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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 20, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaPrinted and published duly except sunday by Fht Winnipeg free press company limited 300 Carlton Street Winnipeg Manitoba. R. S. Malone publisher and editor in chief Peter Mclintock Maurice Western executive editor Ottawa editor r. H. Shelford general manager Winnipeg free press Western Canada s National newspaper Winnipeg tuesday october 20, 1970 pages 19-42 Freedom of Trade Liberty of religion Equality of civil rights Challenge and response the House of commons by an overwhelming majority has endorsed the actions of the government in invoking the War measures act and arming itself with the emergency Powers set out in the Public order regulations. This division followed a searching weekend debate which caused opinions to change and party differences to narrow. The conservatives originally critical withdrew their amendment in the Light of Fuller information and in response to a sensible Compromise offered by the ministers. They voted solidly with the government. So did the Credi . So did every member from Quebec province. So did four democrats including Harold Winch a Veteran of the defence committee and Max Saltsman a possible con Lender for the party leadership. Thus while parliament fell Short of unanimity it is apparent that the government in this crisis commands support which extends into All the political parties and must represent a formidable surge of . What matters now and on this there is no disagree ment is the destruction of the Fly conspiracy. Beyond that however it is important for the future that the country should face unpleasant realities and that people should question of the assumptions so easily or perhaps politely accepted in our rather academic debates of recent years. One of the realities is that the Lawless Fly Complete with ideology did not suddenly appear from nowhere or from Cuba. It grew out of an existing movement headed by respectable far from Lawless people who thought Quebec had no future within confederation and sought by peaceful Means it into a Sepa rate Independent state. The Assumption that this was possible or that separa Tion was at All Likely to be achieved in this proper and Well mannered fashion was Seldom seriously examined. To question it seemed undemocratic moreover it appeared to raise the spectre of English French conflict. But what has been proposed and Long discussed in this remarkably Serene manner is nothing less than the destruction of a modern Well knit industrialized state which for Over a Century in its Federal form has been the com monday night club by Arlene Billinkoff where have All the pledges gone now that the new democratic party is in Power that s what the non nip members of Winnipeg City Council wanted to know monday. At Issue was a request for an additional for pub Lic welfare. Paul Para Shin took the first swipe at the provincial government and then moved Over for Joseph Zuken to launch one of his restrained harangues. When was the government going to do something it was too much Lor Lloyd Stinson. He maintained that the present government was making strides. We ought to be it was More than just fairness. Or. Stinson admitted that his heart belonged Magnus Eliason who pointed out it would mean a Cost of about two cents for every Winnipeg Ger. It s Worth two cents to despite the taunting of fellow aldermen. Or. Eliason continued to play St. Francis of Assisi to the underprivileged animals of Winnipeg and even threw in a prayer for the Patron Saint of stray cats Bertha Rand lord bless there was however no divine Sanction for increasing the Grant. Or. Zuken suggested that Winnipeg could now be termed a swinging City since it had an authenticated cats but we can spend it the additional Money for human the Brothers s t e e nor. Stinson or. Eliason and Ernest Brotman stood up for the the Price of Freedom Mon Homeland of two Peoples. Experience of attempted partition in other countries also with claims manners has been far from reassuring it has often involved bloody civil wars. For movements change As they Advance. I separatism in Quebec was not left to drawing room intellectuals and politicians with an Eye on polling Booths. It very soon embraced a disorderly fringe of extremist groups ready to use any Means and eager to import the revolution techniques developed in the outside world. The Rise of a Legal party captained by Rene Levesque created great excitement among Radical students and various other groups. This went so far and was so in discriminate ing that As reported recently on this Page by our Quebec correspondent the Fly offensive prior to the actual murder of or. Laporte was greeted with obvious sympathy sometimes with enthusiasm by substantial sections of nationalist youth. These events were not inevitable but neither were they improbable Given the experience elsewhere. It is no table that from the outset French Canadian federalists have been victims attacks and now a distinguished French Canadian federalist Leader is the first to fall at an Assassin s hand. To a considerable extent English canadians have been bystanders. Nor is this surprising for French Canadian federalists from the prime minister Down have been As dedicated to the preservation of this country As separatists Are to its destruction. The so called moderates of the parti quebecois Are doubtless sincere in their aversion to violence but they have been leading a movement they cannot control and in that sense playing with political dynamite. There has always been the risk that Long before they could obtain the mandate of a popular majority rising Vio Lence would turn French Canadian against French Canadian. In a nation with so Many countries of mixed population has it Ever been realistic to suppose that i n Ireland we have had to contend with a Section of our people who did not want to see the state established Many of whom indeed were prepared to do All in their Power to bring it to ruin and dissolution. One could not object to that if it had been done in accordance with Ordinary democratic process but that is not the Case. Therefore i feel that i can say a few words about political turmoil and subversion and when i do say them i speak with considerable experience we have had to Deal with armed attacks from inside mainly by an organization known As the Irish Republican army. Its object is the dissolution of our state Al though that would be very much against the wishes of the great majority of our peo ple in All sections. In the past we have been Able to Deal this extract is from an address delivered at the recent Commonwealth parliamentary association meeting in Australia by commander a. W. Anderson up and member of parliament in Northern Ireland for Londonderry one of the trouble centres in recent Irish disturbances. His observations Are of interest in Light of the recent tragedies in Quebec. With those attacks fairly adequately but they have been violent attacks and have Cost the lives of nearly 90 of our policemen who have been killed by bomb or by Bullet and that says very Little about the amount of material dam age which has been done and the damage which has been done to Community relations not in Northern Ireland but in the Republic of Eire by the then minister for Justice should like to quote from some of the statements made about the document. The writer in one of our newspapers said what is so frightening about the document from reliable sources i Learned that it showed not Only details o plans for an eventual military takeover by the Irish Republican army in the North but also plans to prepare for this English Canadian federalists would sit with folded hands while French Canadian federalists were being savaged after what has happened the parti quebecois is almost hound to lose support. According to some reports a trend away from separatism is already apparent. There is no reason to question or. Levesque s sincerity merely his judgment. Whatever the theoretical advantages never too apparent of separation they ought surely to be balanced by reasonable people against the risks involved in a parti zionist course. We now have at least some indication of How grave these Are and of How close we have come to catastrophe. For years people in both parts of Canada have talked almost lightly of a separatist option with the unspoken As sumption that common sense would govern everything and induce everyone to comport himself in the finest democratic fashion. This naive belief must now be challenged. The hard truth is that nations Are rarely disassembled in this Way. Not in the restless world As it is in our dangerous 20th after Many years of trouble and dissension we had the feeling a few years ago that there was developing in our country a much better Atmo sphere of Community relations. Traditional differences were disappearing and people were working together in a Way that we had not Seeni before there appeared to f us to be dawning an Era of co operation and Goodwill that could do nothing but be of Benefit to the country. I but this was not to be. And j this is where the subject by infiltrating the British army the Navy the Royal Ulster constabulary and the special constabulary. The takeover attempt would follow an armed stand in the heart of Belfast in the manner of the 1956 hungarian rising and the easter week 1916 rising in Dublin. There would follow a worldwide Appeal for intervention by the United nations. The document is alarming to the Eire government As it envisages the people of the Republic forcing the govern Nicot to intervene to save their fellow countrymen in Northern Ireland. The Docu ment also contains plans for the infiltration of Trade unions Irish language and cultural organizations and even religious bodies of All persuasions. University students Are to be indoctrinated the successful tactics to Date in the Republic of roping in student to act As pickets in strike and demonstrations such a protests against Lack o proper housing facilities is to be emulated in the North. In Short wherever and whenever the excuse arises for a Public protest the Irish re publican army plans to capitalize on the document goes on to say that even religious organizations Are not to be exempted. It goes even further to say that an organization like the salvation army is to be included and that Well meaning people who join de bating organizations and Stu dents debating societies Are o be used with advantage for his underground movement. The article then went on most cynical of All is the approach to religion in the plan. Sectarianism is to be encouraged with the aim of promoting religious strife and civil this plan was to he put we do not want Reform of Northern Ireland. We want a revolution in Northern ire land. The Irish socialist re Public cannot be built in Isola Tion the Best Way English comrades can help the Irish revolution is by making an English revolution and the second Best Way they can do this is by not misunderstanding what we Are trying to i do not want to go into More of that except to say that the plan is there. It has been used in other countries in varying degrees and it be hooves All people who believe in parliamentary democracy to the curly headed animals. Everyone else decide whose career was launched de to give humans another when the now Alderman was i Chance head of the nip. Concern for human rights sentiment gone or. Stinson continued into debate on a accused or. Zuken of Rais ing Cain and creating havoc retorted or. Zuken i Don accept inverted or perverted mayor Juba was beginning to tire of the Exchange and warned the Al Dermen that certain rules o decorum would have to be observed. Or. Stinson Man aged to get in another dig a or. Zuken and a few barbs at previous governments who got at that Robert Steen a member in the last conserva Tive government Rose in de Fence of his party. I make no apology for its Alan Wade meanwhile continued to blow the nip Trum pet. Mayor Juba despite his avowed Lack of political Bias sided with the pro govern ment forces while or. Para Shin took one last swing at nip Cabinet ministers who put on different hats and forget their take that Saul Cherniack. In spite of All the talk the welfare department got its bylaw to License Bingo and raffle lotteries. It seemed that under the proposed to be ready to meet that kind saw of threat. It has been stated Money. The humane society that the Price of Freedom is eternal vigilance. If we Are to be True democrats and to have parliamentary democracy at its Best we must trea sure the principles that we stand for Here today. Was Only half As Lucky. The original allocation for the society had been about and Robert Steen moved that it be the bylaw matrons in charge of their organizations lotteries would be forced to go to the police station for character references. Was there any thing More degrading chorused the aldermen. Yet they were prepared to go ahead with it albeit with minor alterations. Or. Zuken stood firm. Along with two other Alder men he voted against sus pending the rules and read ing the bylaw for the second time. The ploy worked. Since 13 votes were needed to pass the bylaw into the next Jhase and Only 11 were re corded the bylaw was stalled. Only one crisis remained. Had leaked a Story from the last police commission meeting not i asserted or. Pro Tran not i joined mayor Juba. Not i echoed Max Mulder. Well then who Rob Ert Taft did t care. I never such a Loose mouthed Bunch in my the meet ing was adjourned. Increased to about move was Fine with birthdays t. A Douglas Ottawa on Tario born Falkirk Scot land oct. Sea change in Europe s Industry London most of the top automobile manufacturers n Europe have been in Condon during the past week or Britain s annual motor show and conversation at has rubbed Home to me again into effect. I do not have the time to go Over All that has happened since then but i should like to quote what was said recently by one of the leaders of the civil rights movement. He said what a great change is now in Progress in Europe s Industry. Perhaps the most striking Point was made by the head of Renault motors which is France s biggest Industrial concern from its giant Bilan court works in Paris. This said the Renault Man More than half our shop floor workers in Blancourt arts ident Nixon s Spanish visit a boost for Franco by n. A. D. A Eric i Ture has run out. France now i Only has ten per cent of its i labor Force in agriculture Are foreign born. The Young compared with Over 20 per parisian will not work in a cent a decade ago. To Mobile manufacture any j As their european rivals sat talking of the need to he went on to say that shift automobile manufacture i but x. My social away to the underdeveloped from Southern car North Africa thought a Europe and makers sat so that he i Britain still regards car manufacture As a High wage sector of t gradually have to run Down i although ,1. Motor Industry we win sector it a High Wace of of i a a jul id Dor Britain does not Turen poorer places like Many m Adrid elation Franco Spain a in the Wake of Rinji Whf mar scr growth rate of any country in Europe Over these past ten years. Eastern Industry other Continental european i Irish manufacturers agreed. Ren Ault has had Especial Dif in Silty because its works Are centred in the capital City of Paris. Other european a succession i Limo bile manufacturers have from their apart from the in be. Is. Pay because my of Buntain recruited pakistanis the Caudillo s plan partially works with the designation of capital cities sometimes Prince Juan Carlos As Are Century. Doctors Back today is of so much interest j president Nixon s recent visit to me. There were people in lingers on. With Good reason my country who were for the . President gave prepared to allow this to Hap j to the aging Caudillo s right pen and there developed a i Wing authoritarian regime1 want to participate More serious plan of destruct j something it had Long wanted i in Advent Tion and bitterness and never got the in which the Spanish j to what happened in my Tion of a top Leader of the1 people with their proud inc the germans were Early country was not just a Spon West. Orward to one of Franco during the Field of industries. Franco s eventual successor provides for the perpetuation of the towns. But the germans have Long relied on foreign labor Turkey j arose so Britain stopped immigration. It did so just As its competitor countries in were increasing in Vaneous outburst against gov president Nixon spoke Reat of your ish civil War and to protect and the Liv i this has been quite a Larce Crement and state but a Well warmly and in glowing terms in the last years of the its institutions. This does not los conditions they have pre part of Britain s trouble Ai planned and Well executed of general Franco and the cer Itury Rule out reforms or a Mea for them arc though unemployment in Bri might subversive operation. It men around him. He showed to a regime internationally sure of liberalization after the than most but the germans Tain has been rising there n _ j i a i _ to move into the Post ment nor is this Likely to be by. And simply to Force the something different. Those crowds were say was impressed by the Resen Tatjie of the differing the inflow of these pea Industrial revolution and to assuaged until the Back to work. The of Campaign was ing Many things. First Gen members of the Spanish Cabi viewpoints which have Sants into our said an realize that manufacturing trient has moderated its hard doctors were objecting and by my a recent eral Franco they were sex net and government Young cropped up within the regime italian industrialist has activity Mast move from so line stand toward the doctors still Ceram As in Jact it Wen pressing their respect and vigorous new leaders who in recent years. Caused the sane prob Phosti rated to Jess developed week the government Peers of que Fec s proposed known Atka planned Long be their affection for you. Sec Are giving Spain a leadership the Point of or. Nixon s Jems and dissatisfaction As countries. Sophisticated 986. In thai year a Down Ond. They were expressing in the economic political and visit of course was to in the flow of foreign workers countries increasingly con was captured from the their friends Cip for the people diplomatic Fields that wiil be dentine the import Tjce of on rep Bjk an army and of the Linfert states. Extremely constructive in the Spain in the defence of the Jems of poor Henn sep Over Are f to i saw those years

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