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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 14, 1970, Winnipeg, Manitoba16 Winnipeg free press Weon Espay october 14, 1970 kidnapping talks breakdown question of setting up some mechanism for guaranteeing the safety of the two hostages. The Quebec government re Mains firm in its position which has already been made known even before or. Lemieux was chosen As representative of the the statement said. There can be no question then of the government accept ing or discussing the Fly de mands before dealing with the initial meanwhile hundreds of policemen continued the search for the hideouts m Here the two hostages Are held under sent ence of death unless the Fly demands Are met. Continued the Price the Fly has set on their lives freeing of 23 Fly compatriots convicted or accused of terrorist crimes their Safe transport to Cuba or Algeria with their families for those who want to go payment of in Gold cessation of the current police search exposure of an Fly police informer and re employment of More than 400 mail truck Drivers who lost their jobs in a shift of a Montreal postal contract this year. Or. Lemieux said he was authorized Only to ensure the ran som demands were not bargain Over the government wanted Only to Dis cuss preliminary it was an eventful 24 hours. Monday night or. Demers met or. Lemieux in a police lockup where the Fly lawyer was held on a charge of obstructing Justice. Tuesday morning or. Lemieux was arraigned and his Case was set Over to Friday. Then the two lawyers brought their Mam questions to a con Ference room in the province owned Quebec Hydro building. Then or. Lemieux appeared before about 200 people in a conference room of the Nelson hotel in the old Section of Mont real. His audience included a horde of reporters plus an assemblage of Ultra nationalists. Flanked by avowed separatists such As Charles Gagnon and Pierre Vallieres and the controversial Michel Chartrand president of the Montreal Cen trial Council of the confederation of National Trade unions the 29-year-old lawyer told of the first negotiating session. To the cheers of the nationalists he said the Fly is not interested in bargaining for re lease of the hostages. He de. Scribed the talks As very to since the hostages had Al understand Why the government was not ready to co operate. He was apparently referring to letters purportedly written by or. Cross and or. Laporte say ing they Are ready to accept the Fly word they will be release upon fulfilment of terrorist ran som demands. Or. Lemieux suggested a new formula at the afternoon talks although the subsequent turn of events made it almost Aca Demic. He suggested the 23 Fly com patriots whom he described As political be flown to either Cuba or Algeria and there held under restraint until the two hostages were released. The in Gold would also be held in Trust for the 23. He contended this plan would provide the guarantee sought by Premier Bourassa. The lawyer announced his apparent withdrawal from the talks at a second Nelson Hote news conference which a punctuated by shouts curse passage for the prisoners to those countries. An Ottawa spokesman said this was simply a matter of keeping the two governments in formed of events because their countries had been named in the communiques in a House of commons Exchange with opposition Leader Stanfield or. Trudeau said his government is in Complete agreement with Quebec on the province s primary aim in the negotiations. Referring to the Fly the prime minister said it is a mistake i think to Jive them the publicity which is the thing they Hope for most. I also think it is a mistake to encourage the use of the term political prisoners for men who Are aside from concern Over the Fate of the hostages or. Cross liberals pick up 17 seats ready said they expected to be released unharmed if Fly de mands were met he could not and flying fists. The punches were thrown when Ron Golden an English speaking reporter from cuter news Agency tried to question or. Lemieux while the lawyer was delivering his statement in French. The fracas lasted Only a few minutes and Golden left the con Ference room unhurt. The lawyer said or. Demers proposed that the kidnappers be flown to either Algeria or Cuba upon release of the hostages this was substantially the same As the offer Quebec jus Tice minister Jerome Choquette made in a broadcast saturday. The Fly ignored the Cho Quette offer in subsequent communiques but or. Lemieux said he told or. Demers the propos als was actually the kidnappers have sought nothing for themselves although release of their 23 compatriots is one of their major Ransom demands. The statement from the pre Mier s office drafted in legalistic French said or. Demers had appeared before the Provin Cial Cabinet to Render an account of his afternoon meeting with the Fly spokesman. The government statement was apparently issued before the Premier s office was aware that the talks had come to a kidnapped nine Days ago and or. Laporte abducted saturday night there was a nagging worry Over the effect of the crimes on the Montreal business Community. Charles Neapolen president of the Montreal and Canadian Stock exchanges said in an interview that terrorist actions might affect Talent available to the Community More than in vestment. A top level executive offered a Job in Montreal May look at the situation and just say to hell with he said. This province like All parts of the world needs the talents hese executives have just As badly As investment victories tuesday by nip Leader Jeremy Akerman a 28 year old British born Broad Caster and another nip Candi Date marked the first third party wins in a Nova Scotia election since 1960 when former if party Leader Michael me Donald was elected for the last time. The possibility of the two Man nip group co operating in a coalition with either of the major parties was rejected by or. Akerman. There also seemed Little likelihood either or. Akerman r the second nip member aul Macewan would agree to act As House speaker. The conservatives suffered a Sharp reduction in the popular vote getting Only 47 per cent of the tuesday compared to 53 per cent in 1967 and 56 per cent in 1963. The Liberal share this time was 46 per cent up from 42 per cent in 1967 and 40 per cent in 1963. The nip picked up seven per cent this time compared with five per cent in 1967 and four per cent in 1963. Or. Smith heading his first Campaign since succeeding Rob Ert Stanfield As provincial party Leader in 1967, said he had not contemplated the possibility of a minority government. There is no precedent for it in Nova the Premier said. Or. Regan said i think that if we re called on to form a government we can certainly orm a Good one with the 23 members we be but he stressed this would Ake place alled Only if we Are he doubted there would be another election within year. The liberals estimated they received the majority of the Outh vote in the Halifax Dart Mouth area where or. Regan visited University campuses Sev eral times during the Campaign. The minimum voting age for this election was lowered to 19 from 21. The liberals won nine of 10 seats in the Halifax metropolitan area. This reversed the situation in the last House when or. Regan was the Only Liberal member from Halifax county. Four members of or. Smith s Cabinet were Defeated. A fifth won by Only four votes with a recount almost a certainty. Veteran attorney general r. A. Donahoe a legislature Mem Ber since 1954, was upset by Liberal George Mitchell in Hali fax Cornwallis. Highways minister i. W. Akerley was Defeated in Dart Mouth South mines minister Percy Pinky Gaum in Cape Breton Nova and Donald r. Mcleod minister without portfolio in Pictou Centre. House speaker g. I. Paddy Fitzgerald lost his Halifax cobe quid seat. Industry minister Gerald Rit Cey or. Smith s running mate in two member Colchester rid ing Defeated his Liberal oppo nent by Only four votes in unofficial returns. There were several other j close results including a 16-vote conservative win in Kings West and a 17-vote Edge for a Liberal in Pictou East. Or. Smith s personal election n Colchester was his seventh consecutive Victory since he and or. Stanfield were first elected there in 1949. Or Regan was re elected in Halifax Needham a seat he first won in 1967. Seats for his party a major Vic tory. Nova Scotia had not elected a third party candidate for 10 years. The election followed a Low key Campaign in which the liberals soft pedalled such govern ment embarrassing issues As the Long overdue heavy water Plant at Glace Bay the troubled Clairton sound corp. Plant at Stellarton and a land Assembly scandal near Halifax. Both major parties fielded full slates of 46 candidates while the nip offered 23. Or. Aker Man said during the Campaign he would consider two or three ghost Odok Maidstone England up a ghost with an original Way of haunting people is making his presence smelt in the Kent Home of housewife Joan saps Ford. Fried eggs sausages cof fee and Burnt Toast Are some of the Aromas which fill her rooms. Even roast beef is on the menu. A spokesman for a spiritualist association mended spirits often c o m try to Contact the a smell is one Way of doing Famy standstill. In other developments tues Day the Federal government disclosed it has been in touch with algerian and cuban governments on the question of Safe Cantor s 2202 Gallagher meat specials red or Blue Brand beef fresh Salmon vol e a u 1.49 fresh Pickerel fillets u of pork tenderloin i we pork run roast u. 45c pork buttons lb.59c frying chickens Houm i ground beef 10 sirloin Steak Short Rirs of reef 3 exports to . Decline Ottawa up the Pace of growth in Canada s exports slowed in september and ship ments to the United states showed a rare decline in figures published tuesday by the do minion Bureau of statistics. Preliminary estimates valued september exports at Mil lion raising the total for the first three quarters of the year to million ahead of the Pace in 1969. But the Bureau put the sep tember tally Only million ahead of the total for septem Ber 1969. There was a year to year dec line of million to million in shipments to the United states customer for two thirds of Canada s exports. Songs in drug of fitment Tele buy for All your items dial 783-2112 and order by number jobless funds requested continued butter 1st limit 2 Ibi. Or Cut Wiur who of . 4 Rolls Zee toilet tissue Zee Garrage rags Zee lunch rags 50 Avon Apple pie filler East Point shrimps five roses flour Green giant Stew Green giant Nir lets re or Sec Al. Of. N. Of. 2 tins 20 9 2 for 4 tins rec rot 1.00 Green giant Large peas of. Me Green giant peas i9c Creez Whiz 2u.ims1.4f Paramount red Sockeye Salmon Light flaked tuna 3 Kraft cheese slices to Caw 2 us Clark s Deans with pork of. 5 rms Loo Del Monte pineapple Juke or 3 rms Croco cooking of or 99c Rue Rigdon Coffee Canada no. 1 Honey 4 Mccain s Apple pies rot act sttt111. Florida com mrs potato _ foot traits asst. A boots i. Varsity teacher to spend a year away from regular duties to refresh his mind As May seem Best to Council said 86 of the 135 awards last year went to canadians and 49 to non canadians. For the coming year the Council has decided to shift the balance rather More in favor of Canadian per haps 75 per cent of such award instead of the present 64 per cent going to canadians. In future such fellowships Wil be available Only to canadians or to non canadians who have held full time faculty appoint ments in Canada for at Leas five of the preceding six years. For Grants to Back research in the humanities and social Sci million last year to 841 half went to non canadians the Council says. However the Council argues that the proportion of research Grants to non canadians roughly reflects the statistical fact that More than 40 per cent of univer sity teachers in Canada Are aliens including almost half the social sciences faculties and More than half the teachers of humanities. There is no doubt that it Cre ates particularly in the new universities where in some departments a majority of the staff Are non canadians and specifically Ameri can. They Are not capable of rational solution by any outbreak of the Council forecasts that j balance will shift As graduate j schools and the Council s pro Gram of doctoral fellowships contribute to greater output of Canadian teachers for oni Versi i i ties. A new program planned for1 introduction nest year under the i title Canadian horizons. A Wake pro vide Grants for popular works on local and Reg Iuri his Story. Canadian biography and As Boob Mimms opt Iii e texts. Personal needs 5 2nd debut with . 1200. Freshen your complexion. 4 ounces Sale bottle 4.49 1-ounce Bottie Sale ea., 1.49 c Risteen feminine Deodor ant Spray. 2% ounce size Sale ea., 1.29 noxzema aau pen Brauit Deo Dourt. 6-ounce Spray size. All Day Protection Sale ea., 89c 8 Atrio hand Loti i in the 6v2 ounce size Sale a. Me to pm file Fetter cart mave wat or Tiff a sprites wave Sim 0k fam is 9 desert Flower had body lotion. 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