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Winnipeg Free Press (Newspaper) - October 13, 1970, Winnipeg, ManitobaWinnipeg free press tuesday october 13, 1970 Sihanouk chuckles Over report of suicide attempt by Norman Webster peking his face Stern Norodom Sihanouk read aloud the press Agency dispatch from phenom penh. It said a government journal in pro the cambodian capital had reported Prince Sihanouk was in precarious health in peking because of a failed attempt at suicide. The Prince s expression changed. A Happy air of injured innocence appeared then a huge smile. Heh Hen he chuckled. He threw open his suit jacket patted an ample Tummy and roared with laughter. You see i have not hanged myself. 1 have not shot myself with a he pointed an imaginary gun at his Temple. That just in t me Sui he said. I am in Good indeed he was and in Fine form As he spoke Here saturday with representatives on the new China news Agency Agency France Presse and the Globe and mail. The press conference was in the chinese Guesthouse that has been the Prince s head quarters since his arrival Here March 19, the Day after general Lon nol s coup ousted him from Power in phom penh. The Princo returned to the Agency dispatch. The Cam Goodian journal it reported had said the alleged suicide attempt had been made by Sihanouk deeply despondent after losing All Hope of regaining Power in Nom penh. The Prince replied that he had always said he would step Down once his country had been liberated from the Lon no regime. And liberation there would be no doubt about it. I maintain that we will win. I Don t know if this will be in one two ten or Twenty years but we will be victorious. This is certain. This is a Marathon it was not possible the Prince said that indochinese fighting on their own soil could be out lasted by americans. Nor was it possible that China and North Korea who Supply crucial Aid to Prince Sihanouk s forces would abandon him. I saw chairman Mao tse Tung on oct. 1 and he con firmed to me that China would continue to support us until Complete Prince Sihanouk declared that by the end of the year his movement will have men under arms. The Rainy season was a time of intensive training under North vietnamese and Viet Cong instructors and an army of khmers opposing pre Mier Lon nol has been firmly established. The Prince said the seven vice ministers named last month to form a working government in Cambodia Are All members of the marxist Khmer Rouge As is vice Premier Khieu Anshan who Heads operations there. But the Prince insisted his government remained a mix Ture of khmers rouges and is nist. He characterized its Orien tation As of the Centre left and extreme left Prince Sihanouk will not be making any More trips outside of China until the Spring. Pres ident Tito asked him to visit Yugoslavia this fall but he will probably not go until the Spring. The Prince said he is nostalgic for his Homeland but his military commanders Rule out a return there soon. He would have to go via the to Chi Minn Trail. Beside him. As he spoke was Penn Nouth prime minister of the Royal government of. National Union of Cambodia. I was unmistakably the same Penn Nouth which phenom penh the journal in reported had Hano uksts and was not comm sought Refuge in a Western pm Nkrumah bet George j 4 Viz year old deaf child Fttie a helping hand from Carol Charfield teacher of the deaf a the society for crippled children and adults one of the 50 health welfare and recreation organisations in greater Winnipeg supported by the United Way which is campaigning for to carry out its obligations in the coming year. India increases Dot production for fight against malaria by Claire Sterling new Delhi special tons whatever the newly virtuous West May think India is not going to ban Dot. On the contrary it is going to make a lot More in a huge new factory in Bombay. Whatever the lamentable effects on air Earth and water chemical pollution does t Hap pen to be the worst thing this country has to worry about. Not so Long ago a Hundred million indians used to get malaria every year of whom a third generation of Kerr ownership and service Kerr s funeral Chapel. Adllaide u v r million died of the disease directly and another million indirectly two deaths a minute. That was before the Dot Era. By 1966. When Over a million Square Miles of India s Mosquito infested land had been sprayed with Dot the annual incidence of malaria was Down to cases. Furthermore the plague was almost wiped out and two other Mosquito borne killers Blackwater fever and Kola Azar were extinct. Not so Long ago also India was menaced by perennial fam Ine with its population rapidly approaching half a billion and a wheat shortage swiftly growing to what was expected to be 23 j million tons yearly. I now the Green revolution has pushed up Indian wheat yields j by a third and food production is expected to surpass 100 Mil lion tons this year an All time record. That could t have happened without Dot either. Neither Story has a perfectly Happy ending. An a obliging Mosquito known As a. Stephen is resistant to Dot has taken to Breeding in Village Wells Here sending the malaria rate up again though still to no More than cases. Worse the Green revolution s insatiable demand for and other pesticides is saturating the soil to a truly dangerous Point especially because heavy Monsoon Rains Here carry the poisons to Rivers and streams so quickly. Even so. Dot does t begin to compare to the much dead 1 i e r Scourge afflicting the Waters of the planet s largest and poorest country human waste. Any traveller get Ting a glimpse of what goes into India s Rivers and streams can t help wondering How so Many people can drink from them and live. Having gotten the glimpse foreign news exclusive myself on the Long drive to Delhi i asked a Public health official Here what a lethal dose of germs would be under the circumstances. It was hard to Tell he answered because those who did t die of the water Dur ing infancy Here were generally immune thereafter. Rut we both knew the answer could hardly be so reassuring and India s Public health service is in fact deeply concerned. What do you do. In a country tormented by so Many problems and so Little Money with the excreta of More than 500 million denture wearing men women children Rural India has no closed sewers Silil sew age purification plants. The population sir. Ply relieves itself in dry privies open gutters Fields the streams themselves. Since 97 per cent of the half million villages have no piped water people drink from the streams or open Wells. Among the diseases borne by these Waters Are cholera India is the world s Home of ii with an average cases annual typhoid dysentery parasitic infections like Guinea worm and. In really dirty filarial commonly i Nown As elephantiasis. The endemic area for filarial has quintuple in India during the last 15 years. About 122 million people now live in these dangerously exposed areas Aid some 20 million Are actively infected nearly half of them with advanced manifestations of elephantiasis in their limbs or genitals. The one Way to wipe out i Laria and cholera is to have pure water and proper sewage disposal. To assure this throughout the Indian subcontinent would Cost billion. Some Day the indians who Kave done so much More than might have been expected since Knaepen Dence May manage to do this i too. J meanwhile they Bree worked i out an ingenious alternative. J since human night soil is an excellent fertilizer used As such by Farmers Here Aad e cry where since history began Rural India has begun to install simple closed drains to collect it in the villages and to a resell it for in the Fields the proceeds going to finance the whole operation. Inasmuch As this sewage is rarely or Nifich beft., resale the arrangement has its raws. Psyk bean pc officials admit to wac is 9mmc aluminium Doon and windows. Darwin for free estimate Call today 595 Clifton St. 730 Nairn ave. Industries 772-0451 667-3502 enter the free press contest thousands of dollars and Colour to sets contest every example of break the code he orc nip 0 no Moat i Soma a it eos f it Ali inf Utyro evil ref the missing letters Are s 0 0 v f h e t f f m f 5 the actual sentence tit Matofa n famous n the mum Ike flin of bal tit Tim emf of i today s scrambled words i o Vee Erport i rare potatoes i Cal Woods cock for writers ii Flose the Ink beg Stap a massive program of Pla flt that my 08 Palms and Oostra Tum Tahoe m crops. Tjie pre Itobi to far exr m Mart tarty its easy its every Day monday through Friday. F free press will feature threw words which part of one is each word. Tune each far rss ode. Press. 5 a i be tire. Crimes Eif 53o.og five cd. Isuf cow m

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