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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 15, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press thursday october 15, 1970 to repairmen not racketeers focus face Only a Mother could love Survey indicates by the Canadian press some of the people who re pair television sets in Toronto Aren t exactly popular. One Man in the business said in an interview published in a to Ronto newspaper it s so bad a Racket now that the honest men Are quit Ting before they re wiped out by the unjustified unkind Are to repairmen really a bad lot a Cross Canada Survey by the Canadian press indicates that while Toronto May have problems along these lines an As yet unnamed baby Gorilla now just a month old receives one of her six daily feedings of formula from mrs. Lee Simmons wife of Omaha s Henry Doorly zoo director. The female Gorilla which weighed two pounds three ounces at birth has been kept in an incubator to protect her against germs. She has now passed the six Pound four ounce Mark. Heather Simmons 2, watches the feeding with rapt attention. Supermarket shopping French counter revolt on by Alan Harvey Rennes France Spe Cial Canadian Merchan dising methods Are creat ing a counter revolution in a Corner of provincial France. A super supermarket owned by Steinberg Dominion of Canada jointly with French interests is bringing mass shopping techniques to Rennes the Bourgeois capital of Brittany. A bold Black sign bearing the single word Montreal symbolizes the Canadian clutch on a clinging july conservative country. The sign beckons shop pers in la hyper March Montreal a 40.000-Square fact establishment thai looks like an aircraft Han Gar. Its vice president is Arnold Steinberg from the City that gave its name to the Enterprise. The hype Marche that s the French name for a really colossal shopping Centre combines depart ment store and food products under one roof. It has a staff of 160, 200-car parking space Gas station and what a specialist Magazine has called the widest customer Choice available in France. Montreal is making a big Impact. Some say it will give a big boost to under developed Brittany. Others View it As a sinister Spear head of the North american style revolution which started 20 years ago in Colum bus Ohio when shops started moving to the suburbs and the City centres withered. On a Nous is the anguished cry of the Small shopkeeper in Brit Tany a delightful unspoiled sector on the Western shoulder of France. His heart cry expresses the fear that the big new sales centres will crush Small Commerce. In a swing through Brit Tany. I found the Petite Commer cants bitter Over the fact that supermarket combines if sited outside cities or towns usually escape the special taxes paid by Urban stores. On the consumer Side frenchmen fear that the Well loved spicier de Quad tier or neighbourhood grocer will disappear in the store counter revolution. Here we like to Cook our said a Breton housewife viewing with Hor ror a package of instant mashed potatoes. I Don t know about Canada but in the . You just buy packets of when a supermarket was opened recently in the at Tractive seaport town of St. Briguc. Indignant citizens piled tar and tacks on sur rounding streets. The Community of St. Brieux in Saskatchewan is believed to have been named by Bre tons from the St. Brieuc area who emigrated to can Ada after the Dreyfus Case around the turn of the Cen Tury. France is Europe s oldest nation. It cherishes its familiar ways the individualist touch the intimate Little shop. Its old stones evoke a living past. The French May be dazzled by Ameri can technology but few have much Affinity with tie mentality of mass production. It s a hard Choice. Must bigness and Progress smash France s Douceur de Vivoc the Sweet things in life nobody can imagine that what has happened to City life in America could Hap pen in said the Paris monthly Magazine called Market. We Are we think different from the americans. Our cities Are imbued with history and traditions which is not the Case with american tories aim at return Regina up for big de Nasserden there s More than geography involved in the Saskatchewan progressive conservatives decision to open an office in Down town Regina. We now Are Only a step away from the legislature so our next move will be into government said the 51-year-old former member of parliament for Rosthern. Chosen in March to Lead a party shut out of the Legisla Ture since 1967, the new Leader has been scratching his close cropped Grey hair for a political brainstorm. It s a lot of work win Ning Back said or. Nasserden whose party had t had an office in re Gina for the last two years. We have to find out who the conservatives Are and where they Are. 1 know there Are a lot of people who Are not tied too closely to certain political he faces a Tough Job. Since the defeat in 1934 of a coalition government headed by conservative j. T. M. Anderson the party has never had More than a single seat in the legislature. Martin Pederson who preceded or. Nasserden As Leader quit last year after 11 years on the Job claim ing the provincial Organiza Tion owed him a consider Able amount in expenses. Premier Ross Thatcher s liberals now have 34 members in the 59-seat legislature and the new democratic party opposition has 24. The other seat previously held by the nip has been vacant since the resignation of a member at the end of the Spring ses Sion. There have been elec Tion rumours about 1971 All this year. In theory the next Gener Al election could be As late As 1972. The complaints Aren t As loud in other parts of the country. In fact in Newfoundland where the government leaves the Field pretty Well open to anyone the biggest com plaints Are from the repair men themselves rather than the customers. The repairmen claim technicians with the Federal transport department and Canadian National rail ways Are cutting into their business by moonlighting. These off duty people Are being paid regular salaries by their employer and Are work ing on the Side to the extent of forcing full time electricians out of said Lloyd col Bourne who was planning to shut Down his Colbourne electronics ltd., shop in St. John s. Nova Scotia repairmen most of whom charge plus parts for work on Black and White sets and for color say they take a special Pride in their work. Reliable to ltd., one of the bigger Halifax firms Guaran tees its work for up to 30 Days after the set leaves the work shop and defies you to Call us and name a tube your to needs that we Don t in that province too there is no provincial or municipal legislation governing the re pair Industry. A spokesman for reliable said there s Al ways some Guy who la go out and buy tools and set up Busi Ness in his Back biggest complaint from Reg ular repairmen is that Navy technicians stationed in Hali fax sometimes move into the Field. Prince Edward Island Deal ers were noncommittal about Fly by night repairmen. There s the Odd one now and said one dealer. He quoted his repair charges at for Black and White sets plus parts costs. Little color work is done there but when it is the fee ranges upward from there is no legislation in , governing the Field. Peggy Duplessis of the con Sumer business information Bureau in Saint John said Cus Tomer complaints in new Brunswick Are at a minimum. We have had an occasional complaint but nothing exceptional and usually get things ironed out. There have been no reports of crooked repair men and i Don t know of any specific problem involving these with no licensing system in the province the occasional Moon lighter Steps in. Repairmen say the average service it takes about 20 minutes to fix the set the customer plus parts. Anything Over 20 min utes runs to an hour and color service Calls Range be tween and depending on time. The better business Bureau in Quebec said some Small time operators Are still around to fleece the Public but their numbers have dwindled in the last five years. Eddie Aubert assistant Gen eral manager of the better business Bureau said the and vent of color to played a part in frustrating Fly by nights be cause people think twice be fore entrusting an expensive set to a stranger. However he said there still Are some around and the Cus Tomer does get clipped once in a while. The Bureau receives up to 400 complaints a and the majority of them Are from outside Montreal. A few years ago the Quebec corps of electronic ians was formed and repairmen who subscribe to it must pass examinations and take a yearly 30-hour refresher course in the Trade. The group has a membership of and in 1964 the provincial govern ment passed legislation giving it recognition. Standard repair services vary with the average House Call in Montreal ranging from to while the average in Quebec City is it costs a minimum of to have a set taken to a repair shop in Quebec City. But the problem seems to abound in Toronto. Dick Cartwright the Man who said thieves were infest ing the business in Toronto is a to repairman who also serves on the advisory com Mittee of the Toronto better business Bureau. He said he and some fellow repairmen went to the provincial govern ment to ask for legislation to protect themselves and the consumer. They did t want to get in or. Cartwright said. They said these were civil matters and people could sue for damages. They did t care when we asked them How can you sue somebody when there in t any Why Don t civic authorities take a stand a spokesman for the metropolitan Toronto licensing commission said it would have to get authority from the provincial govern ment. Costs in Early for widely. The television repair Issue has kept employees Busy at a Branch of the Consumers affairs department in Ottawa. In the last 2vi years com plaints related to electrical goods included 242 about Tele vision sets generally 51 of them about repairs and serv icing and 14 about Cost of re pairs. Officials said the main com plaints were that repairs were ineffective and the television sets came Back the Way they went out and dealers w o u 1 d n t pay for repairs. There were also Long delays on parts and complaints that customers had to pick up their sets after servicing. There Are few complaints in Manitoba said Cedric a. Edson better business Bureau manager in Winnipeg. If people would Check with the Bureau about suspicions before having work done the problem would be he said. Unfortunately most of the problems happen at because that s when people watch to the the Bureau is a licensing system is Nomi Nally in effect in Manitoba initiated by the now defunct to repairmen Guild but the system is no longer Active. Bill Fields owner of a re pair shop in Winnipeg for 25 years said that from his experience most of the repair men Are the hardest working Bunch of men working to protect their reputation and keep it from getting they really make a dedicated Effort to please the Cus average repairmen s fee was an hour. In Saskatchewan where there is no provincial Licen sing complaints Are comparatively mild. Mind you you hear the Odd time that somebody s been said City licence inspector Don Maxin of re Gina. But they have to Settle it among themselves take them to he said he had t heard of any recent cases where customers were duped. We did Back in the 50s-a lot of people got into the Busi Ness and charged exorbitant service Calls in Regina Range from for Black and White sets to for color plus parts. The Alberta government re quires that to repairmen pass a provincial examination and the City of Edmonton licenses individuals who have passed the examination and pay a fee. The licence must be renewed yearly. In Calgary the electronics retail service dealers association keeps a watchful Eye on the business and says Fly by night repairmen Are comparatively rare. Del Upton a spokesman for the association said color to has separated the men from the you now have to know what you re doing and can t get by with a Lousy Job like some used to with Black and White Home repair prices set by one Calgary shop Range from for Black and White sets to for color to. In British Columbia the provincial Cabinet ordered in 1966 that repairmen on Vancouver Island must pass labor department examinations to obtain proficiency certificates. But in Vancouver the better business Bureau still reports considerable difficulty in exorbitant this is mainly because of people advertising service Calls at Low As or Vincent Forbes general manager said. Electro Home dealer Funk s furniture appliance i Ftp Fum him to Vilim App Luscri 1406 main St., 4 Mem 589-05" electro Home humid idiots for those who Don t know Why they need a Humidifier our Long Canadian Winters mean that most of our Homes and offices Are too dry. The Cool air holds Little moisture and once warmed it needs More moisture immediately. It will get this moisture from wherever it can from furniture rugs drapes even from you. The result is dried out furniture annoying Static electricity faded Brittle fabrics and even you could suffer from that stuffed up feeling. 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