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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 16, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press Friday october 16, 1970 wheat Appeal planned supreme court granted eave for the Appeal sought by the Winnipeg Law firm of in Ompson Dewar Sweatman representing Ejler v. Jorgen son Federal Grain company elevator agent at Charleswood man., on the basis of th1 number of cases awaiting the outcome of the test and the argument that continued contains a general declaration a valid and proper declaration of the parliament of Canada pursuant to Sec. 92 10 c of the British North America in simple terms the Issue is an important question of whether parliament s Brief de constitutional Law is raised in i caration that All elevators in this Case Tance in of general impor-1 the country Are necessary for considering the distribution of legislative Power in Canada and of specific importance to the conduct of the National Grain or. Jorgenson was charge with knowingly receiving Deli very of 363 bushels of wheat in excess of heading Ley Farmer Nick Friesen s quota permit be tween nov. 15, and dec. He was acquitted on a Point of Law by Winnipeg magistrate j. J. Enns last feb. 24. But this decision was appealed by the government and reversed by the Manitoba Appeal court in june. The facts of the stated Case Are agreed and the Only Issue revolves around the interpretation of the Law which ultimately rests on the question which the supreme court specified it would hear is Sec. 174 of the Canada Grain act and that part of Sec. 45 of the wheat Board act that the general advantage of Canada is sufficient or whether it should also have added a list specifying each individual ele Vator covered by such a declaration. Or. Jorgenson s sole defence rests on the Contention that a specific list of buildings is essential As part of the Declara Tion the Point becomes important because jurisdiction Over local works such As elevators lies with the provinces under Sec. 92 of the ban act except in cases where the Federal Parlia ment makes a declaration that hey arc necessary to the Gen eral advantage or at least two provinces. Such declarations Are made in Sec. .-174 of the Canada Grain act and Sec. 45 of the wheat Board act. They form the foun Dation on which Ottawa takes jurisdiction Over Graniri handling rom the provinces and enforces Sec. 16, which forbids de liveries or acceptance of More wheat than permitted by a quota Book. Federal Grain legislation be tween 1925 and 1950 included a list but this was dropped from the current statutes in 1952. The magistrate s decision at the original trial found that the list was essential so he acquit Ted or. Jorgensen. The Appeal court found that it was not essential so it ordered that the magistrate change his decision to a conviction. The supreme court will give the final word after hearing or. Jorgenson s lawyers and those from the attorney general of Canada s department next Spring. Among today s procedural arrangements will be notification to the attorney general of each province of the hearing so that each May decide whether to Send lawyers to argue for either Side of the Case. Inspect mines Ottawa up a group of 14 mining specialists represent ing some of Canada s principal mining companies will visit Britain oct. 19 to 30, the British High commission announced thursday. The group will in Spect advanced techniques and machinery at National Coal Board installations in England nipping nose May be costly los Angeles special tons a soccer player was sued damages in Superior court Here thursday for allegedly biting off the nose of an opposing player during a game last nov. 30. Other players retrieved the nose belonging to Julio Marchesan 24, and a surgeon sewed it Back on said or Marchesan s attorney. But now he does not look right the lawyer added. The complaint said that or. Marchesan Captain of an ecuadorian team was attacked by Hagar print Zian member of an armenian team on the sidelines. Neither player was in the game at the time. Or. Marchesan said that to this Day he does not know Why or. Printzian attacked him. Army protects buildings continued citizenship a knotty entity says expert hour Long meeting with Mem Bers of the Cabinet. The Premier mentioned Nixon opens War continued and Scotland. Section with murder and kid napping charges. The action of the Fri in find ing Davis he said should be a warning to those who engage in these acts that they eventually Are going to be a the new legislation Means that we Are going to give the tools to the men in the Justice i i i i i i i i i Cente Imal Ywee Staty a dozen these dozen clubs organizations and Centennial projects have earned so far in 1970 1. 2. 3. 4. 5, service club 101-5 Centennial project 600-9 High school 966-0 service club 1155-0 sports organization 5967 legion 941-5 7. Centennial project 128-7 8. Sports organization 919-9 9. Hospital auxiliary 1057-0 10. Centennial project 470-7 11. Centennial project 25-6 12. Centennial project 1065-0 400 additional organizations have earned from to for an additional total of clubs organizations now is the last Chance this year for your group to earn Money for your project. 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Department and to the men in the Fri and we shall see to it that those who engage in such terroristic acts As bombings Are brought to he commended democratic and Republican legislators who supported the measure which he first recommended to Congress nearly 18 months ago. The Section authorizing the Fri to investigate Campus bombings was added to the Bill on the president s recommendation last summer. The Bill passed the Senate in january by a vote of 73 to 1, but it was held up for Many months in the House judiciary commit tee. Some members claimed that it contained unconstitutional and repressive features. However the Bill finally passed the House last week by a vote of 341 to 26, and the Senate on monday accepted the House version and sent the measure to the president. The measure provides for stiff sentences for those who use profits from organized crime to acquire or establish legitimate businesses in interstate com Merce. It makes it a crime to conspire to obstruct local or state gambling Laws and establishes a National commission to determine if the organized crime act or any other Laws infringe on individual rights. The Bill authorizes the death penalty for per sons convicted of fatal bombings and arson. Various civil liberties groups denounced that provision As an unnecessary Extension of Fri Power before signing the measure the president told the group at the Justice department that there have been Over 400 arrests in the racketeering Field since the attorney general has begun authorizing wiretaps in the fight against organized crime. He praised Treasury and jus Tice department officials for moving ahead to fight organized crime even before the Legisla Tion was approved. He said that the legislation now gives them the tools to do the Job effectively. Referring to recent bombings in California Rochester new York and Cambridge Massachusetts the president said it seems that every Day. We pick up the papers we see some sporadic incident without Rea son without cause simply terroristic activity which we have not been Able to Cope with adequately in the past. What this legislation does is to provide that where there is a Federal interest Federal support for an installation then the fed again to the National Assembly before going into discussion on medical care legislation. He won Quick consent for his action from two opposition Par ties but criticism came later from the third the separatist parti quebecois. Jean Jacques Bertrand Leader of the Union National gave his full support to the government decision to Call in troops and added that we Are wholly available to ensure the Public interest and maintenance of Camil Samson Leader of the Rolliement Des credit stes said his party fully supports the move and we will do All we can to adopt procedures which seem most necessary in the Cir or. Bourassa said his Deci Sion to Call in the army was made after consultations with police authorities who were being overworked under the present More than 100 army trucks in Convoy whizzed through the City on their Way to Montreal. Army communications sex eral Law enforcement will move officials perts earlier set us an information Centre next to Premier Bourassa s executive office and extra plainclothes Provast policemen were scattered through out the building. Provincial police leaves have been cancelled since last Sun Day. By Ron Kustra citizenship and education involve much More than just learning practical skills so that one can contribute economically towards Canadian life. In fact in the final analysis the ideas which shape the life of an individual from per Sonal habits to International attitudes Are of More practical importance than anything in several papers or. Joseph Kage has told delegates at the Manitoba mosaic Congress that canadians face a dilemma in that no one has Ever defined the Ideal society for this country. Do we want a society thai would be characterized by diversity and autonomy of the component cultures or do we want a common culture which would itself be pluralistic and or. Kage is National executive vice president of the jewish immigrant Aid services of Canada. A crucial task facing canadians is to define and implement a Universal concept of citizen ship As part of the Canadian canadians must re member citizenship is a duty not just of newcomers but is a privilege and responsibility of All of he wrote. Or. Kage credits the Large French Canadian minority s onus of responsibility on the Quebec English speaking popu lation if this country is to be come bilingual. Education in the achieve ment of a Multi cultural Canad an society must no longer be thought of As preparation for or. Kage believes but As a dimension of life distinguished by Continental Acquini Tio Nof knowledge and ceaseless re examination of if Canadian Unity is to develop the various forces Musi converge on the concept of car Nadian Unity involving Freedom for All a bilingual reality buttressed by a Multi cultural to women workers Washington one of three . Workers is a woman and one of four married women has either full time or part time employment. Quest for identity for according a greater degree of acceptance and recognition of All ethnic minorities in Canada. While much has been said about the Multi cultural Pat Tern of the Canadian mosaic this idea still has not become fully accepted by Canadian society and remains in reality a he says. Or. Gage Points out that Canadian ethnic group at some time and place constitutes a minority group in a particular locale. While knocking Quebec uni Lin Gua lists or. Kage puts the in Legal action ordered Ottawa up labor min ister Bryce Mackasey told the commons thursday that he has ordered that Legal action go ahead against the Crown owned Canadian National railways for not paying the Federal minimum wage in its hotel operations. Or. Mackasey told James Mcgrath John s East hat attempts to persuade in Lotel management to conform o the Federal rate of an Lour be established july 1 had broken Down wednesday. He assured or. Mcgrath that no Crown corporation is Consi dered exempt from the Federal Law and that he will Check to see that All Are obeying it. Concrete use new York first rein forced Concrete building in the . Was constructed in new York City in 1875. Sanyo instant rewards for Bridge shaking again from Reuter a Melbourne up an other part of Australia s biggest Bridge began shaking hours after the sudden collapse of one Section killed More than 30 workmen. Rescue attempts to find 14 men still missing among the de Bris were halted for 90 minutes until experts said there was no danger of a further fall on the West Gate Bridge in the Mel Bourne suburb of fools Ray. Thirty one bodies were re covered thursday after a 450 foot Span of the Bridge col lapsed partly into the Yarra River anti partly on a group of huts where workmen building i the s47-million Bridge were hav ing lunch. Eighteen persons were injured. Some of the Urc j covered bodies could be seen in the rubble. Another 18 workmen were injured. And seven of them were i in critical condition. J the recovery work was sus i Pended temporarily when an emergency Crew of six riggers Ion an adjoining 450-foot Section of the Bridge Felt it moving i i they came Down and refused to i i go up again. J police kept people away from the Span while six engineers i ent up to inspect it the pro eject manager. Trevor Nixon an i Al Zed their findings and pronounced the 130-foot-High Span quite we believe this shudder was most Likely caused by the Metal of the Bridge heating of and expanding thus causing the rollers on which the Span is mounted to Nixon said. It is designed to do about 30 men name fling wader the Western end of the fatten Span where it is believed they will find the bodies of five of the missing a spokes Man said ii Lymm Ake several in was to Jyce bodies and

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