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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaNew Leisure Winnipeg free press saturday october 17, 1970 features about wine by Colin Mackay. Cooking with wine remember the first epistle of Paul to Timo thy use a Little wine for thy stomach s years ago English speaking people regarded cooking with wine As a european fad an extravagance to be indulged Only by highly paid chefs. This nonsense is All Over now and wine has come into the Kitchen not As a fancy but As a practical economical every Day ingredient to make even the simplest dish More interesting and digestible. Wine enhances food flavours in Many ways As europeans have known for Many centuries. There is nothing complicated or difficult about cooking with wine. The secret is not to Over do it with too much wine and not to use very cheap poor Quality wine or you will spoil the dish. Remember the better the wine the better the dish if every Kitchen contained a bottle of red wine White wine Sherry and port for Cook ing hundreds of cupboards could be swept Clear of cluttering debris of commercial sauce bottles and synthetic aids to Flavouring. The fundamental fact to remember about the use of wine in cooking is that the wine is heated and in the process the alcohol Vola tired. What remains is the wonderful flavour which perfumes the dish and fills the Kitchen with an Aroma of delicious things to come. When making sauce for a roast abolish the water and Corn flour stir half a cup of red wine into the drippings Cook for a couple of minutes stirring Well skim off the fat and see the difference. A Tough piece of stewing beef is improved by being left for several hours in a marinade of wine red or White which can be incorporated later in the braise or Stew. Always use White wine for fish dishes. Red wines turn the fish a disagreeable Colour. Likewise dishes of Chicken Lamb or veal using a White sauce incorporate White wine often a sauternes gives an excellent result. To prevent wines used for cooking from deteriorating or souring simply pour a Teaspoon of cooking Oil Over the surface in the bottle to prevent the ingress of air. Be adventuresome with wine in the Kitchen and your reputation As a chef will Shine. Ims. Bargain from London 121 different be to in inf Malm of fut 4 filter. M. M. Rim off font. Free so it Tings Stamps n m it wh-34 att Avau Mott do. The Herron Folk by Shaun Herron monday it is Good news that the government is to launch an enquiry into the taxi situation in Winnipeg. When the weather is Good the Public is unlikely to notice so much but let there come a wet Day or Snow and things Are different. Lately i discovered that if for example you want a taxi at 5 . On a wet Day and phone at 3 . To Book one your booking will be accepted. But when the cab does t arrive and you eventually get through to the taxi company you re Likely to hear what i heard from veterans. Why has t the cab arrived we have 52 Calls but i booked a cab Over two hours ago. Well we be had 52 Calls in the last but you accepted my Book ing before you got those Calls so presumably you la Honor it we have 52 Calls. We can t Promise goddammit you be already promised something Over two hours ago. It made no difference. There Aren t enough cabs the Calls pour in to hell with undertakings take the takings and while the owners can retail licenses and keep the taxi club tight to hell with the Public. When a License Holder ceases to operate a cab his cab License should lapse. It s a preposterous situation that the License can be re sold for More than it is said when it Cost the person to whom it was originally issued that grotesque caper should be made illegal and quickly. Tuesday it s Nice to know you re appreciated. This touching tribute was paid to me in that source of mature wis Dom the Manitoban the u of m astrological weekly thus Shaun Herron plays a much More important part in raising the level of some women political awareness than so called progressive groups which try to incorporate women s liberation into their mind you. My part was that of the old reactionary whose every word stimulates the growth of its opposite. The author of the piece in question pays tribute to the leadership role of the soviet Union in women s emancipation which suggests the classic question in an appropriately amended form but would you want your brother to marry a Street he pays tribute also to the equal status of men and women in China and Cuba. Now. There s a perceptive thought. And if you Don t like that kind of equal status you can always float Down the Yangtze with your hands tied behind your Back. Hundreds did. In the cultural revolution. Before and after their protest they retained their chinese kind of Equality. All these tributes to me and to Russia China and Cuba Are in an article support ing women s lib. It is entitled balls and chains. What would Freud say about the id of the author of that one or women s lib during the great bedroom strike of the night of August 26 last wednesday the idea of Equality is a most Peculiar one. It s part of the unexamined mythology of our time much much More unexamined and much More part that it was when the idea was Given currency and is neither possible in prac Tice nor True in theory. Anybody who has Ever thought about it knows that Equa Lity As we loosely talk about it is rather like claiming that All Black Brown and White people have a natural right to be equally White Black or the Only women i know who think they want Equality Are women s lib hysterical who Are too Busy screeching to be capable of thought. Almost All the women i know want something far More real and far More important they want to be regarded and treated As persons before the Law and in their whole human context. And How can there be any argument against that whether they Are or Are not treated As persons in their personal relations is a Hazard men women and children All face on the same basis the Only people i know who Are against treating women As persons Are the women s lib people. They want them to be treated As special cases. We ought to Stop talking about women s lib As if they were the i want to be treated As a person movement. Women s lib is actually a Small unattractive emotionally unbalanced impediment to what women really want and really think about. Women will and ought to get what they want full status As persons not because of women s lib but because it is part of a process of social and perceptual evolution that is moving quite rapidly in the right direction. To put this evolution into effect in practical terms is a practical not a moral matter and to be worked out in practice like any other practical matter. Perhaps this Story has a message for balls and chains. I had lunch one Day with a British army brigadier and his new wife in a Little hotel in Germany. He gave me some advice never marry a Beauty Queen old boy. They re no damned Good in i forget where they were no damned Good in but his Point was. I think that Beauty Queens were not equal to his new wife in wherever it was he referred to. Thursday some of the people who attended a Spiro Agnew rally recently carried placards which read for motherhood. Apple pie and Spiro poor old Spiro Agnew reactionary obscurantist and Deadhead. It was Only a Little while ago that he Drew the fire of the usual crowd when he said the musical and lyrical promotion of drug abuse by Rock groups was contributing to the destruction of Young lives. Poor old Spiro. But now. A number of leading Rock groups have let it be known that they agree with poor old Spiro and will have nothing to do with the drug scene or with the drug songs. And one of the biggest booking agencies has said if you have drugs and drug songs you la have no bookings. Some of the people in the Rock business seem to have seen something happening Heah poor old Spiro. Friday with respect to that brow beating session on to s Twenty four hours about How much a doctor earns. It never seemed to to to be anybody s Busi Ness what a doctor earns the important thing is what he does to earn it. Of yes my information is thai on an eight months contract with the arc. Or. Haslam and or. Harvard of Twenty four hours Are getting apiece. If you dog a Man in Public what he earn you can i mind if saturday Gonic Gall of the Gopher on agricultural College English see lot tors Page. Department says a teacher in t in the Public school system to teach a subject but to teach p. Child to think. Rut. Sor dear if the teacher does t know i what does teach a child to think about professorial

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