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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 14, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press wednesday october 14, 1970 National Register offers housebound a Chance to talk Toronto up House wives Register is a kind of Friendly think tank for House bound mothers. National organizer Jean Wylie of suburban Toronto called it a non organization that offers women a Chance to hear and talk about topics other than children and Laun dry. Our prime purpose is intelligent conversation discussion started by she said in an interview. We want to draw the woman who has been at Home with Chil Dren out of herself out of her Home out of her feeling of Complete responsibility f o r her family and encourage her to express herself her own identity. Housewives Are so inundated by magazines television radio. There is All this stuff coming in and nothing going out. You might Chat a few minutes in the Library with someone but who Ever had an intelligent Conversa Tion in the supermarket we need to identify with other women in our own Situa Tion learn to know the similar interests of other housewives. Especially if you re new in an area by the time you sift through the neighbors it s difficult to find people who share your interest in yoga or Litera Ture or housewives Register began in England and was brought to Canada by Anne Cossey two years ago. She has since returned to England but while she lived in Cooksville ont., her efforts resulted in the formation of Register groups in Montreal and to Ronto. Mrs. Wylie said groups now exist in almost All prov inces. The groups meet in Mem Bers Homes. They May have discussions based on research done by members or they May invite speakers. Mrs. Wylie said Toronto groups have heard talks on pollution feminism abortion polic to work and service groups in the Community. L we can provide a stepping Stone out of the Home into the Community and service work. A woman May say i d like to do something but Don t know what she May hear a speaker from the children s Aid or a Hospital and before she knows it she s going to be involved in her Community. We want her to enlarge her horizons As much As she s willing to Register groups go on Tours if they wish. Mrs. Wylie s group has gone to the Strat Ford festival twice. Occasion ally informal sub groups form if a number of members Dis cover a common interest. Members May organize baby sitting Rotas to give one an other a Chance to get out. Mrs. Wylie said they hold picnics barbecues pot Luck suppers and an annual dinner. Whether or not they include husbands in parties is up to the individual groups but Hus bands Are not Welcome in spirit at a Normal meeting. We say you leave your husband and children at the door. You Are Here to be you. Even though you Are a mix Ture of self and family we want your opinions not your husbands the group is developing a National and regional organization but mrs. Wylie said it is intended to be a Loose one. There is a membership fee but no Register is expected to keep minutes or set up an elaborate organizational Structure. The fees largely cover the Cost of newsletters and advertising designed to attract members. Mrs. Wylie said anyone interested in forming or joining the housewives Register should write to her. She will give them advice and mate rial to help form a group or put them in touch with local people already organized. Her address is mrs. James Wylie 88 Clementine Square Scarborough 723, ont. Girls get Best Marks in Alta. Outdoor study red Beer Alta. Up girls generally get the Highes Marks in an outdoors training course in St. Thomas Aquina school in red Deer. Glen claerhout one of two teachers of the optional course for grades 7, 8 and 9, said the boys think they know it All while the girls read the material and learn after two years of an after school outdoors club the Al Berta education department announced the training could be taken As an option in Junior High school if proper instruction could be obtained. Or. Claerhout and John Parish smorgasbord the Parish Council of St. To s e p h s ukrainian Catholic Church will hold a smorgasbord in the auditorium of the Church 250 Jefferson Avenue West Kil Donan 4 to 7 . Sunday. Tick ets Are for adults or 75 cents for children under 12. Defiantly bearing up to a free kick against them the Orient girls soccer team Are getting their pleasures the hard Way. One of 24 women s teams in the South of England football league the girls began As a supporters club getting their kicks from cheering on London s Ley ton Orient. But they argued Why should t they experience the thrills of getting their own goals the satisfaction of outwitting other players and even the taste of fear from taking the Impact of a one kick the International football federation wanted to be fair so conceded that if women Are property trained there May be room for them in minor Aid Friendly games As referees. To conservative meet even a balloon endangers child card party monday the women s auxiliary Brandeis Lodge will hold a card party at the Home of mrs. Morris Bronstein Mcadam Avenue . Monday. Admission is Wnek who had been operating the after school club jumped at the Chance. Much of the course begun this fall is taken in the class room and can easily be covered in a school term. The course includes an Exten Sive Section on water safety knowledge of boats and How to handle a motor survival first Aid handling of firearms Erec Tion of a tent learning in deter mine directions by using the stars assembling packs for hikes. Or. Claerhout and or. Wnek avid outdoors men plan to intersperse the bookworm with projects such As taxidermy hand Ling of various firearms and weekend trips. They took a summer course rom the Alberta fish and wild Ife association to qualify As instructors and become acquainted with material supplied by the association on the Hunter training program. As students registered for the course in september or. Claer Hout and or. Wnek were sur prised to learn that of the 150 applicants almost half were girls one of said or. Claerhout told me that they were interested in nature study and figured they could get it from this Cartons Cie Ahing Carousel save up to 75% on dry cleaning Coin of Polo pork 678 dict Grant pork 1560 main mrs. T. G. Atkinson will speak about her trip to the Pas Sion play at Oberammergau West Germany at a meeting of the women s progressive conservative association of Winnipeg South Centre 2 . Mon Day in the Parish Hall of St. James anglican Church collegiate Street St. James Assiniboia. Church luncheon women of holy Trinity anglican Church Smith Street and Graham Avenue will hold a luncheon in the Church . To . Friday. Nearly new items baking and handicrafts will be for Sale. Will review Book Janet Shaffer will review the Book growing up jewish by Jay David at a meeting of Ezra chapter of Hadassah in Hadassah Headquarters har grave Street noon monday. Ottawa up the responsibility for the Protection of children lies with parents As Well As toy designers manufacturers and legislators mrs. A. B. R. Lawrence pres ident of the Canadian toy testing Council says. In an article written for Ca Nadian consumer a Magazine published by the Consumers association of Canada she says that almost any toy can be unsafe if it is misused or Given to the wrong child. Parents must anticipate the accidents that can occur particularly in a family where there is a wide age Span and teach older children to keep Many of their toys Cut. Of the reach of younger ones. This is True not Only of obviously dangerous toys such As chemistry sets and Dart genres but of Many seemingly harmless toys. A Marble for instance can mean hours of play to a nine year old boy and death to a baby. In addition an intelligent assessment of the possible misuse of a toy in order. For example a pull toy is an excellent one for a toddler but should never accompany him into a play pen or crib where the Cord could get caught around his neck and strangle mrs. Lawrence wife of the Ontario minister of financial and commercial affairs and Mother of four says parents Holt Renfrew fashion clearance imported pantsuits Coats dresses and costumes now to regularly to designs for every hour fabrics including wools Silks brocades and crepes. Something for every woman at great savings. Everything is from our top qualify regular Stock. Broken size ranges 8 to 18. Be Salon second floor by Heloise Cruse clearance of full slips panties and slippers 25% to off Reg. Price lingerie handbags your fall wardrobe with a wet took Feather handbag. Reduced from regular Stock. Now to dear Heloise i entertain rather frequently and whether it s our per Sonal friends or my Hus band s business acquaint ances i never leave any thing to memory. After i have served dinner to guests i always write in my Little Blue notebook who was served and exactly what was served in great detail from the hours d oeuvres to the dessert. I make notes As to the guests preferences in food and also Jot Down any diet peculiarities of any of the guests. I alway Date it and i am never at a loss when i plan to entertain these particular guests again because i know what i served the last time and when it was. Make entertaining at Din Ner so much easier and sure makes for a More relaxed hostess. Mrs. you know i would t mind hav is a Page in your Little b be Book. Betcha dinner in vital ports at the Janish Home arc after. A Good hostess a thoughtful one and baby doll you sound like you fit that description to a t. Heloise far Heloise i think Nylon net is the greatest invention since the wheel Reader dear Heloise it is discouraging for any woman with less than perfect Emesis test to apply Eye make up. It is a simile matter if Yow Start with a magnifying take a Parr of Dis glasses up Rowe the an safes frit hmm. Oitim Holt Renfrew Pottage at fac to Tore should also realize the Dan Gers inherent in some toys. They should warn school age children who Are using electrical toys such As Wood burning sets not to operate such toys when their hands or clothing Are wet. They should see that inflatable water toys Are never used by non swim mers in water beyond their depth. Finally that most inno cent appearing toy the bal Loon has been known to asphyxiated several children who inhaled instead of exhaling while blowing them mrs. Lawrence whose Otta w a a a s e d organization of about 20 Volunteer workers each year tests a Quantity of toys on the Market includes in her article both explanations of legislation affecting toy safety in Canada and tips to Consumers about hazards to watch for when buying toys. For example she advises persons buying rattles and similar infant toys to avoid thin Brittle plastic As it is extremely splinter and dangerous when Bells and balls which arc part of infant toys should be of Large to Swallow should be come detached. A Section on costumes warn parents to read a costume Label carefully to see whether the outfit resists flame and whether washing wiil affect this Quality. Some Light reflecting parts Are desirable if the costume is to be worn at night. As masks can restrict vision and be uncomfortable the Canadian toy testing Council recommends using washable theatrical makeup instead. It is safer cheaper and just As much the Council also says that play housekeeping equipment which is primarily intended for three four five year Olds should not be Electr ical. This age group has no Way of understanding the potential fire Shock and Burn Hazard or the potential of an electrical outlet and so has no business plugging anything into a better Way Toctan your fridge 3 Tablespoons cow Brand quart of warm removes stains removes doors leaves no odor of its own leaves no film so Safe and effective it s recommended by leading refrigerator manufacturers. Send for free recipe and household hint Booklet to Church Dwight ltd., Sun life building Montreal Quebec. 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