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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 19, 1914, Winnipeg, Manitoba S Chi led of editorial Section Iii Over inn prey company. Lim Lea. A faces 300-302-304-306 Carlton Manitoba. E. H. Ziac Tilk. I Raj silent and general Man scr. Telephone Calls. Ir.340 private Branch 33xchance All duty and night. Cuttio holidays pages 9-16 Decle Rue. Soo building. A w Vur k officer Klebahn. Room 305. So. 1 West Street. Canada represent Pulve j. Guy. Canada by leu in to a to. Representative p. Larce. 29 Bude ate Hill. London. Int re cred at the general rust office Eril amt. For trans Union thro Uca the British Isles at Inland of Trade Liberty in religion Equality in civil i Flats. Monday october 13, ivs h Luc .10, 10 a r 20s 25c 2co 16c 17c 18c eth. It for Art 25s 55o re or. Re a us c t i of ked wins halt gain. 50c cd slip Velty Etc. Action to g is h to use i est for for the spirit of thoe. At its outset it was said that the War was Causeless and a Mere Blunder by diplomats. We hear no More of this. The world knows now that if there Ever was an inevitable War it is this one. The murder of the austrian Archduke merely reached off the Magazine a Little earlier than had been planned. In any event another year or two would have of fun the nations in the death grips. U is on Tho whole fortunate that the War has come now under conditions which clearly reveal its causes and ii purpose for which it is waged. 1 Here will be no two opinions by posterity about the origins of this War. The judgment of the Neutral civilized world has been already rendered and i me will but confirm its finding. During these past two months the v. Oriel in horrified Surprise has had w its estimate of Germany and i theory that there is no moral Law in the universe to say to their hunger Lor lauds that do belong to them their thirst for Universal Power and Dominion. The world has just seen the greatest tragedy of its history. A great nation while still retaining us modern equip ment of Power and intelligence has been thrown Back a thousand years m its ideas of International Justice and morality and the spirit in which it makes War. Thor hag broken the Cere ments that hound him and is Lead ing on his people., once quest and Battle with a Challenge to All that is vital in Western civilization i am tha god Thor i am the War go a 1 am the thunderer Here in my Northland fastness and fortress. Heign i forever Force rules the. World still has ruled it shall Rule 1 to meekness is weakness strength is triumphant Over the whole Earth stil-1 it is Thor s Day. Thou Art a god too 7 o galilean 1 and thus single handed unto the combat a Gauntlet or gospel i Here. I defy f a books a finer world within vat world a poem in the. New York evening Post is an expression of what the peasants of Europe Are you who put Faith in your Banks and brigades drank and ate largely slept easy at night your Luddite and polished the Blades let upon us this blistering you who played grandly the easiest same now can you shoulder the weight of ? say can you fight Here is the tragedy losing or winning profits a Copper who garners the fruit from Ible Otiest ending to futile Besin nine ours is the Wood and tha sorrow to Muster your music flags flutter your Canada and the Wall among the notable voices in this country which have within tha past few Days Given Earnest expression to the Canadian sense of duty in regard to this War Are these of or. Hearst the new Premier of Ontario and Kev. Or. Charles w. Gordon of this City both of whom declare As the free press has been declaring with All pos sible Force of emphasis that Canada is in the struggle upon the same basis As German people. Three months ago j great Britain is and at All As a dependency of great Britain generously coming to the Aid of the Mother country. The Canadian people Are at War As one of the Allied Peoples who Are fight ing Side by Side in this War of nations defending their nationhood against prussian usurpation one of the Allied nations confronted with the duty of was taken at her own valuation in Many respects the Foremost nation of the world Ilore and More v. Looked to the germans for scientific leadership for educational in for methods of Industrial efficiency for the working out of vast is Homes of co operation for new ideas in civic administration. This defer Euce to German precedents ind Leader devoting the full measure of All our snip was in a measure a fad but it i resources if need be to the defence Al least testified to the readiness of i of Freedom against the brutal might of world to follow German leadership j prussian militarism seeking world in matters of the mind and the spirit wide Dominion. This is a War in de the Only kind of leadership that is Fence of every Ideal by which our Worth while or can endure. J country exists As a civilized Corn consider then the frightful Shock j Unity. When in the twinkling of an Eye this nation threw off like a cloak its peaceful civilization and stood revealed a. Veritable twentieth Century All the modern accessories of skill and it is a War to defend the Security of our National future As the people of the British Isles the Cradle of our race Are defending the British free Dom which is theirs and ours and fighting for All that makes life Worth i tie barbarism that poured South four living to the Breeds of Mankind whose Chen Hundred years ago and ext Ermin blood flows in the veins of canadians that cherish Freedom heart s blood and would prefer ruin and death to submission to the Yoke of military despotism. Died the civilized communities of the Mediterranean the a orld had known of course Itiat there was a War party in Ger Many but it had taken it Seri Oasle. There were jingles in great Britain chauvinists in France even ours Are the -Hung-e.-, the wounds and the rags. Say can. You shoot Down in the muck and despair of the trenches. Comes the moment of bitterest need Over the sweat and the groans and the St enches. There is a. Joy in the valorous deed but lying wounded what one for gets you and your ribbons and d com plaint voiced in a letter the All knew the time would come when the Bonds the battleship is. Submarine sir Percy Scott s sensational letter arouses keen interest. On june 5 last the London times published a letter from sir Percy Scott in which be predicted the pass ing of the battleship As the paid the penalty of her reversion barbarism and shown her self intensely stupid. For in All her Crafty calculations she has taken no account of those forces in Tho world which Are infinitely More powerful Thryn her siege guns. She was unable to comprehend that Belgium Daro to so insignificant an army Tii her endless thus neglect in because sire could understand it the Power of she assumed that England disunited and harassed by the Irish question would be far too much taken up with her own affairs to be Able to keep her word to her allies. She did this because she neglected understanding it in her barbarian mind the Force of Loy Alty the sacredness of a pledged word. She forgot that through All the years she was spending her soul at Essen Russia whom in her insolent egotism she thought of As a barbarous people without coh Erenee of love of country had gone through a regeneration As profound As was her own fall. All this she could see because her perceptions were blackened and be fogged with Che gospel of Attila which she has Learned Only too Well. She blinded her own eyes and they can no longer see like a wicked giant in a fairy tale she rages against a Power Man Waters. In article of the j that is imperceptible to her. She measured her own Power and Esti mated that of Hor probable in Terr is of guns and ships and zeppelins and thought that was All she left out of her calculations Bel Gian patriotism and English Honor be cause she was unaware of their exist ence. She left out also and Here was superiority in Speed. Even the older tag miscalculation of All the battleship Type such for Union spa rat with which her own barbarity would inspire her foes. She has intoxicated herself with the dream of Power and therewith she has Poi soned her soul and made herself like to the beasts that perish. For years the spirit of prussian get in comparison with the dread j militarism has overshadowed Europe Post reads As follows Only defence is flight. It is virtually an axiom of modern naval warfare that the armoured float ing ship of whatever class has Only sure defence against the submarine and that is in night and escape through the glory with 18.1 knots Speed can outdistanced the crawling submarine with a submerged Speed of from 7 to infrequently 15 knots. But that is to recognize the supremacy of a lighting unit which is a mid noughts. Submarine flotillas compared. Guns of a warship May said to be quite ineffective As a Means of de Fence against the submarine even though one of the German flotilla at tacks was repulsed in this Way by the British Cruiser with the loss of the German Ulo. But the gunnery of the Birmingham in that instance by Ikia item Pire would have to be drawn closer j As it was must have owed a bit to or else gradually be loosened until the inevitable disintegration into separate states flnall5r . We did know that a Groat crisis would put the Choice before us in a moment but that is what has happened. The future hangs largely upon Canada s action in next few. Months if we and the other great dominions of the Empire stand every Man and every Hammer shocks of the prussian will Weld us into a Union that will defy the centuries if now we Are found wanting god knows whether the same Hammer May shatter us to pieces. St. Johns. College Winnipeg 17. Luck. Even his majesty s gunners can count upon smashing the Small Periscope of a submarine before the submerged foe can deat comparative strengths of toe Suo Marine flotillas of the european nations at War Are according to the naval statistics for 1914, As follows Hulce some t i under Cloud for years the wealth of. Nations has been drained to keep Pace with its in creasing Arma ments. The. We have All known and now at last i a the nature of the Power against which we have equipped our selves fully seen. The hordes of huns have poured omit of their fortresses on their grand quest of subduing the world so that As their lord has said no event shall happen in any Quarter of it without his that is their and serious aim and to com pass it they have shown that they will shrink from no savagery. That is Why i the civilized nations of Europe Are up in arms to Jaunt the huns. W. A. F. Ger. Land. Many. Built .75 27 building 30 12 rus Tria. 10 70 is 11 tha Kaiser and god. By hurry pain in the Lou ton times "1 rejoice with you in Wilhelm s includes or. Henry Newbolt s splendid first Victory. How magnificently god poems Drake s drum and other songs from of the illustrated in col or. Among Kaiser to tile Crown Princess. Of these it should be noted however that England s seven in six in Tommis 1 Ion s too Large a number to be Given As her effective strength in for some eighteen arc older types nearly ready to go. Out of , e and used at present chiefly As training a proct it donate reduction per j of the novels Are the Baroness Orczy s the Laug Hing Cavalier and Ralph Connor s patrol of the Sun dance sir Henry Lucy Toby. . Writes for the Post some Peri Omil recollections of Browning Swinburne. Browning had a we Akness for Admira Tion and was plea Sant to his Manj Sra minors. He told a dinner party once meditating along the serf ded Road in Cliyde Park when he met a Bevy of girls with a Cicerone of age. His attention was attracted by hearing her say that is or. Robert Browning she i the peaceful uniter states there j participation in the struggle is were those who wanted the nation to j the limitation of our strength. We j w is Tell Tiu ill a 1 l Canada is in Thia War on the same Robert Browning or basis As great Britain with full i immediately the whole Bevy of girls said the poet fluttered Down upon to like a Ilock of doves were shaking my hands and with emphatic american accent cooed Protesta tons of admiration and even personal knowledge that the Only limitation of for the purpose of Licking All j must face the necessity of a sustained i the common sense of to people held them in Check. It was assumed that the German War party fun Klable though it was known to be of its influence in the govern ii to was relatively a diminishing Power that the ideals of peace were to an Ever growing Circle the growth of the social demo party foreshadowed a Chango in popular feeling which would make Effort ready to meet the increased stress and buckle Down to our duty with renewed courage and Energy and determination As our ancestors had to and did. They came from where the Browning cult began in America and still flourishes. Halted and chatted with them Fojas c Quarter of a. An hour. The Verj last time sir Henry met him the told How he had been tempted by a Boston weekly paper with a bribe of for a Short poem. The same hurry up that second contingent had several times written sir Henry to offer glad. Lice artial disarmament possible the world refused to believe that a great civilized Christian nation in the 20th was deliberately planning world wide War for purposes of racial a Graa Diemont and those who truly appreciated the situation and called upon the nations to Arm themselves against the Day were regarded As Ami Cranks. When apparently by a series of deliberately planned diplomatic blunders War was brought on in August the world still charitable assumed that the War party for its own purposes had misled and trapped the German people into forwarding its ambitions. This illusion has disappeared. This is Tot the Kaiser s War nor the War of the general military staff it is a War for purposes of spoil and Conquest be Hind which stands the whole German race. It commands the equal support of Tho War lord the Militarist the reactionary country Squire the univer sity professor the Catholic priest the protestant Clergyman the philosopher the idealist the socialist whose Devo Tion to internationalism has proved Iii Meriest of Shams. The germans Are oat to conquer the universe to impose their phrase much used by their writers on military All of the. Worlo. The phenomenon is new in the history of Tho world. The stars look from their Calm Heights on his planet whirling through space have seen Century Ajmer Century the Camp fires of the world conqueror Darius Alexander Caesar the Goth Attila Mohammed Genghis Khan the Sara the spaniard Louis Xiv., Napo the Kaiser s ambition from his own Point of View is entirely reasonable. He. Is to Boss Prussia Prussia is to Boss Germany and Germany is to Boss the world. Anything less than this is a Defiance of German culture and an insult to the German calling for a defensive War of extermination. The Sun of Toronto laments the Unity of opinion Between the two Par ties upon the question of what Canada should do in the War. As a it says there is unfortunately no discussion whatever of the just measure of Canada s there is to discussion because there is no difference of opinion. Canada s just contribution is what every coun try puts into full Power. This is our War. Son. Some of these great wars were to the personal ambition of a Anjier some were the instinctive out the smart Little naval action off the coast of Holland confirms the infer ence drawn from earlier that when it comes to a stand up fight at sea the German gunners have a look in with the British. Ger Many s naval scores have been limited to the achievements of her tone and Parnell for an article a i exceeding the of an Ordin Ary editorial. Here is s i of and it recalls writing a few lire t i secy for i could write in that Way for any one i would consider this Boston but i simply can to. An eng Lish Magazine offered to a. Large Price which i refused and Thea a still larger which i again refused. Then they sent to a Blank Cheque an-1 asked me to fill it out to my own satisfaction but 1 returned that also. I cannot bring myself to write for periodicals. If i publish Book and people choose to buy it that proves they want to read my work. But to have them turn Over the pages of a Magazine and find me that is to be an uninvited guest. My wife liked it. She liked to toe with the others. I have steadfastly refused that kind of thing from first to Browning s grave in the poet s Cor Ner was dug out the Concrete used in Henry the third s time As part of the foundation of the a Febey. Tho of two bodies without any cof fans were dug up. Records were searched by sir Henry who found that one of those buried there ninety seven years earlier was the wife of a bar Rister. He adds that at the bog inning of last Century it was almost As easy to secure burial in Westminster Abbey As in any other Church. A note or so on Swinburne tomorrow. The Bookman. The obtuse German intellect. From Hie Ilverine Post the reasoning of the Frankfurter Veltung precious is that no City containing treasures of architecture submarines. Submarine warfare to resist the German army. That legitimate of course but there is something ignoble about it just the same. Of a race aflame with a 5 Arning to or expansion and a. Lust for this War belongs to the it will be necessary to keep watch and Ward lest the War be made the occasion for the widespread teaching of poisonous and reactionary doctrines As this precious deliverance which is to be found in the current Issue of the University Magazine if half the Money which is spent on Public schools were spent on Mili tary Camps and attendance made compulsory Canadian boys would is better mannered and better educated there will be a Good Deal of this sort of thing it will have to be fought vigorously. Latter class. It is the More terrible on Teaf account. This is a War to in the last issfi.3 of Colliers weekly is a warm tribute to the Worth of Canada As a neighbor which no was the whole trouble it Rheims. The French had made the criminal mistake of fortifying the City. Hence history will Lay the tragic blame for the burning of Rheims and the ruining of its Cathedral upon the High command of the French this is said with perfect seriousness by the Frankfurter Zeitung which also Points out. With a Gravity that must seem miraculous to. Louvain , and other cities by the Rule of War of ail civilized peo ple an a fortified City is safer than a no one deplores More than germans the destruction of priceless pleasure. But surely the compliment can be returned. Canada is Happy in Many nothing More than that she has but one neighbor arid that neighbor the United states. If we had to the South of us a nation of ninety million people with the ideals and methods of Germany this would be a Good country to emigrate from. Probably at this juncture no Canadian led by tvs you Tell god has done extremely Well you with patronizing nod show that you approve of god. Kaiser face a question approve of you i. Broken pledges treaties torn. Your first Page of War adorn we on fouler thing s must loud who read further in that Book. Whore you did in time of War birthday congratulations to Rev. Father Drummond born Mon Treal 184s. J. J. born Shetland Scotland. 1s6c. Reduction Pel haps quite so Large should be made in the strength of All the Powers. One Point to be observed especially in the foregoing table is great j number these Craft build ins a sufficient witness to Tho import 1 characteristic Sharp practice. From punch the German papers publish the statement that a Breslau merchant has Oft a red Marks to the German Soldier who. Weapon in hand shall be Thi first to place Elliis i get on British Mission by a characteristic piece of Sharp i practice the Reward it will be noted. Directory of the War northernmost resort in the of it is connected with by Katenin Traa Iway. Knovic Krov Iak rapidly and attracts More Many of m Honi Are Many modern Villas hand the and dues from which May be Neon on a Clear Day the is land of Walc Hereu and the Hushor of flush engr on the dutch to the of knot ice. Between that town and ice Bruit be. It in n Village with a a Opiola bloc. Of about and is visited by some 1s.ogo people actually for Isth engr. The Heuery the dunes round is the nne it of its kind in Belgium. Miles South West of Osteoid of Iii Miles from the sen const on the River Yser is a Small of about people. S in the ninth Century the Castle of sent Over was erected there by the counts of Flanders As a Protection tiie Vic port in also noted fur Ito obstinate resistance to tar French in 1480 and for the defeat of the spaniards there by the dutch in the latter Battle in know As the Battle of the . The notable of Al Export Are the cloth. Hall a gothic building of 14so. I ult of Brick and a gothic Church of the fifteenth Century with a massive in Rurue Tower and other the hotel de Volle contains a Small collection of paintings and there is n Tower the remains of a tem Var Foj Castle destroyed in 13s3. About three quarters of a mile away nearer to the stands a Lighthouse built in 1284. Miles South West of Hui euro it is a town with in Hubi Tunem. It contains some interest ing buildings in. The style. In the present palais de jus Tice in Ante chamber is shown As a former meeting place of the i Quimi ton while near it is a Belfry Ftp spire of which was erected in 102il the Church of St. It Osburga was de signed in the fourteenth Century but the plans were so extensive that Only the choir with some Rar latins chapels has Ever been Iii shed tile choir stalls arc Fine specimens of carving and there is a fifteenth Cen Tury a Liquory. Miles South West of is offered to the Man personally and would be payable to his next of Kin. U. S. Opinion and the War. Bujard in the put oot if the out orc of this " War could be Anco now accorded them in. Naval pro i decided Here in America the vote can cruise Miles j would go against the Gerrans at among the improve meals least so 1 gather from the newspapers which have been made in submarine from discussions in the clubs from designs Are the of propel Street Corner debates and talk Over Ling machinery siting the vessel an j Usaj in the show a. It is because increased radius of effective and that you in peace foreshore. Compass As Aii Aid to where you barbarous by Wise navigation and the improvement bade your terrorize a torpedo. The rapid and where you deed was women screen your firms line. Villages burned Down to dust. Torture murder bestial lust filth too foul for Printer s Ink crimes from which or Pedo. The Vance in the hrs t has been astonishing department when the movers q Lave been bribed. It is because the tide of Battle seems to be going against the Orel mans. It is because of White it goes far Back of the time when the austrian Prince was. Shot in the capital of Bosnia. We do want to see Tho world Ger the governmental forms the of the United made the voyage from , mass., bermudas in july 1910, a Dis Tance of 800 Miles her feat was hailed political life of Germany Are so opposed to we Are used to and to that Iron crass bestow but a Cross of Wood and 80 scr grind the world that you have made Calvary anew. Kaiser when you d Kneel in prayer look upon your hands and there let that deep and awful stain from the blood of children slain vessel can make an observation at a considerable distance from the enemy too far to to seen j then submerged steer a straight and accurate course until it comes within deadly striking distance. Burn your Verv soul with Sha me till you dare breathe that Nama i question of Cost. That now you glibly advertise god As one of your allies. Impious Bragg Art you forget god is .-. Your conscript yet you shall learn in dumb amaze that his ways Are. Not your ways. That the mire through which you trod is the High White Road of god. To whom whichever Way the Rolls we fighting to the end commend our souls. In de sign the submarine has under gone changes quite similar to those in the developments of super dread noughts namely a notable increase in. Size among the first Laid Down by the British Navy there were some having a submerged displacement of 200 tons while the latest Type has a. Displacement of tons or More with a surface Speed of 15 knots. The Cost of a vessel too is another Point in its favor in comparison with the dreadnought for a submarine can be built for to As again St the super dreadnought s to it is also asserted that the thirty submarines built for the Cost of one dreadnought can finished in less time than it would take to Complete the huge surface sea fighter. They Are rated As being virtually As seaworthy As a visibility under water. Just As this is the first real trial of the submarine so it is of the Aero plane and the air scout has been most confidently relied up on to be the eyes of the Fleet guarding against the virtually invisible foe. A Blue Vav in Cal itt Ivl i. A j l a 1 had been told that the Corpse had s Ray Periscope the size of a sauce., moving say several Hundred Yards off in a Choppy sea May escape the look looking backward the free Prass was founded in 1872. Forty years ago her. Majesty s ship vulture had Tho Good Fortune to effect the capture of a slaver loaded with nearly 2do human beings destined for the slave Market. The capture was made off Madagascar o John Bruce gave evidence at the be Pine trial. Did personally know what had become of the body of Scott been thrown into the River and that it was sunk by heavy chains after a Hole had been Cut in the Lee. This was done about a week after the execution. Thirty five years ago a paper is to be published at rapid City to be called the Enterprise t entries Are called for a 4s-hour walking match to take place in the Winnipeg c to Hall All entries to be made at the Brouse House. Thirty years ago Belgium liberals were victorious in the elections held at Antwerp Ostend Liege and fifteen other towns. The French gained another Victory in Tonquin. Four Hundred and fifty chinese fell in the engagement. W. E. Perdue was elected president of the Winnipeg Legal club. A Rev. Richard Young was consecrated anglican Bis top of Athabasca. The gyroscopic j the govern rent am the army , Aiso Marine has an indispensable Aid to o u nil of Safe navigation nth the speaker is Dos tasteful to us. Even at the risk of being our selves called hypocrites we assert our Iii like for the theory that might makes right. Perhaps some of our. Rights have no better foundation but if so we Are sorry for it. We know that there Are Many things which we Are Strong enough to take some of which we want which we leave alone because they Are ours. It is one of the aspirations of our struggling democracy to eliminate those who make might their Only boast. We Are fighting such ruthless people in our internal politics we like them no better abroad. If this War should Chance to result in a new Bonaparte in France we Hope Tor his defeat. If it helps the brutally domineering Type of russians into the european Saddle we will be against them and in so far As the British Empire uses its immense Power for oppression we arc against it. But it locks to most of us to Day As if this glorification of Force this deification of hitting Power is most exuberant in Germany. If the Hevr Llo Ter Eucken is right in saying that this is the ethical Conception Back of German and As that is his specially he ought to Germany needs a lick ing. Whether it is for her own Good or it certainly will be Good for the peace of mind of the1 world. We neutrals in this War. We Are glad we can be for we do Liko to fight and we intend to do our utmost to preserve our neutrality. But if we to fight we would choose for an enemy the partisans of this theory that might makes right. Near As i can the Way americans look on this War. By an almost unanimous judgment we of those a filial fears i am ashamed. T nor of decide that Germany was wrong when Ifor dearly must we. Prize thee we Ator in one of Lis aged to Austria in who find is the Channel saw make War on ser Vlaj knowing. Per. In Theo a. Bulwark for cause or redo Lioata destroyers Tyllo men out on the ship but the aviator is in a different Case. From his High station his eyes can see deep Down into water of Ordinary translucency where the surface reflection would baffle the sight of an observer near the level of the water Bleriot the Ariate Early flights across near Deal two torpedo and a string of submarines following. They were completely submerged yet were Plain to other tests of ability of air scouts to see sub merged vessels have Given surprising results. It is stated that an italian aviator of Tripoli saw oaths Bottom the wreck of the old Philadelphia sunk j a Century ago. United states Navy aviators have discovered vessels sub merged far below the surface of Chesa Peake an almost unanimous from the . Independent we love and Honor both nations but Courtrair on the Lys bus a Popula Tion of the Torii once fortified and Iraa the Mccue of the first distinction drained by the Prus Sian Schunr Hort again it the or Cecli in 17sm. Miles North East of Calais in a fortress at Ilont Pluks Anil the fourth port of prance Vith a population of 3s.300. The District around Dunkirk in drained by of canals and Dykes und can be inundated when Ever necessary. The inhabitants Are Trio Sucak Little or French. In. Dunkirk itself there a Small English Colony. The top is clean and Well built the chief Point of interest Lio Iii its Harbor a Trade is curried on in Wood Airl Wool. The Csc Nircia in the dates from the ninth or tenth centum y and belonged at first to the counts of Flanders. From the thirteenth Century its pos Kehs Iol t Ivas frequently diluted by the French and it Cap tired by code in in the spaniards Dunkirk hut six years later after the until of the dunes it or ceded to a Rowcli in return for lae services of 8.oflfl of his troops. By the English n Castle was built the port was Forli led. Hut in 1u62 Charles ii. Sold the Posi Tion to Jlouis Xiv. For live million Livres a Livre equals about 2o during the French wars which Fol Lowed Dunkirk Wug the base of a number of privateers which did harm

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