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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 14, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free mess wide Ebay october 14, 1970 striving to break log Jam by Chalmers Roberts Washington special tons said Secretary of state William p. Rogers last week Means a condition which we might bring about which would satisfy both parties and then to Start Nego he had been asked at his press conference to define that rubbery word and his response was both adroit and a Giveaway of the american View on what to do about the egyptian soviet cheating along the Suez ceasefire zone. Egypt denied it had been cheating or. Rogers claim of conclusive evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. And israeli foreign minister Abba Eban charging constant and massive on monday defined his Call for Restora Tion of the status quo Ante As the reproduction of the Situa Tion that once that is on aug. 7 when the egyptians and israelis accepted the Rogers stand still ceasefire proposal for at least 90 Days. Given or. Eban s prescription and Egypt s refusal to move Back any of the missiles from the stand still zone along the canal it would appear there is a deadlock. Yet the Rogers Defini Tion and what otherwise can be Learned indicates that the United states believes the deadlock can be broken. No one in the administration is Cla mining that Washington can talk Cairo and Moscow As Well into moving the missiles Back other than perhaps a Token gesture of some sort. But it is being said that the . Can rectify the egyptian soviet defensive improvements in their military situation by offering offensive improvements to the israelis. In Short compensations to match the egyptian soviet improvements. In the . View the egyptian soviet violations have lifted the restraints on Washington and it now is free to Send Israel any and All weapons it considers necessary to provide those compensations. But even if there Are what Israel considers adequate compensations it probably will take some new formulation As Well to get Israel and Egypt Back to the talks under United nations representative Gunnar jarring. On this latter score it is being widely noted Here that israeli defence minister Moshe Dayan has spoken of finding a new starting Point to resume talks. In Short this is taken As mean ing that with adequate military compensation Israel could be persuaded to accept a new take off Point rather than insisting on restoration of the status quo Ante. Other israeli officials Are inclined to say Gen. Dayan is for himself and his idea has not been put before the israeli Cabinet. In Short there would seem to be an opening Here that Washington is now beginning to explore in Pri vate. In his monday remarks to the National press club or. Eban made much of the violations As showing the worthlessness of Cairo s word thus questioning the value of any peace agree ment should one be reached. But Israel has depended on its own strength and . Support and not on Egypt s word in the past and the same doubtless will be True in the future. Thus if Israel Ever did get the permanent and secure Borders it seeks by agreement it is not impossible that this would be backed up by a Token . And soviet presence to guarantee Luch a settlement. That idea was floated by a High . Official some weeks ago. Although president Nixon then publicly shot it Down the idea is still very much alive in Washington. Furthermore the israelis do not deny it As a possibility though they consider it As a sort of final step to Guaran tee the fourth Point in or. Eban s description of Israel s Aims ceasefire negotiations agreement peace. The Rogers peace initiative was badly battered by the stand still violations although the ceasefire remains in effect and probably will be extended. Moscow has publicly pressed col. Nasser s successors in Cairo to carry on is policy of joining in the jarring talks. At least these facts kept the Rogers plan alive. Tims it could be that Israel can be satisfied with compensation As a fora of rectification provided Egypt s new leaders Fondow Moscow s and accept a new starting Point j for the jarring missed. J cheese slices Chee Whiz dinner Canadian process 10coff2lb. Net Catelli Macaroni and cheese of. Cheese pizza cheese 55c corned beef jets. 67c 39c Cocoa m 79e for garb. Bags 2k20i 2pkgs69c lunch bags2h 50 i _. Beatles Back Canberra of Teniers us beatles and other British pop stars Wal be Beard again of Makmal radio next after a frae in tic ton. As agreement mag Aej Tarn was Bane in wig or tag fee i tvs win oms Ponts i 41 Salmon everyone should take a lesson in new taste treats during cheese festival month enjoy old favourites or try one of the Many new varieties of delightful Domestic cheese. Paramount Sockeye 8 it. Of. 24 of. 87 tuna Ash Niello Weston s rasp. Lunch 6 s m cd Ottini Igran giant o Ste meat flow Viiar Del Monte 48 Al. Of. 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