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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 21, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg i miss wednesday october 21, 1970 govt. A geologists assist Farmers by Jim Neaves Edmonton up the role of the government Man who sweats it out through Good and bad times with the Farmers in smaller Prairie communities is constantly under review. But the Consen sus is that he has a future in the fast changing world of agriculture. In Alberta he is called a distr i c t agriculturalists. In both Manitoba arid Saskatchewan he is known As cultural representative. There Are More than 140 of them throughout the three Prairie provinces must have degrees in agriculture and Are trained to Supply information and guidance to Farmers. These government Grolo gifts have taken their share of Praise and criticism particularly during the last two years when the future of agriculture on the Prairies has been the subject of incisive scrutiny. Many Farmers admit they would be in worse financial shape without the help of their agricultural representative. Others won t have anything to do with them. A few Prairie Farmers went so far As to blame their local Extension department representative for the piles of unsold Grain on their farms. Many Farmers have turned for advice to a geologists employed by such Agri business firms As fertilizer manufacturing concerns and there is a growing trend in some areas toward the use of private consulting a geologists. So while the future of Agri culture itself is being contemplated it follows that the role of the government agr Logist should be evaluated. Spokesmen for agriculture department Extension services in Manitoba and Saskatchewan say they continually As sess the role of their men while the Alberta department has gone a step farther in commissioning a study by a private consulting firm. We expect the report to be released this fall and we Hope it will indicate the direction in which our Extension services should an Alberta Exten Sion department spokesman said. One of the problems facing the government agr Logist is the vast amounts of technical and scientific knowledge now available and a slow move to Ward More specialization in agriculture. All three provinces now pro vide specialists on a regional basis to which the local Agron Ogist can turn for specific help. The government Grolo Gist in Many cases finds him self in the same position As the medical profession where general practitioners seem to be disappearing in favor of More and More specialists. At the administrative level there have been some prob lems in recruiting a geologists for the government service because private Industry has been offering better salaries. And although the private sector is providing More in formation to Farmers the need for the Extension depart ment s services will remain. In times of economic difficulty As we be just seen and Are still seeing the first thing to be Cut is the private firm s Extension an Alberta Extension service spokesman said. This is Why the govern ment must stay in an Extension official in Manitoba agreed saying the private sector is the first to admit their operations must pay off the role of the agricultural representative is changing particularly in Manitoba. Frank Muirhead chief of Manitoba s Extension service said his a geologists Are mov ing into a fairly Broad Field of social and economic develop ment and into today s Ultra important Field of agricultural marketing. However we feel there still is a need for a Good organizer at the local level who can communicate with the people this movement is closely linked with the concern about social change becoming More evident in Rural areas. In Manitoba he said Agri cultural representatives de vote about 20 per cent of their time to Community resource development 20 per cent to 4-h club and youth work 10 per cent to marketing and 50 per cent to production management and techniques. The agricultural representative has become much More of a consultant than he was a few years ago when the emphasis was. On offering advice on building barns information on crop rotation Plant Dis eases and How to take advantage of government programs. We have been providing professional development courses to update our person Doug Grant head of Saskatchewan s Extension department said. The trend toward the use of private consulting a geologists is perhaps More apparent in Alberta. Cam Sibbald who has offices in Edmonton and Calgary entered private prac Tice in 1967 after experience in both government and private agriculture spheres. The private consulting a g r o 1 o g y Field has really opened he said. Many former government a geologists and some from High positions in Agri business hive Kuung put their Shingle More Farmers want highly specialized and personalized services which government is not justified in providing to selected individuals. Or. Sib Bald said. But there is no apparent major dissatisfaction among Farmers with the role of the government agr Logist. And there does t seem to be much Rush on the part of governments to eliminate the Little Extension offices that Are a feature of the main Street in Many Small Prairie communities. Exciting Low prices on snowmobile suite for the family. At Eaton s catalogue clearance Centre for the whole family Light weight snowmobile of rugged weather bar Nylon that locks out cow repels water resists wind. One piece construction with sturdy front Zipper Rayon faced quilt lining pile lined Hood Leatherette trim on sleeve cuffs. Lost sized Bock Waist with half Felt and buckle from. An outstanding buy in Navy or Teal Blue. 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From 10 degrees North to seven degrees South along 150 West Longitude there appears to be a Mound on the Earth Gravity or. Haworth said. The Gravity Field when plot Ted put along the thousands of Mills covered afford a kind of inverted Mirror image of the Earth s profile if the Gravity measurements Are made at sea level. This was part of the geophysical program of the Hudson Dur ing its cruise through four oceans and round North and South America concluding last week at the Bedford Institute of oceanography Here. The significance of the Equa Tor Lump has be pinned Down and or. Haworth is not even speculating on the possible physical reasons for it. The whole profile done by the Hudson is to be used As a refer ence Point for a United states resources satellite which will be kept in position in space partly by calculations based on it. In the part scientists Nave accepted two sets of data Asaf fording approximation of the Earth s based on work done in 1924-30 and an other based on satellite data turned out in 1964. Another geophysical finding of the Hudson cruise was a deep Trench and a spread of the Ocean floor about Miles West of Cape Horn. Conservation groups file suit Cleveland a two conservation groups the Sierra club and citizens for clean air and water filed suit. Monday in . District court Here to Block construction of the Davis Besse nuclear Power Sta Tion near port Clinton. The suit challenges the Legal Ity of the 1968 land Transfer which gave Toledo Edison co. The 533-acre Navaree Marsh Federal wildlife Refuge As part of the Plant site. The firm gave the government a 480-acre Pri vate preserve in Exchange for in suit asks the court to de Clare the land Transfer invalid claiming that the Plant would damage the Marsh area and ecology and make the area unfit or migratory Bird i habitation t asks the land be returned to Public Domain. The suit charges the Law Vio ates a treaty on the conserva Tion and wildlife preservation in the Western hemisphere. Sex printing chief sees threat j Toronto up an explosion in technology is posing a threat to the North american printing Industry. Donam Thrush former chairman of the rating industries of America Lac said Here. He predicted at the annual convention of the graphic arts Imler strict association that a lot of printing companies Are. Gobig to a arrive Oato the 1990s. He referred to development m the Cempel and Eaton s food Ateria downtown Only thursday . Only frying Chicken Canada a Grade eviscerated freshly killed 800 Birds. Per in pork Butts freshly Cut 600 piece. 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