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Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1914, Page 25

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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 17, 1914, Winnipeg, Manitoba Women s Section women s Section Winnipeg saturday october 17, 1914. Hotness of some gifts to patriotic fund about Bluff in business attempted appreciation of mrs. Nellie l. Mcclung dress designs for canadians for the women and the children left behind. By Leigh Mitchell Hodges i read of counts Ami princes being Given Iron crosses for deeds of valor done by unnamed men in looming sums of thousands i am told of Battle losses dead wounded of thousands then my thoughts Are turned to mothers wives Ana Sisters sadly waiting and t see them Given crosses must Bear through dreary lives of losses born of War s relentless hating and for these the lonely waiters 5s Iny prayer. 0 fatties Kings and captains Call to thei for Victory plead for these who May not hold their loved ones close again. Bend Low to Calm the children who Are crying at the strangeness and to soothe the weeping weeping for their men 1 hear the Battle Thunder a the ranks Are rent asunder and j. See the ghastly glory of the hosts who fought and died. I fee the Shook of charges that Are grinding legions under and i wonder at the wreckage on the Fields where swept the but Ray heart s eyes turn to wander to the Little Homes bade yonder where the women and the children yester Morin their men were kissing the women and the children through Long Days and Nighta Are waiting to be Brave when news dead or missing 0 father while the Kings and captains loudly claim thy favor stretch out thy hands to these who wait with courage passing Praise band Low to Calm the children who Are aging in the strangeness and to soothe the women weeping through Iheama lonely dragging Daya 1 see the great War ended and the nations settling pay Anent i the blare of trumpets Over terms that balance loss victorious Kings and captains Clad in dazzling raiment smile or shout their the Shadow of a Cross Falls athwart the scene of splendor bathed in blood of unnamed arid above the High announcement of the profit and the Cost sounds the sighing and the weeping of the women and the children who cannot see the glory through their tears for loved ones lost. O father while the Kings and captains lift their swords to signal turn thou to stroke the hearts that bleed in Little Homes made Bare Bend Low to Calm the children Are crying for their fathers and to soothe the lonely women who Are weeping everywhere some italian dishes teaching economical use of materials at hand. Over the Tea cups. Or. W. J. Bulman was Dis coursing on the patriotic fund for Manitoba he remarked something after this fashion we intend soon to publish a list of the persons contributing to this fund. If you find any in the paper As generous contributors. Still another firm let out Many of its employees on the one hand and handed out a big Check for the fund with the other. It s just possible that those firms that played the game fair will find themselves at the Bottom of the list. One a corporation slackness of work had caused one o one in your District not on the list just labourers to be put on half time he has a wife and six Small children ask him Why personally i am not so concerned about those who Are not giving. If they can afford to do so and Are not they Are probably in the fludd Orson class anyway and we May leave them to the punishment of their own con science. It Ouirl never occur to a sincere like or. Bulman but the method of publishing names savors of a practice not looked on kindly in Legal Clori Les. However i am not going to discuss the shyness of certain non but rather the hotness of cer Tain of the donations. Some firms in the City have adopted the plan of giving As a firm. That is Well and Good Eis Long As each employee is left to with him or herself As to the amount contributed. But several Utoria Are floating around the City of firms anxious to advertise themselves Bieri have levied on their employees a certain amount and threatened Dis Missal if they refused to pay. Two instances that Camo under my notice one girl who is the sole member of her family who has secured work explained that she was the breadwinner for Ber Mother and Sisters and could t afford to contribute. Pay up or she was advised. In a similar instance a girl employee said she could afford fifty cents a month but it. Was the Best she could do. She was ordered to pay her Dollar lest Forsooth the contribution of the firm should suffer. Another highly respected concern is accused of cutting Down its stenographers salaries to be Low living wage but getting its name Macaroni is naturally the first thought that comes to one s mind in thinking of italian cooking. Most canadians know All about the conventional Macaroni and Heisse but says the pictorial review there is Little Conception of what real Macaroni dishes Are like. The Magazine gives the following recipes Macaroni a la Alstor one it Ouid of lean beef one Quarter Pound of raw Ham one Pound of tomatoes one Large onion one Bay Leaf one april of pars Ley two tablespoonfuls of Olive Oil. Wipe the beef Cut the Ham into Dice and slice the onion Wash and re move the stems from the tomatoes and Cut these up into Small pieces. Place All together in. A Large Saucepan with the Olive Oil Bay Leaf and Parsley and simmer very gently for two hours. Now add one pint of boiling water and continue to Cook until the sauce be comes reduced and thickened into a mass in which one can hardly distinguish the different ingredients. To prepare the Macaroni or As the ital ians would Call it being the finest Grade of Macaroni and smaller than we Are accustomed have ready a Large Saucepan Cental n of this Flavouring. Brown the meat on both sides by cooking it in a frying pan in a Little beef fat or place it in a Large casserole or fire proof earthen baking dish. Pour around it one cup of water add a. Little Salt. Cover the casserole closely and Cook the meat in a moderate oven for two hours. Into the same frying pan in which the meat was browned place when the wife makes Good ing plenty of Balling Well water. Drop the Macaroni salted into it yet out of his scanty pay the corporation ordered that he give up half a. Day s earnings to the fund. Quite the most amusing instance is that of a charwoman who explained that she had been engaged at a certain Home for years at a certain rate per hour but recently the mistress had Cut Down the Tariff explaining that the Money to give to the patriotic come to think of it i Don t believe the charwoman found it funny at All. At 3east the country people Are free from this temptation. There have been Farmers accused of stealing from their wives and families but that is usually with the laudable intention of buying the next Quarter or it May be a new kind of machinery. The gifts of country to the fund will be untainted As indeed with most of those of the City. More than that Many of them will be glorified with self Sacri fice. But in looking Over the Liat let us not be All taken up with the amount after the Dollar sign. It More than the m material value of a gift to make it acceptable in the eyes of the gently allowing the water to soften Macaroni As it is lowered into the pan. Do not break it into Small lengths. Cook rapidly in the uncovered sauce pan until quite tender yet not soft. Just As soon As tender turn into a col Ander or Sieve and Drain away every drop of water. Have a serving dish ready a Tureen or deep dish being the Best. Place in it a layer of Macaroni Fien pour Over this a portion of the prepared meat sauce. Sprinkle generously with grated cheese and repeat until the Tureen is filled. Cover closely leave for five thai All the ingredients May become thoroughly blended and incorporated. A plate of grated cheese May be passed at the table for desire More. Spaghetti with pot roast in casser pounds round or top sirloin of beef one Pound Salt pork or Bacon chopped Parsley mixed spices cloves Mace contents one can o tomatoes one onion one Bay Leaf one. Red or Green Pepper celery or celery Salt Spaghetti male incisions in the meat with a knife and fill these with the pork or Bacon Cut into very smal1 pieces. Add also the ground spices being careful not to use too much the tomatoes onion Bay Leaf Parsley Pepper and celery if celery Salt is used this will form a the regu a and Cook until reduced to a thick sauce. Pass through a Sieve add to the liquor surrounding the meat and stir Well. In the meantime Cook one half Pound of Spaghetti until tender in boil lag salted water. Drain thoroughly and turn the Spaghetti nto the sauce around the which should be served directly from the casserole. A dish of finely grated cheese should be passed at the table with this. The Only accompaniment needed is a Green salad dressed simply with Olive Oil and Lemon juice or Vine Gar. Meat Pound of lean raw meat one egg one very Small on Ion one tablespoonful of minced pars Ley one half cupful of Cornmeal or stale breadcrumbs Salt and Pepper. Chop the meat finely or if preferred pass it through a food chopper. Add. All of the other ingredients to it mix ing and stirring so that they Are All Well and smoothly blended. Form into balls somewhat smaller than an egg. Drop the balls into a Tomato sauce prepared from tomatoes Wel seasoned and Flavoured and passed through a Sieve so As to keep Back the seeds and skins. Simmer with an accompaniment of hoodies or Spaghetti. Cornmeal is practically the same As our Fried Cornmeal Mush. White Cornmeal is commonly used and is cooked until thick in boiling salted water. After Cooling Cut into slices and Fry in Olive Oil or dripping. If liked it can be served with Tomato Chestnut a cd Orange half Pound of italian chestnuts one Orange lettuce or watercress Mayon Naise dressing. Boll Shell and Blanch by e. E. Wooley when a Man runs a business he Fig ures his expenses. He knows he must pay higher salaries and commissions for better service if he is to make More Money. But when he goes into the business of Matrimony he is either recklessly extravagant and fail3 to apply any business principles at All or he figures All expenses Down to the minimum with out reckoning on any sort of recompense for the individual who is general manager Chiet clerk buyer auditor office boy and some times janitor be sides her Ordinary. Duties As wife Mother and housekeeper. Many a married Man who pays his employees Well because he believes it Good policy and who tips the elevator boy and the Porter because he wants better service does t Stop to reason out that it might be Good policy to be even Square with his wife and _ wife will smile More brightly and be More willing to perform Little extra service for a mail who hands out a tip to her once in a while. There Are men who make it a Point to study Magazine and newspaper articles on How to cut1 the Cost of i honestly believe As Many men As women read these theoretical schemes for saving. These same men without knowledge or experience in household management or buying Home supplies proceed to lecture their wives on wastefulness and demand a substantial Cut in expenses. Now the average housewife is pretty Well the Peculiar conditions of her own family. She knows what she can and can t do in her own Home and neighbourhood. She is usually an extremely keen and careful Buyes and can extract a great Deal More out of than the average Man can out of ?10. As a savings institution she can t be she s on the Job night and Day. a Good buyer Dosen t bring Ber any commissions working Over time Dosen t give her any time and a half pay. Her salary in t raised because her services Are indispensable does the Boss Reward her with a Bonus at the end of the year not so s you could notice it. T what right has a Man to figure hit household expenses Down to the minimum and leave out a commission for the one person upon whom depends the Success of the whole thing and usually must perform All the labor connected with it some husbands Are so watchful that their wives can t even squeeze out such As Small change to be found in trousers pockets when m lord sleeps. There s too much talk about women s wastefulness and extravagance too much advice aimed at them. It s All utilized try selfish and stingy Hus bands to their own advantage. How Many wives do Voit suppose would spend half the contents of the weekly pay envelope playing Pool and tanking up every saturday night Many a Man spends a Dollar a Day for cigars who would think it sufficient ground for divorce if his wife paid out 10 cents a Day for ice Cream sodas. It was a recruit s first appearance at the Rifle Range. The Range officer tried him first at five Hundred Yards and the recruit could not come within a a Mila of the target. Next the officer tried him at three Hundred Yards then at two Hundred Yards Aad finally at one Hundred Yards his last shot even worse than his first. The officer looked at him in disgust Ami losing his temper shouted the com Mand in his face attention fix Bayonet charge the target it s your Only sacred heart review. A Park Row newsboy last week succeeded in compressing the War of two hemispheres into a four word masterpiece effective enough to strengthen the reputation of the most imaginative Park Rov headline writer Gin to and germans the chestnuts Cut them pieces and add to them into Small the grated Rind of the Orange being careful to use Only the yellow outside portion. Ette on lettuce or in a nest of watercress. Put a spoonful of Mayon Naise Over the nuts and decorate with the pulp of the Orange removing As much As of the connecting skin and Fibre. corsets a Book about corsets we have prepared a taste fully illustrated Little Book shown g Many new models in v corsets will gladly Send you s. Copy free upon request. 11 will help you choose the Model Best suited to your figure. Crompton Corset co. Limited to York Street Toronto and in Temperance is too Well known to need mention. The Public East West North and South across the line and Over the water has hailed the creator of Pearlie Katsori As a writer but it s her own Manitoba that knows her As a political orator of first rank it is Manitoba audiences that have the women of Manitoba will now proceed into the Sarden and commence on the consumption of Worms woolly ones preferred and 1 should not be surprised it they were joined there by of Tverdal of the Nellie Mcclung is leaving the province. Or. Mcclung having accepted the position of manager of his company at Edmon ton. Is there anyone around with the temerity to remark that what is our Joss is Alberta s gain if such there is let him take warning and hold his peace. If there is one thing try ing than another it is to have someone recite a smug proverb in a time of trouble. Usually we have nothing against Alberta and even gone so far As to think of Edmonton As a Beautiful City. But All that is changed. We arc. Plain jealous of Alberta it Al. As a Small Friend of ours is wont to remark when he has an attack of tem would t give Edmonton .1 kind mrs. Nellie Mcclung has spent and been agent for her province. She has Many gifts for All the fairies were at her christening Ait even the one famed Lor anything but Good temper could not hold spite when mrs. Mcclung smiled. Now there Are some undoubtedly endowed persons who Are so engaged in contemplating themselves

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