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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1970, Page 2

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 24, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaNixon invites Winnipeg free mess saturday october 24, 1970 their stand on the alleged violations of the Middle East cease fire by Egypt. Nixon declined to Point Fin Gers of blame for the world situation and said he saw no Point in responding in kind to typical cold War the american speech Over shadowed that of prime minis Ter Heath of Britain who spoke earlier Friday. J in what diplomatic observers considered partly a reference to continued the Quebec kidnappings he said political violence has become a new threat to the peace of the nations indeed to the very fab Ric of Nixon spoke of the failure of the soviet Union and the . To continue the co operation of the second world War has been the cause of the world s mos grievous the . And the soviet Union j recognized that they had pro found and fundamental differences and that they could continue to be competitors our task is to keep that com there is no greater contribution which the United states and the soviet Union together could make than to limit the world s capacity for the other two Points were in creased Trade and helping the social needs around the world. Nixon listed these areas of world interest on which nations even competitors can work to Lieve that constructive change is the Only sound basis for peace Justice and Progress and those who reach at the first Opportunity for the Rifle and the Chicken Price hike petition peaceful and to make it there were four main factors that provided a basis of com Mon interest in working out the two country s differences. The first two were that Nei ther wanted a nuclear Exchange and both wanted to be freed of the financial burdens of the arms race. Geilier avoidance of Drifting into a widening division of Rich and poor. Seeing that the in not be paralysed in its most important co operation in preserving and restoring the environment. Use of the resources of the sea for the Benefit of All. Control of the population explosion. _ curbing of the narcotics traffic. Continued a Pound higher than they Are now. The restrictions which will be administered by the Manitoba broiler producers marketing Board cover All types of Chic Ken including roasters fryers bringing a decisive end to Aerial piracy and the Kidnap Ping and murder of diplomats. Protection of the rights of prisoners of War. Let us resolve together that he second Quarter Century of the in shall offer the world that its people yearn for and for Sale Miehle newspaper and Book press with Auto Matic feeder. 1 folder hand fed both machines Are in Fine working order. Can be in operation. Any Reni Onolfo offer will Fae acce few. May fee bought sep Trident press Ltd. Winnipeg 4 phone 589-5101 that they deserve a world without any War a full Genera Tion of Heath said that the increasing use of violence has become not the last resort of the desperate but the first resort of those whose simple a constructive is expressing a sombre thought he said it May be that in the 1970s, civil a Between be the main danger we will diplomatic observers cons dared that Heath was referring n part to the Quebec Kidnap pings the nigerian civil a ind the situation in Northern Reland when he talked of Vio stabbing sentence 6 months com jilted he agreed with Crown counsel i William h. Morton that liquor be expected to become apparent played an overwhelming role in in All Chicken varieties this terrible but con another area which May have ceded that there had been prov some effect on the Chicken mar location from mrs. Gelley s 51 Ket Here is the growing pork year old husband Joseph. Surplus. Evidence showed that mrs. Local hog trading has reached Gelley was Well under the influx new Price lows and the con ence of liquor and that her Hus Sumer Price of pork should be band was drunk Early on june dropping soon. It has already 6 in their Home at 356 Madison shown some Price decrease police five men 1 Tion he has received from the ramp does not indicate police Are at a dead end. But it was not possible to make Public All the information available. The new warrants Call for the arrest of Francis Simard 23, described As a labourer Bernard Lortie 19, a student and Jacques Rose 23 also a labourer. Then they moved Over to the Corner of Bishop and St. Cathar Ine streets to surround the Ca Nadian forces recruiting Centre. Armed services officers refused to give the specific Rea sons for the operations calling continued each a routine Security farther West on St. Catherine in neighbouring night in the two that time at the Royal As precut and broilers As Well Chicken parts. And so any Price increase can too a warrant was i authorities said it was to issued for Marc Carbonneau army vehicles from the 1 it is just an increased Secu measure so people can t get too close to the building or too near the a spokesman said. Police who issued pictures of the wanted men to television stations As Well As newspapers 37-year-old taxi Driver. Montre Alers who have their Public buildings under guard by machine gun armed soldiers for More than a week saw Friday How thorough the in afternoon Rush hour traffic in Midtown Montreal was halted minister Jerome Choquette said relatives or friends of those detained had been notified Al though there was administrative difficulties. Sources Sav in the livestock Trade ence. On Ulster he said in a Speed and a later press conference hat the division of that trouble Art of Britain is not Between in majority protestants Anc the roman catholics. It is Between those who be for tank always Good food Street St. James Assiniboia. A quarrel started when he. Would t let her get into the Many Consumers have turned fridge to get meat for Sand to Chicken As an alternative to Wiches according to testimony the higher priced beef and pork at one Point their 17-year-old m recent months retail meat son Michael came in from his outlets in Winnipeg report. Ent in the Yard to find but it is now Likely that with Lis father with his hand on his the lower pork prices expected Mother s Throat. And the anticipated Chicken later when the boy came in increase pork will be rom the tent he found his a come More prominent in the ther lying bleeding from the left diets of Manitoban. Side on the living room floor and meanwhile premiered his Mother distraught. Schreyer told a news Confer the boy called a neighbor ence Friday that it would be in Andrew Fulton who came Over order for the provincial Agricula and called the ambulance department to make a the police. Study of other products to which mrs. Gelley told police t h a 11 similar restriction could be a her husband came at her choke her while her was or Yuskiw had made refer turned As made sandwiches ence the study earlier . Yves jct Levu. I us it a As troops searched two military depend heavily on Public Coop establishments. First they rushed to hocs ration in their search. A spokesman said in u u in Iivo uni leu Law Ihli woj i r m m w Donnacona a naval Reserve Sta formation Calls had been re Tion on Drummond Street just North of Busy Maisonneuve Bou Levard. They sealed off a one Block area. Counter commenting on the decision ran into the to impose the Trade restrictions on broilers the Premier said but police testimony was that that had to be imposed much Hen demonstrated to them As i regret la. I__.1 i _ _ i t. _ at the Kitchen turned and he knife. Equipment for Saie 80d shovel Model 41 shovel dragline combination 88b shovel Model 6, Shover Koch ring Johnson Batch Plant Concrete buckets 1 cd. Cd. To 8 cd. Yd., Rex Concrete pumps 6" single de watering pumps electric Gorman Hupp Cornnel Worthington 35 to 200 . Diesel powered let pump Quantity of steel War Pable forms d4 tractor 07 tractor and Dover d8 tractor doers arc double joint pipe welder trucks from i ton 3 ton also other Misc. Items. This equipment is located at Metaline Falls Washington and Calgary Alberta write or Call for full particulars. Mannix co. Ltd., 3201 Ogden Road s.e., Calgary 24, Alberta Canada c. Thalheimer w. Hamilton 267-5405 telex 038-21812 when what had happened showed them a stabbing motion with her right hand. Or. Gelley was pronounced dead at Grace general Hospital at . June 6, after repeated attempts to revive him. Mrs. Gelley charged with manslaughter and causing death by criminal negligence appeared before a 12-Man jury and or. Justice Hunt in Cour of Queen s Bench and pleaded not guilty to both charges. The jury found her not guilty of the first charge but guilty o tie second. Defence counsel were Lionel Green and d. 0. Romaniw. Jet streams capricious Boston when a meander ing Jet Stream picks up Polar or tropical air and mixes it with air somewhere else the result can be a late Spring Frost or a sudden autumn heat wave. 403 old rates at Fidelity Trust eat eat eat 12 ibs. Of fat off in 1 week Toronto do you really want j to lose weight not just an j its Bitsi ounce a week or a puny Pound a month but Mounds of seam splitting shape stealing bulging flesh have you failed to slim Down before has your Stout ship floundered on the Shoals of hunger because you attempted to navigate with calorie and Carbo hydrate charts did your Hopes drown in a sea of Grapefruit juice and White wine take heart if you want to instantly effortlessly happily lose heaps of fat stuff yourself full and heed the advice of someone who has been through the Mill after years of dismally failing to lose weight he picked the brains of outstanding former the Premier said he was Crit ical of those who had advocated the restriction and he said he Felt that even though they were necessary under the Circum stance they would do no Good for Canadian Unity. I wonder if people who advocate these tit for Tat regulations realize How dangerous this is. This inter provincial Trade is a retention of the meaning of he said. Commenting on suggestions from some quarters that Mani Toba should opt out of confederation because of the so called Chicken and egg War and for an economic Union with the United states the Premier said i dislike the taking of an extreme position on anything. Pressing for longer truce continued they agreed to exert their utmost efforts to enable Ambas Sador jarring to resume his Mission at the earliest possible Date to search for possibilities through the agreement of the parties directly concerned to extend the Observance of the ceasefire for a period to be determined and to find a peaceful solution on the basis of Resolution 243 of the Security Council. The four Powers will tiny e their consultations their permanent representatives in new York will meet again on oct. 28." Resolution 242 sets up conditions for. A settlement and Calls for negotiations. Since aug. 25, Israel has repeatedly accused the egyptians of violations. Cairo rejecting the charges has countered thai Israel is fortifying positions within the standstill zone in Vio lation of the plan. Con and Many people counsel the gov most exr of Mea Ern ment to take the Treme or Barbaric sures. Deaths Aird Isabella of Vancouver formerly of Transcona. Baker William i., 73, of 360 Inglewood Street St. James Assiniboia retired from Mani Toba Telephone system. Biloski Anthony 60, of the Beausejour motor hotel Beausejour Man. Calder Jean Douglas 71, of West min. Monthly balance savings accounts chequing accounts will continue to be available with a reasonable number of cheques free of service charge. Rev will continue re do better fatties and Learned the secret. Noticing that lots of skinnier eat and drink heartily he figured there had to be a reason. Exer Cise no not always. Our Only salvation if possible would be j for us to eat our Way out of our he reasoned is what we re Good at. I we re trained. We re in absolute i top now most if not All experts preach cutting Down and counting calories to lose weight us fat Folk get that Way i because we like to eat and we hate counting calories he pro tests. If we were so Damn Good j counting calories we would t be in the mess we re in pry ing into the mysteries of nutrition and weight control he substituted the Complex columns of vitamins calories fats proteins and carbohydrates for a simple ratio number for each food. Act in As a Guinea pig. He munched 12 pounds off m Only seven Days i and then merrily gobbled 40 excess pounds off i Short order. His system of selecting Ordinary everyday foods without the dreary Monotony of Countin Ca lories or measuring quantities seems to Peel excess fat off sex 453 Regent Avenue suite 3, Transcona. Crabtree mrs. Georfe Henry Evelyn 60, of 1344 main Street proprietress of Diane s wedding gowns. Demchuk mrs. Josepha of 479 Aikins Street widow of Michael Demchuk. Garner mrs. Florence Mary 79, of 1340 Harrison Street. Victoria b.c., widow of Alfred William gamer. Johnson mrs. Astrid Sofia of Whitemouth Man. Lang Troy Anthony 25 Days of 519 St. John s Avenue in Fant son of or. And mrs. Nor Man Lang. Mcgetchie Howard 37. Macro Vircil san 84, of 269 Pritchard Avenue suite 1 Massey mrs. Kruzen of Van Guys California Murkar Alice Jenetta 95, of Toronto ont widow of Wil Liam Clarke Murkar. Nuytten mrs. Antoinette 87 plane hits Cable crashes foot Bridges Are not made for air planes. The Pilot of a single prop nor Seman Mark 5 float plane owned by Cross Lake air ser vices was carrying five Passen Gers bound for Wabowden 40 Miles from Cross Lake when the plane struck a Cable Over the Nelson River near the land ing area at Cross Lake. Pilot Steve Kirkup of Wabo Den said in a Telephone inter View Friday the Cable part of a new suspension Bridge being put i up by the Northern affairs commission was unmarked As it had just been installed an hour before the Accident. Or. Kirkup said it was Lucky the Accident was not very serious and no one was injured. An estimate of damages has not been completed yet he said. Cei Ved since the Cross abduction oct. 5. However such Telephone tips had dropped in the last few Days to 25 from a daily total of about 200. Provincial police said that up to late Friday night 107 the 341 persons arrested under the severe War measures act had been released. The act which gives authorities extraordinary Powers of search and arrest is being used to pick up known members of the now outlawed Fly sympathizers and others. These figures Are not accurate because we Are still await ing word from some 6f our 109 stations across the a App Publ relations official said. Some of. Those arrested told Friday of their confinement. Or. Henri Bellemare chief internist at sacred heart Hospi Tal Jean Roy a Printer and Ronald Labelle a photographer were picked up in Dawn raids oct. 16, shortly after the War measures act was proclaimed. They were released thursday without being charged. Or. Bellemare and or. Roy Are Aldermani candidates for the front d action poli Tique a socialist leaning party which up poses mayor Jean Drapeau s civic party in Montreal elections sunday. Or. Labelle had photographed French canadians at a Palestin Ian guerrilla training Camp last june. All three described their six Day imprisonment As a psychological Shock but they said they were not ill treated. They complained that they were not allowed outside contacts during their detention. Earlier this week Justice in Quebec City Claude Sam son a lawyer picked up in the oct. 16 Dawn raids said after his release that the App had prepared a list of 600 persons in that area for possible detention. Or. Samson released earlier in the week also said he had been Well treated but he had heard cries from other prison irs during his confinement. He identified one of his Fel Low prisoners As Jacques Poitras a labourer and the other As a professor of philosophy at University of Quebec. The lawyer said he suspected his own detention was because he had defended persons facing charges connected with demonstrations. So thorough is the search for the terrorists Lair that fighter bombers have been used. However fog Friday forced cancellation of reconnaissance by Cf-5s from the Tair base at Bagotville que. The planes have been photo graphing the forested Hills and Farmland for signs of unusual activity that would indicate a Woodland hideout for the kid nappers. Meanwhile Montre Alers looked Forward to their first civic election in four years. The kidnappings took away much of the play from campaigning Aldermani candidates but in the last few Days election Fervour reappeared. It was marked by controversy Over a statement made by mayor Drapeau and a threat ened Law suit. Frap took out in writs against the mayor claim ing damages on behalf of itself and its 31 candidates for a statement in which the mayor is said to have linked the party with the terrorists. Blodcett 3 tier stain less steel Cas bake oven 3 compartments. Used Bur in Good condition. Ref. Price our Price 764 main St. Park inf at pm 942.0831 by Max Treiman and sons bailiffs auction Sale of the equipment and fixtures of Katy s Coffee bar 648 main Street sat., oct. 31st at . Instructed by associated Commer Cial protectors Ltd. We will sell for business tax areas and Hydro arrears an electric re fridge 3 compartment sink pastry Cabinet toastmaster toaster National Cash Register plus other goods and chattels to cover arrears. M. K. Stelmon h. H. Steiman auction Fri evaluators associated commercial protectors Ltd., 298 main St. Bailiffs phone 942-3397 Jet of co show Homes located in Bright Oaks St. Vital and Transcona City of Parks and Good living orld of w time. Money do it yourself rent a truck 942-33 opening tuesday Superb new store in Lombard place w opening specials classic Book shops Lombard place the Richardson building in downtown Winnipeg of 1033 Nuytten Boniface. Street St Reardon mrs. Wimifred 90 of 505 Victor Street. Thorburn mrs. David Eft of 403 Billingsley Manor Eastbourne England. Workman Alex aider Edna me 82, of 430 College Avenue. Farther mfr Matin cd scofied death a times Delity t Hud office 291 Guvy St. Re 947-0211 est. 1909 Iran pcs 417 Academy m it. 474 2459 1355 St. Pm 447 be Tofe Are. Pm by the Canadian press naw Ireland Bishop Pat Rick Geary. 84, expelled from Tremley fast so fast that you can communist China in 1952 after a this is another sneaky Way m Rami As a roman to starve you. 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W w additional amenities include two Levels of heated under ground parking free Cable television service an infernal Protection Al system connecting the front Entrance to each suite plus a Doorman for added convenience and Security a finnish Sauna and an exer Cise room. All of this and More at prices you can afford. Come. See. Explore. Discover o Beautiful Way of life of number one Evergreen place. Furnished display suites Are now open . On weekdays and . On weekends and holidays. For Complete information and a free brochure Telephone our rental office at 284-6059. A super Speed shot new and Rew Rucien a arg system of food Sebec Tjada be Learned by anyone a Tea. Fiset abort stares and write off far year copy. It for win a press. Dept t77. Zvy me St. West. Stitches Manchester. E

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