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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1914, Page 28

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - September 12, 1914, Winnipeg, Manitoba Women s Section women s Section Winnipeg saturday september 12, 1914. By a woman s voice. To trios i. Garrison in the Delineator hat is it you hear above the of a nation sound of clamor and shout n Nickins ready for War sin l voice Little More than a whisper int oily the Paul vice j a i of of woman t hear Jih Ove the sound of runs one Turri ii or Junen embarking. I. No proving any More the to Are done Ami said Sciug through the House in my v roil int the prayers still the i m nouns Hick in glad r from Elln papers they the word to me. Of their mothers How y flight to be l s a Over your never a Man s words i c scorn he thought the lad was warm in my Ard he what but i Sci a my Pride when was Horn is breast. Be he said. Twas the word that me a Roui h my son dead in a land i never knew women know when glory s won the outre he meant the word for the i knew uie lad was born. And his head warm on my breast. Only a woman s and a Stag but i hear above the sound of Mon embarking1. Over the Tea cups. Canada to realize the awful significance of the War but to the women of Surope its meaning is made dear in 110 Uncertain Way and How splendidly they Are rising to meet the crisis. Fro everywhere come the stories of their sacrifices. Often they Are Tak ing up the work left by the absent men always they Are helping. M. Viviani the Premier of France Early in the Campaign when it was seen that great numbers of the Able bodied men would be taken away from the land issued an Appeal to the women of Durance to take up the work that has been Laid Down by the men who go to the front. He asked them to do the Field work that is necessary in order that a Good Harvest May be assured for the provision4ng of France while their husbands sons and Brothers Are the workers have gone in a three the richest defending their country. In the Alpine districts and in the splendidly have the women of the country answered the Call of the City for help it r unemployed girls and splendidly have the City women organized and Iii realized their efforts the various societies joining in a commit tee under the local Council to the end that everything May be done As efficiently As possible. When i suggested the y. W. C. A. Last week if a Centre for applications for help by the girls it was because of the wide knowledge of this institution among the wage earning women of the City but obviously institutions both Large and Small will have to co operate it fiver lapping is to be pre vented. For instance suppose a girl applies to the y. For Aid. Answers the Secretary we can find you a Good Home for the Winter at such and such a girl accepts Aad goes on her Way. Secretary forms Friend at country Point. In the meantime the girl goes to the Csc Bureau and finds something bet Ter suited to her taste. She accepts Tut entirely neglects to inform the i v. C. A. Pcs freely admit her manners Lack the vere Cie vere stamp but such a thing can happen and does happen. Jou will observe what a mix up this would cause but this difficulty will be obviated by Means of this Central Small villages in Switzerland the women old and Young aided by old men Are gathering in the crops slowly even Small children helping As All the male population have disappeared to join Thi Ai. Old women experts May be seen cutting the Hay. Both the Grain and fruit crops Are very Good in Switzerland this year. Offering to serve. In Switzerland it is said women am offering to serve As soldiers Many of the women Are splendid Rifle shots. In the Canton of Ai Tragau it is reported that two Young women in uniform with their hair Cut off tried to been rolled but forgot the fact that they had to undergo a medical examination which ordeal they refused to face. How they obtained their uniforms and arms is not yet known. In the streets trains and can often hear the phrase from Swiss women i Don t mind going to War and fighting. My husband has gone what can i do in Russia women Are replacing the men in factories and acting As House porters and Tram conductors. Owing to the absence of so Many Tramway servants in Paris recalled to the colors it has been necessary to Appeal for help to the tra Waymen s families and the services Are being worked by the assistance of the wives and daughters of the absent men. Travellers in Belgium have told that though the Harvest this year s a Plen and the work is stayed. Hours journey through part of the country not a single male Field worker was seen. The however Are acting in heroic fashion and the gifts of nature will not be lost. Belgium women defend towns. At Gerstal in Belgium the women employed at the National arms fac tory have it is reported been making a noteworthy defence against the g or Man Uhland. The men having All been drafted into their regiments the town was defended against the Geiman at tack by the women who swore that the enemy should never take the fac tory. They armed themselves with revolvers and other weapons and re pulsed several charges. Suffragists of Holland. The women suffragists of Holland have Laid aside their own work in or Der to lend their services to the coun try. Miss Martina c. Romers writes to the woman s journal from Rotter dam ".fortunately, in Holland we have no War but the anxiety and Tho financial crisis have been Felt just the same when the order for mobilization came. Tho most Active part the male population has been suddenly called away from their work and Busi Ness and the hands that were ready to get in the Harvest now hold rifles and guns to protect the frontiers Ali International traffic has ceased and Tho country stands on its own resources women Are rising to the occasion our organizations have Stoj Jed Al work for their oven alms and encouraged their members to devote their time and Energy to Public Servito. Thus the woman suffrage association Hab at once put a Stop to the collection of signatures for its National petition claiming constitutional Equality Lor men and women which was half plated and has urged All truly Public spirited suffragists to offer their ser vices to try to fill up Tho gaps in productive work left after the mobilization order. Of course that is not an easy Job. And every per. N is not Al for every kind of work willing though they May be and now it is the Busi Ness of the women organizers who Are tog Ether in every Large City to find a place for Willi. Helper and care that the Supply of food and the traffic be continued As satisfactorily As possible and that bakeries groceries and dairies tramways and Post All Public service continue to be looks like a Feather duster but is just a smart new Winter hat this dashing hat is of velvet and White feathers a Bandeau of the Plum age encircling the head and a huge Wing ascending from the Crown. Clusters of Aigret project from the sides of the hat. 18th 2nd j ear or molars. Need frequent attention. The Teeth will need frequent Atten Tion. They should be carefully cleaned with a Little pad of Cotton Wool tied on a1 thing stick or by a very soft tooth Brush after each meal. In breast fed children the constitutional disturbances during teething Are usually very slight but if fed artificially every care must be Token with the diet and As i said before to avoid cold or draughts and to keep the bowels Well open. Household affairs Good news for the Home dressmaker by Lillian e. Young after her hard won Battles with the duplicated and elusive methods of draping that the past two years Fash on have exacted of her the Home dressmaker May sit Back with ease in a puckered brow to the compare ively easy task of producing this year s eng straight tunics and a draped de signs for one May reasonably state hat even the woman of modest sartorial accomplishments need scarcely waste a sigh Over these apparently simple effects. All is Clear sailing now where before it took a vast Cour age to those strangely Cut portions of a paper pattern that resolved themselves into a draped Model and an indefatigable persistence to put them together. Of hello it May look a trifle complicated the illustrated frock should not in reality prove difficult to make. It is a pleasing design for the Tail and is developed in a delicate Shade or pea Green crepe de Chine and Black Satin. The Satin is used for the Sie Edesess jumper the shallow Pouch in Gat tie top of the tunic and for Trio Snir Rea panel that swings Over the Back of the skirt. The jumper Jii front is out out in a deep v disclose a a fat Stu Quimpo. Of. Which Tho turnover Collar in Back is a part. So tache embroil fit trims the top of the crepe de China sleeves and is applied solidly to tha Girdle Sash and again a the form of a Border around the tunic. A band of Skunk about the hips makes a novel trimming and a pretty finish where the two materials meet. The of course needs Only a thin silk top and of Don t forget that the Fine so tache braid ing must be done in the self Sama Shade of Green As the dress material with maybe just a touch of Black out line stitch running through de sign. Lots of Paola Alvs acs vice who Haven t any to spare. Not bins succeeds Liko its the Way failures fail. Hints to the Young Mother dentition by mrs. N. Beck the process of dentition teething is a troublesome and dangerous one and the child will need the very greatest care and attention at this More especially if he is fed artificially. Convulsions sometimes occur and Diar committee v can be Rhea is not uncommon. Sometimes the skin becomes covered with a rash or by an eruption of pimples and occasionally eczema is present. These rashes May need treatment to prevent chafing and irritation but will usually disappear As soon As the period of dentition is passed the child feels generally out of sorts and is often peevish and irritable and must be treated with every referred. Nov just one word to the girls Tjie Rageles. It is no disgrace to be out of work this season. We Are in lie midst of extraordinary conditions our views of life must be recon would stand the test. If the Kaiser and May our restraint be such that his name becomes not a hissing in our Mouths has done More than reconcile factions. He has made Onu the people of an Empire. In very far. There Are no classes no creeds no barriers to Day. A Coal from the 2lur of has touched All our lips and we would to the least of us serve us we May. Let the girls Ajo come for help know this. There is no thought of Charity the hands reached Oil Are those of men and to Een who stand ready to Honor the presented in the name of we have still retained the tiniest bit of Famiie even if a sigh follows Quick the children on our streets have marching and counter marching for Days Brave in paper Caps Little swords and one hero even has 1 toy pistol we re a solemnly explained one five year old. Echoed Little sister. We going to fight the went on the Small person but we waited a while and they did t come so declared War on the kids of the most bad contrib w4 Little sister her mind evidently with world issues. Way t keep your Eye on the Tail merchant. Some of these yer a Jujj commendable despatch be seized upon the world troubles As excuse to raise the prices of food 6-Rppues yet the numbers or consume not increased Only changed a for at least been Normal the Tab on such unscrupulous 8, to be on the prices of commodities. 31106 potatoes Are is3 cents that is in five or a lots. This is 3-, cents last your Al time. Hie Wagon Load they arc Only cents dearer. This is tie big t Rise of All and is accounted for me Laisui of the potato crop in parts of the country. Yet this is for the per Bushel even More demanded by the re ail hers. Creamery butter in 54 in. Boxes is per Pound or 2 cents higher in last year. Stay butter is is cents wholesale is about what it year s declare there is a Liberal sup f Tais n the country. A arc dozen cheaper the Etta of Lair commodity there in a sir eater of apply. It i v carcass beef is u cents per i i Tor the for quarters and cents for the hindquarters. This is is More than last year. Carrots and cabbage Are to i cent higher than last year. Does not object to the retailer a fair Fri rt., but it is clearly s misfortunes. 3 bought quantities can be wholesale at the City Square House and buy by wholesale at the a it and necessary St Veth i club together air what about the milk Supply i of the press that Edmonton he can no help Cross than , elves car. Help exclaiming when is have a tooth extracted. Guard against cold. Care must be taken to guard against cold and to keep the bowels freely open. Or convulsions May result. Careful dieting is More than Ever necessary at this critical time. In some rare cases when the gum is very much inflamed it is necessary to have it lanced but in most cases a Bone or rubber ring for the child to bits upon will be All that is required and it is certainly better to leave it to nature if possible. During teething the gum always becomes More or less swollen the child dribbles a great Deal. The temperature should be taken every night a Mouthful of Cool water at frequent intervals has a soothing effect upon the inflamed sums and seems to be greatly appreciated by most babies. The first Teeth Are called the milk Teeth and As a Rule commence to show themselves about the sixth or seventh month but there is of course much irregularly both As regards the time and the order of their appearance. Very often children inclined to have rickets will Cut their first Teeth at a late period and they will soon show signs of decay. The four Centre Teeth Are called the Central and those on either lateral then come the four the four first molars and the four second the full primary dentition is Twenty in each jaw. They usually make their appearance about the Fol lowing tide 6th Central incisors. 7th Central incisors. 9th lateral incisors. 10th lateral incisors. 12th molars. Old time recipes. These recipes have been gathered from old time books. They Are a be simple remedies used by our grand mothers and the recipes of a Cologne and a lip Salve that have the Merit o being pure and harmless to use. A Mustard is used for a counter irritant a Case of a pain in the Chest backache Etc. Into one Gill of boiling water stir one tablespoonful of Indian meal spread the paste thus made on a cloth and spread Over it one teaspoonful of dry Mustard. Equal parts of Mustard and flour made into a paste and spread Between two pieces of Muslin make a Mustard Plas Ter. Slippery Elm Tea for a teaspoonful of powdered Slippery Elm into a Tumbler pour hot water upon it and season with Lemon and sugar. Arnica Arnica and Wormwood in half i pint of cold water. When their virtue is extracted stir in a Little bran to thicken the liquid. The herbs must not be removed frown the liquid. Home made alcohol 1 gallon Oil of Lavender 12 drachmas Oil of Rosemary 4 drachmas essence of Lemon 12 drachmas Oil of Bergamot 12 drachmas Oil of cinnamon 12 drops. Lip White Wax 1 ounce Oil of almonds 3 ounce Oil of roses 6 drops orc Anette ounce. Home made medicines Are not recommended for science has advanced since the Days of our forefathers but if a physician and a pharmacy Are not at hand these simple remedies May prove useful. Best suggestion. To fill the cracks in plaster of Paris mixed with vinegar in Stead of water. Will give the Las Ter the consistency of Putty and it will not set for 20 or so whereas if water is used the plaster will har Den before you have time to use it if the cracks to be filled Are Many. To Wash Greasy pour a few drops tins and of ammonia into sex Ery Greasy roasting pan after filling the pan with hot water. If the pots and pans Are treated in this immediately after using and left to stand until it is time to Wash them the work of cleaning them will be found half done. Showing papa Why do some people use other kinds of shaving soap because they be never tried Colgate learn the Comfort of a Colgate shave. On receipt of 4 cts. In Stamps we will Send you a trial size of Colgate s shaving stick the magic Wand of shaving rapid shave powder the powder that shortens the shave or perfected shaving Cream. Mention your preference. Sold everywhere. Colgate co., dept . Of Cashmere bouquet Lattif refined. 3233 w. G. M. Shepherd Montreal sole agent for Canada. Thousands somewhere world at and it is a for nothing great English complexion soap the soap whose popularity girdles the Globe pears is the toilet soap that suits everybody. It is the King of soaps and the soap of it is so economical that one cake of pears lasts at Long As two of common soaps. And it be obtainable at All the leading. Stores in Canada 1957 results from the use of Newbro for impart big health to the Scalp and Luxuriance to the hair nothing excels Newbro s herbicide. It is familiarly known to thousand of users throughout the world As the original remedy for destroying Dandruff contagion and saving the hair and As a delightful hair dressing. The letter from mrs. C. K. Sharp of Luverne ala., which comes voluntarily and is a glowing tribute to the wonderful Power for Good concealed in this Well known Scalp prophylactic. Read mrs. Sharp s letter Luverne alta., feb. 16, 1913. I want to give my testimonial on the wonderful results of using herbicide. December 14th. 1911. We adopted a Little girl from the orphanage. Her head was almost entirely covered with what we term scaled one Side being entirely Bald. I used every remedy i Ever read or heard of including physicians prescriptions but they availed nothing. At last in desperation and As an. Expert ment because it in t advertised for that i began on herbicide. The first few applications stopped the itching. After using two and a half bottles she was entirely cured. I wish you could see her hair. If we had used any More herbicide i Don t know what we would Hare done with it As she already has hair enough for two. The Bald places Are Well covered and it is a Peculiar Tang that All the new hair is curly while the old hair is straight. The child whose name is Elcurtis is now eight years and Calls herself the herbicide mrs. C. K. Sharp. Bach Day reveals almost marvelous and frequently astonishing results achieved by the use of Newbro s Earp Icib. There Are surprises in every bottle which May be expected by the one who uses he Pidde carefully and intelligently. While the results Are not always of such an astonishing nature As those experienced by mrs. Sharp they Are invariably satisfying. Herbicide eradicates title contagion that causes Dandruff and thus checks itching of the Scalp and falling hair. The life Lustre and Luxuriance of the hair so intensely admired by everyone has come to be naturally associated with Newbro s Serpi cede the exquisite and delightful hair dressing. Try it and be convinced Send 10 cents for trial bottle and Booklet. See Coupon two sizes 50c and sold and guaranteed everywhere your Money Back if you Are not satisfied. Applications at the better Barber shops. Gordon Mitchell drug co., special agents

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