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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 21, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg fat mess wednesday 21, 1970 29 lady Bird says Nixon backed la j on Vietnam new York Reuter r i c h i r d Nixon visited then president Johnson in his White House bedroom in 1966 and expressed his Strong agreement with Johnson s Vietnam policy lady Bird Johnson says in her newly published memoirs. In her Book a White House diary mrs. Johnson said one thing about our life you can never Tell whom you la find in Lyndon s bedroom. This morning who should be sit Ting there but Richard mostly they talked about the International Situa Tion especially Vietnam where or. Nixon is generally in Strong support of mrs. Johnson wrote. He Nixon said that opponents say we Are risking world War Iii in Vietnam that we Are risking War with China in Viet Nam but that is not so we Are avoiding a big mrs. Johnson said she had a feeling of Pride and release after the president s 1964 Gulf of Tonkin statement which announced escalation of the Viet Nam War. Regarding the War in 1965, president Johnson said i can t get out. I can t finish it with what i have got. So what the hell can i How to catch keep and dump a Man rally to feature a new approach take off fat with Home recipe plan it s simple How quickly one Toay Jose pounds of unsightly fat right in your own Home. Make this Home recipe yourself. It s easy no trouble at All and costs Little. Just and ask for _ to your drugstore Faran. Pour this into a pint bottle and add enough Grapefruit juice to fill the bottle. Take two tablespoonful twice a Day As needed and follow the Naran reducing plan. 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Proposals by Zsa Zsa Gabor now that you be found the Man you adore and who you Hope and Pray adores you what look for this Symbol for genuine gruyere process Erland Chili s misses stripper our regular price2.66 2.24 save All rubber Over the shoe Boot warmly lined Brown. Snow boots 12.44 happens next it s very simple. You ask him to marry you. Yes you do it. I proposed to every one of my husbands. It s unfortunately True that the Only Man who will always ask you to marry him immediately is the one you would never marry. But even though you Don t want him remember that proposing is the greatest compliment a Man can pay you so you should feel proud and honoured that he asked and you should be Gra Cious when you refuse. So he and his future wife should stay Good friends forever. Since proposing is such a compliment then Why not pay t to the Man you love it is wonderful for his ego. Also look at it this Way you might As Well ask the Man to marry you because after you Are married he will always say that you asked him anyway. And of course you Are always going to violently deny that you would do such a thing. In fact always deny everything. Zsa Zsa says every girl should be. Married at least once in her life. It s a Legal affairs let s face it love and marriage Are really two entirely Dif Ferent animals like tigers and horses. You hardly Ever find them living together in the same Cage. Not for very Long anyway. Not married. I you have gone in my opinion if you and your husband Are still passionately in love with each other then you Are Don t care if through the ceremony of marriage even two times like Vadim and Jane Fonda did be cause they weren t so sure about that judge in Las vegas. I understand he was t too sure about them since Vadim had already Bri when the annual rally of the society Franco Manito Baine is held in St. Boniface next month new techniques in group dynamics with modern equipment to create an audio visual environment will be fear tured. About 600 delegates from health and Beauty aids witht25 scope mouthwash 17 of. Btu Kmart discount Price 1.13 . Recur of spearmint Mac leans toothpaste family size Kmart discount Price 80z.cont. Kmart discount Price Kmart discount Price thurs. . Natoll Fluette puts it lads mcg.of10 k tart discount Price 1.19 thurs. For sat m. Bar stools vanish Hollywood Reuters disappearing bar stools cries of open sesame and sleight of hand tricks Are fixtures of what has become one of Hollywood s favorite social gathering places a magicians club. Housed in an old building perched on the Side of a Hill the club boasts of having on its executive committee Gary Grant a former magician. Others equally famous in the movie world who aspire to perfect themselves in the magic Art appear among the Mem Bers of whom Ane magicians. Club founder Milt Larsen a television script writer and collector of bizarre Antiques has furnished the premises with the decorations of old Hollywood mansions which were demolished to make Way for apart ment blocks. Known As the magic Castle the club is a museum of color Glass lampshades Wood Block floors stained Glass windows and inlaid Wall panelling. Larsen gave up a successful Law practice to become a tour ing magician. He became so attached to the magicians life that he founded the magic Castle As a non profit club to pro vide them with a Headquarters where they could meet to prac Tise and develop their skills. The rooms of the dub Are named after great magicians of the the Houdini room the great Dante room and the Blackstone room. Visitors Are treated to a touch of mystery As soon As they arrive at the club. The receptionist instructs the newcomer to approach a blinking owl on a bookshelf and say open ses at the magic words the Book shelf slides open silently and the visitor enters a luxuriously furnished club. Green Baize topped tables Are provided in each room at which magician members perform sleight of hand tricks. One of the oldest of the magi Cian members 75-year-old Dai Vernon says the Type of performance expected by the pub in has changed drastically Dur ing his lifetime. All the heavy apparatus of the old Days has gone. Magicians no longer perform in big theatres unions have made that impossible he says. We perform for private Par ties now. The audience is seated no More than a few feet away the types of tricks per formed Are different the magician members pro vide the main entertainment in the club but Larsen has also introduced other diversions. One is a piano with a ghost pianist who plays combers on request. According to the dab s fonder the punt is a woman named Inu who died about 40 years ago but who still keeps onion boors by refusing to play before . Other trick effects Are bar stools which us to grand level and Mai and glasses of whisky which slowly move and Down the Canter a night is search of the customer placed the order. Every nig Jit a special for 12 is arranged fee by t at the state Gitte Bardot and Catherine Den Euve that Jane Fonda must really be something if he mar ried her twice no i Don t care if you and your husband even have had dozens of Lovely children and grandchildren together and Are now celebrating your Golden anniversary if you Are still in sanely mad about each other then you Are mainly lovers not married people. It s the biggest Luck in the world to have a love affair which is Legal. But la Roche Foucault was so right when he said True love is like seeing ghosts we All talk about it but few of us have Ever seen Zsa Zsa Gabor Points out that one reason to marry an older Man is that you immediately get rid of one of the big marriage problems and that is ego jealousy even having the same things in common does t always work to guarantee you that your marriage will be Success though. Especially this is so if you Are both in some profession where you have big problems with your egos. There is no diet for a big ego acting is the Best example of this. When both the Man and the wife Are in show business it s terrible. One of them is always going to be More famous than the other. This is hard especially for the Man when he is not the More famous French speaking communities throughout the province Are expected to attend the three Day convention which will be held nov. 13 to 15 at Beliveau Junior High school 296 Speers Road St. Boniface. Details of the rally were presented at a press conference monday at the society s offices in the St. Boniface Centre Cul Turel 345 cathedrals Avenue St. Boniface. Vice president Michely Monnin announced that the theme of the 1970 conference was the fam ily and will feature discussions on the family s relationship to Economy education religion and other subjects. Premier Robert Bourassa of Quebec has been invited to at tend the saturday evening ban Quet and dance As guest of Honor but officials were unable to confirm his attendance in View of recent developments in Quebec. Mike Goldberg of Vancouver and Montreal has been hired As coordinator of technical facile will travel across Canada Prio to the convention to film and record prepared talks for tin conference. There will be no guest speakers but the speak ers will be at the conference through television facilities. There will also be a variety 01 audio visual devices at the hands of the rally animators including overhead projectors carousels and wireless ear phones or. Goldberg said. The opening night of the con Ference will create an Omni directional acoustical space because there will be no sound system and delegates will be asked to bring portable radios to listen to the opening Over the local French radio station a Kab. Sound will emanate from the Many radios in the auditorium. The rally will be set up to give Young Franco Manitoban the Opportunity assume fully their the Franco Manitoban Community by set Ting up workshops which will be geared to youth s interests or. Monnin said. The convention will open on urges child cake san Francisco a the executive Board of an organization representing almost t w o to h i r d s of the country s paediatricians has endorsed a study calling Cor every american child to be included in a National health insurance program. Or. Carl Fisher of Philadelphia who headed the two year study for the Ameri can Academy of paediatrics announced the Board s action Mon Day. Ties for the rally and was also present monday to explain the technique which will be employed during the meetings. Closed circuit television will be used for the various discus Sion groups and or. Goldberg British company finds Oil the evening of nov. 13 with a general presentation to be Fol Lowed by a cabaret featuring Franco Manitoban artists. Seminar groups will study various aspects of the family on nov. 14 and 15, with the feature banquet and dance on the eve Ning of nov. 14, on the afternoon of nov. 15, the annual meeting of the so cite Franco Manito Baine will be held and officers will be elected. The weekend of work and festivities will close with a performance at the playhouse theatre by Yvon Deschamps Quebec artist who specializes in monologues. Trial member sep free limited number Only Are you interested in getting out one or two evenings a week to meet some new friends enjoy a pleasant eve Ning of social dancing and refreshments one Between the two and Dou ble especially if the Manx is named George Sanders. I remember after i was first on television and i became famous overflight and my Pic Tures were on every Magazine cover. George and i we walked on the Street one night in Holly Wood and some teen agers came up to us and said Zsa Zsa Zsa Zsa can we have your a and one Young girl said to George you Are sofa Miliar. What is your when i saw his face i knew that was the end of my marriage. Inc trim How a my his mob a Man How to off pm w a my. Wyr Tom by pm pm by do May Crawmer by fm0 cmcft0t Ywuc sym Otto inc. London Reuter British Petroleum has struck Oil in the North sea which experts rate As the Best find to Date in those Waters a spokesman for the company said monday the spokesman said the Dis covery about 110 Miles North East of the East Scotland port of Aberdeen could produce barrels a Day. It is a very exciting disco the spokesman said. It is a fairly Light Oil just the kind of Oil people the Well was. Drilled to a depth of More than feet by the drilling Barge sea quest in 350 feet of water. It produced Sulphur free Oil. The fact that it has been found in fairly deep water will give Rise to some production problems although the Oil is bound to increase interest in the North sea As an Oil producing potential he said. 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