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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 27, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press tuesday october 27, 1970 ii Alta. Oil output detailed Calgary up _ crude Oil production in. Alberta averaged barrels a Day during the week ended oct. 19, reports the Alberta Oil and Gas conservation Board. Production in the previous week averaged barrels a Day. Daily production in october was expected to be barrels compared with barrels ii october 1969. Volume of crude Oil carried by major pipelines in barrels a Day i Elcus served bracketed Federated pipe lines Ltd Carson Creek North Freeman Judy Creek Judy Creek South Morinville Swan Hills Swan Hills South Vir Ginia Pembine pipe line Ltd. Big Pray Carrot Creek can Edson Niton pern Bina Willesden Green Rainbow pipeline co. Ltd types in Mitsue rain Bow Zama i Imperial pipeline co ache son Acheson East Excelsior fairy Dell Golden Spike Leduc Wood Bend ref water peace River Oil pipeline co Ante Creek Giroux Lake Goose River Nipis Kay Bob Kabob South Little Smo key Loon red Earth Simon Ette Sturgeon Lake Sturgeon Lake South Sunset uti Kuma Virgo Texaco exploration co Bonnie Glen Glen Park Esterose wizard the shares of Winnipeg based Border chemical company limited were listed on the Montreal Stock Exchange recently. At a Brief ceremony marking the occasion were present Charles b. Neapolen president of the Montreal and Canadian Stock exchanges and Mark g. Smerchanski president and managing director of Border chemical. Nixon s game plan fails by ii Obart Rowen booms Boomerang London a supersonic test flights Over Britain by the Anglo French Airliner concorde have brought 194 claims for damages before the defence ministry. They include a de Mand for 5s 6d 68 cents from a scotsman for a tube of glue because he said the plane s supersonic Boom brought Down his stick on ceiling ties. The claim was met in full. 1uncheon at Eliot s 711 of Aloyi a a mature free parking Home Washington special tons the Day after the Cost of living Index for sep tember went up double the rate of the August Advance vice president Agnew was telling a political rally in Tucson Arizona that we have solid evidence that your Cost of living is no longer going through the two Days after the col report was published trea sury Secretary David m. Kennedy went Down to the University of Virginia and blandly asserted that we clearly Are winning the Bat the against inflation by this time there should be Little doubt that our policies of fiscal and monetary restraint Are now As everybody knows there is an election about to take place in a few Days and it is reasonable to expect that the administration would put the Best possible face on existing economic facts stretching things Here and there. But at least they ought to stick to the facts. Unhappily the Nixon administration has not been telling it the Way it speeches and statements not Only by political figures like the vice president but by economic advisers have glossed Over the real Situa Tion. They Pooh Pooh the 0.4 per cent increase in the september consumer Price Index As just one but the month before they were ecstatic about an a gust Rise of Only 0.2 per cent. Economic Council chair Man Paul w. Mccracken observes that for the third Quarter the annual rate was Only 4.2 per cent Down from 5.8 per cent in the second Quarter and a 6.3 per cent in the first Quarter. But the september result a 6.0 per cent seasonally adjusted equivalent raises the possibility that the trend in the october december Quarter could be up again. Meanwhile Mccracken and mobilization budget director George Shultz say we Are on the threshold of recovery Kennedy Trum pets the beginning of a sounder and More sustainable economic yet every economic indicator of the past several weeks indicates that there is no buoyancy to the econ omy despite the expiration of the surtax and higher social Security payments. Unemployment at 5.5 per cent for september was the highest in nearly seven years and the sophisticated guess around town on the october number is 5.7 or 5.8 per cent based on a steady Rise in unemployment insurance applications. In other words the facts in this week before election show that the Nixon game which was designed to Cut Back inflation without creating excessive unemployment has failed. Inflation continues at an unacceptably High rate even if somewhat reduced from the Peak earlier this and unemployment has gone Well beyond what or. Nixon and his team of economic advisers had predicted. But More than that the Economy has slipped so far below its capacity that it is getting hard to imagine what is going to re stimulate it. Privately some econ of economic indicators is worrisome but argue that the underlying trends Are hopeful that is they still think that inflation is receding and an economic expansion is going to get under Way. The trouble is that the Nixon economic team has so often in the past jumped prematurely to the conclusion that turning Points were at hand that their credibility is impaired. The very recovery whose thre shold is now seen was sup posed to be under Way right now. Unemployment claims Are going up right now in a period when unemployment is normally at its Peak for the year. At. The end of sep there were about 2.2 million persons drawing unemployment compensation under state programs a solid 1 million More than november 1969, which most economists take As the starting Point of the present slow Down. The High rate of unemployment feeds consumer concern which is shown by the record rate of personal saving. Nixon s officials suggest that hefty savings offer a Reservoir of buying strength for the future. But that s not the Way businessmen in Industry and in Wall Street look at it. When Consumers save in Stead of spending their Money freely sales decline. And with wages still shoot ing up business profits get squeezed. That was the message or. Nixon got admit that the recent Batch last week and the same message is delivered to administration aides who Ven Ture out to talk to other business groups in various parts of the country. It is hard to predict what Impact the High Cost of Liv ing and the continuing Bur Den of inflation will have on the election a More important question is whether the administration will shift its policy afterwards. If the pocketbook nerve is irritated enough to Cost re publican seats the pressure to go beyond traditional monetary and fiscal policy could mount. The most obvious route to better control of inflation is through a wage Price guidepost policy. If some direct hold Down of wage and Price advances were available then the Federal Reserve system could loosen up on Mone tary policy sufficiently to 3 s t i m u 1 a t e the Economy. That might Crank up the Supply of jobs More quickly. A guidepost policy could also free up fiscal policy for the same objective Federal expenditures could be allowed to grow More quickly. All this flies in the face of or. Nixon s antipathy to guideposts and to Large fed eral deficits. And it would run counter to the philosophy of Strong men in the White House such As George Shultz. But unless the econ omy promptly crosses that promised and shows the reality not just a Promise of expansion there could be irresistible pressure from business labor and the Plain old pub Lic to do something Dif Ferent. Steel belted radial built for the big snows that Slop Ordinary Snow tires cold. For icy Road conditions the x a is is pc drilled to take Over 100 studs. Come in and discuss our change up to a allowance. And a safer Winter. Al Telephone 942-0494 Westhed tire co. Ltd. 20s fort Street. Winnipeg i Man. 8 x 10 Glossy 1q photos 10 1000 Sixlo Glossy print 13c genuine Glossy photos Modt in ony Quantity from your print or no Galliv. Al surprisingly Low prices. Or wit fill Kwh Hort and hit Nonfa Ninf dec tool ice plan of Monr new uses for Fly ii a Soto in your Industry. Canada wide service Galbraith reproductions limited 260 Richmond St. West Toronto Small town catches Eye of prospective Home owners Pasadena Midland fld. Up Rich soil and a ready Market for fresh pro Duce in Corner Brook grow ing rapidly 18 Miles West of Here around a paper Mill opened in 1925, Drew the first Farmers. Leonard Earle brought his California born wife up the Humber River by boat to his farm near the Shore of Deer Lake in the 1930s. The Fine Sands of the Beach running for Miles along the Lake May have reminded mrs. Earle of borne. She called it Pasadena. An adjacent fanning area became known As Midland. Last year the communities joined to become the town of Pasadena Midland. It s a 20-minute drive to Pasadena Midland Over the paved trans Canada Highway from Comer Brook now a City of despite an Urban renewal development and land Assem Blies. Building lots in Corner Brook Are scarce and frequently expensive. Average size lots in one of the City s better neighbourhoods were for Sale at each last sum Mer. I n Papadem Midland. A 125-foot by lot costs about three years ago such tots were Al Liichi s growing demand for Laad in i the area. It also radiates a desire by some Boom own Ersia Comer Brook to five Ost Safe the City in a Semi Pas toral Aikaw sphere Feere mat faxes of c2ft far a i vertices dwt Are Wii i of water nearly Ernul to Awe gins to fall. It clears the entrances to driveways As Well As the nine Miles of Road. Garbage is collected once a week and Street lights were installed several years ago. The efficiency of the town s Volunteer firefighters was recognized a year ago when insurance companies lowered rates to near City level. Householders still must find their own water and dispose of sewage but services will probably be available within a couple of years. Wells dug Al most anywhere yield clean water. Septic tanks must be at least 100 feet from Wells. Upon becoming a town the Community found itself legally entitled to borrow More than for a water and sewer system. Under legislation governing municipalities the province controls borrowing Powers. Mayor Smith said a water and sewer system would be considered after the town Hall and a new fire truck were paid for. But the Lack of water and sewage services has not blunted interest we get inquiries an the time from people looking for or. Smith said. Since 1968, about 50 permits have been granted for new Homes the majority in the last 15 months. The Council now is conduct ing a population is estimated at about houses Are widely spaced separated i Many cases by the Birch dotted Meadows of three farms still operating within town boundaries. Auto workers prepared for Long strike by Robert f. Levey Baltimore special tons it is a strike Over wages and retirements and cigarettes and Coffee. It comes at an inflationary time in the High priced Urban North in a bellwether Industry. It should be a labor cliche a time of Belt tightening and uncertainty. Yet for the automobile workers idled in Baltimore by their strike against general motors four weeks off work has meant Only a slight run on daytime television and Sav Ings accounts. They had prepared for a Long one they say and they Are not really hurting yet. Of the National de mands we have settled Only 800. Of the 100 local de mands we have settled Only says Allison Stockton the Burly Blond tattooed president of local 239 of the United Auto workers. As he turns Back to watch the world series he asks Why the hell should we be in a hurry we can afford a shutdown general motors can economics is the Central Issue Here where the average Man on the pm As Sembly line made Between and during 1969, or about an hour. But local 239 is made up largely of very old and very Young men. To the former economics Means retire ment specifically a plan that would permit re retirement years service regardless of age. To the latter economics Means salary Cash on the line now. I Don t think you d find the Young Fellows expecting to spend 30, 40 years in Auto work says Isadore Fedner 62, a 24-year Veter an. They Don t care much about but with me it s every thing. The Way we have it now i can t afford to retire. I could t live in the same House i m living in to William Johnson 31, his first strike has simply been a Little Boring you the Job is Nice but i got three kids or. John son says. He will seek out Side work As it truck Driver. If the strike lasts past Christmas As Many say it might i might just hang it or. Johnson says. The trappings of a Long strike Are All Over East bal our flu Duke in Kehaya Mon. To i. 1130 5 6 . Special Hott Cou Buffet monday to it lat u noon tin 2 Kat Erpilio i daily 12 . T . A Euice t Cariton s pm. 9434473 x timbre a swampy area of bricks and brownstones refineries and factories and bartenders named Paddy. On the front door of the modest United Auto workers office is a sign saying the food stamp line forms to the left. On the Walls of neighbouring Union offices the steelworkers the communication workers Are pledges of support. At four entrances of the giant Gray pm garage along Holabird Avenue clumps of men picket in tight circles seeking Justice from that is the whole explains Al Stockton. This is the richest corporation in the world. All we want is our fair according to or. Stock ton a stockholder who had invested in pm in 1947 would today have stocks Worth nearly during the same period or. Stockton says the average pm assemblyman has earned Only his men Are proud and Loyal or. Stockton says and most of the cars parked in front of the Law office Are Chevrolet and Pon tics. However some men Are beginning to have Trou ble meeting payments on the strength of their strike benefits which Are or a week depending on family size. It s All a question of mass says Rod Trump 31, who tried his hand at being a Greenwich Village playwright before coming to Baltimore As an assemblyman and Moon lighting substitute school teacher. The men know what the Joneses Are doing what the Standard of living or. Trump said. Our parents were kind enough to give us a higher Standard of living. Striking is a Lousy Way to get a demand but what s the there in t one the men agree. Strikes Are a fact of life in this said Donald Helton 36, an 18 year Veteran. 715 Ellic. German Buffet luncheons str Ltd Mon. Thru Fri. Noen to 2 . For phone 733-8837 now the shortest distance Between two Points Isa Philips i communication of any kind to be effective should be and simple. And that statement in a nutshell up any Philips inter com system. The most important aspect of an intercom system is that anyone who has to talk does t have to walk. Speed up your outside Calls by getting internal information with Philips intercom the fastest Way to bring two people together. Hands off. With most Philips inter coms the Only thing that you do with your hands is press the Button of the per son you want to talk to. Both hands Are free to search around for papers Light a cigarette or even thumb . Savings. One of the main reasons for actual sayings is Philips unique one time wiring sys tem that leaves your entire office prepared for either additions to the intercom system or office changes. It s about As simple As sing in an electric Kettle. Each intercom just into the main line. Cutin touch. If you be got people by it two or two Hundred All Over the place that have to talk to each Wayto accomplish this would be to get in touch with the Philips intercom people. Philips we mean business National Oitice equipment co. Ltd. 639 postage ave. Pm. 7s6-4611 you will pay no More for this distinguished Label on you next suit than for the Otter kind. At hot Renfrew downtown j Poio Park we have Acks of labels in a Pride of colors sizes and patterns toe took b conservative contemporary 10 contemporary swinging. The Quality and the fir Are traditional. R just to s166. To or the Rovn who Fres to be labelled to be be Titre. Is it s f 1 1" of the if wit s is h Holt Renfrew a

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