in both their placements in the various zodiacal signs and in their interrelationships. A Chart can be drawn up for any Given time and any Given place for a variety of reason ranging from political to personal the latter called a Natal Chart. There will always be the person who Only wants to hear about themselves though they Are not truly interested in what astrology has to offer. To me. A Natal Chart is a symbolic picture of a Man s destiny and by discovering the ele ments of that destiny i believe a person has a greater possibility of fulfilling All his potentials. A Natal Chart and Reading is a directional rather than a definitive or. Blakesley continued for me. Every birth has a reason since Mankind in t Complete. Certain elements Are con Stant As symbolized in the 12 signs and 10 planets the Moon being considered a planet for astrological purposes but each and every Chart is different and the chances of two charts being identical Are virtually according to some studies children born at the same time and latitude called astrological twins have surprisingly Simi Lar lives even though born into totally Dif Ferent environments. Astrology does t presume to dictate externals such As so Cial position but it can indicate types of illnesses personal events such As marriage and number of children sudden changes in Fortune. Or. Blakesley became interested in astrology and the occult which he defines As a secret knowledge being divulged in late 1967 while in a Drunken stupor in i had to put an order to the he smiled. Previously he had travelled Over most of the continent and had spent some time on the Bahamas in his search for a direction. His introduction to astrology came from another Winnipeg Ger Irv Kazlov who gave him Louis Mcneil aces Book called astrology. He subsequently took a correspondence course through the faculty of astrological studies in London England. In Early 1969 he returned to Winnipeg and married. After several casual jobs taken to make ends meet while he continued Reading and learning the finer Points of astrology he decided to take a leap into a form of commercialism. Gathering financial backing from Winnipeg friends in widespread social circumstances he opened Poseidon Book shop Ltd. At 218 Osborne Street june 21, 1970 at the exact time of the summer sol Stice . He decorated the Oblong store with fishnets built his own bookshelves and moved his desk and study materials from his Home. He then set out the beginnings of what he Hopes to be a Well rounded selection of publications on occult mat ters. His merchandise ranges from mimeographed sheets to ornate hardbound books on subjects such As Divinatory practices i Ching. Tarot palmistry. Numerology and Kabala. Psychology and handwriting analysis. Zen Alchemy religion All the varied forms of magic and of course texts on astrology. I m not defining limits in my Selec Tion of books he said i am trying to fill the needs of my Community so i fill requests but i also rely on my own taste and the shop includes a private office for the practice of or. Blakesley profession. He also conducts a three month course in astrology beginning with the rudiments and progressing to what he Calls creative astrology. The store for me is a balance of spirit and matter the love of knowledge and the love of the Dollar. I Hope it also provides a place for others to localize their talents. The bookshop is at a delicate Point right he said. It can Supply As Long As there is a demand. It is time for Winnipeg to open up to a lot of things. This is a very psychic though t hate the word City secret hid Den and apparently conservative Pivo Tal. It is. Iii to he. A fruitful town. For myself the Only Gamble is a financial one. Already the shop has introduced people from diversified Back grounds to each other and to a Broad spectrum of what a suddenly become a popular interest the

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