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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 21, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaIf you don1 do it won t get done give the United Way Winnipeg free press final edition vol. 78 no. 20 Price 10 cents 15 cents wednesday october 21, 1970 Sunn St . . Forecast mainly sunny 40 and 60 Moon use . Moonset . Police chief decision due today search Narrows Down to Webster Stewart the Winnipeg police commission will appoint one of the two top members of the Winnipeg police depart ment As the City s new chief Constable later today. The met Early i this afternoon to decide Between the two acting chief Constable John c. Webster 55, and acting Dep Uty chief Constable Norman Stewart 54. There is a third Man still in the running a sergeant in the police department. However a source close to the commission said this Man was Felt to be still too Young. He made a favourable impression on the com Mission and he will be a Man to watch in the although the Odds appear to slightly favor or. Webster the source said it is a toss up and could go either Way. It is understood that two of the five members of the com Mission Are Likely to oppose the appointment of or. Webster. However if the vote is tied it is reported that mayor Steve Juba. Who would cast the deciding ballot would favor or. Please see decision Page 5 troops leave Jordan by apr Reuter Laporte tortured strangled but Quebec minister not shot As reported earlier Coroner Norman Stewart Amman up _ the iraqi troops stationed in Jordan since the 1967 Middle East a Are pulling put and will com plete their withdrawal thursday. Night informed jordanian sources said today. The informants said Jordan Ian troops were stationed on Thi Border with Iraq to supervise the withdrawal. They said jordanian officer had foiled an attempt by the iraqis to crate up jordanian equipment and take it Home with them. King Hussein told a news con Ference last week the iraqis would be asked to leave and prime minister Ahmed Toukan met monday with iraqi Diplo Mats to present the request for Mally the informants reported. M a j a e n. Hassan Saquib commander of iraqi forces in Jordan was ordered Home Dur ing the weekend after a Power struggle in Baghdad in which vice president Hardan Aakriti was ousted. Leaders of Iraq s governing baath party came under Sharp criticism after the iraqi Force failed to come to the Aid of the palestinian Arab guerrillas in the civil War in Jordan last month. The iraqis had repeat edly pledged assistance for the guerrillas but when the fighting broke out they did nothing. The iraqi forces came to Jor Dan after the 1967 Arab israeli War. Since then they have been involved in a handful of Artil Lery clashes with the israelis continued please see troops Page 18 military escort s drawn handgun worries John Diefenbaker at memorial service in Ottawa tuesday for Kidnap victim Pierre Laporte at Laporte s funeral soldiers guard officials by Terry Corcoran Montreal special Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte was tortured with a Small Sharp instrument saturday before his terrorist Fly kidnappers strangled him with a Small Chain. Montreal Coroner Laurin la Pointe said wednesday morning or. Laporte had superficial cuts on three parts of his body that bled before his death. The cuts were inflicted on the upper Chest area the inside left wrist and the inside of his right hand near the thumb or. La Pointe said Reading from an autopsy report prepared by Doc tors j. P. Valcourt and Jean Houle of the Quebec police medical Legal Centre. The report had been us pressed by Justice minister Jerome Choquette until after or. Laporte s funeral. The cuts could not have caused death the doctors said. The postmortem report said Montreal up soldiers in Silhouette against a Clear autumn sky symbolized Quebec s torment when Kidnap victim Pierre Laporte was borne to his last resting place tuesday. Paratroops standing atop High buildings guarded prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau of Canada Premier Robert Bourassa of Quebec and a Host of other dignitaries attending the funeral of the Quebec Cabi net minister whose body was maps still debate War measures act found Early sunday. Ottawa up proc Lama Ion of the War measures act remained the main Issue in commons debate tuesday de spite monday approval of the crackdown. Tuesday was to have been a Tum to Normal debate on the government s speech from the Hrone 13 Days ago interrupted in the cancellation of the regu a five hour afternoon sitting Hile members attended funeral suspended student can go elsewhere John c. Webster services for slain Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte in Montreal and memorial serv ices in Ottawa. But while most of the remain ing time left to the House was taken up by Ordinary debate and questions to the govern ment the two major events of the commons Day both concerned the War measures act. During question period the opposition sought Assurance government regulations instituted under the act would not be wid ened. And that parliament would be kept informed of ac-1 j tons taken under the act. David Lewis South asked prime minister Trudeau whether the govern Ament planned any new Regula a tons under the act. Imply m e n t e d to give authorities sweeping Powers to Aid their i search for the terrorists who Ritchie Gage on the matter said that be wiled or. Laporte and kid the suspension of Daniel cause or. Martin was James Cross in Tisha Mclntyre collegiate student j at the time of the incident he president Robert Martin. 18. Has was As Canada honoured the labor minister and Reform politician police continued efforts to save British envoy James Richard Cross kidnapped five Days be fore or. Laporte but said in letters found sunday to be still alive. Front de liberation do Quebec terrorists boasted in contemptuous terms saturday night that Laporte 49, had been executed seven Days to the minute after being kid napped from outside his suburban St. Lambert Home. The Fly revolutionaries seeking among other things the violent separation of Quebec from the Canadian confederation reiterated demands that authorities free 23 political prisoners in Exchange for the life of or. Cross who also is 49. Or. Trudeau and or. Bour Assa in an unexpected gesture visited Barbara wife of or. Cross at her Home following the Laporte funeral and before the prime minister returned by Heli copter to Ottawa. The 49-year-old minister died from asphyxiation caused by strangulation. Or Lapointe said a Small Chain was still in place please see Laporte Page 18 metro takes in downtown plan assumes responsibility for 14-Block development police discount Anonymous Calls metro is assuming responsibility for the redevelopment of a downtown area that includes the pro posed Graham Avenue Skyway formerly the planning preserve of the City of Winnipeg. Metro chairman Jack Willis made the announcement at a luncheon at the Marlborough hotel where a group of businessmen and politicians assembled to get a preview of what local officials will be say ing when they travel to Toronto and Montreal Early next month to attract interest to the Down please see soldiers Page 8 Montreal up Anonymous Calls to police during the night saying the kidnappers of British Diplomat James Jas per Cross would accept a government offer of Safe conduct to Cuba were probably a joke in very bad police said today. A spokesman for Quebec provincial police said a Man. Believed to be the Anonymous caller has been picked up and an investigation is under Way. The earlier arrest of two men in suburban St. Leonard was not linked by police with the Anonymous Calls. The spokesman said simply that the two were being questioned about the Cross kid napping. Or. Cross senior by i t i s h Trade commissioner in Mont real was abducted at gunpoint oct. 5 by members of the terrorist front de liberation do Quebec the Anonymous caller who telephoned three times during the night was Given some questions by police that could Only be answered by or. Cross. The Calls came just hours after Pierre Laporte slain que Bec labor and immigration min ister was buried in a Montreal cemetery. The funeral for or. Laporte dead in the trunk of a car sunday one week after his abduction by Fly terrorists was attended by nearly 300 fed eral provincial and municipal politicians. Heath u Cross letter optimistic been lifted by the Winnipeg school Board on condition that therefore part of what commissioner. Or. Trudeau said there Are no plans for further regulations. By Terry Corcoran Montreal special the liberals was seemingly an attempt to but parliament would be in-1last 1etter written by James formed if any became Neces j Jasper Cross from Captivity offers a Glimmer of Hope that Leader Robert the front do liberation do que intimidate the editor he attend another High school in the sus. Sary the division. Pension oct. 13 pending further conservative the services at stately notre Dame Church were held under unprecedented Security precautions j while armed forces personnel i and police stationed themselves i in the immediate surrounding of i the Church the Hunt for the kid j nappers of or. Laporte and or. Cross continued. Police said 245 persons were being detained in a crackdown i on Fly sympathizers but the i key suspects were still at Large j i these included Marc Carbon-1 Neau. 37-year-old former taxi j Driver and Paul Rose who to but Hopr ran be found in the Piceu save of cuffed St. J a Hubert Bungalow where or. La town development plan. Coun. Willis Laid the move will mean metro will integrate redevelopment plans for the area bounded by s t Mary Graham Avenue Avenue Donald Street and the Bay into the downtown plan. The plan covers a 14-Block area just to the South of St. Mary Avenue. The City of Winnipeg and especially mayor Steve Juba had been backing the Graham Avenue site for a pedestrian overpass Between Eaton s and the Bay As Well As a convention entre and related development. Continued please see metro Page 8 army stands by one and demands contained in or. Cross letter compared to was v is London up by a possible health menace the last Handwritten letter of the Bungalow just Ilc drinking water the British Quebec labor minister Pierre Yards from were the of i government ordered army units Laporte also 49. Whose brutally or. Martin was suspended j investigation. On oct. 16 they Sla Fiew asked whether or. J Bee cell holding him prisoner slain body was found stuffed in Rev Fra he monday a onh Natl e air ill com Hie us .1 in in Mayfield 3 men by Arlene Billinkoff dating the editor of the school s newspaper to print an article on contraception information for j girls at Daniel Mclntyre. Apparently two non student friends of or. Martin s were j with him at the time of his Dis Cussion with the newspaper Edi Tor on the article which the Edi Tor had turned Down. The two j non students allegedly passed when the deadline occurs for what appeared to be a real re nominations for the Manitoba i Between Liberal leadership it s possible appeared to there will be three candidates 0ct 9 by the school s or. Martin he was ex-1 Trudeau would consider making will spare his life. Frank Bothe after the student Peutz from Daniel Mclntyre i a statement in the House on to j the note was dropped in a i president was alleged to have Telephone Booth sunday to j taken part in an incident Intima j see student s Page 5 please see Page 5 Gether with a communique from continued please see Cross Page 2 continued please see police Page 8 will Hock Juha writing his memoirs the liberation cell of the Fly i which kidnapped the 49-year-old British Trade commissioner on his birthday oct. 5. Quebec police Are wit Holdma the contents of the Commini a que and refused to say if the Fly has agreed to a govern ment offer of Safe conduct to Cuba. By David Sinclair the Book although con Tam i mayor Steve Juba said toes ing a lot of he said is now writing a also carry with it a very instead of the present two. Or. Bothe who questioned or years m which definite moral about some of in suggested Rales of proce Martin of the incident he expects Efflin places really the dangers of the democratic Dure released wednesday by Rock the people of system of government the Sicil Sbona that it will show that published next year. There is a danger in ant Ripstra i the mayor said the Book Tive Bur Lawracy which some the school Board s statement contains his memoirs times tends to act like a dicta from 14 years As mayor of win mayor Jaba said. The mayor said be the Liberal party the deadline for nominations was scheduled for 8 . Oct. 30. The Conven Tion win be held oct. 3ft and 31 m the Mart Borough hotel with he leadership vote taking the sword Day. Or. J. H looking Fok a Tam fat Safe set Nipes. Started a Littfe Over 3 year and Atwo ranged for if card Rei hot has tata my he year of to in it tar. It. Today tooat3 Inix pm Zwy f v in 29 tones 4s, 44 43 the minister was found was Dis j tuesday night to stand by in j Case they should be needed to operate sewage treatment plants abandoned by striking municipal workers three weeks ago. Raw sewage has been pouring into the thames and tributaries since the workers walked out in a pay dispute. The result has been fled up garbage in Many communities but what mainly concerns the Central government is sewage pouring into the thames and streams feeding it from which this Metropolis draws much of its drinking water. Only in recent years has the thames been relatively Dean Hilltop mansion where a Weald try and a Secretary Dorothy after decades of of Triton so bad Eye surgeon his wife two Cadwalader 38, were found thai fish have not been Able to Young sons and Secretary and shot in the Back

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