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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 24, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaFinal Gold draw in the Manitoba Sempr tit. Use this Coupon to Purchase your tickets. Saturday october 24, 1970 men s news pages 21-34 mail to Manitoba Centennial Sweepstake lox 1970, Niimi pts 1, omit Tel Sund it ticket s at per to Lett. Send of 12 for pm Book. My Cheque d Money order q for City prov adoption of Metis child brings stares attention lady Bird s White House diary Johnson was anxious to quit by Dorothy Mccardle Washington special tons three years Lyndon b. Johnson bowed out of the presidency he Felt the War in Vietnam was hopeless and he was talking about retiring. On March when he finally announced that he would not run again his wife reports in her diary that his overriding motive often repeated to her was this i do not believe i can unite this three years earlier in March 1965, he had told mrs. Johnson in summing up his frustration Over the War in Vietnam. I can t get out. I can t finish it with what i be got. So what the hell can i mrs. Johnson reveals the soul searching that she shared with her husband Dur ing his presidency in her first Book. A White House diary. Publication Date is not until november but the 800 Page volume is already on at some Washington stores. Excerpts from the first half of the diary appear in the current Issue of Mccall s Magazine. As Early As May. 1964. The year in which he was to be elected president by a majority both Johnsons were disturbed by his prob lems. She wrote a nine Page analysis of his dilemma and the alternatives if he did or did not run. She gave it to his doctors. His physicians were concerned by the Load he carried in face of the major heart attack he had suffered when he was major Ity Leader of the United states Senate. She even wrote out the text of a suggested announcement that he would not run that november. Then her diary reports Lyndon lives in a Cloud of troubles with few rays of Light it s like shooting the rapids every moment a new struggle every moment a new direction trying to keep the ship level and away from the rocks and no still water in sight. I am counting the months until March 1968, when it will be possible to say As the Truman did i Don t want this office this responsibility any longer even if you want me. Find the strongest and most Able Man and god bless you. Goodbye " mrs. Johnson draws Swift pictures of the men and women around the president injecting a note of humor about the visit that Richard m. Nixon paid lbs in 1966. One thing about our life you never can Tell whom you la find in Lyndon s bed real assessment her final assessment of his situation was this last he might live longer if he did t ran for the presi Dency. Who can Tel and if he did would it be Worth it my final conclusion was that i be to Ria. Facing Fearly he and a year water in pyjamas so walked in one morning to her husband in his pyjamas receiving a visit from the Man who would succeed him As presi Dent. She describes Richard Nix on s visit this Way mostly they talked about the International situation especially Vietnam where or. Nixon is generally in Strong support of Lyndon. He said that opponents say we Are risking world War is in Vietnam that we Are risking War with China but that is not so. We Are avoiding a big then she said that when or. Nixon left the president s bedroom the future pres ident wound up this Way about that year s congressional campaigns you know Das is a Campaign year and Fth be get Ting out speaking up for the republicans. They need All the voices they can get. Bat there won t be anything per Sonal about you in what i say about the democratic and mrs. Johnson s references to her toss band s mate. Former vice president Hubert h. Is Sabrey. Snere Jjo Jamws. Tori. Her frs Eaic Abst rho i Day. Is year later she recounts a White House dinner to which she invited the Humphreys mindful of the Days when her own husband was vice president i remember How it Felt when Lyndon was vice president and i like Hubert to be continually reassured of our fondness for him and our belief in him. No explanation although i remember the hilarious remark that Lyn Don made about him once if i could just Breed him to Calvin Coolidge no explanation her memories of Robert f. Kennedy underscored a compliment he paid her and president Johnson on the Day of the funeral of Gen. Doug Las Macarthur. They met at Union station in april of 1964. Kennedy began by saying to her we always seem to be meeting at she writes that he had said just what she had been think ing but would have bitten off my Tongue before saying she replied yes to his statement and he said while watching the Flag draped casket of Gen. Macarthur passing before them there have been a lot of them these four then he turned to her. You re doing a wonderful Job. Everybody says she reports that after a pause he added. And so is your she adds that she appreciated that very mrs. Johnson gives a Clear and sympathetic picture of mrs. John f. Kennedy who has often been described by others As inscrutable. Mrs. Johnson delineates the strength and loneliness of mrs. Kennedy from that first moment after the Dallas shooting. The diary opens with mrs. Johnson s observations Dar ing the Nightmare ride in Dallas. After the shooting. She glanced Back and saw in the president s car a Armfie of proc. A test a Drift of mos was. The Back seat. It mrs. Kennedy 5 Widy. A tie she of mrs. F is she writes. I went up to her put my arms around her and said something to her. I m sure it was some thing like god help us All on the plane coming Back from Dallas mrs. Johnson went into the Small private room where mrs. Kennedy was sitting. And though it was a very hard thing to do she made it As easy As writes mrs. Johnson. She said of lady Bird we be liked you two so much of what if i had not been there. I m so glad i was there mrs. Kennedy s dress was stained with blood one leg was almost entirely Cov ered with it and her right Glove was caked it was caked with blood her Hus band s blood. Somehow that was one of the most poignant sights that immaculate woman exquisitely dressed and caked in four Days later she met with mrs. Kennedy at the White House to go Over housekeeping details there. She describes the scene this Way. Mrs. Kennedy was com posed and radiating her particular sort of aliveness and Charm and warmth. She is like an indescribably fresh Flower and yet there is Art element of steel and stamina within her to keep her going on As she two women later the two women joined president Johnson in the East room at a meeting of the Alliance for Progress and mrs. Johnson remarked about her predecessor it is doubtful that anyone else can be a Star when mrs. Kennedy is present but a the More my heart went out to Lyndon s bravery. He marches into this Circum stance with so much determination and not and the preparation that one might like. Later after mrs. Kennedy had moved into a Home of her own in Georgetown. Mrs. Johnson went to Call on her in an Effort to persuade her to come Back to the White House for visits. Mrs. A form especially wanted Jac a Defoe Kennedy to attend a of Cosu Witter the the Bra 1 tatars to Stefe taking my picture Ore 13-month old Beth Ann seems to say As Jonathan Wood 2, cuddles up of daddy for an unexpected picture and mrs. Wood looks on. Absent from the fam ily photograph Are Jeffery 6, and Laurie 5. H your family is unfinished Why not adopt Contact your local children s Aid society or offices of the Manitoba department of he off and social develop ment. By Esther Tenner House they first saw him Star ing into the camera big eyed and solemn in the Shadow of a huge Grey Tabby. He was one year old and three quarters Indian. He lived in a Foster Home. Before that Home was a Hospital. Later it was Back to the Hospital again. The cat dominates the Small color snapshot. Eliza Beth Wood showed it to him about a month before his adoption papers arrived. The huge Brown eyes widened and he pointed to the picture. Baby. He said. He does not remember his former name or the Day he first came to the Woods St. James Assiniboia Home Al most a year ago. But Arthur and Elizabeth w id who had just adopted another Metis child from the some provincial health and social service Agency a month previous remember. They speak freely about the milestones that followed the difficulties the disapproval the stares in the supermarket the prejudice against Jonathan and his strange silent passivity. The Woods Are amused rather than upset by the at Tention they attract when Jon Laurie 5. Jeffery 6, and Beth Ann their year old a d o n t e d Metis daughter join the family processional. We have a redhead a Blond and these two. Peo p 1 e said Arthur Wood 20, a Quality control supervisor with a Manitoba mining firm. Beth Ann adopted at 11 weeks is fairer than Jon Alan whose Brown eyes and dark complexion have resulted in some anxious moments for his new parents. They have lost touch with the once close friends who greeted the toddlers with unfriendly astonishment. Mrs. Wood recalls their first startled stares. They accepted our other children. But they would t even touch the said. Jonathan himself proved to be very a demonstrative. He was alarmingly docile. If you put him in bed he d stay there he had no Arthur Wood said. They discovered the 34 month old Tot was accustomed to bottle feeding and was not toilet trained. During the Spring if a woman came into the room he cried and cried he must have thought he was being taken the adoption had not been previously discussed with the children s new grandparents and Beth Ann Jon and or. Wood s very English parents first met at Christ Mas. Do they have to be Indi one grandmother had asked Elizabth recalled. Her reservations were Short lived. Jon took to his Nana immediately and racial barriers disappeared. Now his grandmother is always looking for family traits in the Active two year old. 11 was a memorable Christmas for Elizabeth Wood. He called me mum i since then the family s awareness of color lines has disappeared. To them there is no distinction Between Jon s Almond shaped eyes Jeff s Carrot red Shock of hair. To see. Any Novelty in their assorted Brood we actually have to take a Sec Ond the father said. "1 can t see much Indian in Jon at his wife added. Nevertheless the Chil Dren s Indian background abortion group refused entry to meeting Regina up about a dozen women tried unsuccessfully to get into the Saskatchewan medical association s an Nual convention thursday to present their views on abortion. Police and hotel Security men stopped them and blocked their entry to the convention when they found the women did not have the proper accreditation to take part in the convention. All we wanted to do was present a play quiet and harm less but they won t let said a Saskatoon woman one of the group of opponents of present abortion Law. The president of the association or. Paul Good of Regina later said in an interview he would try to arrange a meeting with the women Friday. Has caused their parents to do some self exploration. To Leff and Laurie the word Indian had meant nothing. Light months after the new children arrived Laurie asked if Jon was an Indian. Jeff wanted to know if his brother s Natu ral father a treaty Indian fought White men or not. And did he live in a tee pee their parents first con Cern Are for the adopters present Security. The future is unpredictable. Are we going to be ashamed to see our grand children very much Indi Elizabeth Wood speculated. She wonders what inner conflicts or social difficulties her pretty Metis daughter May have to face in 15 or 20 years. I be often wondered if when they grew up they will resent being brought up their social worker re minded them that Beth Ann and Jon Are Metis and Are not accepted by the Indi Tom Eagle Winnipeg re Gion vice president of the Manitoba Metis federa Tion said adopted Metis will always retain the right to return to his people and some already have in search of an Indian identity. I m not saying they would t be accepted in White society. But since our culture is dying i would sooner see native children remain with their own Heri Tage. This no. White Man can it s unfortunate we have not got the finances to have More indians adopt their own or. Eagle said there is no place in the Indian Community where any aspects of Indian culture could be taught. We ourselves Are at fault Arthur and Elizabeth Wood do anticipate some problems in the future. We know they will Arthur Wood said. But i think a lot of prob lems in this country an due to a weak Home life. If you really want the child 90 per cent of the. Problems Don t a ruckus in the Kitchen called him away. Elizabeth Wood made room for Jon beside her. I always wanted four children before i was 30. I just made entertainer finds children must fit around corners9 by Janice keys playing the dual role of wife Mother and theatre actress takes a great Deal of organization and Energy but the rewards makes it Worth while says Evelyne Ander son performer at both rain 1 Bow stage and the Manitoba theatre Centre. To do both things in t easy so she must organize her life so that it works miss Anderson said in an inter View. Off stage she is mrs. John Lamont Mother of three children Andrew 8. Madeline 7, and Marie Al most 3." when she is working on a show children have to fit in around the Corners but i Don t think it hurts them every once in a miss Anderson added. She will play mrs. Galy Gay in a Man s a Man Mac s first production of the season written by Bertolt Brecht and directed by John Hirsch. She described the play As a serious comedy with a uni Versal theme. It is the Story of an average Man who is turned into a Savage by the pres sures of society around him miss Anderson explained. She Felt the theme of the play would be Given More relevance because of the cur rent unrest in Quebec. The meaning m the play is going to be pointed up by what we be seen in miss Anderson said she had never played this partic ular part before and has had to work on the Irish accent. Like most of the other peo p5e connected with Mac. She a pleased Ami excited the it s and although she feels some nostalgia about the old Dominion theatre the new building is the goal that the a Tarre leaks expert Wartow a founders of Mac were work ing towards in those Early years. Although her Home and children Are important to her. She will never quit the theatre. Miss Anderson said. I really am a character she added and when you get older you can come into your own the ingenue have All the fun at first. Miss Anderson laughed but at 35, they re finished if they Haven t developed ability As a charac Ter actress in the meantime. The present trend towards the exploitation of sex and nudity on the stage is just a phase theatre is going through miss Anderson said. If the play fails to say any thing that makes nudity Nec Essary it becomes a question of taste she added. The reason the arts have been Able to develop and grow successfully in Winnipeg because of the isolation and partly because of the kinds of people who settled Here said miss an Derson. The City has reached a period of Peak production in the arts. She predicted the Emer gence of new theatre groups such As the Winnipeg Community theatre an Amateur theatre company with professional standards. There is a need for a theatre to stage the Light plays especially during the Winter for those people who attend Rainbow stage in the Sammer but Aren t drawn to Mac. Saxl miss Anderson. A theatre for Yoong adults and a school to develop directors and writers also be Vasa be. She miss fax Teresa believes Pew pc fives i g h it mis Awse swi awl

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