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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 23, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaIf you Don f do if it won t get done give the United Way Winnipeg free press final edition vol. 78 no. A Price 10 cents 13 cents Friday october 1970 . Sunup . Moon rim Moonset . Forecast sunny 30 and 60. Photos of Paul Rose one of two key suspects in the kidnapping of British Diplomat James Jasper Cross and Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte were altered by a Quebec provincial police artist to show How Rose May have changed his appearance. The top left photo was the original issued by police sunday when a warrant for the arrest of Rose was circulated. Marchand backtracks Fly linked to elections mayor Drapeau claims terrorists campaigning separatist party urges postponement of vote Montreal up usually restricted to Small time politicking Mon Treal s municipal election suddenly has attracted National interest. The Campaign for votes to be Mcilraith hints at Kidnap Lead talk thaws . Relations Nixon Gromyko Exchange views on International problems chief longer work in pay hassle aldermen rap Stewart for to statements chief Constable elect Norman Stewart of the Winnipeg police depart ment is in hot water Over statements made wednes Day night on the Csc Tele vision program 24 hours. At a meeting of the Winnipeg personnel committee Friday Al Derman Slaw Bebchuk said statements of the kind made by chief Stewart on television wednesday night that our police department should be paid the same wages As in Toronto Mon Treal and Calgary does not help the City Council to enforce the policies which they have to be responsible Aid. Bebchuk said he had been requested to bring the matter up by Aid. J. Gurzon Harvey of the finance commit tee. Aid. Harvey is also chair Man o the personnel commit tee Aid. Bebchuk quoted a letter written by mayor Steve Juba in to All department Heads or Dering them to refrain from give please see chief Pape 10 Webster takes a Holiday chief elect Norman Stewart win Start his first Day As chief of the Winnipeg police department monday when acting police chief c. Webster goes on a two week vacation. Or. Stewart s appoint ment As chief Constable. However becomes official nov. L. The acting chief. Rho Torf out i his bid wednesday for the Jeave Doe to him awl wends to Lake them. Webster jew it Nufi. T is Day sought 59f school Board proposal presented to arbitration the Winnipeg school Board wants teachers in the Winnipeg school division to work from . To 5 ., which would increase teachers mandatory time in school by one hour and minutes. The school Board made its proposal thursday in answer to the Winnipeg teachers association proposal for a half hour per Day lesson preparation time for elementary school teachers Only. Cast sunday was lost in the tur Moil of the War measures act and troops stationed around the City. But now terrorist activity has been linked with the elec Tion. Mayor Drapeau said on two Montreal radio stations thurs Day that the front d action to Litique Frap opposing his civic party in the municipal election groups revolutionaries and meanwhile the separatist parti quebecois with seven elected members in the Quebec legislature called for a postponement of the election while the climate of panic persists in Quebec Over Steps taken to combat terrorist activity of the front de liberation do Quebec. The mayor made an allusion to blood flowing on the streets if Frap with 31 candidates for 46 vacant City Council seats wins the sunday election. He said he is convinced there is a direct link Between the left leaning municipal party and the Fly responsible for two political kidnappings and the slay ing of Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte last weekend. In Ottawa economic expansion minister Jean Marchand backtracked on an earlier charge that Frap was a front for the violently separatist Fly. Pressed by an angry oppose j please see Fly Page 11 Ottawa up solicitor general George Mcilraith said today he cannot accept the proposition that the police Are at a dead end in their anti terrorist Campaign in Quebec. He was replying in the com Mons to opposition Leader Rob Ert Stanfield who noted that it police raid Village is nearly three weeks since the kidnapping of British diploma James Jasper Cross. Or. Stanfield said there is an apparent Lack of Success in police efforts and that there Are reports police Are at a dead end and relying on tips. Or. Mcilraith said the information from the ramp does not support the proposition that police Are at a dead end. Regret fully he said he could not give the commons this information both parties Are contract proposals submitting before a three Man arbitration Board. The Board will consider the sub missions of both sides and their decision on the contract dispute will be binding on both parties. Please see longer Page 2 prisoners stage hunger strike chilean army on Alert Santiago a troops and police today pushed the toughest Security measures Chile has seen in 13 years Fol lowing an attempt to assassinate the country s commander in chief of the army . Rene Schneider. The armed forces were put on maximum Alert roadblocks were set up on All roads around Santiago and a nightly curfew was ordered for the capital. By Terry Corcoran Montreal special some prisoners held in Quebec jails under the War measures act have been on a hunger strike to protest their arrest. The strike was revealed by Jean Roy 32, one of about 50 j prisoners released by Quebec i police Early thursday. Or. Roy i a candidate for Frap front d action poli Tique in the Sun iday municipal election in Mon had not eaten for six Days. It was also revealed that most of the prisoners detained in the Quebec police jail in Montreal or. Henri Bel Lemarre 38, also a Frap candidate said prison ers Are being held incommunicado. I did t know for certain until this or. Belle Mare said. The two men thursday de scribed the conditions of their detention in an interview prior to a Frap press conference to denounce a charge by economic expansion minister Jean Marchand that Frap was a front for the terrorist Fly which killed or. Laporte and continues to hold British Trade commissioner James Cross 49, Luskville que. Up the army and the provincial police made a lightning raid Here thursday apparently looking for Paul Rose and Marc car Bonneau charged in the kid Nap slaying of provincial labor a wrists. Montreal up despite emergency Powers of search and arrest police have run into dead ends in their Hunt for a kidnapped British Diplomat and the Kidnap killers of a Quebec Cabinet minister. We re raiding a police officer said thursday night. We be run out of leads. All we can do now is investigate tips our Cross Laporte operations Centre receives from Anonymous sources and the today is the 18th Day since James Jasper Cross senior British Trade commissioner in Montreal was abducted from his Home by gun wielding tar i Washington special tons the United states and the soviet Union both took a hopeful View that thursday s two and a half hour meeting Between president Nixon and foreign minister Andrei Gromyko will Lead to improvement in relations Between the two superpowers. A Friendly account by White House press Secretary Ronak Ziegler and a similar statement issued by or. Gromyko from the society embassy were visually reinforced for reporters and cameramen by a new twist in presidential appearances. Or. Nixon took Gromyko from the White House Oval of fice to his second office across the Street in the executive office building for about 15 minutes. Then cameras were alerted and the president led a smiling or. Gromyko Back Down the Steps through the throng of reporters Back into the White House. In addition when the meeting began at 11 . And cameras were Busy newsmen were Al Lowed to overhear cheery banter in the Oval room. Or. Ziegler reported after or. Gromyko left that for our part i can say the discussions were helpful. The meeting seas con ducted in a Friendly atmosphere throughout. It is Felt that the meeting was helpful for laying he basis for improved relations Between the United states and he soviet Union. We also be Lieve the meeting was useful rom the standpoint that it Al owed the president to give the soviet foreign minister his per Sonal and direct impressions on the subjects please see talk Page 2 minister Pierre Laporte. Rose 27, once taught in the secondary school in Hull and As a result authorities Are believed to feel he could have re turned to the area. The App would say nothing regarding the raid and the army would Only confirm that a search of the area had taken place. But residents were considerably shaken when the soldiers under direction of App officers and it is the sixth Day since the kidnapping of Pierre la Porte became a homicide Case with the discovery of the labor minister s body in the trunk of a car a week after he was a please see Mcilraith Page 10 Envor irks India please see Quebec Page 4 do not know for sure former i Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte was murdered last sat urday. Please Sec chilean Page 10 looking for a camera this want and under Cam eras 69 Complete movie camera and projector. Complete. I . Flashes projector. Is among the hundreds of bargains in today s classified Section. No matter what you need shop and save in free press want ads. Bellemare and or. Roy Jare among More than 400 arrested in Quebec in 1.600 raids and searches conducted by police since the invoking of the War measures last Friday. Under the act they can be held in prison for 90 Days. Both were in jail six Days. They were released thursday and were never charged with an offence. Or. Roy a Printer arrested along with seven other persons Friday morning said the 400 a please see hunger Page 4 today today s Index in pm car inti to. It deafen 7 12 22 50, 51 classified. 32 49 deaths 2 finance 13 to 15 Tete Veram 18 pm be .31 movies 1? sports 22 to 31 Camci nearly everyone reads the free press City Zont total 10u01 imported chickens banned Manitoba has decided to go ahead with Trade restrictions on chickens imported from other provinces. Agriculture minister Samuel Yuskiw said Friday. The restrictions which were c a r r y out instructions to drawn up some weeks ago. Will phone the ambassador at new Delhi a some one forgot to Wake up . Ambassador Kenneth b. Keating at . Tues Indian american re lations appear to have suffered another setback As a re sult. Keating had wanted to go to i new Delhi s Airport an eight minute drive from his j the Premier s announcement to see j ended speculation that he would off prime minister Indira not resign until judicial recounts Gandhi who left at 6 . On j had been completed in some a flight to new York to attend j Ridings. The 25th anniversary session of the United nations. But he awoke 15 minutes after her flight took off a Smith govt. To quit Halifax g. I. Smith of Nova Scotia said today he has told the lieutenant Gover nor that that his government will resign oct. 28. He said he also suggested that the liberals be asked to form a new govern ment. The resignation will bring to an end 14 years of progressive conservative government i n Nova Scotia. The conservatives won Only 21 seats in the oct. 13 nov Uncial election. The liberals took 23 seats and the new democratic party two. I have advised his Honor that n my opinion it would be approx mate to Call upon or. Gerald Regan As the Leader of the party which will hive the great est number of members in the new House of Assembly to form a new the pre Mier said in a Brief statement. Or. Smith said last week that he would resign oct. 28 unless the standings were changed in the official vote counting which ended today. Or. Regan said today he would Welcome the Opportunity if he is asked to form the government. He said he would strive to form a government that is Reform the liberals narrow Edge in the House May be bolstered by the two nip members. Party Leader Jeremy Aker Man who won a seat in Cape Breton East said he would sup port the party which has the majority of seats after the offi Cial count. But he said his con in cd support would depend on the government s legislative pro Gram. So far five recounts have been Kings West Pictou East Cape Breton i Nova and the t w o a e m b e r Colchester Riding. . Embassy spokesman said because an Indian employee working on the embassy control desk did not become effective monday. How Ever. Or. Yuskiw said it will take a few Days for the mechanics to be worked out. Manitoba flow joins most other provinces in the Trade re Striction War on poultry prod acts which began in Quebec six months ago. Please see imported Page 10 . Disciplinary action has been taken against the pm the spokesman said without elaboration. Keating went to the foreign ministry later in the morning to make amends. . Sources said. Please see envoy Page 2 us. Generals held glad to leave montreal9 by Paul Pihi Hyx consumer affairs minister Ben Hanuschak says he never wants to relive the experience he had in Montreal earlier this week. Or. Hanuschak was Mani Toba s representative at the of neral of slain Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte on tuesday. Or. Hanos Bak said he was glad to leave Montreal. The Montreal 1 was a by town. My of we. Fan people of nil it ass j fun Way or he said w an net Varer of Coralay v a work Var. Said the guards weren t just armed they had the rifles extended ready to attack. It was some but this ominous sign was Only a Small warning of what was to come. Or. Hams Bak said he noticed a Wack h Yousak on the Airport rsm Way Bat did not pay Modi attention to it instead he went into the air port terminal collected Bis bag and boarded a bos Kat a Elneth Dorra Boris. Swity after Tif had checked the hotel. Or. T cafe Frew of Ftp a ref to a Cwon Rawl to feta hotel in that or. Hanuschak said. He became a Good Deal More concerned when he Learned that i had not brought a body guard with me from win apparently Many of the ministers from other provinces had taken the precaution of having Jet air Owa secs Rik people with them. Or. Hanssn Banc said Tike local officer Tow him Bat a car whom arrive at she a Ltd to take or. To toe Corr where or. A Way me a isow out to the car the magnitude of the massive Security measures i the City really began to make itself Felt. I sat in the car with the Driver and four motorcycle policemen with sirens and red lights flashing accompanied he said two of the policemen Rode along on either Side of the car. And the other two leap from aged Back and Fonh to Clear away traffic. We wars ird Namvari traffic All be Lime driving a Forte we reached be or. Ing on Street Corners driving in cars. And the armed soldiers were always present always standing with their rifles extended always ready for or. Hanuschak said he began to think As be was driven to the court House and later to Dame Church of just How grave the situation was. Yon Dortu i realize Here Safe if Manitoba. Can happen. Are free to Jjo anywhere. Rtt he tax the fowl a Fere was Itati a real v Moscow a the . Embassy pressed the soviet government today to let it inter View two . Generals whose plane strayed across the soviet turkish Border in bad weather wednesday and landed 12 Miles inside soviet Armenia. Maj. Gen. Edward Scherrer. Commander of the joint . Military Mission to Turkey and Brig. Gen. Claude Mcquarrie. Head of the Mission s army Sec Tion. Were being held incommunicado somewhere inside us soviet Union. A . Embassy official said it was Qomie on Lindy that they would be re leased soon. Ata in were be . Army Pilot awl a escort officer. The soviet in reign of for Are in the a Tiff Rel. To did v water nor i or

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