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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 27, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press tuesday october 27, 1970 11 daily crossword 45. One beyond help Down 1. Eternal City citizen 2. Tarkington s Adams 3. Heaped sixpence 5. Notwithstanding 6. Pace Maria 8. Verbatim 9. Raise 14. One of Lear s daughters it. Poem 22. York Shire River 23. Symbol of fresh Ness 24. Negligent 25. Lady s hair adorn ment 26. Medi Ocre 27. Femi nine accessory 29. Kind of Deer 31. Austere Ici Urdy t a incr 32. Delia Street s Boss 33. Active 34. Railroad car 39. Churchill s sign 41. Tribe 25 2b across 1 Swift 6. Story 10. Martini ingredient 11. Depraved 12. Nautical and statute 13. Measuring device 15. Particle 16. Soft drink 18. Night before 19. Old satan to. Oft heard phrase in june 21. Tease 22. Colorado Indian 23.----- processing 24. Frighten 27. Troy name 28. Cupid s Blessing 29. Inexperienced 30. Metric land measure 31. Scion Anthony Wayne 35. Brightest Star 36. Sen. Kennedy St.moham-. Medan name 38. Rogue 40. Circular vessel 42. Czech River 43. In excess of 44. Numerical suffix daily How to work it is l o n g f e l l o w one letter simply stands for another. In this Sample a used for the three x for the two o a Etc. Single letter apostrophes the length and formation of the words Are All hints. Each Day the code letters Are different. A cryptogram quotation bin Yetf yet by her e soft a Hyth Beklik l blk a Bohr blow Vulf. Yesterday s crypt quote if you would learn to write tis in the Street you must learn it. Ralph Waldo Emerson c 1970. Klyr failures Syndicate inc Goren on Bridge aft 35 44 40 41 by Charles h. Goren o iffy it tto Triton East West vulnerable. North deals. North 4a8 0 a k10 8 7 42 Vest East a 7 a k j10 5 10 5 oq642 oji5 4kq7i3 4j104 South 4qx432 Viz 03 4ais5 the bidding nth East sooth weit in pan 14 pan 2 0 pan 2 4 pan 34 pan 44 past pan pail opening Lead King of 4 North was confronted with an interesting problem in today s auction. He opened the bidding with one heart and sooth responded with one Spade. North showed his second suit by rebinding two diamonds. When South failed to jump on the second round merely persisting to two Spades North should apparently pass. He reasoned however that despite South s mild action the latter had manifested Acme willingness to carry on when be bids a second time. Inasmuch As North s values figure to be useful be decided to give his partner another Chance by railing to three Spades. South accepted the invitation and bid a game. West opened the King of clubs and South won toe trick with the Ace. Inasmuch As Declarer bad too Many clubs to Ruff out he decided first to Lead a Small heart from his hand in an attempt to establish some Side tricks. West put up the Ace of hearts and switched to a Trump. South played North s Ace of Spades cashed the Ace King of diamonds Dis carding a club from his hand and then ruffed a Diamond with the three of Spades. The Queen of hearts was played followed by club Ruff in Dummy. The King of hearts was Ltd and when both opponents followed suit Declarer Dis posed of his remaining dub. A Diamond was ruffed in the closed hand As East Dis carded the Jack of clubs. All hands were Down to three cards with South having the q-9-6 of Spades left while East retained the k-j-10. A Small Spade was led putting East in with the ten. He cashed the King next however Declarer s Queen took the last trick. In All South lost one heart and two Spades. It May be observed that if West ducks when South leads the heart at trick two the latter is still in position to win 10 tricks. The King of hearts is put up and the Ace King of diamonds Are played permitting Declarer to Dis card the Queen of hearts. A Cross Ruff is inaugurated As South ruffs a heart North ruffs a club South another heart and North another Dob the act of Spades. A Diamond is ruffed by Declarer for a ninth trick Tad then he exits with his remain ing club. There is no Way fsr the defenders to prevent South from scoring the Mam ing trick with the Queen of Spades. Horoscope by Frances Drake look in the Section in which your f you a boost birthday comes and find what your october 34 Nootka sound voyage was honeymoon trip by Bob Bowman the first White woman on the Prairies came from Britain by Way of Hudson Bay disguised As a boy. She went to fort Garry and Pembina seek ing a Man who had deserted her. It seems that she got there about one week before Anne Marie Lajimodiere from three Rivers who became the grandmother of Louis Riel. Anne Marie travelled in a Canoe paddled by her husband up the St. Lawrence and through the great lakes in 1807. However the first White woman in Western Canada depending on the definition was Frances Barkley who arrived at Nootka sound b.c., in 1787. It was a honeymoon trip Captain Cook s exploration of the Pacific coast in 1778 had led to the development of fur Trade be tween present Day British Columbia and China. British merchants became Active and nearly caused a War with Spain. Charles Barkley was a Young British sea Cap Tain who was Given command of the Imperial Eagle a ship of 400 tons. To avoid certain Legal situations his ship was outfitted at Ostend Bel Gium and flew the austrian Flag. While there Barkley met Frances Hornby Trevor 17-year-old daughter of a Church minister who married them oct. 27, 1786, just before the ship sailed for Nootka. What a honeymoon trip that was in a 400-ton sailing ship around Cape Horn Frances Barkley s arrival at Nootka caused a sensation among the indians who had never seen a White woman before. A number of place names along the Pacific coast of British Columbia commemorate the occasion. Other events oct. 27 1676 Holland claimed Nova Scotia and named Corne lius Steenwyk As governor 1812 second party of Selkirk settlers arrived at fed River 1854 great Western railway collision Between Chath am and Windsor killed 47 people 1856 grand trunk railway service began Between Toronto and Montreal 1859 International Bank failed 1950 Manitoba conservatives and liberals ended coalition tumbleweeds Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Kerry Drake Hwy Loop Sayi w a hear m one awut1hetvk Wes on Hunting peer see an one pave 5ay5 to at Midas y you rec06nize this suit yes sgt. Wake y Vilaip it 6ellt s the woman in the picture i be Han Plep mansion., or 15 wearing Betty i Many a a j saw gardening tools in your 6arage, Paloma it la be to cover a Bop with dirt in that wishing Well. Tonight after we be dispose a of the Shamus lefty pi7ake. I l Abner looking backward 90 years ago oct. Cial police Headquarters. A joint Stock company was formed to build a combined skating and Curling indoor rink. 70 years ago oct. Work was in Progress on the government Dock at Selkirk. The men of the car car depart ment in Winnipeg organized an association with w. Hodgson As president. 40 years ago oct. The old provincial jail was being prepared As the Provin records showed that prisoners bad passed through its door of the old building since it had been opened in 1882. 31 years ago oct. 27, it l. W. Brockington made a moving address Over the Csc network on behalf of the Community chests of Canada which were now making their annual Appeal. Every Community urged or. Brockm ton Homi in its keeping the trea sure of the heavy Laden. Let us fill it to Here Dick Ted he v. A d tangle Wolf a Here bout. Ole we be heard Man Mose s of his never pre Dick 1 wrong prediction Pfusch Ligg merely Acomb was show Piccolo am1 plumber s helpers Gil Thorp Robbie Cannon Hung happened i to Gour smitty Dennis the menace Friday Foster i wish Ftp would on stage anyhow i m Wop out Vyto a hard by so 1 Tont my a nil Down for. A a Wojie i to Novim blk a dry run for to april and Caw Wincy net Good beginning will be important both i in no rvs for the immediate present and for the Ess future. In discussions Advance your j to do Cimek h options but also listen to the other to actas. Side. You could hear some Good Sug m a Yog an Mere mat x Swiss. Tib s could be a better thar average Day. Those who Sroaka Wagg Katar you yourself have the answer you Tecc msgr b to january 31 Ca j can reinforce and with in m Majy a trn Fittl flu usual strength. But aim and evaluation than _ Frt pfc Manti can mis Tell it like it is but ii Stem if Yoo Fott payrou., who put the a Jim whim jilt i Ruu Niv Rrue agent it was who Atka Ocee it the poor Mam must have Wisp a Blythe with his briefcase while Hosoon Coli Tea him Renou sir Kami Lutc Comoh iump5 on Lewis soft ass Marr w us a Etkes be Able Dacron i May 0 to june 31 the Ouick action can be effective if you _ to have accurate information rules and n toe Pritts. Otherwise take the Detour that Means safety the reduced Speed be to prevent a wrap. June a to july n june 22 to Jolt n Tut t0 a Loose from unhealthy Sito Stigora. Try from scratch if need be. Tvs it a in prices faced a Fth a just 31 to Locust 31 Yob j period. Rne a Peca for May get Tost m a maw of to bomb and i planned in Deavors. v not on guard. Easy you a mini today have an sex does it easy but not sax. Nor ind Ferant. The car Fohy before ao84kt 71 to Zilfi both today have Tremley engaging Peno Nafty Are High Ous approach to Nve. Yob an Elk 33 cv9r noetic Vltava in a your and Jutei m f s this fact Coap Kri your Toffy a Vara est you. Frs can to Reath the top Yoa Are a m. Text _ a e of Steps to go to 34 to Fum a octo vigor sow if Yoe do As a one As a gels the co Andy Capp redeye Ifft r. A tent

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