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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 22, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press thursday october 22, 1970 How relevant is conservatism focus Sinaloa o Leary is former editor of Ottawa journal and a lifelong Stalwart of the Comer Ralit party in Canada. This article oppt ared in the Ottawa journal and int Globe and mail by Grattan o Leary Homicidal instincts it would seem pervade our time. God is dead religion has had its last rites conservatism has become Irel Evant. The past but a Ceme Tery. One or two More Csc viewpoint broadcasts and All left to our planet will be computers liberalism and the Jusi society. Before bowing to this bleakness before kneeling for the final annihilation and leaving god and Reli Gion to the theologians i would like a word of dissent about conservatism an editing of Hie wry Charity of its obituaries. If you would Converse with said Voltaire define your i begin then with an attempt to define conservatism its principles traditions place in human thought. Is a conservative some one still wet with the Spray of the deluge longing for an irremediable past or one who believes that the present has a right to gov Ern itself according to its needs that it is As Well to create Good precedents As to Honor old ones is he one Content to keep up with yesterday or one with a care for prudent and Vance holding that conservatism is an assignment for our survival sceptical of slogans and political wonder drugs but with a humanized View of the trials that beset us and the people concerned a care that More than the Rich May expect to live with the dignity of human beings if the last be True As i hold it to be True then whence in our anxious Day the Irr Evenance of conservatism the wrong of taking counsel from both times from the ancient what is Best from the present what is fittest the trouble with the critics of conservatism and in deed with too Many conservatives is that they confuse fixed positions with fixed principles. Fixed positions Are hopeless condemned by logic and history. Fixed principles rooted in tradition and probity can be adapted to changing circumstances. That is All conservatism rightly under stood is All about. The ship swings with the tide the Anchor holds. In summary conservatism today rational he m a n i s t i c conservative thought has nothing to do with hard implacable unyielding dogmatism Beholden to neither big business super patriots nor to technological materialism but is actually a form of Dis sent sceptical of liberalism with one foot planted firmly in the Clouds and asking it self what Are the tolerable limits of the state s activity whether it can Ever be an omnipotent sacramental Agency for Man s salvation. In our Liberal establish ment these truths Are Little known. To be a conserva Tive is to be labelled a tory an epithet of abuse first hurled at Irish outlaws in the one incapable of mature psychological in sight unaware that Canad an history began with Mac Kenzie King thoughtless for the poor and underprivileged. Young unsophisticated journalists press gallery hands on the cocktail circuit and politically illiterate academics write and speak of the bight and left alien Clay intellectual hangovers from Europe foreign to our political realities. Worse so called liberals who probably think that John Stuart Mill was some body who played soccer for Chelsea or who go about with Adam Smith in one hand and Karl Marx in the other Reading neither bask in such blather. It makes them feel holders of the title deeds to Progress. Let it be admitted though that Canadian conservatives have not always understood conservatism s principles nor abide by them. After Macdonald s death they were Content to live on his capital. Frac tured into leadership factions they became a Colo Nial party London their spiritual Home Rule Britan Nia their Anthem. And canadians or most of them seemed to want it that Way. Ottawa became a British outpost civil ser vants vying with what was left of the lumber Barons for invitations to Rideau Hall punch was on the Best Library tables afternoon Tea an institution and English accents cultivated arduously. If it rained on the strand to Rutiser legs should Minster five years later would be too few of this Genera Tion too Many who sneer at conservatives As tories Little know this Little realize amid Liberal establishment mythology that it was a Leader of the conservative party who Laid the foundation of the statute of West Minster who won separate Canadian representation at the Versailles peace Confer ence who first objected to a British government nomination of a governor general for Canada first proposed a Canadian As Canada s governor general and first demanded a Cana Dian minister at washing ton. Too Little do they realize that it was Borden conservative Leader who was our first effective Canadian nationalist. He can be linked with Macdonald and Laurier As one of our three truly great prime ministers. I come next to Arthur Meighen the magnificent they said he was an the creature of big yet this was the Man who in his first major speech in parliament assailed the tar Iff Protection for manufacturers of farm implements those who maintain their profits behind ramparts of senator o Leary what just society unemployment major Factor in crime Ottawa up unemployment at the time of the crime is the most common Factor uncovered in a sur vey of men sent to Federal penitentiaries. The detailed Survey covers the year ended March 31, 1965, and also shows most of the of fenders admitted to Penitentiary tint year to be under 30, including one under 15. There is no equivalent sur vey for later years. About were unemployed when arrested and of these had one or More dependents. The most common crimes were against property rather than the person. Breaking and entering led the list with offenders. More than of the .1.621 prisoners were alcoholics or had drinking prob Lem but Only 168 were listed As taking drugs. Among the 41 sent to Pris on for murder 20 had a drinking problem but none used drugs. In fact Only three drug users were convicted of Vio Lent crimes. Alcohol and violence were close partners however. Be sides being a Factor in Al most half the murders liquor played a part in 31 of the 47 manslaughter 46 of the 77 rapes. 31 of the 51 As saults. Among the 56 persons sent to Penitentiary for of fences against the narcotic control act. 16 did t use drugs 10 did and 30 were addicts. Although about 5.000 per sons were killed in motor vehicle accidents in that year Only eight persons went to Penitentiary for criminal negligence causing death. Nine were imprisoned for prostitution and procuring. Be up in Sparks Street. Robert Laird Borden. Descendant of United Empire loyalists changed All that took his party from senti mental unashamed colonialism to robust Canadian nationalism. In London in 1917, As a member of the Imperial War Cabinet he and his Friend South Africa s Jan Christiaan Smuts drafted a momentous Resolution to be presented to the British government. It demanded for the dominions the preservation of All existing Powers of self government full recognition of the Domin ions As autonomous nations an adequate voice in foreign policy continuous consultation in All matters of common Imperi Al concern such Neces sary concerted action founded on consultation As the several governments May you and said Smuts to Borden you and i have transformed the Struc Ture of the British that was True. And it was True also As the distinguished Liberal journalist Bruce Hutchison wrote in his or. Prime minister that Borden and Smuts had writ ten one of the decisive documents of British history on which the declaration of 1926 the Balfour formula and the statute of West this the Man too who in the face of the implacable hostility of St. James Street spearheaded the creation of the Canadian National rail ways our greatest adventure in state ownership the Man who in a memorable speech before the benches of Gray s inn in 1921, declared that politics could know no Law of Mort main and confessed a political Faith As modern As Tomor Row. Meighen the greatest de Bater our parliament has known used the language of when the Waves went High he sought the but never for reaction. We can Only conjecture what he might have done had he been prime minister longer. As it is his claim to the highest in statesmanship is like Hamlet s claim to the Soldier s music and the rights of War the claim that he was Likely had he been put on to have proved m o 11 followed Richard Bedford Bennett a Cross Between a hard nosed corporation Law yer and a political Savon Arola. Rich purse proud and puritanical in his exhortations at any rate and a Lover of ritual he would have made a magnificent Cardinal in the Days before Pope John. Like Hoover he was a victim of the depression of the 1930s, and it May Well be that if history gives him As much As a footnote it will be to say that he made the Best of a bad time. After his defeat in 1935 the conservative party Fol lowing an old propensity threw him from the Battle ments sending him into exile in England there to v most remarkable people students meet your parents tent motion Gap Eric a. Welkjr pm Duit of Penn Stott unit Unity a a wifi to toy to atm bin of the Lommer i stating Dan it h n institution. Ecco if Corrid by fort Lou Newt. Fort Fla ladies and gentlemen of the graduating class let me extend to each of you my personal congratulations and those of the entire University on the degree you have earned today. This ceremony Marks the comple Tion of an important phase of your life. It is an occasion in which All who know Yon can share in your sense of Pride and accomplishment but no one has More Pride in your accomplishment than the next group i d like to introduce to you. If you of the graduating class will look Over into the bleachers to your left or right i would like to introduce Yon to representatives of of the most remarkable people Ever to walk of Earth. These Are people Yon already know your Par cats. I d que to share some of these facts with you. These Are the people who jest five decades have increased life expectancy by 5a per Ceat i who while it Ftfe Ibe Day by a fird have were per Opita Yew a medical Factor while to is almost unheard of. Let me remind you that these remarkable people lived through his tory s greatest depression. Many of these people know what it is to be poor what it is to be hungry and cold. And because of this they determined that it would not happen to you that you would have a better life. You would have food to eat milk to drink vitamins to nourish you a warm Home better schools and greater opportunities to succeed. Because they gave you the b e s to you Are the tallest Healthiest Bright est and probably the Best looking generation to inhabit the land. Because they were materialistic you will work fewer hours earn More have More Leisure Lime travel to More Distant places and have More of a Chance to follow your life s ambition. These Are also the people who fought Man s gris Liest War. They Are the people who Defeated the tyranny of Hitler and who when it was an Over had the Coa Nisswa to spend buttons of Doorn to help their former enemies re wild their Home lands. And these Are the people who had us sense to Bega the United it was representatives these Ufeo. The Fluey us people face Riser vim ton amt cume of ftps is 99 cd Phi Ftp Huia. Of the land for do racial Dis at every Tarn to be is a Era Cuvi rims. Try Taik. The Sawas pcs pfc irined tens a Debra. I v Toffle Mafe youngsters where once it was Only the dream of a wealthy few. And they made a Start although a late one in Healing the scars of the Earth and in fighting pollution and the destruction of our natural environment they set into motion Laws giving conservation More meaning and setting aside land for you and your children to enjoy for generations to come. They also How the dubious record for paying taxes although you will probably exceed them in this. While they have done All these things they have had some failures. They have not yet found an alternative for War nor for racial hatred. Perhaps you the members of this graduating class will perfect the social mechanisms by which and men May follow their ambitions without the threat of Force so that the Earth will no longer need police to enforce the Laws nor armies to prevent some men from trespassing against others. They made More Progress by the sweat of their brows than in any previous Era Aad dont forget it and. If your generation can make As Progress in As May areas As these generations have Yoo Shoom be Able to solve a Good Many of the Earth s Rema inf Fly. I is my Hope and i know the Hope these two Zemra Tofts that pm fed answers of Many of Detese that Nagae Moa Tim. It he easy. And die with his melancholy memories and a peerage a lonely embittered Man. Come then the Bleak years of Manion Bracken and Drew Manion a Light Skirmisher at Best Bracken an amiable disaster and Drew who might have made a great prime min ister struck Down by illness when in sight of the promised land fated not to profit from the self inflicted wounds of liberals in what is still remembered As the pipeline parliamentary tragedy. The Man who profited temporarily at least was John g. Diefenbaker. Tempestuous and controversial his barometer always at Stormy he was contemptuous of party Dogma a prag Matist who defied analysis. Yet whatever May be said against him justly or unjustly never could it be charged against him that he was or Ever could be irrelevant in this or any society. Today today the conservative party is led by a Man who if or when he takes Power May Well be another sir Robert Borden. Able knowledgeable with a civilized mind a humanist with understanding and care for the tribulations of our Day Robert Stanfield is in no doubt about the conserva Tive philosophy knows How and where and to what de Gree that philosophy hostile to reaction May be applied to contemporary society. His task a formidable one is twofold the Educa Tion of Many in his own party regarding what the party is about and the de mythic cation of the Liberal establishment. Liberal mythology the legend of managerial compe tence tended through years by skilful propagandists and today accepted from the Ivory towers of big Busi Ness to the Groves of Aca deme is deeply entrenched As yet untouched by such things As Benson s White paper or by a minister under a swinging prime minister incapable of Deli vering the mails. Pierre Trudeau is attractive intelligent exciting the Antithesis of the stodgy mysticism of a Mackenzie King or the amiable ways of a Lester Pearson who As Harold Macmillan said of Neville Chamberlain was a Good Man in the worst sense of the but Trudeau s his Rudolph Valentino pull for females who want to be i hardly suffices for High unemployment or for the fact that one third of. C a n a d a s population is under the poverty line with millions of others in misery through the ravages of inflation. For these evils skin diving is scarcely an acceptable prescription. Yet seemingly acceptable for our communications Media for our journalists electronic or with Ink on their fingers who Are not in the Mold of the John w. Dafoe the sir John Willi sons the p. D. Losses men who heeded More than the tinkle of newspaper Cash registers. If in such circumstances conservatism has ceased to be relevant its philosophy useless in a vexed sick society then Hope for the time being bids us Farewell. For hardly can we turn to a liberalism which betrays its past which today is Little More than a fortuitous col Lection of conflicting Ingre d i e n t s office seekers careerists bureaucrats catholics in Parish ghettos who equate conservatism with Orange ism a Cara Van that Progress has left far behind. Conservatism irrelevant As Well ask whether an organized care for Canada is irrelevant whether i re peat an assignment for Canada s survival is vant. Canada s conservative party has been plagued by fools and demagogues has mixed stupidity with achievement and seems often to be the victim of a death wish an example its current Folly with its most intelligent Leader since Bor Den and Meighen. Yet with All its follies and foibles All its confusion Over what conservatism is about it has notable things to its credit. It introduced a Merit system in our civil service1, ending debasing patronage Laid the foundations of our Constitution development fought a world War with courage and competence gave us the Bank of Canada a National film Boad and National broadcasting. The fight for natural free Dom for democracy for the deliverance of intellect from the old fantastic bondage has already been won if not everywhere in the realm of fact at All events in that of conscience. It remains to reconstruct the fabric of civilization on a basis of economic Justice and Wisdom to improve the Quality of human life to expose the distinction Between the True and the false the real and the synthetic to shun empty slogans and shibboleths. In approaching that task conservatism rightly understood can never be Irrel Evant. Fight it must always against the dangerous fal Lacy that principles May be cast adrift lightly but also must it combat unceasingly the encroachments of a Leviathan state on the Liber ties of the individual this with understanding of where the Sovereign Domain of the individual begins and ends. Trudeau urges the just society in which he w a s scooped by Plato Long years but whose Justice conservatism must seek the answer. And however it May miss the Centre of Dis covery it must never yield up the goal but strive end Lessly to keep alive the gut tired and flickering Candle of idealism. When you Settle Down to a cozy evening with your color to. And a Friend. Spare a thought for the people at Panasonic who invented hands off color to. With automatic Fine tuning press one Button. Once. And get the strongest picture possible. If you switch channels. And the push Button automatic tint and color control. It s pre set at the factory. So All you see we i he results. 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