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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinning me saturday Octroi to a 19to Premier s report Call a government of doers rather than just talkers that is How premiered Schreyer assesses the performance of his new democratic party during its 15 months in office in Manitoba. The assessment is made in a nine Page report of the provincial Leader Given to the Manitoba new democratic i party 1870 convention at the hotel fort Garry. The conservative party and the Liberal party Are great at but when it comes to actually making the needed re forms they Are nowhere to be the Premier says in his report. By contrast the new democrats have enacted nearly 200 pieces of legislation while in of fice Premier Schreyer says. And we have done it in the face of considerable opposition from those in society who wish to preserve the status quo and vested interests that were untouched in the Manitoba of 500 Days the Premier in his report to the convention reviews his government s accomplishments of the past and its plans for the future. While in office he says it has reduced medicare premiums 88 per cent has raised the mini mum wage to an hour has introduced a Public Universal Auto insurance plan which Wil Start nov. 1, 1971, has started major new programs aimed Ai helping farm has begun More Public housing projects than in five years has passed a progressive consumer Protection act has lowered the minimum Legal age to 18 All this and several More pieces of legislation Are mentioned. In future legislative sessions the Premier promises his go eminent will do something about the unfair tax Burden presently carried by the property it will also do something about an unclear or illogical division of functions Between the Levels of Urban government. The Premier also urges that the government must gear up for significant financial inputs into economic development for treaty and non treaty indians of the province. Umsu May disband i continued but personally i Don t think there would be any real purpose in abolishing ourselves since there would be just another Type of similar organization formed anyway. What i feel we need is to restructure Umsu and try to think of a better Way to run the thing. But i doubt that Umsu will Ever be representative of the or. Fallows said the student Union Council has continually met with opposition to its projects such As a recent Telegram to prime minister Trudeau pro testing the imposition of the War measures act. On another occasion he said a group of students from the physical education department warned they would come Over to Umsu offices and break Worth of windows if the organization went ahead with its plans to donate to a protestor s movement. This is what we re War said they la jump up or. Fallows up and Down about anything we do. There is just general apathy but maybe when the kids graduate and can t find a Job they May remarks conflict maps say continued not be expected to pay All the extra costs involved or. Tru Deau indicated. Solicitor general George Mcilraith hinted it is the intention of the Federal government to offer a Reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the abductors of James Jasper Cross kidnapped nearly four weeks ago in Montreal. The total number arrested in Quebec under the War Mea sures act is 405. Of that number 273 have been re leased leaving 132 still being held behind bars. Ottawa has no information As yet As to the number of prisoners who have been charged or Are to be charged by the Quebec authorities or. Mcilraith disclosed. There were bitter exchanges hurled across the floor by opposition Leader Robert Stan Field former prime minister John Diefenbaker and or. Lewis As they challenged the government s handling of the terrorist situation in Quebec be fore and after invoking the War measures act. They pointed out that nearly four weeks have elapsed since or. Cross was abducted with Little Progress apparently made in finding the kidnappers. They accused the government continued four More arrested prime minister Trudeau was seen Friday night at Montreal s Queen Elizabeth hotel where Premier Bourassa has a suite but reporters were unable to confirm whether the two had met. Or. Trudeau s office said was visiting his Mother and friends. The Federal government is preparing a Bill to be introduced in the commons next week to supplant the Regula ions of the War measures act. The regulations which came into effect oct. 16, allow police o arrest in suspicion and hold without charge for 21 Days. A number of the 132 persons in ail Friday were arrested oct. 6. Justice minister Jerome Cho Uette confirmed Friday that Harges of treason which car ies the death penalty or life in Rison and sedition up to 14 ears May be Laid against ome. The Bourassa government roused at the Laporte slaying is said by informed sources to be pressing for suspension of jury trials in the expected Fly cases. Or. Bourassa fending off criticism that his government Over reacted in seeking use of the War measures act to Deal with a state of apprehended insurrection said Friday night it would have been stupefying naivety to depend on Normal methods. In times like these we must bypass or eliminate traditional he said in a television interview. We Are fighting a new kind of where a Small group can effect a Kidnap. It is not easy to fight this form of action. And we cannot change our the prime minister also twit Ted the publisher paraphrasing lord Acton s remark to apply to or. Ryan Lack of Power corrupts. Lack of absolute Power corrupts in other developments a Hareas Corpus petition for release of Robert Lemieux 29, lawyer who represented the Fly in negotiations to Trade the kidnapped men for the prison ers was presented Friday by lawyer Bernard Mergler. Or. Mergler contended that Lemieux among the first arrested under the War measures act regulations could t have contravened them because he was arrested too Soo after their proclamation. Or. Lemieux will appear monday in Quebec Supe rior court where a writ of a Beas Corpus on his behalf will be considered. Labor Leader Louis la Berge congratulated Premier Bourassa in choosing Jean Cournoyer 36, former Union National labor minister As or. Laporte s successor. Or. La Nixon appeals for vote continued insurance chief named continued against this kind of Lawless Ness and this kind of Nixon appealed to voters to stand with these men who understand the after the speech press Secre l. Ziegler said amplify his re Berge president of the Quebec federation of labor also thanked or. Cournoyer for accepting the delicate Post. Robert Hudon 26, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for a series of fund raising armed holdups for the Fly. Hudon sentenced to eight years in 1964 for armed robberies was on parole when charged with the lat est offences. Tary Ronald Nixon would Marks on the san Jose incident today in a speech at Phoenix first Stop on a f o u r a t a t a Windup political swing to Ari Zona new Mexico Nevada and Utah. Nixon s speech received an enthusiastic reception from the party faithful who waved Small american flags and held up Multi coloured signs including ones that proclaimed no rocks in Anaheim and we re for Nixon not both of these were held aloft behind Nixon and in View of the Televik police operations As Long As these terrorists Are on the if the government had acceded to Fly demands of a Trade of the two kidnapped men for 23 political Fly members jailed or await ing trial for charges including murder and state would have been open to an in Ottawa prime minister Trudeau said the Federal government had had solid information a group of prominent talking provi temporary govt. Was considered continued of passing the Buck to the Quebec government by contend ing that the administration of the War measures act is the responsibility of Quebec attorney general Jerome Choquette. They pointed out that the Feder Al government was still unable i to Tell parliament what charges if any had been or were being Laid against the 132 prisoners still being held by the Quebec authorities. The ire of the opposition members has been raised by Liberal Cabinet ministers and private Liberal backbench ers making statements outside the House in various centres across Canada As to certain secret in formation the government had in its Possession which prompted it to invoke the War Mea sures act. They have appealed to the prime minister to give a commitment to provide this in formation to parliament either immediately or in the near future when order has been restored in Quebec. The prime minister has repeatedly told parliament he has Given them All the information he is prepared to provide As to Why his government invoked the emergency act he said he was not responsible for what other members were saying outside j the House. Quebec citizens were about formation of a a ional Quebec government after the Laporte kidnapping. He said however there was no evidence a coup was planned and the Federal government had t Felt it necessary to take action. The Bourassa government was elected april 29. Claude Ryan publisher of be Devoir has said he discussed with editorial colleagues a prov ment. While the information had been followed up he said the Federal government did not feel it to be a cause for action. Or. Trudeau speaking to about 20 reporters As he climbed the stairs toward his third floor Centre Block office said editor Claude Ryan of Montreal s be Devoir had made a clean breast of the Story in a Friday editorial. He said gave a Story which i think contradicts some of his earlier or. Ryan wrote that a provisional government had been one of three hypotheses discussed by him with his editorial col a leagues the Day after Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte. Later murdered was kidnapped by the front de liberation do Quebec. Also discussed was the fear that Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa would crack under the pressure and pass his prerogatives to the Federal government but or. Ryan said he favored the third a negotiated release of or. Laporte and British Trade commissioner James Cross kidnapped by the they Are James Herbert Fly Days earlier. J Evans of Sioux Lookout and in the last week there Basi Wilum Thomas Domanski of been a spate of reports and re i Hudson. Ont More concerning a group of the two were charged after Poona not Quebe cers who. It discovery of the body wednes was alleged planned to Stab iday of 73-year-Oid Ernest Edwin Lisic a provisional government to Hearn who police said died of replace the Bourassa govern guns hot Woods sometime meat Dwing the crisis. Tuesday a spokesman for the until Friday or. Trod Eav j Ontario provincial police at lot 4edgtad to comment say a Kenora said. J pkg be not in Cess and the j the two boys who appeared j Cir waiting afoot events i before a pc Stine of the peace r. The who Flag of the a Ireland Are custody he War measures act j i a for a first time fee or. Fixed be a after a owners Jaratz for a Hrit. Bus been near m Meta Duke of 11 it Lars Lff Tiwe Bevy arty i Mimm a tuft it Fly we f i split fist Cikk a wire Chi fill Cut if feb fret f amp Lyle satisfaction obligation urge discount i in. To 775-5382

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